Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Hmm..

    I don't know. This whole fresh start is interesting after 2 seasons of boredom.
    But the whole Bagwell wanting to just snatch one of the super powered guys and insert them into his special family is at least... hmm.. odd..

    Not just by the fact that the leader is feared by the super fast guy who could cut his delusional self to pieces before he could do his lousy ink trick.. no, not at all.. but his visions of a complete family just makes no point to me..
    Guess it's just for the redemption chapter but what redemption has to do with joining his family.. beats me..

    So Nathan is finally gone and Sylar has surfaced again, but with amnesia.. it's about time too. He should be killing and spreading some terror.. that's one of the most well done characters in the show and he should be doing what's he's best at.. killing.. right?

    I felt sorry for Peter there. He tries to reconnect with his mom and the old lady just doesn't stop thinking about Nathan.. oh well..

    And the deaf lady.. I mean, synesthesia is cool and all but as a power? Sure, Heroes had a 300k cut on its budget so we'll be seing more modest demonstrations of power but I don't see her playing a major part in the storyline.. I might be wrong tho..

    So far this redemption chapter has been all the Heroes trying to atone for their past mistakes. Peter trying to save as many lives as a paramedic. Parkman working as a cop once again but refraining (trying to, at least) from using his ability. Hiro comically making a "hiro line" and saving people as they call..

    Tracy is starting over.. Mr. Bennet is.. or was avoiding the super powered business..
    So far, so good.. wonder what the future holds for Heroes.. we'll see