Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on NBC
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Matt reveals his abilities to his wife. HRG confers with Mohinder. Now that she knows the truth, Claire tries to make sense of her life. Hiro seeks the sword that he is destined to own. Niki must face the consequences of her decision to turn herself in to the police. Simone and Nathan are worried about Peter, who has been in a coma for two weeks. Peter meets a new hero. Micah visits his mother.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes peter is in comer and his brother starts to worry about him and niki must face the consqunces of turning herself in and clari realizes the truth about her and she must figure out her life hero must try to get the sword he is supposed to hold and matt reveals is abilties to his wife and he must deal with the reaction that he gets from her and she freaks out when she finds out about his powers this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9moreless
  • Two weeks later, Peter is comatosed after the vision he had, Matt tries to uncover Mr Bennet but jeopardises his job in the process, Claire sees the true face of her father and the rest of our Heroes try to figure their next move. Niki's still behind barsmoreless

    The twelfth chapter is more exciting than ever. Continuing from the previous chapter two weeks later, Peter is comatosed after the vision he had and both his mother and brother are left to figure why. The dream he had was about the exploding man. The same vision will be seen twice in this episode but with alternations the second time. We are introduced to a man with a beard who is laughing while Peter can't control his exploding power. The laughing man is an important character for the next few episodes and in this chapter we also discover his ability.

    Furthermore, Isaac returns to New York healthy and without the need for drugs to paint the future. We find that the last two weeks he, Hiro and Ando have been working together to stop the bomb. Hiro tries to steal a sword (after he sees the painting with the dinosaur) in order to regain his abilities. When Simone visits Isaac's loft with Nathan (who insists on meeting Isaac in order to discover what is happening with his brother), our Heroes meet each other. Isaac, Ando, Simone, Nathan and Hiro all meet and try to solve the mystery of the exploding man (the scene where Hiro yells flying man is funny as well as the scene where Hiro tries to say the word ''villain''). Simone, after being convinced that Hiro is in fact the guy that Isaac has been painting the last couple of weeks she helps Hiro to find Linderman in order to retrieve the real (as the one Hiro stole from the museum is a fake) sword of Takezo Kensei (keep the name in mind as it really important in the second volume and also keep in mind the meaning of the helix symbol given by Ando).

    Matt convinces Audrey that Mr Bennet is holding Sylar in captivity but it turns out that Mr Bennet knows how to hide his trail. But Matt is more suspicious than ever. Meanwhile, Claire is lying to her father about not remembering anything about her Homecoming. She realizes that her father is lying back to her. The Haitian, even though he is working for Mr Bennet, seems to have an agenda of his own (although he seems to be working for somebofy else). Claire realizes that she is once again by herself as Zack doesn't remember anything. She tries to remind Zack what he has forgotten by making another tape (the issue of her biological parents comes up which is something that will be of interest in the next episodes). Mr Bennet offers an alliance to Mohinder, who seems to be very defensive towards Mr Bennet. He finds out what has happened to Eden and is more determined to find the special people in order to warn them about Sylar and Mr Bennet.

    Niki is still behind bars. In the two weeks that have passed Niki confessed that she killed people (and she revealed where they are buried) and she assaulted a police officer. She is too closed to be put into an electric chair when Jessica emerges during a conversation with a lawyer and it is decided to be given a psychological evaluation instead. Meanwhile, DL returns the two million to one of Linderman's people but he is told that Mr Linderman is not done with him yet.

    Key moments is Ali Larter's wonderful performance when she is talking to the lawyer and you do get the feeling that she does have a split personality (as well as her line at the end of the episode). Furthermore, Hiro's lines with Nathan are awesome, the explanation of the helix symbol and the introduction of both the myth of Takezo Kensei as well as Christopher Eccleston (as the invisible man), both of which will play an important role in the Heroes universe. Enjoy!moreless
  • Getting to know..

    This one was quite good. I loved the char interaction and how they all are coming together finally.

    Claire rediscovering her friend.. and trying to get him to remember or at least to the point where they were before. And that minderiser around.

    But most of the excitement went to Hiro part. trying to get that sword.. that was good but it was only replica and then getting to Isaac's house and finally everyone realizing that he does can paint future and now they are off the Linderman's.

    The only storyline that I have never liked is Niki.. From the first episodes.. it has just seemed to be little off the other storylines.. and now.. I do not know.. I just don't like it at all.moreless
  • A sum of characters

    Definitivamente Peter va a estallar y hacer moco el planeta y el nabo de su hermano al fin empieza a entender que está más allá de él el destino, y que no hay forma de evitarlo. Niki sufre y hace sufrir en la cárcel y de a poquito todos se van encontrando y conociendo. Queda alguna duda de que el step father de Claire es un turro con todas las letras, mayúscula y negrita? Y que el haitiano es uno de los que nos puede mostrar una luz de esperanza? Bien Heroes, salió del letargo en el que se había posado hace unos capítulos y está más fuerte que nunca.moreless
  • Superb episode.

