Season 2 Episode 8

Four Months Ago...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Everything is connected after the finale of season one.

    This episode totally made sense of the time lapse between the finale of season one and the premiere of season two. Peter returns from the future and Adam/Kensei begins to use his healing power to help Peter remember his past. Apparently after exploding and not killing anyone, he returned Nathan to the hospital, only to be abducted by Elle and Bob. There he was given "Haitian pills" that nullified his powers. After realizing he was nothing but a prisoner, the person in the cell next to his (Adam/Kensei) began speaking to him. Together they made a conspiracy and escaped. Adam/Kensei gave Nathan some of his blood, so that his hideous burns were healed. Adam/Kensei probably managed to escape Elle who was chasing him, but the Haitian working secretly against the company locked Peter up, and wiped out his memory.

    Alejandro and Maya are seen at Alejandro's wedding (I think) at at first it seems Maya has a thing against her brother's bride. Her suspicious come true though when he sees his bride cheating on Alejandro with another man. Her powers start to kick in and everyone besides Alejandro lay dead. Maya runs away after seeing the terrible catastrophe she has done. Later she is praying in a church when Alejandro finds her. He brought in the police as well. She kills the police with her powers and runs away with her broter.

    My favorite part was Niki's part, where some of the personality disorder thing came back. After the events at Kirby Plaza, D.L. survived the gun shot. When Bob offers Niki a place in the company, she refuses because she doesn't want to give up her family. Later D.L. takes the job as a fireman near Micah's eleventh birthday. But, Niki tosses out her regular medicine and shortly afterward another personality emerges named "Gina", and she runs to L.A. D.L. finds a message saying so, and when he goes there three days later (I think), he finds her partying in a club. When Niki returns to her normal self and starts to leave with D.L., he is shot. At the funeral, Bob emerges once again. Poor D.L., I really thought he deserved a better death than being shot in a club. I really thought this episode was perfect, =).