Season 1 Episode 23

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2007 on NBC

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  • Just one question...

    This is the second time I have watched this series, the first being a few years ago, but there is one thing I am not sure about... Peter can fly so why did Nathan have to die?? My understanding is l that Peter can now use the other powers at will so Nathan would not have to be with him in order for him to fly and explode away from the city... But it was a good episode and a great series
  • 9/11: A Day that will Live in Infamy

    Heroes debuted in 2006, several years after 9/11, "a day that will live in infamy."

    The NY bomb plot in Heroes obviously alludes to the 9/11 Incident, a false flag operation planned and executed by the real world counterparts of "The Company."

    Google: "AE911Truth Experts Speak Out" for an excellent YouTube expose of the operation.

    Claire: So he'll live, and kill millions of people. How can you let him be responsible for something like that? How can you live with yourself if he is?

    Nathan: Claire, I know that it's hard for you to trust me right now. But this is all going to make sense very soon. I promise.

    Right. The same "sense" that Operation Northwoods made.

    Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under Ronald Reagan and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal writes:

    Sometimes governments are willing to kill large numbers of their own citizens in order to advance an agenda. For example, Operation Northwoods was a plan for false flag terrorist events drafted by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and signed by General Lyman Lemnitzer. It called for the CIA and other "black op" elements to shoot down Americans in the streets of Miami and Washington, D.C., to hijack or shoot down airliners, to attack and sink boats carrying Cuban refugees to the US, and to fabricate evidence that implicated Castro. The agenda of the Joint Chiefs and the CIA was to stir up American fear and hatred of Castro in order to support regime change in Cuba.

    Before the reader cries "conspiracy theory," be apprised that the secret Operation Northwoods was made public on November 18, 1997, by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board. When the plan was presented to President Kennedy in 1962, he rejected it and removed Lemnitzer as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

    When I tell even highly educated people about Operation Northwoods, they react with disbelief which goes to show that even US government-acknowledged conspiracies remain protected by disbelief a half century after they were hatched and 14 years after being revealed by the government.

    -- Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under Ronald Reagan, former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal

    Heroes as a TV show had story structure problems. It lost its way after the first season.

    But I'm giving this particular story arc high marks for reminding us that the American government is guilty of the premeditated mass murder of 3000 American citizens on American soil within our living memories.

    The idea that "our government" would do this to us is not "unthinkable."
  • How to stop an exploding man? No, more like how to ruin an amazing show. How can a series that is so well crafted and so well written be left at the mercy of a completely pathetic resolution?

    A season finale is the absolute pinnacle of the year. Taking everything we knew or thought we knew, along with all those unanswered questions into one last drmatic climax that leaves you breathless and wanting for more.

    Heroes has been the most outstanding TV programme this year. Good writing, mixed with superbly crafted characters and a subtle blend of humour have made each and every episode stand out from the rest of the pointless trash on TV right now. That is, until the finale. Or should I say the final ten minutes of the finale.

    As expected, everything and everyone comes together. Then it all just falls apart. If, whilst watching some time back when Peter had his first dream about exploding, you thought a certain hero would come in and stop it in a very specific way, you were right. Unfortunately rather than challenging us, it ends with the obvious. I wanted something clever, hell that's what we've been used to all the way throughout the season, so why change now?

    Let's just hope (which I'm sure they will), that the writing picks the pace back up at the beginning of season 2. They've got a lot to do though after that excuse of a 'cliff-hanger'. Do they not want us to keep watching?
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes its the season one final and slyer has excepts his desteny and this is it heroes must work togeather to stop the man from exploding in new york and things are heating up nikki and her boyfriend help out in new york and hiro slows down time and takes down slery not kill him though and the man that is about to explode they fly him up in the ski to get rid of him and you think he is gone but not really it was crazy ep i thought and it was very exciting i thought
  • The finale of the first volume is at hand. Sylar accepts his fate, Claire doesn't want to escape her destiny and the rest of our Heroes face their own, as one of our Heroes must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world.