    This episode was really cool, escpecially Niki/Jessica's part. The last line was so solid. When Niki's in the straight jacket and shes tearing up and she pleads "God... please help me." And then Jessica suddenly appears "Who needs God when you have me?" Creepy and awesome. Hiro manages to slow time again to get the sword from the museum, but it turns out it's a replica and Linderman has the real one. Then, Simone and Nathan meet up with Issac and Hiro, a hero gathering. Matt tells his wife about his powers, but as of now she doesn't completely belive him. Peter meets another hero, who turns out he can be inivisble. A near perfect episode.moreless
D. Elliot Woods

D. Elliot Woods

SWAT Officer Simmons

Guest Star

Link Baker

Link Baker

Broken Nose Guard

Guest Star

Kevin Chamberlin

Kevin Chamberlin

Aron Malsky

Guest Star

James Kyson

James Kyson

Ando Masahashi

Recurring Role

Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston


Recurring Role

Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall

FBI Agent Audrey Hanson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When we first see Sylar (from a shot taken behind H.R.G./Mr. Bennet) he is lying on his right side facing the left wall of his cell. In all subsequent shots he is on his left side facing the right wall.

    • When Claude holds Peter up to the pole, they are invisible. Coincidentally, the vender next to them was selling The Invisible Man on DVD.

    • Mr. Bennet hands Suresh his business card, but when the camera points at Suresh's hands, you can see there are two business cards stacked up.

    • As seen in the card given by Mr. Bennet to Suresh, there is a website called www.primatechpaper.com that is related to the show. In the source code you can clearly see an nbc.com link and a "Heroes" mention. And an strange link on "About us" page.

      In fact, it even has the same phone number: 1-800-prima-16 in all the pages.

    • (After jumping off an oil tower and getting up unharmed.)
      Claire: (to camera) This is Claire Bennet, and as far as you know, that was attempt number one.

      This is a reference to the first episode when she first jumped off the oil tower. The difference being that this time, since Zach memory has been erased, she stated it as being attempt number one whereas last time it was the sixth attempt.

    • Goof: When D.L. and Micah are visiting Niki, D.L. phases his hand through the glass to hold hands with Niki. Shortly after, you see that there is a cop watching her. Wouldn't he have noticed D.L. using his power?

    • "Kensei Takezo" displayed at the Museum of Natural History originates from the sword master of Japan, "Musashi Miyamoto." Kensei means "sword master" in Japanese. Takezo is the different pronunciation of "Musashi" with the same Kanji characters.

      We never call him "Takezo", so the name is intentionally changed for this show, I think.

    • There is a large cockroach in Sylar's cell. This is a reference to the first episode when Mohinder gives a lecture to his university class explaining why cockroaches are considered to be the most evolved species.

    • During the scene with Mohinder and the FBI agent, the agent tells Mohinder that Eden's body "or what was left of her" was found in Lake Ramsey near Sudbury, which she claimed was "100 miles outside of Ontario".

      Sudbury is in Ontario, North of Toronto.

    • At the end of this episode Niki Sanders is put into a straight jacket and put in the psych ward. Mainly it was all her doing since she confessed to a murder. In the movie Final Destination 2 Ali Larter's character Clear Rivers checks herself into a psych ward as well and is kept there so that she doesn't die.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Ando: There's security everywhere. Stealing isn't exactly part of Bushido code, you know.
      Hiro: It's one antique. If I don't have my powers...this whole museum will explode anyway. It's a good deal for them.

    • Claire: We've been here before. You, me, the video camera. Is it at all familiar?
      Zach: What are you doing, auditioning for America's Next Top Model?
      Claire: You made that joke the first time. Look, just keep the camera on me, okay?
      Zach: Why don't you just use a tripod.
      Claire: I can't do this by myself. And I know you can keep a secret, you did. You did until you forgot what it was.

    • Zach: Hold on a second. I'm sure you told me this before, but, um, why are we videotaping this, whatever this is?
      Claire: Actually, I didn't tell you that before. The first time I did this I did it to show my parents, my real parents. I wanted them to see what I was. I thought they could help me understand. But I don't think I'm ever gonna meet them. They may not even be alive any more.
      Zach: So why do you wanna tape it now?
      Claire: For me. So I never forget what I am, no matter what happens to me. Just don't freak out, okay?

    • (Narration at the end of the episode)
      Mohinder: In the beginning, there was discovery, a confusion of elements, a first snowfall of impossible change. Old lives undone, left behind, strange faces made familiar, new nightmares to challenge sleep, new friends to feel safe with. Only then comes control, the need to impose order onto chaos through determination, through study, through struggle, all in defiance of a thundering truth. They're here, and the earth shudders underfoot.

