Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2006 on NBC
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On the day of Claire's Homecoming game, Claire's father is growing desperate to stop the villain who is coming after Claire. Nathan gets the painting from Linderman, and is horrified by what it depicts. Mohinder's dreams hold secrets about his father. Ando waits for Hiro who still has not returned from the past. Peter must try to save the cheerleader and also himself.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes its the homecoming game and clair is getting ready for it and her father is despratly tring to stop the man name slyer from killing his dauter and peter final finds out what the paiting shows and he is horriefied what it shows thing is he must get there to save her since hero has not come back from the past and turns out that slyer kills the wrong girl and is chacing her and then peter stops him the best he can this was a really intense ep i thought. and thats why i gave it 9moreless
  • Claire is ready for her homecoming but not for what is in store for her on this day. Peter finds the missing painting and races against time to save the cheerleader even if it means putting at risk his own life. Hiro teleports at the most critical time.moreless

    This is the episode that we were preparing for. The ninth chapter titled Homecoming and by now we know that means confrontation between good and evil. Claire is of course at the center of this episode. When she punches Jackie for a lame comment she made for Zack, her father grounds her and we start believing that the cheerleader is in fact saved. But the writers have other plans. The award given to Jackie for her so called save of the firefighter is the reason why Jackie is put in the fire without knowing the reason. Sylar kills the wrong cheerleader while Peter saves the right one by accident. The painting that shows a dead Peter in front of the school comes true but thanks to Claire's regenerative ability Peter is healed when he absorbs it. He ends up being arrested of course but better behind bars than dead right?

    Mohinder's search comes to an end as the boy that comes to his dreams turns out to be alive and has an ability of his own that helps Mohinder realize his destiny and return to New York to warn our Heroes.

    Now key moments will have to be when Sylar kills Jackie and witnesses Claire's ability at the same time, Sylar and Peter's first encounter (one that will give Peter a very cool power), Nathan's reaction when he sees the painting depicting his brother's death (you may want to punch him but he thought he was saving his brother so give him a break) and Jessica's vey cool attitude especially when she is shooting out in the desert.

    One of the best episodes this volume. Enjoy!moreless
  • A good episode.

    This was a solid episode of Heroes. I thought it was well written and I also thought that the entire episode had entertaining bits here and there. Normally, I don't think that an entire episode that is mostly focused on Claire is that interesting, but I feel that it is okay in this sense. I thought it was better than I thought it would be and it had me hooked for an hour. My favorite aspect of the episode had to be where Claire runs away from Sylar and almost doesn't make it. I thought that was really funny. Thank you.moreless
  • Savind the World

    Puse un nueve porque confío en que esto va a mejorar. Porque empezó de p*** madre y no creo que se vaya al tacho tan de repente. Pero... se torna todo demasiado previsible: Peter salva a Claire muy fácil (durante el capítulo éste se encargó de aclarar que su superpoder residía en absorber el de otros y se vió cuando estando cerca de la cheerleader su cuerpo roto se arreglo inmediatamente). El malo es malo en serio y Hiro es bueno en serio que bol*** se perdió lo del colegio porque estaba salvando a una minita creo insignificante.

    Espero por favor que mejore.moreless
  • It's Homecoming time...

    This episode was really amazing. The only part I didn't find great (well, it was still great, but not as good as the other parts) was Mohinders. It was really cool and all, but it wasn't the best in the episode, and not well lighted. Nathan gets Peter's painting, but splashes paint all over it so Peter couldn't see. Simone already got a picture of it though, and the picture was Peter dying at 8:12. Hiro still hasn't returned from the past and Ando keeps waiting. Claire was crowned Homecoming Queen, but when Homecoming starts, Sylar mistakes Jackie for Claire and kills Jackie instead, in the process, Peter fights off Sylar from Claire but injures himself in the process. Apparently, Peter absorbed Claire's power and heals himself, just in time for the cops to get him. This was a totally action-packed and adventurous episode, can't wait to see more like it.moreless
Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays

Charlene "Charlie" Andrews

Guest Star

Erick Avari

Erick Avari

Chandra Suresh

Guest Star

Sakina Jaffrey

Sakina Jaffrey

Mrs. Suresh

Guest Star

James Kyson

James Kyson

Ando Masahashi

Recurring Role

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker


Recurring Role

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Gabriel Gray/Sylar

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Mohinder finds Chandra's list on the computer, one of the names in the rightmost column is Amid Halebi, a character who only appeared in the unaired pilot.

    • Goof: When Noah finds Claire, she is standing in the middle of the sidewalk, clearly visible. There is blood all over her and people are walking on the steps right beside her. Surely, someone would have seen the blood on Claire. Or do they just not care when people are soaked in blood?

    • Goof: After Peter revives himself with Claire's power, the wounds on his face heal, leaving very little blood on the side of his face. She asks "How did you...?" and we are shown Peter again, with the side of his face soaked in blood.

    • In this episode, Nathan, Peter and Simone see the painting that was missing from the set Isaac did depicting the events of Homecoming. The painting is shown as a rectangular, landscape oriented picture, but in Better Halves when we see the "comic book layout" display of images, the missing image is a square shape.

    • The roadside cafe, that D.L. and Micah stop at, is fictionally located along the highway in Utah. It is actually called The Half Way House Cafe and is a real restaurant located in Saugus, CA, a suburb north of Los Angeles. Established in 1931, the restaurant received its name because it is equidistant between Los Angeles and Palmdale, CA.