    The finale of the first volume. All the stories are summed up and reach a conclusion as a new volume unfolds before our eyes. First things first.
    Sylar draws the painting that shows him and Peter at Kirby Plaza facing each other. After Ando's visit, who tries to stop him, Hiro arrives and saves Ando just in time. After that, Sylar leaves for Kirby Plaza.
    Meanwhile, Hiro accepts his own fate and after he saves Ando he teleports him back in Tokyo (at Yamagato Industries) after he realizes that he must end his mission alone. He admits that Ando's courageous act to go after Sylar gave him strength to face his destiny and kill Sylar (he does in fact stab him and after he is sent at nearby building by Sylar; fortunately he manages to teleport before he is hurt).
    Niki and DL escape after DL killed Linderman and Niki runs to save Micah as well. There Niki faces Jessica (or so she thinks) when she realizes that she has the strength (and she always did) to defeat anyone. The Jessica she was fighting turns out to be Candice's illusion. When she saves Micah, she notices that Jessica is gone as well.
    Mohinder with Molly try to escape Sylar. There they find Niki, DL and Micah and together they head to Kirby Plaza. Peter tries to leave New York with Claire and turns to his brother for help. Realizing that he can't help him he runs away. Claire stays with Angela and Nathan (after a phone call by her father to do so) but she escapes later when she realizes that Nathan doesn't want to save the world. Peter faints when he tries to control once more his exploding power. In a dream or time travel (we don't know, we assume it's a dream) Peter witnesses a conversation between his mother and Charles Deveaux where we see that both of them knew about the bomb already. Angela's plan was that Nathan would be the one the people would turn to after the explosion of New York but Charles believes that Peter is going to be the one to save the world by stopping the bomb (I really enjoyed the whole the world is going to be destroyed there's nothing we can do idea of Angela on the one hand and Charles more optimistic plan). Waking up he finds Noah Bennet (yes we find out his name which it was supposed to be something to look forward to; personally I didn't realize I haven't heard his first name until this scene). Together they head to Kirby Plaza with a promise by Noah to kill Peter if things got out of hand. In the end, we see a stabbed (by Hiro) Sylar, a shot Matt (with the bullets of his own gun as Sylar sent them back at him), a wounded Noah, a sad Claire, a reunited family (Niki, Micah and DL), a Hiro who has teleported away and the Petrelli brothers flying in the air stopping the explosion from destroying New York City. All of this lead to a Sylar escaping (yes Sylar is still alive), Matt is led to the hospital (alive as well), Claire and Noah talk about returning home, Hiro is stuck in the past (Japan 1671 actually) and us not knowing what happened to the Petrelli brothers (we know that Peter is alive thanks to a certain cheerleader but we don't know about Nathan). Most of these and more questions being asked at the beginning of volume 2 will be answered in chapter 8 of volume 2 entitled: Four months ago. For now just enjoy the quick preview of the next volume entitled Generations.
    Key facts: Charles Deveaux does have an ability which it is revealed in volume 4. This is the last appearance of Tawny Cypress (aka Simone). Also Jessica is gone for good and Hiro is not the innocent man we enjoyed this volume. He becomes a little bit darker and more mature in the next volumes, a transformation which happens to Claire also but at the end of the next volume.
  • Time of explode is comming! Nathan thinking that peter can not to stop bomb. peter saw past in dream. his mother knew explod...

    this episode is most I love.
    I enjoyed the finale not just the excitement of who really did explode and did they save New York City but also how each character was brought together at the ending all doing there part in the time line to stop the bomb
    story, tempo, human being,charactor sooo goood !!!
    Heroes converges on Kirby Plaza for the final showdown.
    Peter was the bomb after all, I am so exiting..! What is going on.. but Nathan arrives!
    He save peter? Both exploded?
    where is hiro ? Sylar is living ... ?
    I can't wait next season! I really love this show.
  • Average is not good enough for season end

    I most say it was little disappointing. The end of last episode, with all those pieces set promised so much better - it promised a real action packed, high stakes episode but what was it - sadly not that. The end was brilliant, someway.. as it was Peter still in the end and Nathan decided to change sides.. but .. I was hoping more, much more.

    I cannot say it was bad.. The whole Peter realizing who he is talk in that roof was good and there was some action.. and then everyone together on that square.. That was good turn.. but.. I was hoping more.
  • Amazing.

