Season 3 Episode 4

I Am Become Death

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2008 on NBC

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  • The Season continues at a speed faster than Daphne - better watch it, going at that speed it may crash...badly

    Although it felt like last episode was slowing down in story progression a little this just throws a whole lot at you and expects you to care. It's almost like during the long hiatus the producers decided to correct the pace of Season 2 but ended up overcompensating and going in the complete opposite direction. I like the everyone could have powers concept for the future but it was just pulled off badly.

    When we went to 4 years from now it was extremely bad and unfortunately nothing as future Peter said had changed. This seems a bit odd as surely Nathan telling everyone he could fly was the catalyst for people wanting the powers. Who tells everyone now and puts it on the market is the question. The new crack cocaine of the 2kteens.

    Back in present day we don't get a long drawn out plot with Tracey which would have been interesting. Like with Micah she simply gets the information she needs from the doctor and leaves. Very disappointing especially as she decides all she can now do is resign and try to commit suicide (and in the future wear Elton John sunglasses). Bah Humbug she needs to stay in Office (why resign, huh) and hopefully now she will, whether she marries Nathan or not. Speaking of Nathan I'm glad he is back where he should be, lets just have the situation play out. At times it literally feels like most of the Heroes are adding to the growing unemployment rate, especially during last season. Half the idea of the first season was that the characters lived their lives and had a role in society. Nathan with a foot in power being the driving force.

    As for Peter who now has the Hunger (Sylar's power) we finally have the writers setting up an Achilles heel for a character who has got too powerful. I didn't understand why he needs the power other than for the writers to do this in all honesty. It was contrived but slightly fun to see Sylar as the good father though. It also given the power makes sense for him not to pick Sylar's main power up straight away its just a shame it was so easily given to him. I mean Luke had to train to be a Jedi over a long time not just fix a watch to gain that power.

    The less said about Mohinder the better save for the fact that he got the formula wrong. I liked Mohinder originally and he still does the beautiful voiceover but he has lost his way as a character and probably can not now connect with his roots, which made him an interesting character in the first place. However one character I'm starting to like after not really caring for much in a Season and a half is Parkman, who in the future with Daphne works as a character and then in the present on a spirit journey works again. Seems like this character needs a family and purpose to work.

    Lastly is Hiro and Ando, not much just squabbling and trying to escape through a vent (The Haitian blocking his abilities). Its not till the final scene and that cliffhanger that we get any good material and I'll admit that was a good cliffhanger.
  • Peter travels to the future with his future self and witnesses a dark future. Matt also has a vision about the future he needs to stop from happening. Tracy comes closer to the truth about her past and also to Nathan. Mohinder's darker side rises.

    The fourth chapter may be one of the weakest of this volume. Peter travels four years into the future with his future self who is trying to prove to Peter that he needs to take measures for this dark future not to happen. In the future, future Peter is shot by future Claire. Peter teleports to Mohinder's future self who is now some sort of reptile-formed human due to the formula. Through him, he finds Sylar (who is now Gabriel Gray) in Costa Verde at the Bennets' old house who has a boy named Noah (?). There Peter asks Gabriel to teach him how to use Sylar's intuitive aptitude ability. Gabriel warns him that it may have dire consequences. Peter is eager and so Gabriel teaches him. The result is that future Claire along with the future selves of Daphne and Knox reach Gabriel's house and in a struggle Noah, Gabriel's boy, is killed and Gabriel uses old Ted's nuclear power which destroys the whole of Costa Verde. The only survivors are Peter, Claire and a nearly dead Daphne who dies in the hands of future Matt. Claire tortures Peter until future Nathan appears and stops her. A talk between the two brothers ends up with Peter killing Nathan due to his new ability's hunger (the same one Sylar has). In the end, Peter teleports back to the present and attacks Sylar in Level 5.
    Hiro and Ando are still locked up and after a fight between them they end up patching things up. The Haitian takes them to Angela who tells them they might be the only way of stopping this new villain that is gathering forces against them. Hiro agrees and heads with Ando to find the one person who might be able to help them. Adam Monroe who was buried by Hiro in the previous volume in chapter 11: Powerless. Matt goes on a trance and witnesses the same future Peter has witness when he went to the future. There he sees his future wife, Daphne and his family (Molly and his girl, Danniella). When he wakes up his realizes he has to help Daphne from not getting killed and Usutu tells him that he needs to find his spirit guide which turns out to be a turtle.
    Tracy is at Dr Zimmerman's who tells her that she along with her sisters Niki and Barbara (no, we haven't met Barbara yet) have been expiremented on when they were babies and that is how they got their powers. Dr Zimmerman reveals he has made a formula in the past and along with a certain Company (guess which company he is talking about) have made expirements to babies. When Tracy doesn't get any information about the Company and filled with guilts over the death of the reporter she killed in chapter 2: The Butterfly effect, she attempts to commit suicide but she is rescued by non-other than Nathan. Coming closer together our two Heroes reveal their powers to each other.
    Finally, Mohinder's power created by the injection of the formula has consequences. He has a rush on hsi shoulder and he becomes more angressive. He becomes hostile towards Maya as well. When a neighbour is causing domestic violence towards his wife, Mohinder interferes. As a result the neighbour man goes to Mohinder angry for his intervention and Mohinder attacks him and puts him into his house.
    Overall, an OK episode. As I mentioned, it is probably the weakest in this volume. Nevertheless, it still has its significance. Peter could now go villain because of Sylar's power, Matt met Daphne who he is supposed to fall in love with and marry to. I personally liked Claire as the badass girl. This is suited better for Hayden Penettiere. Enjoy!
  • Heroes' fan base seems absolutely determined to drive the show to an early grave.

