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How are seasons 3 and 4?

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    I'm now watching this show through Netflix. I'm near the end of season 2. Wanted to see this show
    because of Ali Larter and Kristen Bell but didn't know Kristen Bell is only in it for just 5 episodes of
    Season 2.

    Anyway, I thought season 1 was really good. Season 2 is kinda so so and feels like it's in a way a
    repeat of season 1.

    But how are seasons 3 and 4? From what I read in a biography online it looks like they get farfetched.

    How are they in compared to seasons 3 and 4?

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    Season 3 is divided into volumes: Villains (Episodes 1-13) and Fugitives (Episodes 14-25). Villains has the most action, but it also has the least logic. It picks up right where Season 2 left off, but some of the lingering story lines from Season 2 are ignored, and some people are really out of character (especially Mohinder). It almost seems like they got tired of writing and just used some bad fan faction from the internet. I suppose it's good cheap fun if you can suspend disbelief, but you'll probably be disappointed if you base your expectations on the first two seasons. Fugitives is better written plot-wise (still not quite as good as seasons 1-2), but it is poorly paced. The result is that the first half of the volume is pretty good, but the second half drags and only has a couple of standout episodes.

    Season 4 is also decently written, but again poorly paced. It builds good momentum up through episode 11, but it drags after that. It probably would have been a lot better if it had been only 13 or 14 episodes. The series ends in a cliffhanger, albeit not a huge one. They wrap up the storylines from season 4 in the last episode, but it ends with a short scene in the end that sets up what would have been season 5.
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