    • Before the homecoming name list was shown, the camera shows various groups of people sitting together in the outdoor amphitheater. With the geeks/nerds reading "9th Wonder" comic books, one can see a guy wearing a Battlestar Galactica (2003) shirt which NBC also owns.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Claire: Everybody who wasn't my friend is now my friend, and everybody that was my friend isn't.
      Zach: Well it's not a popularity contest. It's an unpopularity contest.

    • D.L.: The good news is, it's just going to be you and me from here on out. Partners.
      Micah: You mean like Batman and Robin?
      D.L.: Yeah. Like Batman and Robin. Only...I'm not wearing any tights. You can wear tights, but I'm not wearing tights.

    • Mohinder: You came to me in my dream last night.
      Iyer: I don't come to anyone. They come to me.
      Mohinder: Why? Why do they come to you?
      Iyer: They have questions that need answers.
      Mohinder: I am not sure that I have a question.
      Iyer: (chuckles) Yes. You do.
      Mohinder: I have two paths in front of me. I need to know which one to take. Which one's my destiny?
      Iyer: You already have the answer you seek.

    • D.L.: (shouting at Micah who is running away) Micah. Micah.
      (after catching him) What were you thinking? You know how scared I was?
      Micah: Now you know how it felt when you left us.

    • Zach: What? What's with you?
      Claire: You are being so nice. I've never been this nice to you. I mean… I've been nice. But I could be nicer.
      Zach: Why don't you?

    • Mohinder: (voiceover) We are all, at our cores, the sum of our fears. To embrace destiny, we must, inevitably, face those fears and conquer them. Whether they come from the familiar...or the unknown.

    • Eden: (to Sylar) You don't want to hurt me. We just need to talk. You can tell me all about yourself. But first...go to sleep. (echoing) You need to sleep.

    • Nathan: Peter's got all these...ideas in his head, delusions of grandeur. He thinks he's supposed to make a difference.
      Simone: What are you doing? No.... [Nathan throws a bucket of paint on Isaac's painting] No!
      Nathan: Saving his life. Why, you believe it? "Save the cheerleader, save the world"?
      Simone: I'm not sure what to believe anymore.
      Nathan: I am.

    • Mohinder: (voiceover) We are, if anything, creatures of habit--drawn to the safety and comfort of the familiar. But what happens when the familiar becomes unsafe, when the fear that we have been desperately trying to avoid, finds us where we live?

    • Peter: Are you the one? By saving you, did I save the world?
      Claire: I don't know. I'm just a cheerleader.

    • Ando: Excuse me, When was this picture taken?
      Waitress: Oh that was Charlie's birthday. About 6 months ago.
      Ando: (Ando points at photo of Charlie and Hiro) Do you know him?
      Waitress: Hiro? Sure! He and Charlie were tight.
      Ando: Please, where is he now?
      Waitress: I have no idea darling, He popped out her life weeks ago.

    • Jackie: I thought you were grounded.
      Claire: It didn't take.

    • Chandra: Darwin said, "A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections; a heart of stone." That's me, Mohinder, not you.

    • Peter: Truthfully, when I'm by myself, I don't…I'm not really anything.

    • Zach: I know who I am. I like who I am. I like who you are. I just, I just wish that you liked who you are.
      Claire: I'm finally realizing who my friends really are. That maybe being different isn't the end of the world. It's just who I am.

    • Zach: (texting) CLACK. CLACK-CLACK.
      Claire: (texting) Zach? What r u doing?
      Zach: (texting) Throwing rocks at ur window. Open up!

    • Mohinder: I have two paths in front of me. I need to know which one to take. Which one is my destiny.
      Iyer: You already have the answer that you seek.
      Mohinder: What is it? What's my answer?

    • Micah: Dad, I know she's different. I see it, too. Something happened to her when you left. It got really bad. Then, sometimes, she'd show up instead of Mom.
      D.L.: She?
      Micah: Jessica.

    • Claire: Everybody who wasn't my friend is now my friend, and everybody who was my friend, isn't.
      Zach: Well, it's not a popularity contest. It's an unpopularity contest 'cause you rocked the freak vote.
      Claire: I what?
      Zach: Look, everybody who's like Jackie voted for Jackie; and everybody who isn't voted for you. And in this school, the UNpopular vastly outnumber the popular.

    • Simone: You really believe this, don't you? 'Save the cheerleader, save the world.'
      Peter: For reasons I can't begin to understand, there are people that are counting on me to do this. I don't know if I can, but I have to try.

    • Jessica: (about D.L.) He took my son.
      Gun Seller: Damn. You call the cops?
      Jessica: Cops can't stop him. But I can, as long as he doesn't see it coming.

    • Peter: Hey, do you... do you know this girl, Jackie Wilcox?
      Claire:Yeah, half time show starts in about five minutes. She'll be out on the field. She's a cheerleader. (pause)
      You know, between you and me, she's nothing special. Just your average teenage girl.
      Peter: She rushed into a fire and saved a man's life. Sounds kind of special to me.
      Claire: Yeah, you're right. I'm jealous. She's our town hero. Me, I don't win too many popularity contests.

    • Jackie: Oh, is the gay boy your date? You should tell him that only one of you gets to wear the tiara!
      [Claire punches Jackie out.]

  • NOTES (4)


    • D.L.: Yeah. Like Batman and Robin. Only...I'm not wearing any tights. You can wear tights, but I'm not wearing tights.
      Known as "The Caped Crusaders" and "The Dynamic Duo" Batman and Robin are comic book superheroes who are among the most popular in DC Comics. Batman was created by Bob Kane and made his first appearance in 1939. His young sidekick, Robin, was introduced the following year.