    Heroes' fan base seems absolutely determined to drive the show to an early grave. The forums are awash with folks proclaiming that they are fed up with the show, that they're abandoning it like a desperate housewife might flee a dried-up, middle-aged husband with no semblance of a sex drive. And not only that, but it's receiving a critical mauling too: major TV guides are declaring, in blusteringly dramatic fashion, that they're 'done' with the series, that it's all just 'too much'. Too much of what, exactly? Too much good? Too much intelligence? Too much plot for your one-track minds to cope with? Those are the only answers I can muster, especially in light of Monday night's episode which, in this humble viewer's opinion, was both a considerable improvement on 'One of Us, One of Them' and was rather close to the giddy heights reached by the grandiose season opener. As I've mentioned before, it seems the American public is just too damn difficult to please. One week, they bemoan a slow narrative pace. Next week, they bemoan a fast narrative pace. One week, they bemoan repetition of plot elements. Next week, they bemoan that there's 'too much different'. Tim Kring must be scratching his head in bemusement. What on Earth is it going to take to please these people? Not fine acting, exciting scripting and stupendous direction, apparently. 'I Am Become Death' has these in spades. Zachary Quinto, again, is brilliant, effortlessly shifting between future passive Sylar and the present malicious one, but let's give a hand to Milo Ventimiglia who, for once, doesn't utter a single cringe worthy line in the entire episode… AND manages to effectively be three different people utterly convincingly at the same time. The decision to give Peter Sylar's power is an excellent one, opening up a whole plethora of possibilities for his present day character that can only go a long way toward making him even more interesting. Couple that with Mohinder's violent transformation into something less than desirable (wow of wows at his black-cloaked future self), kick-ass future Claire's sinister streak and the dissent between Hiro and Ando and you have a world being turned slowly, but significantly, on its head. Our 'heroes' are very much in a state of flux, of potential transformation: one can see the beginnings of their respective paths towards a possible future turn to the dark side. And frankly, I like it. It makes for much more compulsive viewing AND three-dimensionalises the characters. The 'four years on' glimpses are all superbly done, as usual, and there are some wonderful contemporary sequences too: of particular note is Tracy Strauss who I continue to warm to with each episode (interesting pun that, I suppose), and also Nathan whose connection to Linderman is sufficiently beguiling to have me thoroughly intrigued. Let's not forget Matt too, who seems to be connected to our resident speedster and is now following turtles around, and, of course, the appearance of David Anders at episode's end which, while reinforcing the notion that everyone will always return in Heroes, is still more than welcome given how kick ass his character is. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff all round then; a fast-paced, action-packed (WOAH at the complete devastation of Costa Verde) jamboree of an episode that continues to turn things on their head and keeps the show intelligent and revitalised as a result. Not quite 'The Second Coming' or 'The Butterfly Effect' but pretty close.
  • A trip to the future shows how weird things are going to get.

    Plenty of revelations, both good and bad, and Peter inadvertently causes a tragedy.

