Season 2 Episode 8

Four Months Ago...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Peter returns from the future in Montreal, then turns and instinctively fires a lightning bolt at the intruder behind him. The intruder holds up his hand and the electricity burns its hand, but the injured skin immediately heals. Adam Monroe (Kinsei) steps out and wonders why Peter doesn't remember him. However, he quickly figures out that the Haitian must have stripped him of his memories. Adam explains that since Peter can regenerate, he should be able to heal the [art of the brain "injured" by the Haitian's power. Adam shows him a picture of Nathan and Peter concentrates, and starts to remember… Four Months Ago Above Kirby Plaza, Nathan fires the faltering Peter up into the air to save New York City as the latter tries to avoid exploding. Nathan refuses to let Peter go and the excess radiation starts to burn him. Finally he is forced to release his younger brother, who falls a short distance and then explodes. Nathan is knocked unconscious and falls toward the ground, but Peter catches him and flies him to a hospital. He then turns invisible to avoid policeman and leaves, but Bob and Elle catch up to him outside and Elle knocks him unconscious with a lightning bolt. At Roosevelt Hospital, Niki and Micah get the news that D.L. will survive his injury. Alejandro and Maya are in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, and Alejandro is marrying Gloria at a church. Maya doesn't trust Gloria and sees her dancing with her ex-boyfriend Gilberto. She stalks off upset, but then spots the two going into a shack. She follows them in and sees Gloria cheating on her new husband. Gilberto attacks Gloria and threatens to kill he if she tells Alejandro anything. Maya's eyes turn black and she weeps tears of the same, and Gilberto and Gloria collapse. Maya runs outside only to see that everyone in the wedding party has died as well. Only Alejandro is unharmed, but they have no choice but to flee. Bob and Elle take Peter to the former's Company office and wake him up. Bob informs him that since he's not in control of his powers, they've had the Haitian shut him down for the moment. However, they do have a cure and Bob asks Peter to stay with them until they can finish it. Nathan wakes up with his mother at his bedside. She tells him that Peter has gone missing, and Nathan wants to see what happened. He looks in the mirror and sees that his face his hideously burned by the radiation. Niki and Micah see D.L., then Niki talks to the doctor and says she'll find some way to pay for the medical expenses. The doctor assures her that they're covered and Bob comes in. He's covered up all news of the events at Kirby Plaza and says he has a cure that will get rid of Jessica. However, she'll have to abandon her family and come work for him to get it. She refuses, insisting she can get by on normal medicine. Elle is cutting Peter's hair and gives him a pill that will temporarily suppress his powers. Once Peter is alone, someone from the next-door cell speaks up: Adam. Three Months Ago It's Micah's eleventh birthday and he suggests they should fight crime. D.L. isn't enthused about the idea but he does have a job as a firefighter. Meanwhile, Niki dumps the medicine she's been taking. Peter and Adam talk, and Peter finally tells Adam his name. Two Months Ago Elle visits Peter regularly to give him his suppressant pills, as well as mild electrical shocks. When Peter expresses an interest in her, Elle describes his unpleasant past as a lab rat who has never left the Company building, and how she is a sociopath. After Elle leaves, Adam warns Peter that Elle is dangerous and that the cure Peter is waiting for will never happen: the Company has supposedly been working on a cure for 30 years. When Peter doesn't believe him, Adam points out that they're both in prison cells, not a treatment facility. Heidi Petrelli visits her husband when Angela comes in. The two of them go outside and discuss Nathan's claim that he saved New York City. Angela "explains" that Nathan suffers from mental problems, the same as his father, and asks Heidi to keep the whole thing secret. Heidi agrees. Niki is at home preparing for her first day on the job as a car salesman. D.L. congratulates her and leaves to take Micah to school. Niki is practicing her sales spiel in the mirror when her image starts talking to her. This time, however, it's Gina, an alias Niki used when she was in Los Angeles. Gina takes control, leaving Niki "trapped" in the mirror, and heads out to L.A. After considering what Adam has said, Peter asks Bob if he can leave to check on Nathan. Bob refuses, insisting Peter stay for is own safety and the time isn't right, then leaves. Adam then explains that he can cure Nathan using the regenerative properties in his blood, but Peter has to get them both out to do so. D.L. is putting out a house fire with a team of firemen and has to go inside to rescue a trapped girl. He's forced to use his powers to get out of the house, emerging from the flames seemingly unharmed. When he gets home, Micah is watching the film footage and is happy his dad is a hero. D.L. discovers that Niki has disappeared and finds a message on the bedroom mirror, saying she's gone to L.A. One Month Ago When Elle comes in to give him his pill, Peter starts flirting with her. She's amused and they kiss briefly before she mini-shocks him and leaves. Peter spits out the pill and flushes it down the toilet, just as he's done for the last five days. He then concentrates and phases through the wall to Adam's cell. He then phases them both through the wall and out of the facility. Alejandro tracks Maya to a church in Venezuela, bringing a policeman along with him. Maya's brother insists she needs help but her ability manifests and the policeman collapses. Alejandro tries to stop her and when he touches her, he seems to absorb the black substance, stopping her from killing those nearby. Realizing she's telling the truth, Alejandro takes her out of the church. D.L. tracks down Gina/Niki in L.A. at a nightclub, where she's dancing and using drugs. He's forced to knock out the man she's with, phasing through the guy's fist and gut-punching him. D.L. shows her a picture of her family and Niki manages to reassert control. D.L. gets her out of the club but the same guy comes at him with a pistol and manages to shoot him from surprise. Niki collapses in shock, covered with her husband's blood. Three Weeks Ago Niki and Micah are at D.L.'s wake, as is Nana, Damon, and Monica. Nana promises to look after Micah, while Bob shows up and convinces Niki to work for the Company and receive their treatment. Peter and Adam get to the hospital and Adam injects some of his own blood into Nathan's IV. Nathan starts to heal, and Peter takes a bedside photo of himself and Nathan. They go to a shipping yard where Adam reveals they'll have to split up and make their way to Montreal separately. He gives Peter a passport, but then Elle and the Haitian. Peter and Adam split up but Elle blasts both of them. She goes after Adam and the Haitian chases Peter, negating his powers. He finally knocks out Peter and handcuffs him inside an empty shipping crate. Finally, he explains that he owes Angela Petrelli a debt and won't turn Peter over to the company. He puts his Godsend necklace on Peter then wipes his memories. The Present Peter, having remembered everything, turns to Adam who asks him "Shall we save the world?" Peter nods in agreement.
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