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Most WTF Plot Points

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    [21]Nov 20, 2010
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    I always thought the part during the eclipse when Peter, Nathan, and The Haitian went to go stop the Haitian's half-brother was random.

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    [22]Dec 7, 2010
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    it failed when the took peters powers away ....... and tried to make the show more of emotional drama then cut throat action ... that made u go COOL !!!!!

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    [23]Dec 21, 2010
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    Nathen selling out all the Heroes to the Government... and then them forgetting about the Heroes and them all going back to their normal lives. End of season shock factor.
    Tracey randomly killing everyone then suddenly being a good guy again. End of season shock factor.
    The fact that Claire's blood wasn't used to heal Nathen is just ridiculous. It was a stupid plot point in the first place; Claire could have brought back DL, Nikki, Adam, Kaito and everyone who'd died!!! Again... end of season shock factor.
    The writing was inconsistant, the charactors never developed, Claire was just soooo annoying and Peter should never have lost all his powers. Him and Sylar should have had a big fight to finish off season 1 and then the Heroes should have worked together to stop the "dream man" in season 2. Ultimately, they didn't know what to do and the show died a slow painful death. Shame because season 4 did show some promise. I stand by it being an impressive final. But Noah should have died...

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    [24]Mar 19, 2011
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    There's tons of them, but these4 stand out for me.

    Hiro getting healed... by his dead mother... in a dream.

    Claire not attempting to heal Lydia... she was dead for maybe 3 seconds whenClaire got there. How long was Noah dead before they revived him in the company building? She might as well have killed her herself.

    Matt randomly acquiring the ability to see/paint the future with no explanation (besides hyena dung?) and loses the ability just as randomly.

    Peter walking through the wall when he was captured by the company after exploding. He may have been close enough to acquireDL's ability, but he had no way of knowing that he could walk through walls. It would have made a lot more sense if he just teleported to Adam's cage and then teleported out with him.

    Naturally, theres always going to be circumstances where they do things that don't exactly make sense to keep the story more interesting... like Peter almost breaking his brain attempting to open that vault door when he knows he can walk through walls and teleport.Someone also mentioned Sylar not always using his super-hearing... well, if he could hear raindrops from miles away all the time, he would be an unwritable character for obvious reasons.

    I think these are the type of things we have to put aside while watching this show from an objective standpoint because let's face it... the show just wouldn't work if Peter, Hiroand Sylar utilized the potential of all their abilities. It would be over in one episode, and that's why they felt the need to keep declaring "mind-wipe", "lack of control", "fear of altering the past", and everyones favorite... "power theft!"

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