Season 1 Episode 20

Five Years Gone

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The Futures Of The Characters.
      Peter Petrelli: Peter is now living in Las Vegas. He is married to Niki Sanders, and lives above a gentleman's club with her. While he still has his powers, he doesn't seem interested in saving the world anymore until Hiro shows up. He also has a new scar across his face.

      Niki Sanders: Niki is now married to Peter Petrelli, and lives with him above the gentlemen's club where she performs as a high-end stripper. She appears to have won her personal battle with Jessica, which is now her stripper name.

      Nathan Petrelli: Nathan is now President of the United States. He is leading a program to eliminate all people with special powers, assisted by Mohinder Suresh. Later in the episode we learn that Nathan is really dead and it is Sylar who has assumed his appearance.

      Sylar: Sylar is now living under Nathan Petrelli's identity as President of the USA. He has set up a program to eliminate all people with special abilities so that he is the last one remaining. At the end of the episode, he battles with Peter.

      Mohinder Suresh: Mohinder is now President "Petrelli"'s chief adviser. He is still trying to devise an antidote to the gene, but is failing. Nathan/Sylar wants him to start killing the heroes. He refuses at first because he sees it as genocide, but finally reluctantly agrees.

      Matt Parkman: Matt is now employed by Homeland Security to hunt down people with special abilities. His personality has changed; he is now very short-tempered and aggressive. This is due to the fact his wife divorced him and he has almost no contact with his child (who hates him).

      Claire Bennet: Claire now has a new identity as Sandra, a waitress in a diner in Midland, Texas. She now has brown hair, and a boyfriend in Andy, the diner's owner. Her life appears to be going smoothly until H.R.G re-enters it again.

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