Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the forest, Sylar digs himself out of the grave where Millie assassin dumped him. He walks down the road and Captain Lubbock, the local policeman, finally pulls him over and arrests him for drunkenness.

At the carnival, Samuel summons everyone to breakfast and says that the new day is full of possibilities and that they will soon have a replacement for Joseph. He assures the others that there are special persons out there just like them, afraid to be revealed, but that they will bring them in. By the end of the day, he assures them that they will fill in Joseph's position.

Claire and Gretchen have breakfast and Claire talks about how she likes having a normal morning for once. Rebecca Taylor comes over and tells Claire that the Psi Alpha Chi sorority wants her to rush them because Sandra was a member. After Rebecca leaves, Claire considers going but Gretchen objects, saying that sororities are a crutch. Claire decides to invite Gretchen along so she doesn't feel left out.

Captain Lubbock takes Sylar to the Baltimore police station and calls in Dr. Madeline Gibson, a psychiatrist. . Lubbock is unimpressed with her credentials and lack of experience but Gibson insists on seeing Sylar despite the fact Lubbock thinks she can write him off as insane. Lubbock accompanies Gibson into the interrogation room but is initially unable to get through to Sylar. He finally manages to seek coherently and talks of being lost in the woods with someone shooting at him. Dr. Gibson asks Lubbock to unlock Sylar's headquarters and the captain reluctantly agrees.

Dr. Coolidge goes to the filing room to talk to her daughter Emma. She suggests that Emma may be suffering from the equivalent of hysterical blindness but Emma accuses her mother of paying too much attention to her. Dr. Coolidge insists that Emma is wasting a brilliant mind as a file clerk but Emma takes it as an insult against file clerks. A doctor has offered Emma a residency but Emma doesn't wish to discuss it further. Dr. Coolidge finally accuses her of still grieving of Christopher but Emma insists she's not grieving and walks away.

Peter invites Angela to his apartment and tries to talk to her about how he had hoped that going back to work as a paramedic would fill a hole in his life. Angela all but ignores him and asks if he's heard from Nathan. She tells him to start over but Peter refuses and leaves for work. Angela says that she's going to stay there and wait for Nathan.

Claire and Gretchen go to the sorority and Rebecca starts by having them "speed-date" with the sorority sisters. Claire talks about her life as best she can but is hesitate to tell the truth. She also discovers that most of the sisters have already learned about her from Gretchen, who has spent all her time talking about Gretchen.

As Emma walks down the street, she starts to "see" sounds again. She backs into the street and Peter uses his mimicked superspeed to save her from an oncoming vehicle. She pulls out of his grip and walks away. Peter tries to go after her but discovers that he's lost his superspeed. As he knocks over a garbage can, he sees the resulting crash and realizes that he's gained Emma's power, and that she's evolved.

Samuel goes out to dig in the ground near the carnival. Lydia comes to see him and asks who he plans to recruit. Samuel doesn't say and she realizes that he doesn't know for sure. Samuel says that he can feel something in the bones of the earth. When Lydia warns that he's risking everything by promising the carnival family that he will fill Joseph's spot, but Samuel assures her it's worth the risk.

Claire goes back to her room and discovers Gretchen wearing her sweater. Gretchen admits she should have asked and Claire gives her permission. As Gretchen leaves, a book falls off the shelf and lands on Gretchen's laptop, turning it on. Claire goes to put the book back but notices that there are web pages about Claire up on the computer. There are also pages on suicides like Annie's. She quickly turns off the computer as Gretchen comes back. They leave for the sorority mixer.

Sylar drinks tea and admits to Dr. Gibson that it's the first time he can remember that he's felt hot or cold. He talks about how all of these thoughts are in his head but he doesn't recognize them, and it's both beautiful and frightening. Dr. Gibson takes that as a good sign, saying that it means the "real" Sylar is still somewhere inside of his mind. She has him close his eyes and tell her the first thing that he thinks of. Sylar tries to concentrate but says that he can hear the ticking of the two clocks in the wall, the wall clock and Gibson's wristwatch. He complains that they're out of sync and Dr. Gibson admits that her watch has always run fast. She thinks Sylar's special sense is a clue to his identity, but before she can pursue the matter Lubbock calls her out into the hallway. He explains that they've checked Sylar's fingerprints and know who he is.