    Niki and D.L. reunite with Micah. Niki finally dominates over Jessica and unleashes her strength for the first time on her own. Matt, Mohinder, and Bennet use Molly to find Sylar. Peter has another dream. Ando confronts Sylar. Everyone converges on Kirby Plaza for the final showdown. Mr. Bennet, Matt, Niki, Peter and Hiro heroically battle Sylar. Nathan makes a tough decision regarding the future. How come most of you Heroes fans on this site hate this episode I thought it was brilliant, it was very exciting and it had me wanting to watch more leaving us with many great cliffhangers e.g what happened to Peter and Nathan, will D.L and Matt survive and will Hiro get back to the present day. This episode was great I thought it was just as good as many of my favourite episodes of Heroes so far like Homecoming, Fallout, Company Man, Five Years Gone and Landslide. All in all heroes season one was brilliant, with many superb episodes and a brilliant season finale, can't wait for season two to come on television over here in the UK.
  • The finale of volume one wasn't bad at all.

    Overall I really enjoyed the finale, there were some goofs here and there for me, and I didn't think Claire got a big enough part in this episode besides being kinda whiny, but it was still superb. After D.L.'s murder of Linerman, he and Niki get out of that room and into the hall. Niki leaves D.L. to find Micah and promises to come back to him. She comes into this room where Candice is, pretending to be Jessica. She beats Niki up a bit, but Niki manages to control her super strength on her own and in one punch knocks out Candice and finds Micah. Molly helps Mohinder find Sylar, and together the two of them go downstairs where they are united with Niki, Micah, and D.L. At this point Peter has found out where Sylar is, and they are fighting. Matt tries to shoot Sylar but the bullets are reversed back to him. Maybe he died. Noah Bennett was thrown back by Sylar a while back. While Peter is going radioactive, Hiro pops out of nowhere and stabs Sylar (woot woot), but before he dies(?) he sends Hiro flying. Claire's about to shoot Peter, but Nathan comes and after a emotional moment flies Peter out to space where he explodes.

    I don't know what happens to the rest of them and I can't wait to see the next season! I wonder if Peter, Nathan, Sylar, Matt, and D.L. survived. What has happened to Jessica as well... and Hiro, of course. Excited!
  • Underated

    Niki and D.L. reunite with Micah. Niki finally dominates over Jessica and unleashes her strength for the first time on her own. Matt, Mohinder, and Bennet use Molly to find Sylar. Peter has another dream. Ando confronts Sylar. Everyone converges on Kirby Plaza for the final showdown. Mr. Bennet, Matt, Niki, Peter and Hiro heroically battle Sylar. Nathan makes a tough decision regarding the future. How come most of you Heroes fans on this site hate this episode I thought it was brilliant, it was very exciting and it had me wanting to watch more leaving us with many great cliffhangers e.g what happened to Peter and Nathan, will D.L and Matt survive and will Hiro get back to the present day. This episode was great I thought it was just as good as many of my favourite episodes of Heroes so far like Homecoming, Fallout, Company Man, Five Years Gone and Landslide. All in all heroes season one was brilliant, with many superb episodes and a brilliant season finale, can't wait for season two to come on television over here in the UK.
  • Finale!!! :(:(:(

    Mr. Bennet points a gun at Molly, threatening her in order to save Claire, and Suresh in turn points a gun at Bennet, to save Molly. The stalemate diffuses when Molly spots Matt Parkman, and Parkman recognizes Molly.

    Sylar is seen painting the predicted fight between himself and Peter, whom he immediately recognizes.

    Hiro tells his father he must save Ando and stop Sylar. He teleports to Isaac Mendez's loft, where Ando has been pinned against the wall by Sylar. Hiro arrives to face Sylar, and Sylar challenges Hiro to move faster than he can. To Sylar's surprise, Hiro transports across the room to Ando and they both disappear before Sylar can do anything more.

    Having just killed Linderman, an injured D.L. and Niki continue the search for Micah. Once the correct room is found, Niki leaves D.L. behind to get Micah. When Niki enters the door, it appears that Jessica is in the room with a dead Micah. When she engages Niki in a fight, Niki sees the real Jessica in a broken mirror, who tells her that the other person is not her and that she still needs to save Micah. With a super-powered uppercut from the floor up, Niki throws the impostor across the room, revealing it to be Candice. She hears Micah screaming and rescues him. She then looks in a mirror and sees only herself.