    Zimmerman says they're triplets, not twins! Tracy, Niki and 'Barbara'?! Their powers aren't natural, they're the result of DNA manipulation. That's not strange given the serum Mohinder made but Zimmerman says the Company ordered the tests then made them forget! I am not happy with this, this better be a once off otherwise it completely ruins the entire series' evolution storyline!!

    The future: This world is full of people with powers, flying is a very common power. This is before the future that Hiro saw but it's the build-up. Future Peter, convinced by Angela that he has made bad choices, must rely on his younger self to make better ones. After all, Peter saved the world once, he can do it again. Future Peter already knows that some people don't have natural powers and makes the worrying comment that 'Nathan, Claire and Suresh' aren't the people Peter thinks they are. He says Nathan doesn't have to die now but it's Claire and Suresh we have to worry about. FPeter says Peter should find Sylar! Then the shocker: Claire really is trying to kill Peter! I thought she was just upset! And she's working with the Haitian, Daphne and Knox.

    Here's the weird part. The scar: in season 1, it made sense for FPeter to have the scar, in the original history Sylar killed Claire and Peter never met her so couldn't heal. But why does this FPeter not have healing powers? He's our Peter, just four years ahead, so he should have that power but strangely doesn't. He is killed with two shots to the chest. Granted the Haitian is standing nearby but would that actually result in the gunshots being fatal? Wouldn't he just heal when the Haitian was gone? From this the only answer is that FPeter, for whatever reason, doesn't have healing powers! Yet he has all of his other powers, it's quite the little mystery. Is this an error on the writers' part or is there an explanation?

    Ando gets a well deserved rant at Hiro. Hiro does take him for granted and I have no doubt that Hiro could not have accomplished half of what he did without him.

    Linderman's still hanging around Nathan and no-one can see him but won't explain why, or what his agenda is. He used Nathan once, he's using Nathan again. Nathan is on the same road to power as before and we all know how that turned out: him dead and Sylar in the White House. At least this time, Nathan is going in with his eyes open and more importantly, doesn't trust Linderman.

    Peter goes to Mohinder's loft and finds it abandoned, but as if it were abandoned today in the present – Mohinder's tape recorder sits on the desk where he left it. Mohinder's transformed into some sort of half creature. Seems like Pete picked up a new power in the bank when he got his body back – pyrokinesis (blue). And we enter the Twilight Zone – Sylar is playing house, has a son and hugs Peter! Sylar doesn't notice the scar's gone but his little cousin Noah does. And Sylar drops the bombshell: brothers. Sylar's gone good guy! He has managed to control the hunger that comes with his ability and he elaborates on his actual power: to see how things work, to see the variables of a situation and everything that implies. Peter takes Sylar's power which can only lead to death and destruction, it made Sylar a serial killer and we know Peter's capacity for darkness.

    I was right, the blonde in the painting of Matt is Daphne. Married, baby and adopted Molly. Daphne and Matt talk about Peter as if he's a terrorist: 'All the pain and misery he's caused.' Is this the same Peter?! How can good people like Matt think Peter is the bad guy?!

    Claire blames both FPeter and Sylar, even willing to kill the innocent Peter. When little Noah dies, Gabriel goes nuclear. 200,000 people died in Costa Verde but Claire and Peter survived, so where's Gabriel? In our present, he's got Claire's powers but looks like when FPeter brought Peter forward, it's still the original timeline. And who walks in, Nathan! It really is him this time but Gabriel's warning comes true and Peter actually attacks Nathan!! Peter has returned to the present but it has made no difference, the next scene is the aftermath of Costa Verde so nothing has changed.

    Not surprisingly, Tracy hands Nathan her resignation. She can't do that, he needs her! He doesn't have anyone in the world except Peter now and I get a really trustworthy vibe from her. Linderman actually gives a piece of advice Nathan should follow: help Tracy. Tracy jumps off a bridge and Nathan flies to save her. She shows him her power and here we go again. Though I mightily approve of Tracy for Nathan. However, she's probably going to feel weird later, Niki slept with him too. Future: Nathan marries Tracy!! This is getting a bit incestuous – in the original history, Niki hooked up with Peter!

    Angela rebukes Hiro for letting the formula get stolen but Ando volunteers Hiro to fix it. And the first place we start: the last guy who tried to destroy the world, Adam.

    An action packed episode but must admit I don't like where this is going. Peter has always been the hero. If he goes dark, not sure the series can work without him as the light of good who guides everyone else. Hope the writers don't mess this up.
  • Peter travels to the future while Usutu grants Matt the ability to dream it. Kensei returns.Meanwhile Tracy learns the truth, while Nathan is tormented by visions of Linderman and Mohinder starts to experience the formulas unpleasant side effects.

