Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • New story , new Heroes, new bad boys ? what next ?

    I am waiting with this review because first i must watch some new episodes with new plot. SO now after first four episodes I think it is thta moment for review. AFter previously season ( concretly I really to be disappointed of the season ... the worst was finish , totaly crazy and inintelligiblement... ), I was curious what interesting in this serial producers can give us viewer`s and now I can say they give us something new, something interesting but totally different than season third. Our old favourite heroes are missing or they making some different normal things ...
    - Sylar : his soul is trapped in Matt Parkman body`s but his body ... his body was Nathan for now but already after Nathan "death" SYlar`s body is back but without soul and catching by Samule the lider of circus.
    - Samuel : new bad boy ?? maybe not exactly but he is really courious character for now and I think old "T-Bag" make this serial much better - Claire she goes to college and she is again trying to be normal girl , she has a friend and some other normal stuff like couple of coffe at the morning but how long ? we will see , I think not long enough for her :)
    - Noah : he is still amazing guy , we see him a lot of times again and again and again :)
    - Peter : he is totally riddle for me . I dont know is he important or not ?? he is rescuer and I dont know maybe he join to circus and will be more interesting person ...

    That season has more new and old characters but I think these persons higher are the most important for now so I writing about them :)

    New season is good but still he is missing something ,for now he is defienietly better than last one and I hope he will be better and better :)

    Actually all season has strong 8.5 :)