    Nathan seems to have finally accepted his responsibility as congressman and future president. Nathan's mother informs him that Mr. Linderman is indeed dead, and yet he is unsure if that is a good thing. He seems convinced that his brother Peter will indeed explode, and also that he has no plans to try and prevent the impending disaster. Molly appears to have relapsed into her health problem from "Landslide" and Suresh is treating her. As this happens, Mr. Bennet contacts Peter, who informs him of Sylar's new power gained from killing Ted Sprague. Bennet confides in him to stop Sylar before disaster strikes, and begs him to look after Claire. Peter visits Nathan and tries to recruit him in taking on Sylar, and asserts that Sylar must be the one who explodes; however he reflexively hears Nathan's thoughts and realizes that his brother has no intention of stopping the explosion. Peter realizes that Claire was right about not trusting Nathan, but turns to see that she has fled. He tries to locate her in an empty street, but his new "nuclear" powers start to take over as his emotions rise and he collapses.

    Matt Parkman learns of Molly's amazing ability, but she is distraught to admit that she cannot find "everyone": there is one person she claims to be unable to find, someone "far worse" than Sylar, and that when she looks for him, he can see her. When Suresh, Parkman, and Bennet ask Molly to find Sylar, she locates him at Isaac Mendez's loft and Parkman decides to go confront him only to find that Sylar has already left for Kirby Plaza. Meanwhile, Bennet has left to find Peter and Molly tells Suresh that Sylar is now "here" and they try to make their way out of the building. When they arrive at the elevator, they see an injured D.L., whom Mohinder treats for his wounds, but they find that the elevator will not work. They wait until Niki and Micah arrive and Micah makes the elevator work. The entire group heads down for the final confrontation.

    Hiro has teleported himself and Ando back to their office in Japan, escaping Sylar's clutches once more. Ando is determined to help in Sylar's defeat, but Hiro is adamant that his friend remain behind. Hiro assures his friend that he has already proven himself a hero: by facing Sylar without any powers of his own, Ando demonstrated true bravery and inspired Hiro to complete the quest. Hiro states that he must finish it alone, and gives Ando his Kensei sword, telling Ando, "so you know I'll be back."

    Peter is in a flashback set during the time when he had first started caring for Charles Deveaux and sees his mother speaking to Charles about the bomb. He also views the first meeting of himself and Simone Deveaux. Peter believes nobody can see him until his mother leaves and Charles confronts him. He reveals that he knew about the plan to use Nathan as a catalyst to heal the world, but he felt that Peter is the only one with enough love in his heart to truly accomplish it. He then calls the other Peter, who comes to escort him back into the house. When Mr. Bennet awakens Peter, he thanks Peter for saving Claire's life, and tells Peter, "Call me Noah." This is the first time in the entire season of Heroes, that Mr Bennet's birth name is revealed. Sylar being impaled by Hiro.In the climax, Peter, Bennet, and Parkman confront Sylar in the plaza. Bennet is immediately thrown against a wall, rendering him incapable of stopping Peter if he explodes. Parkman shoots at Sylar, who stops the bullets and turns them back at Parkman, who is hit in the chest. Sylar then telekenetically uproots a parking meter, sends it flying into his free hand, and brutally hits Peter in the stomach with the heavy object. Niki steps in and knocks Sylar down with the uprooted parking meter and saves Peter. Peter then tells Niki that he can handle the rest and she should return to her family. He grabs Sylar and punches him repeatedly, with Sylar being unable to retaliate. After the final punch, Sylar can be heard laughing mockingly, however, he quickly stops as Peter begins to glow. His attack on Sylar having caused him to lose his concentration on controlling Ted's power, Peter realizes that he will be the bomb after all. Sylar gets up off the ground and taunts Peter, calling him a villain and indicating himself as the hero. As he is about to move forward, Hiro arrives and distracts Sylar. Before Sylar can attack, Hiro impales Sylar with a sword, apparently fatally wounding him. However, before Hiro can do anything about Peter's request that he kill him, Sylar's last act is to telekinetically throw Hiro into the air; Hiro teleports before he can strike a nearby building.