    • Matt: Listen to me, I have no idea how you're pulling this off, but I swear to God, I'm not going to stop until I figure it out... You understand me?
      (Mr. Bennet looks Matt in the eyes)
      Mr. Bennet: Good luck with that.

    • Mohinder: (talking to lizard) I don't even know what she fed you.
      Mr. Bennet: They eat crickets. Lots of crickets.
      Mohinder: You.
      Mr. Bennet: Hope you don't mind, I let myself in.
      Mohinder: Have you come to kill me now?
      Mr. Bennet: That depends, I'd like to talk to you about Eden. She worked for me.
      Mohinder: Don't you mean Sarah Ellis?
      Mr. Bennet: She gave up that name and that life a long time ago. And she was a good person.
      Mohinder: Yes, of course, all spies are very good people. Just misunderstood.
      Mr. Bennet: She cared about you more than she should've. She was...special.
      Mohinder: She had an ability? What was it?
      Mr. Bennet: Suffice it to say, she learned how to use it wisely. Not everyone who has these abilities deserves them.
      Mohinder: And who are you to judge? In fact, who are you period?
      Mr. Bennet: I made a mistake. And I should've come to you a long time ago.
      Mohinder: You've been spying on me for weeks. In India, my cab, bugging my phone.
      Mr. Bennet: We need to help each other, Dr. Suresh.
      Mohinder: And why would I help you? You need me, don't you? My father, he knew more than you do.
      Mr. Bennet: From what we could observe, yes.
      Mohinder: Well, if you've been watching, then you know my father's formula doesn't work.
      Mr. Bennet: We both know that he generated a list. Who's on that list is a matter of grave importance.
      Mohinder: You've come for it? You want to find them?
      Mr. Bennet: Why do you seem so worried? Are you on the list? You've no doubt realized things can go terribly wrong with these abilities. If you work with me, we can control that.
      Mohinder: If and when I do figure out this list, the first thing I'm going to do is warn these people. About you.
      Mr. Bennet: Together, we could actually make a difference.
      Mohinder: Sorry, not interested.

    • Simone: You're really Hiro Nakamura from Isaac's comic book?
      Hiro: (Opening a comic book) Yeah. I work there at Yamagato, and we fly here and we drive that car everywhere—blue Nissan Versa. It's parked outside right now! I'm just like Mister Isaac draw me, except my face not so round.
      Simone: OK, yeah! I'm gonna give up, the world is insane.

    • Claire: Save the cheerleader, save the world. What does that even mean? Have I been saved, or do I still need saving?
      Haitian: You're saved for the time being.
      Claire: I wanna talk to Peter Petrelli.
      Haitian: You're not supposed to remember Peter Petrelli. He's being watched. If you try to contact him, your father will know.
      Claire: You have to give me something. Nothing in my life has been real. My dad obviously doesn't work in a paper factory. I don't know what he does. And what about my biological parents? He didn't find them through the adoption agency, did he?
      Haitian: They work for your father. Like I do.
      Claire: Everything has been a lie. The only person I could trust was Zach, and you took him from me.
      Haitian: That was your father's doing. Not mine.
      Claire: Then give him back his memories. I don't wanna be alone.
      Haitian: You are not alone, Claire. And I cannot give your friend back his memories. It's not how my gift works.
      Claire: Your gift? Is that what you call it?
      Haitian: What do you call it?
      Claire: My own private freak show.
      Haitian: What you can do, what I can do, that is God. Respect it accordingly.

    • Micah: Okay, your first mistake? Never put the peanut butter in the refrigerator. Mom always keeps it at room temperature.
      D.L.: Well, your dad's got his own style.

    • (Talking about Peter's health)
      Simone: He's burning up.
      Angela Petrelli: Persistent idiopathic fever. Means they have no idea what's wrong. Find the best doctors in the world, just to have them tell me they don't know what they're doing in four different languages.

    • Hiro: Mr. Isaac. Bad news, sword not there. It was replica. Original owned by man named Linderman.
      (Nathan comes from behind a painting)
      Nathan: Did he say Linderman?
      Hiro: (throws up his hand and shouts) Flying man!

    • (after Hiro steals sword from museum)
      Ando: That was amazing! You did it, Hiro!
      Hiro: Never doubt me again. With this sword there's no limit to what I can accomplish. Our life of legend begins.

    • (Hiro tries to stop time but only manages to slow it down)
      Hiro: Good enough.