    Wow, well what can I say? Tonight's instalment was certainly what you could call a filler episode. So much happening in such as short space of time is something that only 'Heroes' can do. So many questions are raised that, literally, by the end of it, you are begging for more (…well maybe it's just me, being one of those mad fans).

    There are so many different storylines that it is difficult to keep track of what is happening. I completely forgot to mention Linderman whom is back on the show....or is he? Linderman has become quite a bore to be perfectly honest, waxing poetic about flaming everything, becoming nothing more than an irritating mobster back from the dead. His presence in the show, however, is notably welcomed (or maybe it's just me again?) as the actor Malcolm McDowell who plays him is both wonderful and engaging. Meanwhile in Africa, (yeah, that's right!) Usutu fixes Matt some scrumptious looking food, with a hint of some super duper, magic, organic, future fibres thrown in to give it maximum flavour! Matt soon after dreams the future. What tends to happen a lot in 'Heroes' is this: someone has a really cool ability, which the creators of 'Heroes' then decides to give to every god dam member of the cast. Isaac's ability was great, (so was his artwork for that matter, provided for the show by the magnificent Tim Sale) and was a one off thing, but then Peter absorbed it, Matt seemingly has experienced something like it, Sylar took it (but then lost it) and Angela has a similar ability. Then there was healing, which Claire has. Peter absorbed it from Claire while Sylar took it from her and Kensei displayed the exact same ability. The abilities start to loose their originality and interest, and in the process, so to do the characters.

    Talking of Kensei, he returns at the end of the episode, but for how long?

    At the beginning of the episode we (and Tracy) finally learn the truth. I've been dying to find out who this mysterious Tracy Strauss was from the very beginning of series three…Tracy Strauss is one of three triplets, Nikki (sanders), Barbara and herself. Each were individually granted an ability (synthetic) via Dr. Zimmerman (hence the title Dr). When Tracy's and her twin's birth parents died she was separated from her sisters and given to adoptive parents. Quite simple really, if you think about it, but equally ridiculous. I can't believe that Nikki's ability was Synthetic, although having twin sisters kind of explains her split personality Jessica who as you remember looked exactly like her.

    Later in a dramatic scene, out of guilt over killing the skanky reporter, Tracy attempts suicide, but is saved when Nathan catches her in mid-fall, flying her off to safety. These flying effects are always appreciated in Heroes, but this one in particular strongly echoed the style of superman superbly (saving damsels in distress etc).

    A very funny scene follows near the end of the episode, Nathan and Tracy are sitting down dumfounded on a couch next to one another, speechless, (who wouldn't be?), until Tracy stumbles conversationally 'So…you can fly?'. In recent years, after watching so many films I finally came to realize that it's not necessarily what the actors say that makes a scene tick, but the way in which they say it, and in Ali's case, brilliantly, with a hint of disbelieving in her voice, yet in a relaxed tone.

    Moving on to the main and incredibly complicated yet genuinely thrilling main story arc of 'I am become Death', Peter is transported to the future by his future self, who takes him to a world where abilities are available to everyone. What follows is a terrific showdown at the Bennett's house in Costa Verde now inhabited by a reformed Sylar and his son Noah. This whole scene was superbly directed, leading up to a great climax that echoed season 1's exploding man story.

    Lastly there is Mohinder's story, which is actually getting rather interesting. I thought that the formula would just change Mohinder physically, not mentally; within the first few minutes of the episode he beats his neighbour up. Mohinder's storyline is actually beginning to look promising as we will hopefully see more of his, as well as the other hero's, evil side which the title of volume 3 'Villains' promises us.
  • The start of another episode brings some light to some previously dark areas, and it looks like good and evil are not as clear as the used to be.