    After this, Sylar collapses, seeing a series of visions of everyone who has died due to his own actions (presumably including himself) before his eyes glaze over. As Peter's hands continue to glow, Claire arrives and takes Bennet's gun. She approaches Peter, gun raised. Peter tells her that she has to shoot, but, in tears, she begs him to think of another way. "There is no other way." Peter says, resolutely. However, before she is able to gather herself to shoot Peter, Nathan drops from the sky unexpectedly and says that Claire was right; the future wasn't written in stone after all. The view of the explosion from the ground at Kirby Plaza.Peter realizes what Nathan intends to do and tries to persuade his brother not to give his life. Nathan assures Peter that he had "saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world."

    Peter reluctantly agrees and Nathan grabs him and flies off far above New York where a large explosion is seen in the night sky moments later.

    Matt Parkman is shown being loaded into an ambulance, barely alive. At the end of this scene, the camera shows a trail of blood leading from where Sylar's body was to an open manhole with a cockroach crawling in, leading his "death" open to question, and the words "End of Volume One" appear on the screen. How mysterious?
  • This show is a complete waste of time, because of what it stands for

    Here we go once again, this show is still on and it's series finale was just as stupid as the other episodes.
    It's another unventful week and this show needs to be thrown into the garbage!!! Fire would be better.

    Firstly this show is extremely violent and magical. What is it some kind of Witchcraft? WHAT the hec is this rubbish? It's not a good example for the kids either.

    I cannot stand this show and people who think they have powers and do...That's just not right. Even though it's only a tv show still not good. Heroes is a sign of shows to come that'll be worse and more magical. I mean seriously I wouldn't say such a bad comment about any show unless it were magical, evil or physcic based.

    Absolutely terrible show. I hate it and I'm glad I'm serving the lord because this show may seem really cool and all but it won't pay off. This is how the devil get's people's attention. I was shocked but it's the kind of show that will tempt many people into watching it but it's wrong. I hate to say this but it's true, Lost is a much better show than this.
  • The end of Season 1

    So Peter Petrelli is like a good twin and Sylar is a bad twin. Sylar kills people to ge their powers, but Peter only absorbs them when he's around that person. They both are radioactive and one of them can make the whole city dissapear and get all the peope killed. At the end it is ..... who gets brighter and brighter and threatens to blow up. Nathan sacrifices himself to save the city and its people. Brave of him. The ending was sad but sweet. Everything turned out right after all! (like we thought it was gonna end differently) Looking forward to Volume two!
  • End of Volume one.

    Heroes' first season ended with this special episode. I love every episode of this show so even if there are some faults, I enjoyed it very much. One more time, Sylar and Peter Petrelli met again and I wanted to watch a good fight between them but Peter could not control himself and his hands were shinning and he was about to explode. Nobody could stop him except Claire with gun but at the end Nathan came. When they were both in the sky, Peter exploded. This was a very emotional scene with great affect and with some more questions Heroes' volume one ended.
  • It's great and I don't understand all those complains about it!

    I loved series finale and I really don't understand some of you guys.. It was a really great episode! Of course, they could do it with a little bit of action but it was awesome anyway!!! It was so great when Nathan came to rescue Peter!!! And when Hiro said his final "Yatah" to Sylar!!! Great!!! It was intriguing too cause Sylar wasn't stopped! It was great when little Micah and that little girl (hmm I can't remember her name!) met! They were so cute!!! That explosion in the sky was fabulous! What else to say? mhmhmmhmm... Anyway, Heroes is definitely the greatest show of all time!!!
  • Season 1 ends with a great episode.

    Season 1 ends with a really good episode. Most of the loose ends are tied up, along with some twists at the end (Hiro ending up in 1671 Japan, a hint that Sylar is alive). Niki and D.L. deal with Linderman and Peter and Sylar confront each other in Kirby Plaza. Everyone's fate eventually come together and all the heroes meet up there. Hiro appears and stabs Sylar, but has to teleport away to save himself from Sylar's telekinesis. It turns out that Peter was the bomb after all, but Nathan arrives, changed, and offers to help save the world by flying Peter out of the city. The bomb goes off in the sky, and the city is saved. Really good episode, it felt a little rushed though, maybe they could've put more detail into ending this season. But it was still a great finale.
  • Slightly disappointed, but still thoroughly enjoyed and exciting!