    • Claire: Zach.
      Zach: Hey, this is a public place. Are you sure you can be seen here with me?
      Claire: Why not?
      Zach: Right, I forgot. You've been body-snatched.
      Claire: Look, I just want to talk.
      Zach: Hey, I'm sorry about Jackie. I know she was your best friend and all.
      Claire: No, I actually discovered that someone else was my best friend. But I lost him too.
      Zach: What happened to you at homecoming?
      Claire: I can't remember. Can't remember a lot of things lately.
      Zach: Yeah, it's uh... That's funny 'cause lately I can't remember... Must be something in the water, right?
      Claire: Zach, look at me. Do you feel like we could be friends?
      Zach: Us? No. We wouldn't play well together.

    • Hiro: Takezo Kensai. My father used to tell me stories about him before bed. He was a wild savage with great power. All of Japan feared him. Until one day he found a sacred sword, frozen in the snow. From the moment Kensai held it...it focused all his strength. He said the sword let him control his power. And so he became a great leader. A hero.
      (Ando looks at the symbol on the sword)
      Ando: That symbol there. It's a combination of characters. "Great talent"..."Godsend." "Great talent"..."Godsend." Like your power.
      Hiro: See? I'm like him. The sword will give me the control over my power I need. It's my sacred object. With it my powers will return and I can fulfill my destiny.
      Ando: What exactly are you saying?
      Hiro: I'm saying we take it.
      Ando: We?

    • Nathan: Just before he passed out he said he, uh...he felt he was absorbing too many powers.
      Simone: Peter wanted to see that painting.
      Nathan: After I told you not to let him, you knew he was gonna follow that thing head first all the way to Texas. He's my brother, and I love him, but we both know he shouldn't have even been there.
      Simone: It was important to him.
      Nathan: You really believe all this crap? Future paintings? The end of the world?
      Simone: I know he believes it. And I believe in him.

    • Hiro: All the books I read said the sword is here.
      Ando: So what? We finally make it to New York and all you care about is a sword. What about your mission?
      Hiro: I need my powers for the mission!
      Ando: But the bomb is going off on November 8th. We only have three more weeks.
      Hiro: I know, but ever since I lost Charlie my powers have gotten weaker and weaker. My sword will restore my powers.
      Ando: It's not your sword.

    • Niki: God, please help me.
      Jessica: Who needs God, when you've got me.

    • Claire: This is Claire Bennet, and as far as you know, that was attempt number one.

    • Hiro: The bomb, it comes from the street. Destroy everything, everything turn into dust. poof!
      Nathan: Your English is a lot better.
      Hiro: I met a waitress in Texas.
      Nathan: Oh, yeah?
      Hiro: She teach me many things.
      Nathan: Good for you.
      (Hiro bows head to Nathan)
      Nathan: So, uh, look, I can't believe I'm about to say this, you-you...teleported here...back from the future.
      Hiro: Yes, my power let me come back here so I can stop it.
      Nathan: Right. Because "you hero."
      Hiro: You will help too.
      Nathan: Me? What makes you so sure?
      Hiro: You flying man. Whooshhhh!
      Nathan: Will you keep it down?!
      Hiro: (much quieter) Whooshhhhh.
      Nathan: What do you think it is that makes this bomb thing go off?
      Hiro: Don't know. Probably bad guy?
      Nathan: Bad guy?
      Hiro: Yes. (heavily accented) Like villain.
      Nathan: What's that?
      Hiro: (heavily accented) Villain.
      Nathan: Villain?
      Hiro: (heavily accented) Villain.
      Nathan: Villain.
      Hiro: Vee.
      Nathan: V.
      Hiro: Vee-yun.

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: December 19, 2007 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: March 20, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: August 4, 2008 on Markiza

    • The Symbol:
      In this episode, the symbol is revealed by Ando Masahashi to be a combination of two Japanese characters: Ë (sai) meaning "great talent" and -^ (yo) meaning "Godsend". It also greatly resembles a segment of RNA, connecting it to the genetic mutation giving the heroes their powers.

    • New Heroes:
      There were no new heroes introduced in this episode.

    • The business card, with Primatech Paper Company, shows www.primatechpaper.com which is legit. Going there has secrets to see.

    • Powers Developments:
      There were no power developments in this episode.

    • During the first commercial break, a new promo for Epic Movie was shown that spoofed the Heroes' promos.


    • Claude: Fantastic!

      This line (with that magnificent accent) was also a catchphrase for Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who (2005).

    • Ando: There's security everywhere. Stealing isn't exactly part of Bushido code, you know.

      Bushido means "the way of the warrior". It's a non-written code of honor for the samurais, the warrior class of old Japan. To follow the bushido means loyalty, self sacrifice, justice, polite ways, martial spirit, honor and above all, die with dignity.

    • "Claude" the name of Christopher Eccleston's character who is introduced in this episode, is an allusion/homage to the actor Claude Raines. Raines played the lead in the original 1933 film version of H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man. Eccleston's character, of course, has the power to become invisible.