Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Heroes on their way back to greatness.

    Many fans have left Heroes since Volume 2 I presume, but I continued watching it, I remained loyal to the show. I'm glad I did because as of late, Heroes is getting better and better. This whole episode was interesting and they continue to do a great job with Sylar and his character in whole. They have wiped his memory and he believes he is good now. I still think that he'll be troubling Matt Parkman's mind in the mean time. He joins Samuel and the carnival folks at the end of the episode and what a great way to end the episode, they don't know what they have done, if Sylar decides to return to his evil ways they are in for a ride of their lives. Rebecca a sorority leader who recruits Claire is working for Samuel as well. She was the one who pushed Claire's old roommate out of the window and she wants to reveal Claire's secret to everyone as well and she's the reason that we find out that Gretchen has been obsessing over Claire and that she has a huge crush on her too. I saw this coming but I couldn't wait for it, Gretchen ends up kissing Claire. They've made Claire's character exciting now, I hope she likes it haha. Peter gets Emma's powers after having to touch her by saving her from a bus seconds away from hitting her. Emma has the ability to see the form of music and sound through colours in the air. Peter and Emma are introduced to each other through this ability and it seems like a romance will be blossoming with them and I find that really interesting and at the end of the episode, Hiro teleports to Peter as he is nearing his death.

    I think the writers of Heroes have finally learnt that they don't need to squash in every single character in one episode. They are doing a great job now and I love where Heroes is going. I can't wait to see what unfolds with Sylar, Samuel and his family and I can't wait to see what happens with Gretchen and Claire, it looked like she might have enjoyed that kiss. The blossoming relationship between Peter and Emma intrigues me. I believe they can learn a lot from each other. Angela and Peter also don't even know that Nathan is completely gone now, though I believe he may appear again in some sort of form or another. I actually hope Hiro dies but his future self comes into play and I love how Ando and Hiro's sister are engaged.

    Heroes is doing great once more, it's not the best yet like it was in Season 1 but it's going to eventually get there if they continue being consistent.