    The ending of Season 1!
    I was slightly disappointed with the ending but still happy what the outcome was, which was mainly cause it left me wondering (which is what most good film / TV shows do) "was Sylar still alive? Who saved him?" "What time did Hiro go to? And what purpose does this have with the next seaons?"

    Another reason why I enjoyed the finale not just the excitement of who really did explode and did they save New York City but also how each character was brought together at the ending all doing there part in the time line to stop the bomb. In my point of view it could have been slightly better with maybe the other heroes helping Peter out. Not just that but also the fact that Sylar mainly used Telekinesis and Peter used Super Strength and (healing unwilling). Maybe even like in the alternate future when Sylar had ice while Peter had fire (we didn't even get to see it). Sylar may have done it on purpose so Peter would have to receive a double dose of radiation manipulation, but there could have been a bit more power conflict. This would probably be the main reason i gave 8.5/10 for my favourite show finale, but it still had major elements that i still did enjoy.
  • A great way to tie me into the next season, however I feel cheated out of a potentially amazing showdown between Sylar and Peter.

    A bit anticlimactic however it was necessary for season 2 I have seen this episode 10 times, and I thought the weakness of this episode was the confrontation between peter and Sylar that entire scene wasn't done well, however it finally comes together with Nathan and I absolutely love that part of the episode and wished it came a little sooner, if only the battle between Peter and Sylar was better, nonetheless it was only a precursor for things to come, their grand battle will come and I cant wait. It also built on Nathans character and ultimately he was the only one who could stop the bomb all this time he was the key ironically. Awesome last 5 minutes and like 30 before it, the other 8 or 9 not so much.
  • "Haven't I killed you before?" "Didn't take." - Sylar, Peter

    Niki and D.L. reunite with Micah. Niki finally dominates over Jessica and unleashes her strength for the first time on her own. Matt, Mohinder, and Bennet use Molly to find Sylar. Peter has another dream. Ando confronts Sylar. Everyone converges on Kirby Plaza for the final showdown. Mr. Bennet, Matt, Niki, Peter and Hiro heroically battle Sylar. Nathan makes a tough decision regarding the future. How come most of you Heroes fans on this site hate this episode I thought it was brilliant, it was very exciting and it had me wanting to watch more leaving us with many great cliffhangers e.g what happened to Peter and Nathan, will D.L and Matt survive and will Hiro get back to the present day. This episode was great I thought it was just as good as many of my favourite episodes of Heroes so far like Homecoming, Fallout, Company Man, Five Years Gone and Landslide. All in all heroes season one was brilliant, with many superb episodes and a brilliant season finale, can't wait for season two to come on television over here in the UK.
  • Cant wait for season 2 :)

    The last episode ended with a bang! Not the bang you would expect,but on a emotional level! Most of the heroes come with terms of their unique abilities and power! Each hero play their part as foretold by Isaac Mendez! Of course we have been tricked a little with the ending! When Sylar is painting he is seeing several futures! This is somewhat new as we only have seen one alternative future (episode "Five years gone)!Who cares! This killer episode is moving and entertaining as the rest of the series! Most of all it is a satisfying conclusion! The tie in to the next series is beautifully done! I just can't wait how that will turn out! My hope is that the series will remain as good as it is now and that the heroes from the first season will return!
  • Things come to a close in this amazing season finale.

    Things come to a close in this amazing season finale. Nathan finally takes a stand and realizes that he was weak. He goes to his brother and sacrifices himself to save millions by flying his brother as high as he can go to avoid the blowing up of New York. Since Peter can regenerate, Nathan is the one who really saves New York from Peter's explosion. Hiro also plays his part by killing Sylar, or at least it seems that way until the end of the episode when we see he has indeed escaped. The intro to season 2 was pretty short, but it does the trick in showing that things are not over by a long shot. This was indeed a great episode, and I really loved how it ended, except for the fact that Sylar is still alive. Sylar is indeed injured, and he has no way of regenerating, but the bad thing about his being alive is that he still has the possibility of blowing up and killing a lot of people in the process. Next season will most likely have a lot of new plots and twists, but I can't wait to see what those will be.
  • A great episode that leaves us wanting more!

    This episode tied up enough loose threads to keep us satisfied and managed to get the whole cast together for the climax in a plausible way.