    The start of another episode brings some light to some previously dark areas. Warning spoilers ahead. It was nice to have an answer to who Tracy was and why she looks exactly like Niki, but it did kind of make me wonder what happened to the third twin. So future Peter is killed in the future while past Peter gets away but is also stuck in the future, trying to learn something to help prevent what is to come. I thought it was interesting to see the way things turned out, where the Peter who belonged in his future dies, but it was also a bit confusing. In the new future, Sylar is good, which is very surprising to see. It makes me wonder if it is possible for him to be good, and what his power is, since it seems he had one all along. In a strange twist, Peter takes Sylars power and seemingly becomes "evil" as he struggles to control the hunger that made Sylar evil to begin with. What I didn't understand, and what made me kind of question the motives of some in this episode, was when Hiro dug up and released Adam. Adam is bad, but only because Hiro sort of made him like that, the problem is, how do you tame him, if he is the key? I guess we will have to see, if Sylar can become good, who knows about Adam. I liked this episode, though the future parts to add for a level of confusion, it was a well thought out episode and I quite enjoyed it.
  • Peter has The Hunger now! :(

    Peter travels four years into the future with his future self, in order to learn what he can. To the horror of both Peters, Kaito's formula is now being used to administer adrenal power enhancements to ordinary people, some of whom are unable or unwilling to control their abilities. Future Peter tells Present Peter that Sylar's intuitive aptitude can help to understand the cause and effect of time travel, thereby enabling the Peters to fix the problematic future. Almost immediately, the Claire of this future assassinates future Peter, claiming he is a terrorist. Because the Haitian is present, Future Peter cannot regenerate and dies. Present Peter flees, avoiding Claire's partner, The Haitian, and begins searching for Mohinder.
    Mohinder, whose mutation has progressed much further and is hiding alone in shadows, tries in vain to stop himself from informing Present Peter that Sylar is living in Costa Verde, but Peter reads his mind. Teleporting to Costa Verde and expecting a fight, Peter finds that a friendly Sylar has reassumed his former identity of Gabriel Gray, and is now raising his young son, Noah, in Claire's former home. A desperate Peter tries to steal Gabriel's ability, but is resisted, arguing that his power comes at the dangerous risk of a predatory appetite for 'understanding', which Gabriel himself now barely controls for the sake of his son. He reveals to Peter that they are brothers.
    In the present, Hiro and Ando are imprisoned in the Company's cell, arguing over their hurt feelings from Daphne's tactics. Matt Parkman, still on his "spirit walk," has a vision of the same future Peter is visiting in which he and Daphne are raising Molly and an infant together.
    In the future, Peter convinces Gabriel to paint the future and see the coming devastation. Convinced, Gabriel finally teaches Peter his power by having Peter fix his watch; the same watch from the present time which he carries as a "scar". Gabriel regretfully tells Peter he has his power now, and the inevitable "hunger" which comes with it. Future Claire, Knox and Daphne show up to kill Peter, having learned his whereabouts from Molly. They hold Gabriel and Peter at bay by taking Gabriel's son, Noah, as a hostage, but when Knox accidentally kills the child, an enraged Gabriel beats Knox into submission and loses control of his radiation ability. He explodes, reducing Costa Verde to nuclear waste, and killing over 200,000 people. Peter and Claire survive due to their regeneration powers and Claire takes Peter back to the base. Daphne the speedster runs and manages to get back to Matt and Molly. Fatally wounded from the blast, she tells Matt that she "wasn't fast enough" before collapsing in his arms.
    Nathan, who in this future is the President and married to Tracy, attempts to reason with Peter, offering Peter the opportunity to read his mind to see if he's sincere. Peter nearly kills Nathan upon gaining a morbid curiosity of how Nathan's mind works due to Sylar's powers. Angry and horrorified with himself, Peter stops short of cutting Nathan's head open and teleports back to the present Level 5, where he enters Sylar's prison cell for an angry confrontation, in which Sylar confirms that he is Peter's brother.
    Hiro and Ando, finally resolving their differences, try to escape through a vent and are caught by the Haitian. Later, Angela Petrelli mentions that Hiro's father would have been disappointed with him for losing both portions of the formula, which can be used to give powers to anyone. A disheartened Hiro apologizes, only to have Ando proudly proclaim that Hiro will not rest until the formula is retrieved. Angela alludes to Hiro that he already has "the key" to doing this. The scene switches to Hiro and Ando in a graveyard, digging up Adam Monroe who, upon seeing Hiro, lunges at him. The episode ends with Adam saying; "Hiro, you son of a...".
  • This episode has the makings of another 'five years gone' which to me was the best episode of Heroes to date...

