Season 4 Episode 5

Hysterical Blindness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on NBC

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  • Some potential, too bad it's only in 1/4 of the story

    Cylar, Cylar, Cylar, and some more Cylar on the side.
    I was hoping we would get a little break from him, at least for a couple of eps but NO. Cyler / Nathan. Cyler / Parkman (has to be the worst pairing ever - the two worst actors in the cast, and the most annoying characters).
    What's my problem with Cylar? He's the single-mindedly one-dimensional 'storyline' the show resorts to when they have no more ideas: look at season 1, Cylar was just a shadow until they hit a slump, then it was ALL about him.
    Same with season 2 (admittedly their slump was much earlier, they didn't even make it a surprise that Cylar was not dead).
    And season 3 of course - what, you don't like how the character evolved, that's fine, let's go back to psychotic mindless serial killer / all purpose bad guy.

    Ah well.

    Claire's "love interest" is so ridiculously simplistic in her motives and reactions, makes me wish she'll die soon - which I know sadly won't be the case, they're going to DRAG this for 7 more eps, of course. Passes the time.

    Then there's the "family" storyline, which so tremendously changes the deal from the boring repeats of the last 2 seasons, that I'm bound to wonder: how quick are they going to f*ck it up?

    Pray I'm wrong...
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