Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It was stupid of "Future Hiro" to ask if Hiro had killed Sylar and stopped the bomb. Why would he ask his past self something if he would have remembered doing it? Also, as Hiro was "destined" to return to the past, wouldn't the future he returned to be a world where the bomb hadn't exploded?

    • The Futures Of The Characters.
      Peter Petrelli: Peter is now living in Las Vegas. He is married to Niki Sanders, and lives above a gentleman's club with her. While he still has his powers, he doesn't seem interested in saving the world anymore until Hiro shows up. He also has a new scar across his face.

      Niki Sanders: Niki is now married to Peter Petrelli, and lives with him above the gentlemen's club where she performs as a high-end stripper. She appears to have won her personal battle with Jessica, which is now her stripper name.

      Nathan Petrelli: Nathan is now President of the United States. He is leading a program to eliminate all people with special powers, assisted by Mohinder Suresh. Later in the episode we learn that Nathan is really dead and it is Sylar who has assumed his appearance.

      Sylar: Sylar is now living under Nathan Petrelli's identity as President of the USA. He has set up a program to eliminate all people with special abilities so that he is the last one remaining. At the end of the episode, he battles with Peter.

      Mohinder Suresh: Mohinder is now President "Petrelli"'s chief adviser. He is still trying to devise an antidote to the gene, but is failing. Nathan/Sylar wants him to start killing the heroes. He refuses at first because he sees it as genocide, but finally reluctantly agrees.

      Matt Parkman: Matt is now employed by Homeland Security to hunt down people with special abilities. His personality has changed; he is now very short-tempered and aggressive. This is due to the fact his wife divorced him and he has almost no contact with his child (who hates him).

      Claire Bennet: Claire now has a new identity as Sandra, a waitress in a diner in Midland, Texas. She now has brown hair, and a boyfriend in Andy, the diner's owner. Her life appears to be going smoothly until H.R.G re-enters it again.

    • When Peter, Hiro, and Ando break into the Homeland Security building, Hiro kills some SWAT men with his sword but no blood is shown on the blade in the following camera shots.

    • After "Future Hiro" and Ando flee from Homeland Security and Hiro tells Ando to lose his clothes, Ando starts undoing his tie and opens the top button of his shirt. In the next cut, the tie is gone, but the shirt is still buttoned.

    • The Haitian can block anyone's power, and not just empaths. So in Five years he never found out what Sylar was doing.

    • Future Hiro couldn't go back to kill Sylar before he got his powers because he doesn't know who Sylar really is. The name "Sylar" is an alias. Only Bennet, "the company", and the late Dr. Suresh know his given name, Gabriel Gray. The only times when Hiro knew he could find Sylar were ground zero of the "bomb" and Claire's murder. He chose the earliest of those.

    • Claire is working in the Burnt Toast Café, the same café that Charlie worked at and Mr. Bennet, Matt and Ted were sitting in, in the last episode.

    • This episodes makes it seem like an armageddon occurred. It is five years in the future and New York is still in ruins and almost appears abandoned. However, the previous episode emphasised that New York blowing up is on .07% of the world's population and is a tiny number of people. So why hasn't New York been rebuilt? There were obviously plenty of people who survived. And if it affected the whole world as much as 'Nathan' said it did then people would be helping to rebuild New York from all over the world. So they have no problem building strip clubs but delay on fixing office buildings?

      Reply: New York is needed as a reminder, to keep the world "united in fear". To keep the current state of power, New York is more important as a symbol than as a living city (with office buildings).

      EDIT: if you look at the shots of future NY, you can clearly see cranes, and scaffold of buildings being rebuilt. There are clearly also plenty of people that now inhabit future NY. Also, the strip club is in Las Vegas, not NYC.

    • Future Hiro: I'm only asking for the ones that I brought to you. D.L., Candice, Molly Walker.

      Molly Walker is the little girl Matt Parkman found hiding in episode 02 ("Don't Look Back") when he first discovered his powers.

    • It's strange that Peter who is somewhat like a sponge could heal the power draining cut done by Sylar in .07% but Claire couldn't. She just stood there and apparently died.
      When Sylar is killing Claire, it's clear from the movement of his finger that he is first cutting from her right ear to the left. But the blood is coming from above her left eye.