    However 'I am Become Death' lacks the edge which 'five years gone had'. Don't get me wrong this was still an enjoyable episode and the whole Sylar being a good guy plot was the let down of the episode. The Sylar we allknow and love is a heartless monster who needs to feed on powers. For me that is where the dissapointment ends. Having a near heartless Claire and a cold knox brings shivers down my spine. Overall it was a pleasant episode made more enjoyable by the return of Molly and Adam. Let's hope the next brings back monster Sylar and a infuriating Adam.
  • A bit confusing but still very good...

    This episode was probably the worst episode of the third season so far, I think it was because of the jumping from the present to the future it was like back and fourth, back and fourth, but I still found this episode very exciting. Poor Mohinder I feel sorry for him his character could be one of the most intresting characters this season. I laughed at the future Sylar and his child Noah, it was a bit sick when Noah died but also kind of funny. Hiro and Aando where awesome they never fail to make me laugh they are the best double act on TV. The ending was pretty cool seeing Adam again was great even though we only saw him for like two seconds. Next week is going to be another great episode I can feel it.
  • Well it's a bit better than the previous ones...

    I still think this season is a real nosedive... Though this episode had some really great moments.

    The whole "four years into the future" thing felt lame, to be honest. When they did the "Five Years Gone" episode in season one I rejoiced, and it remains one of my favorite episodes to date. This time though they didn't bring any originality to it. It felt more like a case of "we need to get people to like this show again, so let's make a carbon copy of something that worked nicely before". There was a disjointed feeling to it.

    Nathan has been my favorite character for ages, but puh-leaze give him something fun to do. Something interesting. At least give him back his awesome power of snark!

    Hiro and Ando are two characters with enormous potential, but for some reason their storylines rarely manage to win my interest. Now they're arguing like a couple, over things that haven't even happened yet. Anyone wanna bet that Ando a) isn't the evil one in the future, and b) only ends up turning on Hiro because Hiro's being such a jerk? Though I loved Hiro's little "Ando..?" when the Hatian showed up.

    I'm incredibly bored by the whole Mohinder storyline. Not only has that kind of thing been done so many times in horror movies and whatnot that it feels like they can try taking it in a thousand different directions without risking being the least bit original, it also feels so out of character for old Mo. Seriously. And also, isn't this supposed to take place in, like, March? How come Maya walks around wearing next to nothing?

    And speaking of bored... Ali Larter needs to leave the show. She's played three characters so far, all of which have been boring to the point of tears. No offense against the actress, but the fact is that when TPTB create a character that nobody likes, and give her a split personality that people don't care much for either, there's really no point in giving her yet a third character to play. A lot of people, myself included, dislike Tracy because we're sick of Larter being on the show. They've let better actors and actresses go before. It's time for them to "kill their darlings" on this one. Especially since all they have come up with so far with Tracy is reruns of Niki's storylines. She's threatened by someone (sex is involved) and she ends up killing them with her powers (realizing for the first time that she has them). She has a something-something going on with Nathan. She has sister issues. Oh, and she's trying to get herself thrown into jail, presumably "so that people will be safe". Tune in next week when we find out she has a black boyfriend who's done jail time, only it was actually Tracy who committed the crime.

    Though I will say this... Her future-glasses were awesome in their oddity.

    As predicted, the woman Matt was with in those paintings was Daphne. That hair was a dead giveaway... Nice to see he finally found someone new after splitting with Mohinder (errr, I mean Janice). I was very fond of how they portrayed this new family unit; Matt and Daphne both seemed to be very happy and actually have a working life together (which, on this show, is rarer than a black swan) But why is Molly still the same age as she was when we last saw her? She's aged perhaps a year, but no more than that.

    The best part of this episode (and of the whole season thus far)... Sylar playing house! Oh my God, I loved that scene so much, it was so surreal. You can tell Zachary Quinto must have had such a BLAST with those scenes. I'm impressed with how they pulled the whole idea off. This could easily have been a wallbanger moment but it played out wonderfully. And the kid is named Noah. How cute! I wonder who the baby mama is? I hope it's not one of the ca 2000 characters played by Ali Larter.

    One question though... How can Peter NOT get Sylar's abilities instantly? It's not like it's required some active actions on his part in the past. Yet another fact that contradicts previous seasons. In fact, it contradicts this episode too since he gets Daphne's ability right away.

    Also, I don't like the whole "it's not Sylar's faaaauuult that he's a psycho brain-eater" angle. I really don't. To me he's always been a psycho who happened to have an ability that enabled him to figure out how someone else's ability worked. That interested me, since it played the whole "if the wrong people have these abilities" angle. Now suddenly he's just misunderstood, poor thing. Yeah right.

