Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Weeks without Mohinder: 4. Sonic booms + Lesbian kisses + a Ghostbuster = Pure Excellence.

    Season 4 has already started off swimmingly, and I'm glad despite last week's hiccup, the show instantly jumps back on track. Hysterical Blindness might be the best episode so far.

    This episode is totally engaging from beginning to end. The 3 main plots this week involve Peter, Claire, and a newly resurrected Sylar. I'll start with Pete, who now is attempting to reconnect with people, starting with Mum. Angela, however is distracted about the absence of Nathan, and it's clear a mother's intuition can tell something is terribly wrong. I liked the way this scene was juxtaposed against Emma and the senior nurse, who we now learn is her mother. She is concerned that what Emma is experiencing may not be synesthesia, but hysterical blindness. Emma still confused wanders in front of a speeding bus, and Peter The Flash saves the day. What was amusing here was the following sequence, where Pete tries to take off again, but his power has now be substituted! I liked the humor played here. Pete later tries to explain to Emma that she has an ability, but of course, it's too crazy to believe. They share a moment at a piano, and later Emma finds a cello in her apt (how'd that get here?). While playing, we discover a new element to her ability- with force, she can cause damage with the colors. Pardon the gamer in me, but I couldn't help thinking of a 'Hado-ken' or 'Sonic boom' from the Street Fighter video games!

    It's rush time, and sorority life seems like the perfect (if not obvious) next step for Claire's character. I have no shame in admitting I'm loving the hell out of Claire's college life right now. Could Gretchen be a psycho? Her clingy-ness, and jealousy were played up nicely, at the mixers, with a great Single White Female vibe. The computer in particular was freaky, and the book falling made no sense (more on that later!) I figured it was Heroes up to its stupid random stuff again- Thank God it was explained in a surprisingly effective reveal! Turns out, Gretchen just really has the hots for Claire. And so came the much talked about (and very over-hyped) girl-on-girl kiss. I don't know why people make a big deal about this stuff, and even more baffling is why the show producers didn't decide to keep this a surprise. Imagine the buzz-worthy, water-cooler talk they would have gotten from this the next morning! Sylar A.D. is picked up by the great Ernie Hudson, playing a cop, no less (The Crow)! In comes this GORGEOUS police psychologist, who tries to dig into who this mysterious man covered in blood and mud is. I really loved her sympathetic work here, and holds her own against fine performances from both Zack Quinto and Hudson himself. Here's hoping both characters hang around for a bit. After fingerprints prove Sylar is mom-killer Gabriel Grey, push comes to shove, and Slyar's instincts kick in. Force-pushing E-Hud through the interrogation window was awesome and caught me by surprise! Kidnapping the shrink, and the shootout were all to be expected, but what I didn't see coming was Samuel Sullivan waiting, with open arms! Sam has been speculative about who the newest addition to the 'family' would be (nice breakfast scene, and thank you for answering a question I had last week almost immediately), and it has been interesting seeing them attempt to recruit Peter and Hiro. (How he could get close to Claire is that brilliant reveal I'm getting to.) But the image of him welcoming Sylar with a sinister smile, carnival blazing behind him was absolutely HAUNTING. The fact that it vanished when the police arrived was equally chilling. "Time to pick up the stakes."

    On top of all this, was something the show hasn't done in about 3 seasons: a good payoff. Remember that random book that fell? Remember how Samuel revealed they'd been trying to get their hands on Claire? Well it one of the most genuinely satisfying reveals in Heroes ever, it turns out the carnies have a mole in one of the sorority sisters- and she has invisibility! She knocked over the book to get Claire's attention. She tried impale a another girl with the flag pole, and yes- she even killed Claire's old roommate, AND placed the suicide note; something I never thought would be addressed again. Applause. I'm trying really hard not to get too excited about Heroes again, but I may be bursting at the seams. I can't help it- I'm lovin' it right now!
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