      Reply, Sylar was attacked and Peter had the time to heal, Claire had no such time.

    • On future Hiro's timeline:
      Claire's string is yellow
      Sylar's string is black
      Hiro's string is red
      Peter's string is white
      Nathan's string is blue
      HRG's string is beige (natural)

    • In the beginning of the episode, Future Hiro tells Hiro and Ando that today it's been 5 years since Sylar exploded. Later that same day, Nathan says that the bomb anniversary is tomorrow. There's something wrong with the dates.

      Response: Not true, saying its somethings anniversary doesn't mean its the one year anniversary. He was probably saying that it was the anniversary tomorrow meaning the 5 year anniversary.

    • The episode .07% finish with Sylar painting himself as President. This picture takes place in this episode. And it is just like the one that shows Nathan as president. This fact is also explained in this chapter.

    • In the scene where Hiro, Peter and Ando are standing in front of the guards right before they attack, you can see Hiro's Goatee is more left then it should be.

    • In the room full of strings when Mohinder and Nathan are talking, "Nathan" hints that he is Sylar when he says, "I understand how things work", the ability associated with Sylar.

    • The future Peter has a scar across his face. However as we see that Claire was saved by him and that he can still control his powers any wound he suffered should have healed.
      It's not neccasarily a goof, we will have to wait to see the explination as to why he has it!

    • According to NBC's commercial, this episode takes place in 2012, but the explosion took place near the election of 2006; therefore, the year should be 2011.

    • In the scene where Hiro is stunned by Parkman we see a guard with his arm around Ando's neck but one second later Peter freezes time, both the guards hands are on his gun and not touching Ando.

    • In the last episode when Hiro & Ando arrive at Isaac's loft the close up of the newspaper that's hanged in the timeline reads "NYC DEVASTATED" and the photo is of New York after the bomb. In this episode the newspaper reads "TRAIN FIRE RESCUE" and the photo is of the train crash in which Claire saved a man.

      Correction: It is a different newspaper clipping that Hiro looks at in the second episode (on which "TRAIN FIRE RESCUE" is actually written). The newspaper clipping that Hiro looks at in this episode is actually the same one that Hiro's eyes lingered on in the last episode, but was never shown to the audience until this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Mohinder: You're one of them, Nathan! Are you suggesting I should send you off to the gas chambers as well?
      Nathan: I'm thankful for the secrets you've kept, but let's be honest. I can fly. I'm hardly dangerous.

    • Peter: (to Niki) You`ll look at that mirror, but no one is looking back but you. She`s gone Niki, D.L. is gone. Micah is gone. You`ve got to accept your loss.
      Niki: Jessica was right all along. Look out for yourself, don`t get attached.
      Peter: I don`t buy it.

    • Opening Narration: Ordinary people across the globe discovered extraordinary abilities. They had one mission.
      Hiro: (to Peter) You have to save her. Save the cheerleader, save the world.
      Narrator: And Peter fulfilled his destiny.
      Claire: (to Peter) You're totally my hero.
      Narrator: But what if they can't stop the bomb? What if New York is destroyed? What if they can't save the world? Tonight Hiro will journey five years into the future, to a world they hope they never see.

    • Nathan: In your original assessment you posited a possible solution. Extinction.
      Mohinder: Yes, but I never meant to suggest that….
      Nathan: (reading from report) "They wouldn't be the first species to be exterminated for the preservation of another." Your words.
      Mohinder: I was talking about the natural order of things. What you're talking about is genocide.

    • Peter: (about Hiro) You remember how he used to be, all full of hope and optimism?
      Ando: Of course. That's the Hiro I know.
      Peter: He went away the day you died. Between you and me, I think you're the reason he became so obsessed with trying to change it all back. He wants to save you.

    • Mohinder: But what happens when people start dying?
      Nathan: I'll say you made a mistake. A fatal error. At first the world will mourn. They'll be united in grief. And then they'll just be united.

