Season 3 Episode 0

Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on NBC
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Heroes: Countdown to the Premiere
Before the third season premiere, a brief recap of Seasons 1 and 2 and interviews with the cast at the premiere party is shown.
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  • Is this what is in store for us this season?

    I am kind of speechless after last night's episode. It was definatly a let down which can be seen by the 25% drop in viewers. It was such a disappointment, I actually checked the listings to see if I was watching the wrong episode.

    In an attempt to bring in new watchers they lost many of the long time dedicated fans. After the second set of commercials, I changed the channel and found something entertaining to watch.

    The writers have to be kicking themselves for screwing up such a great show. If they are not kicking themselves, they should be. ha.moreless
  • This was an interesting way to give us a little bit of a review of what had been going on before, but it also gave us some insight into what might happen in the new season.moreless

    This was an interesting way to give us a little bit of a review of what had been going on before, but it also gave us some insight into what might happen in the new season. It was an interesting watch, and it definitely got me pumped for the new season, but it was really annoying when everyone kept saying the new series was only minutes away. I just kept wondering why they didn't have a countdown or say exactly how many minutes. Even though I watched this episode much later then when it first aired, I was still a bit annoyed by the minute's away thing. If I had been watched it when it originally aired, I think it would have been a lot more annoying then. Overall this was an okay episode, I think it would have been better if they gave us more of a review of past episodes and less talking about nothing, but it was still watchable and entertaining.moreless
  • This episode was a great recap episode...

    Ok so this recap episode was a bit silly I mean you can tell it's all fake haha but it still gave me a refresh on what has happened so far and on what is to come. It was pretty funny seeing the cast they look so different as people than as characters off the show. This episode was aired in the UK a few nights before the premire so th countdown seemed pretty funny. Still I cant wait for this season its going to be amazing fast paced action packed and...gotta think what else oh and did I mention amazing. I have seen some reviews of the premiere I hate the way people rate this show its so much better than most show s on TV. It is entertaining and isnt that what TV is meant to be entertaining.moreless
  • pre-game show

    the last new episode of "heroes" aired last December, I told you in my last review of the series that they will be back and it come back in a way. NBC is devoted to a whole evening of "Heroes" fun and that's where the pre-game comes in. what I saw is a the cast of heroes and a group of fans in the background. sounds a little like a football game. But it's not. it's the offical warn up to the start of the third season. something that I've been waiting nine months to see. "Heroes" is back and better than ever.moreless
  • A great remainder and a great look into the new season!

    I loved the countdown! It was just great . . . Those clips reminded me of everything so with watching them I was prepared for the new season. The sneak peaks looked great, I love them! It was great that the actors were some kind of TV hosts, they are really great at it. And it shocked me when I found out that Sylar was kept in Level 2 in the first season because what are those from the level 5 like?? :) The comments in the clips were great and funny, especially on the last clip "Who shot Nathan Petrelli?". I loved it! :)moreless

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