Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Woo!

    After a pretty rubbish week last week, in fact after a few rubbish seasons... Heroes finally is back on track. Properly. I started this episode thinking this was my last one, then I started to think hmm... this isn't bad and now I've ended with I can't actually wait for next week. It's that good.

    There was alot to like about this episode. I have before now called the Claire college story horrific but this week changed it all. It was intriguing with the invisible girl being behind pretty much everything that's gone wrong and they are handleing the lesbian storyline really well. I thought it was sweet. Bravo.

    Peter and Emma stands out for me. Those scenes with the music were superb and lovely... two people really connecting over a beautiful thing. Also I liked the twist at the end... it seems she can do some damage with them waves. And Hiro has gone to Peter!!! If anyone can help him it's Peter. Peter for his part remains my favourite charactor.

    Sylar! I enjoyed it. I kind of saw it coming but still... a Sylar with no memory is very good. So is Nathen really gone for good? And in the midst of all this... Samuel. His storyline gets more interesting every week. Just what exactly is going on? Still the answers are slowley being revealed and are all the better for it. It makes you want more.

    Which I do. I was blown away by this episode... it reached heights I haven't seen Heroes reach for a while. Like I said, about part way through I was thinking this is good but not unmissible but after the ending especially I think it would be a crime to miss next week. Welcome back Heroes!!! We have missed you!