    • (after Future Hiro and Ando leave)
      Niki: You don't have to be here. I told you, I can handle it.
      Peter: What did he want?
      Niki: What do you think?
      He's still trying to stop an exploding man.
      Peter: Sylar's dead.
      Niki: I set him off to Bennet, just let him deal.

    • Nathan(Sylar): I thought you were dead. You have no idea how important you are for me Claire.
      Claire: I am not important I am just a waitress.
      Nathan(Sylar): We both know that is not true.
      Claire: You made everyone afraid of us.
      Nathan(Sylar): I made everyone aware of us. Fear is just a natural response. We can't blame them really. We are more powerful than they are; more important, we are special.
      Claire: Who are you to decide who is special and who is not?
      Nathan(Sylar): I am the leader of the free world, for all I know I am the most special person there is. Lord knows I found enough power, that there are lot of people---like this girl named Candice who allowed me to become President. But I am done. I just wanna eliminate the competition. I don't need any more power specially not after you.
      (Claire turns to leave but is frozen in place by "Nathan"; a strange humming noise is heard as blood streams down Claire's face)
      Claire: Sylar...
      ("Nathan", using Candice's power, reveals his true form)
      Sylar: I have waited a long time for this.

    • Andy: You know Sandra, for a girl who's supposed to hate the president you sure do perk up whenever he's on. A guy could get jealous.
      Claire: He's old enough to be my father.

    • Ando: Hiro!
      Hiro: Go! (Japanese)
      Future Hiro: Come on. Let's get out of here! (Japanese)
      Parkman: Well, what do you know? Hiro Nakamura. Go after his friends. Haitian stays with me. I wanna take him in personally.

    • Ando: Is everything okay?
      Future Peter: No. Let's go fix it.

    • Nathan: Brother versus brother....It's almost biblical.

    • Future Hiro: Should we freeze time?
      Peter: Nah, I haven't had a good fight in years.

    • Mohinder: Save the cheerleader, save the world. What does that mean?
      Hiro: How do you know that?
      Mohinder: Five years ago, Peter Petrelli and I were on the subway. He said someone stopped time. That's what you do, Mr. Nakamura. Peter and I were on our way to see Isaac Mendez that day. An artist who can paint the future. A lot of his work is remarkably accurate. Except this.
      Hiro: Is that a new 9th Wonder?
      Mohinder: The events in this comic. History didn't happen like this. You didn't kill Sylar. You're trying to change the past. Trying to stop Sylar, is that it?
      Hiro: If you could save millions of lives, wouldn't you?

    • Mohinder: Hiro Nakamura can stop time. Teleport by folding space. Theoretically, he can fold time as well.
      Matt: So you're saying he's a time traveler.
      Mohinder: Is that any stranger than being able to read someone's mind?
      Matt: Yeah, it is.

    • Future Hiro: D.L. can phase inside the buildings. Candice's illusion can distract the guards.
      Ando: Hey, what about me?
      Future Hiro: You'll help too.
      Ando: That's not what I meant. What happened to me? Where am I? Am I rich? Married?
      Future Hiro: Uh, I can't tell you that.
      Ando: Why not?
      Future Hiro: Because... (Japanese) The whole time/space continuum...might implode because you were impatient.
      Ando: So...my friend is still in there.

    • Future Hiro:(in Japanese) I finally found it
      (in English) Save the Cheerleader
      Hiro: Save the World!

    • Hiro: I just want to be a hero.