    While the character moments were brilliant and well acted, the story moved steadily towards the conclusion we had been waiting for, building the tension as it went. However the eagerly anticipated showdown between Peter and Sylar was, I felt a bit disappointing, especially after the tantalising moments we saw in 'Five years gone'. Hopefully this was just the start of something more promising in later seasons.

    There was also the moment between Peter and Simone's father, which seemed to have no relevance and I was left continuing to hope that it would - maybe Peter's love would give him more power in some way or give him some sort of insight to help him prevail, but it did not. Maybe this enigma will resurface elsewhere and its relevance will become apparent?

    Overall, it was a series that kept me hooked and I can't wait for season two!
  • Great!!!

    I thought that this episode was just great!!! It wrapped up this seasons main storyline: that of the exploding man and it did it with a bang!!! Sylar and Peter faced off, Micah was finally rescued, Jessica seems to have been finally overcome by Niki, Niki finally gained access to her super-strength in her true personality, she used it to defeat Candice Wilmer, Peter gained at least two maybe four new powers: Niki's super-strength (which he uses against Sylar) and DL's phasing ability which he uses in season 2. He may also now have Micah's technopathy and Molly's remote sensing. Also Nathan finally found his conciense and saved the day as well.
  • The writers bottled it

    Series creator Tim Kring claims the finale could never live up to expectations. Maybe not. But Tim, you coulda made an effort.

    Because once the cast are assembled in Kirby Plaza, they face no more jeopardy than a mackintosh in the rain. Look away, and you'll miss Sylar being dispatched; the fight has none of the volcanic pyrotechnics that characterised the Petrelli/Sylar face-off in /Five Years Gone/. And when Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) threatens to go nuclear, the remaining heroes stand around watching. C'mon guys, you're about to die! An attempt to flee would make us viewers feel excited, even if there was never any realistic hope of reaching safety.

    Plus "going nuclear" ought to mean more than glowing hands; Peter's whole body should have been pulsating – electricity arcing through radioactively-ionised air and zapping the walls of the Plaza. Perhaps Peter could have been propelled into the air. (And for a bonus points, "the helix" should have been burnt on the ground.) Shots like that, intercut with those of the escaping heroes and a guilty Nathan being flown to safety, would have created a satisfyingly dramatic climax. And that would have been a much bigger draw for the next season than a limp cliff hanger – however intriguing.
  • What can I say...

    This season finale was brillant. I really liked it. I know it could have be much much better, but it was still brillant. I thought we were going to see Peter's dream in it but we didnt, which was abit of a downer, because I wanted to see how that turned out. But I really like the episode. I didnt understand the bit at the end...End of part one and then it said part two and then it went off. I cant wait to find out who the person is when you think about him he can see you. That should be good. I really hope that Sylar isnt dead, because he is just the best! All in-all brillant episode, i have to sya it should have been better!
  • The overwhelming first series of Heroes comes to its climax in this season finale.

    With all of the characters journey's reaching a similar point, it was inevitable that this season would go out in style. With Peter, or Sylar - or both - threatening to explode, not to mention the reappearance of radioactive Ted Spraque, the finale was certain to be just as spectacular as the rest of the season.
    For me, the highlight of the finale was Claire taking a running jump out of the window. That Petrelli mother needed taking down a peg or two - no-one calls Peter Petrelli weak and gets away with it.
    Which brings me, of course, to Peter and Nathan's explosion over New York. Suffice to say I didn't see it coming. Having detested Nathan for the whole of the first season, having him turn round right at the end and accompany his brother to what certainly seems to be his death, redeemed him a lot - but not quite fully - in my eyes. I still haven't quite forgiven him for how he acted towards Claire and the rest of the Heroes.
    Mohinder's actions turned out to be eerily similar to those of the future-Mohinder. I wasn't really surprised by this, but proud of his actions in the face of danger. In the battle of good and evil, mainly depicted by Peter and Sylar, we could be forgiven for thinking that good had won. But could a man so powerful and driven as Sylar, really be destroyed by a simple sword? Doubtless he'll be back in the future, to terrify us all with his hypnotising voice and mesmerizing smile. Of course, Hiro had to be the one to do it, even if it wasn't fully successful. And what training he had! Who would ever have suspected that the Nakamura legacy would have involved arms training? I'm just wondering what secrets his sister is hiding. Of course Hiro could never have done it without his sidekick Ando, who stuck with him through thick and thin, fulfilling destiny by his side.
    After the first season, full of explosions, drama and "YA-KA!", I'm sure that seasons to come will be even more stunning. With spot-on casting - for example Zachary Quinto and Masi Oka, not to mention cameos from Christopher Eccleston and Malcolm McDowell - it can only get better.
  • If I said it was brilliant, I'd be lying...

