Season 2 Episode 8

Four Months Ago...

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Four months ago, Niki tries to save her family, Maya and Alejandro discover their abilities and Peter finally remembers how he ended up in Cork, Ireland.

    The flashback chapter of this volume is exciting but not as surprising as one would think.
    DL isn't dead after the events of Kirby Plaza and together with Niki try to fix their lives. Bob visits Niki at the hospital (after it is revealed that he had paid for all the medical bills of DL) and offers to help Niki get rid of her multiple personality disorder. During those four months, Niki stops taking the medicine (offered by Bob and the Company) and suddenly a new personality arises in Niki. Her name is Gina and she used to be Niki's alias in California at a camp. Meanwhile DL is a fireman and saves lives everyday. When he finds Niki missing however and a note saying she is in California DL tracks her down. At a club Gina is still in control until she is given a picture of her family by DL and Niki regains control. A fight between DL and a man from the club ends up in the death of DL seen in chapter 3: Kindred of this volume.
    Alejandro almost got married four months ago to a woman cheating him with her ex-boyfriend. At her brother's wedding Maya's ability manifests and kills everyone at the wedding (besides Alejandro) when she catches Alejandro's to be wife with that man (and that is the reason why both Maya and Alejandro are wanted by the police in chapter 1: four months later). Realizing the horror she had caused she runs away and leaves her brother behind. Three months later Maya is at a church in Venezuela (and appearantly a nun) when her brother finds her. With him Alejandro brought the police thinking that might be the only way for Maya not to kill again. At that moment Maya releases her power again but this time Alejandro counters it by making Maya relax (this is the first time Alejandro's ability manifested). Frightened both of them by what they can do they run away and that is how we end up with their chase in Honduras in chapter 1: four months later.
    Finally, after Peter rescues his brother from the explosion (the explosion damaged Nathan's face and that explains the reflections Nathan has been having since the beginning of volume 2) and submits him to a hospital, he flees but is captured by Elle and Bob. Brought to the Company Peter is given a chance to keep his power under control (or don't have them at all more precisely) and keep him safe from the world. At a cell in the Company, we see Elle's everyday jolts given to Peter and Peter's meeting with Adam (whose at the cell next to his). Meanwhile, Nathan's wife Heidi visits her husband who tells her everything that happened in volume 1. Angela has a talk with Heidi and lies to her that Nathan is dillusional and she shouldn't believe anything; this explains the abandonment of Nathan by his wife and kids and the restraining order against his children. Peter's talks with Adam start to affect him when he realizes that the Company is not helping him but in fact keeping him imprisoned. A month before he ends up in Ireland, Peter stops taking the pills (that Elle provided him so that his powers wouldn't work) and together with Adam they escape from the Company. A week later Adam gives some of his blood which heals Nathan's wounds and his burns and together with Peter plan to leave USA and go to Canada. But the Haitian and Elle get in their way and when they split up, the Haitian follows Peter and locks him in the cargo container (we saw in chapter 1 Peter to be in, in Ireland) after he takes away his memory and gives him his helix necklace. Supposedly, the Haitian was supposed to capture him and return him to the Company but he reveals he has let him go because of Angela and the help she provided to him.
    Overall quite revealing episode. From the three stories the most interesting is by far that of Peter, although Niki's story is not that bad. Maya's story on the other hand wasn't all that interesting although the reason why Maya and Alejandro were wanted for murder was very important to reveal. Key facts: notice Elle's life story telling to Peter. Her life is so sad and she is in fact a sociopath. More will be revealed in the next chapter which is full of Elle and Claire. Niki's third personality Gina appears in this chapter and is never mentioned again. Enjoy!