Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Still hit and miss, but far, FAR more hits than last season and last weeks episode in particular. For any one who cares, the ratings ploy worked, with heroes getting 200,000 more viewers than last week. Coupled with it being a good episode, I have hope.

    Heroes is still yet to prove it can string two good epis together, but at the same time I can say for the second time this season that the last episode was the best post season 1 epi ever. Here's hoping next week will, finally, break the mould and produce a good epi.

    The Awesome:

    Sylar. Oh boy I was not expecting such realism. Seriously. The first scene being the best, and directed perfectly to aid the confusion, second one not so much but ultimately good with sylar throwing the guy through the window, and then reaching the carnival. i am looking forward to it.

    Emma and Peter. Freakin loved this, i feel as much chemistry from this as from simone. and the bit with the piano, a wonderful moment.

    The Good:

    Milo ventigmilia acting for three weeks in row! A record! lol

    The amusing way in which he couldn't run fast anymore, with the music this was good. Had me thinkin it was the haitian as well, and i love ambiguity.

    The Okay:

    Rebecca (Sorority girl) working for Samuel. Okay, yeah dramatic irony, great, ridiculously convoluted but at least gretchen isnt crazy.

    The Bad:

    The rest of the Gretchen/Claire plot, including the kiss. FORCED!! the lot of it, a means to an end plot. Oh well, what you gonna do, eh? She's the eye candy, they can't get rid of her. Oh and how did a girl with invisibility get from baltimore to arlington in under an hour (we can assume)? hmmmm cough plot hole cough

    The intruiging:

    Hiro at the end.

    The fact that Bryan fuller was meant to be gone after epi 1, yet is still here? And he's the best writer on staff, yet written the only bad epi of the season? Is there a blip in the matrix. I hope not.