    Something else that was rather awesome though... The speed-fight between Peter and Daphne. Really, really neat!

    And the final scene was golden! Really great, especially David Anders' half-line.
  • Characters are starting down some dark roads as the fun continues.

    Much like "Five Years Gone" and "Out of Time", this episode shows us a grim version of the future if our heroes don't change it. As mentioned in my earlier review, this is a necessary evil for a show where two characters can time travel. It's all about finding a new avenue for it, and this time it works as Peter literally learns the method to change the past.

    Since Future Peter prevented Nathan from coming out as an evolved human, what exactly changed that still makes Claire kill Future Peter and eager to do the same to present Peter? People all over the world with enough money or street knowledge can get access to the powers serum, so there's no need to hunt down those with them naturally. However, anyone with powers exponentially amplifies the problem of controlling those with dangerous ones. While the flying people aren't a problem, the guy who creates a devastating earthquake is.

    This is connected to the formula Mohinder is concocting. Future Mohinder, whose horrible mutations we'll hopefully see soon, claims he botched the formula. Perhaps the formulas in play are different, and Mohinder's is the worse evil. His does involve using a sample from someone with innate abilities, so evolved humans could be slaughtered for mass production.

    Mohinder's mutations in the present grow more profound. His aggressions turn away Maya (whose accent is almost completely gone) and his intervention in a domestic dispute turn ugly when he presumably kills the man who seeks retribution for having his head smashed into the wall. He's also producing sticky stuff from his hands. In the future, it's implied that Mohinder's physical mutations have worsened and he is now a lot like an insect (and maybe a snake if the rattle queues are an indicator).

    It's still up in the air which side in the future is truly bad. Future Claire is sadistic in punishing Peter, and now hangs out with Knox and Daphne, the former clearly bad and the latter morally indifferent. The Haitian's involvement implies Company, but it's not clear enough to confirm. Alternatively, Future Peter lacks faith in mankind, not to mention his botched changing of the past lead to the nuking of 200,000 people and Matt refers to him as a terrorist. It's pretty early in the season to know for certain, but I've been inclined to believe Future Peter is the villain and Peter is being duped (again).

    So Peter's quest to stop this future leads him to Gabriel (this Future Sylar will be referred to by his legal name), whose life is a complete 180 from his life as Sylar. Instead of scalping people and stealing powers, he's content raising his son Noah at the Bennet household. If Sylar's power really is an addiction, he must've gone to power rehab and is staying "sober" for his son's sake. Considering the age of the child, he's either going to be conceived soon or has been conceived already, assuming he isn't Bennet who took the serum and reverse aged.

    If it is his biological son, Gabriel named his son after one of his biggest present nemeses. It could be because Bennet is partially responsible for domesticating Sylar, or doing something heroic to assure that. Since Noah is the grounding for Gabriel and his death causes Gabriel to go to his dark side again, that's a logical conclusion. It's worth noting that Bennet is no where in this future and Gabriel's allowed to live at his home relatively unimpeded.

    Earlier it was said that Sylar's power arsenal was wiped clean after being infected last season. However, in 2011 Sylar uses both precognition and induced radioactivity, two powers believed to be lost. This could be either them going back on what they've said (which is easy to forgive as it hasn't been made official on the show) or he regains them from other people in the interim. One of the escapees could at least be able to emit dangerous levels of radiation.

    On that note: how exactly does Claire survive a nuclear explosion that kills 200,000 people? Yes she can regenerate, but an explosion would destroy her entire body, unless somehow she could regenerate continually during the explosion, which is a tall order. Obviously Peter survived since he has radioactive powers (and presumably Sylar survived as well), but Claire? I don't think so.

    It's odd that it took them this long for Peter to demonstrate Sylar's original ability or why he couldn't just use it since he's already encountered Sylar several times, but it works in terms of the story. To know how to change the future, knowing how things work and cause and effect is necessary to do what's necessary to change it. Future Peter tried doing it without using said power and it lead to a lot of big problems, so he sends Peter off to try to set things right.

    However, this power comes at a price as Gabriel warns. This season has established that Sylar's power creates an addiction to wanting more and the leads to people losing the top of their heads. Peter, who wanted to believe in the inherent good of people, finds himself committing fratricide (at least for the future version) in the need to learn how his brother's brain worked. This could lead to the darker, scarred Future Peter. With Peter back in the present in Sylar's Level 5 cell, there are some interesting prospects for future episode (like maybe them teaming up).