    • Future Hiro: You.
      Hiro: Me?
      Future Hiro: What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here. None of this is supposed to be here.
      Hiro: It was an accident. We time traveled.
      Ando: What happened to the city?
      Hiro: The bomb. The bomb still happened. It was all supposed to change. Five years ago, a man named Sylar exploded in the heart of the city, changing the world. Hmph. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I had it all beat.
      Hiro: I look upset.
      Ando:Go. Talk to yourself.
      Hiro:No way...I scare me. You do it.
      Ando: Excuse me. Future Hiro, what is this?
      Future Hiro: This is a map of time. The events that led up to the bomb...that destroyed half the city, five years ago today. I've been working on it for years.
      Hiro: Why?
      Future Hiro: To determine...the precise moment to go back in time...to change the future. I finally found it. Save the cheerleader...
      Hiro: Save the world! You visited Peter Petrelli with this message.
      Future Hiro: Yes. Did he do it? Did Peter save her?
      Hiro: Yes, he did.
      Future Hiro: Claire is still alive. Which means Sylar never took her power. Which means... You were able to kill him right?
      Hiro: Me? Kill Sylar?
      Future Hiro: You didn't?
      (Hiro shakes head)
      Future Hiro: Then...I need to get you back there. On the day the bomb explodes, you need to kill Sylar.
      Ando: You kill someone?
      (Hiro shakes head)
      Future Hiro: This string here. This is you. It crosses with the black string...Sylar...here. This is the moment you kill him...on the day after the election. I stabbed him, but he regenerated.
      Ando: Because he had the cheerleader's power.
      Future Hiro: Exactly. But if Peter saved her...Sylar can now be killed.
      Hiro: But I-I can't go back. I-I can't control my powers. If I try, Ando and I can...appear anywhere.

    • Nathan: Get in there Parkman, end this!
      Parkman: Yes Sir! Move!
      Nathan: Brother versus brother, it's almost biblical.
      Peter: My brother can´t walk though walls, who are you?
      (Nathan turns into Sylar, who it was all along)
      Sylar: An old friend, the guy they blamed for blowing New York, but you and I know the real history, don't we Pete.

    • Mohinder: You're one of them, Nathan. Am I supposed to walk you off to the gas chamber as well?

    • Hiro: I know myself. I'm not a killer.

    • Ando: (While seeing Nikki dance) Maybe the future's not so bad.

    • [Hiro and Ando return to the past]
      Hiro: (looking at the final issue of 9th Wonders!) Now for the hard part....

    • Ando: What happened to Hiro? Who was that?
      Future Hiro: Homeland Security.
      Ando: The government?
      Future Hiro: They're taking him to a special holding facility in Midtown.
      Ando: How can you be so sure?
      Future Hiro: Because that's where they take all the terrorists.
      Ando: Why anyone think Hiro's a— You? A terrorist?
      Future Hiro: After Sylar exploded, the world became a very dark place. And that is why we need to change it. Get him back so he can kill Sylar.

    • Peter: You will pay for what you did to Nathan. What you did in his name!
      Sylar: What I did? When I killed your brother, he had already turned against his own kind.
      Peter: Liar.

    • Nathan: (regarding people's powers) If I gave you five years...ten years, twenty more years...be honest with me. Could you reverse it?
      Mohinder: No. Probably not.
      Nathan: Then we need to start thinking about plan "B".

  • Notes

    • New Heroes:
      There were no new heroes introduced in this episode.

    • Powers Developments:
      There were no power developments in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: February 20, 2008 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: May 15, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: September 1, 2008 on Markiza

    • The last line of this episode was said by Hiro in Japanese. He said "Now the hard part...". "The Hard Part" was the title given to the next episode.

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "Ohh La La" Written by Alison Goldfrapp,Will Gregory and Performed by Goldfrapp

    • This episode was formerly known as "String Theory". That title was still used for the 30th chapter in the graphic novels.

  • Allusions

    • Nathan: Brother versus brother....It's almost biblical.

      This could be a reference to Genesis, Chapter 4, in the Bible. The brothers in the chapter are Cain and Abel where Cain commits the first murder by killing his brother after God rejects his sacrifice but accepts Abel's.

    • Mohinder:(to Sylar-as-Nathan) You're one of them, am I supposed to walk you off to the gas chambers as well?

      In WWII, one of the ways Hitler killed Jews was telling them they were going to a shower when they were really going into a poison gas chamber where they died within fifteen minutes.

    • The overview states that, five years in the future, "...People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed...." There is a direct correlation between this and one of the opening scenes of the original X-Men movie, in which Senator Kelly debates Dr. Jean Grey in a Congressional hearing, demanding that mutants be registered so that the American people can know who they are and what they can do. More recently, it also references the Civil War crossover event in the Marvel Universe that revolves around the same political issue.

      On a similar note, the cure that Mohinder has been trying to develop for the last five years closely resembles a major plot element of the third X-Men film.