    OK so this wasnt the finale we were all hoping for but it did tie up some loose ends while adding a bit of mystery and speculation for the next season. I love this show so much that regardless of how bad it goes (unlikely), I would still watch it out of respect. Sylar is not dead! Im happy and sad at the same time because the person we love to hate isnt dead but he's back killing more people we grow to love. Why the hell didnt Peter fly himself or why didnt he fly himself and Sylar up into space. Now that would have boosted the cliffhanger slightly! I like the new Hiro storyline, it looks promising but I have no idea what is in store for next season. I cant wait for those 11 episodes!!!
  • Cheesy. I thought times of hollywood-cliches in that numbers are past, but this episode taught me they're not.

    What a cheesy finale, what a cheesy episode at all! I thought times of cliches in THAT numbers are past, in shows like Battlestar Galactica or especially Prison Break we could see lately, that nowadays tv-producers have the guts to do more or less realistic plots, realistic in the meaning how people behave and react to things. Okay, the Heroes' whriters doesn't have immediately to kill off one of the main characters by serving his head in a paper-box (like in Prison Break), but they could pack less stupid cliches and tearjerking moments in the plot.

    1) Useless: Nathan hasn't to sacrifice himself to save New York, he hasn't to fly away with Peter, Peter could be stopped by putting a bullet in his head. Why a mental healthy young man with a big at the beginning of a great career as a politician is wishing to perform a suicide?
    2) Still The Same: people who control high telekinesis power still throw their enemies against walls, so they could get conscious after time, stand up and start another attempt to stop them.
    3) No finishing: the big bad villain Sylar escapes at the end, because Hiro doesn't assure he's dead. Why he didn't cut his head off with the sword? Because there couldn't be a 2nd season and the Heroes-crew couldn't pay their bills?
    Reminds me on a sunday-morning cartoons for children, where the villain survives everytime to appear again and again.

    There are much more stupid moments where people hugging and petting each other and cry in dangerous situations, spending minutes of usefull time, unlogical behaviour, etc.pp.

    FINALLY - that's really a Power Ranger - level of storytelling. Ok, i'm kidding, nothing has to be compared with Power Rangers, but this episode was at any rate on the level of Stargate Atlantis. And to an mature person, as i am (25) this means nothing good.
  • How many cliches can you pack into a one-hour serial drama? Watch this episode to find out...

    Anticlimactic to the nth degree. I can't believe that the writers squandered the complex plot and the viewer interest they built up over 22 episodes with this hackneyed, hokey climax. Nothing was really resolved- we even get treated to the trite "The villain is not really dead" routine. And after all of the time spent carefully setting up Nathan Petrelli as an unfeeling, power-hungry shark, we're supposed to buy his sudden change of heart and his decision to sacrifice himself (and his chance to be President)? Also what about The Company and its plans? Things ended way too abruptly, leaving too many unanswered questions, like- what happens to The Company's plans now? Aren't there more agents like Bennet out there- they seemed omnipresent earlier in the season, and EVERYBODY seemed to know about the bomb, the future and the Heroes. That all just suddenly went away. Oh, well- it was good while it lasted.
  • That was so far past anticlimactic I don't know what to call it.

    After twenty two episodes, that's the best thing they can come up with to end the series for the season? Whatever happened to thrilling cliffhangers that keep the viewer coming back for more? That whole scene with Hiro at the end of the episode? Was that their plan B tacked onto it in hopes of attracting an audience next season? I'm surprised that so many people stuck with it.

    Nothing was resolved and nothing was answered. As an episode for anything, this one was a complete and utter failure. For a series that started off with such a strong intrigue, it's lost a lot of its draw for me. 7/10, and that's cause I don't like the idea of giving something below that.
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