Peter goes back to the hospital to find Emma. He sees her in the children's ward "listening" to the children sing a song. Peter sees the same thing that she does, and Emma realizes that he is. Afterward, Peter tries to explain that he has powers and others do as well. Once Emma is clear about what he's saying, she thinks he's crazy but Peter demonstrates how he can use her power as they play a duet on the piano. Peter invites her to lunch so she can get out of the file room but Emma takes offense and walks away.

At the sorority party, Rebecca introduces Claire to another ex-cheerleader, Kara Hayback. Kara and Claire trade notes about why they both hated cheerleading. Claire hears something above and shoves Kara out of the way as a flag pole comes slamming down where Kara was standing. Claire looks up and sees a startled Gretchen standing on the balcony.

Lubbock goes in to see Sylar alone and turns the security camera off. He tells Sylar that he sent Dr. Gibson home now that they know the truth. Sylar is Gabriel Gray, who murdered his mother in New York City. As Lubbock prepares to beat a confession out of him, Sylar insists that he couldn't have murdered anyone. Lubbock ignores him and Sylar instinctively shoves him through the observation window using telekinesis.

Dr. Gibson is in the parking garage and gets into her car. The lights flicker and Sylar comes to her window and asks for her help.

Back in the dorm room, Claire accuses Gretchen of dropping the flag pole to either reveal Chloe's power or to eliminate the competition. Claire explains that she saw what was on Claire's laptop. Gretchen is shocked that she violated her policy and admits that she was interested in Annie's death and Claire's past. She apologizes for being a little stalker-ish but then admits she has a crush on Claire. She grabs her roommate and kisses her, and Claire doesn't respond. Rebecca and the other sorority sisters come in and announce they've been accepted.

Samuel is unable to create an image on Lydia's back, and she warns that it's too late for a last-minute save. Rebecca turns visible behind them and announces her presence, calling Samuel "Uncle." She tells Samuel that their plan to separate Claire from everyone else and push her to the carnival is underway. Rebecca used her power to drop the banner pole on Kara, drop the book and turn on the laptop, and push Annie to her death and plant the suicide note. Samuel is satisfied but Lydia warns that Claire isn't the one who is coming. An image finally appears on her back and Samuel smiles in satisfaction, and then says it's time to be shaking the earth from their boots.

As Dr. Gibson escapes with Sylar, he insists that he isn't Gabriel and he's no killer. He's sure that Dr. Gibson is also convinced and she admits that she is. She pulls over and tells him to take her car if he needs to but suggests that he turn himself in. Lubbock and his men arrive and Sylar starts to raise his hands. They spark with electricity and Lubbock opens fire, shooting Sylar in the chest. Sylar falls down a slope and Dr. Gibson goes after him. She finds him at the bottom of the hill and discovers that his wounds have regenerated, expelling the bullets. Dr. Gibson tells Sylar to run and he quickly leaves as Lubbock and his men arrive.

Emma goes home and starts playing the cello.

Rebecca goes back to the sorority house as Gretchen and Claire are initiated.

Peter comes home and turns to discover that Hiro has teleported into the apartment. He smiles and then collapses in Peter's arms.

Emma plays the cello but gets angry over the events of the day. She releases a burst of sound, smashing through he apartment wall.

Sylar tries to evade the police and goes over a crest. He finds Samuel waiting for him with the carnival behind him. Samuel invites him in and Sylar goes with him. Dr. Gibson, Lubbock, and the others arrive a minute later but discover that the carnival has disappeared.

As the carnival twists and turns around him, Sylar asks where he is. Samuel assures him that he's safe and that he's come home.
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