    Another factor in this future is Matt, who saw what's going to happen, albeit from Africa. While it isn't surprising the future woman in the painting is her, it helps keep Matt in the main story, and that's important when he's far away from everyone else in the present. However, the animal spirit guide he picks to locate the speedster is ironically a turtle, so this may take a while.

    One problem with the jump between the present and future is the obvious captions telling us which time it is. It should be obvious which time we're seeing if Mohinder's tape recorder in the present gets buried in dust between scenes. Maybe the one exception is the establishing shot and the cut between Nathan and Tracy in 2007 to when Nathan's president and she's first lady.

    Tracy uncovers that she was subject to tests that altered her DNA to give her special powers, as were her triplet sisters Niki and the unseen Barbara. Until this episode, it was implied that Jessica was Niki's twin sister, but that doesn't seem likely now. They now have another mystery of this third sister for Tracy to find en route to figuring out who she is. Also, there is the added mystery of who is seen in the rogue's gallery from Angela's dream.

    Obviously upset that her powers have accidentally killed someone and feeling like a monster, she tries to kill herself only to have Nathan swoop in to save her. Whatever Linderman wants, Tracy clearly has a role to play (beyond being the future first lady).

    Hiro and Ando have a break from Daphne outsmarting them to hash out the problems they've been having since Hiro saw Future Ando killing him using the sitcom device of trying to get out of a locked room. While they find some temporary peace, they now have to deal with Adam in the equation.

    How Adam knows anything to prevent this formula from being released is anyone's guess, but his motivation was obvious back in season two. Adam is a powers supremacist, as he hoped his release of the virus would eliminate all normal people except a few evolved humans. Surely he would want to prevent everyone from gaining their own abilities. Of course carrying a 300 plus year grudge against Hiro, not to mention the rift between Hiro and Ando Adam can exploit, should make their dynamic fun to watch.

    So far this season is shaping up really well. The use of the future storyline may have been too soon, but it had to happen for the sake of the plot. The episode title, taken from Oppenheimer's quote (from Hindi text) after the first atomic bomb test, foreshadows several characters becoming darker versions of themselves. It may be premature to whip out the "Heroes is Back!" banner, but if these episodes are an indicator, that may be soon.
  • Future, Humor and Past

    And another terrific episode. See folks, this is what I like about TV. It's NOT my life, therefor ... it doesn't matter how the storylines go, as long as they're interesting, and it's not reality tv. I loved the Future Peter's world, with everyone having powers. It was really cool.Ah, and on Mama Patrelli's orders, Claire, Knox and Daphne are poking around trying to kill Future Peter. It'll be interesting to see how all of that pans out.I absolutely loved the whimsy of Sylar having a life, and a kid. It was fabulous to see how time and care could change his disposition so completely. In addition, it was obvious that he struggled day to day ... like an addict ... to make sure he didn't give in to the hunger of his powers. Well freaking done writers!!! However, he blows up after the bring down Peter brigade storms his house and kills his kid. So sad. Another unexpected interjection of humor, Matt's totum animal. The turtle! Watching Matt follow that turtle was a riot.IMO, the season is getting better and better.
  • Highlight of the season so far. Fast paced with so much drama and question marks.

    I am death is a little insight on whats to come and the character development that has so far occured in the Heroes and Villains. Even the growth in each individual speaks volumes on the greatness.

    Future Peter speaking to Present Peter rocks without being divulged too much away about the past. Future Peter dying however seemed a little daft and that too with bullets. Then again the Haitian was present so it is plausible.

    Presnt Peter visiting Sylar with the shock of his life. Sylar as his brother and as a nice guy going back to being known as his birth name Gabriel Grey raising his son Noah(It is not known if Noah is really Sylar's biological son). Gabriel not wanting Peter to be burdened with his power and the side affects that go with it which is the hunger to know more which is a revelation in its own. Iconic moment is when Gabriel takes off his watch with the name Sylar on it and teaches Peter to fix his watch by listening to the sound using telekenesis.

    Claire despite the get up doesn't manage to pull of the badgirl she wanted. Her thirsty for her uncle Peter's death is a change. Life must have really turned Claire into a cold blooded killer.

    Claire aims at Noah to kill him unless Peter hands himself over and take the bullet. Sylar doesn't want Peter to give in and asks him to teleport. Peter refuses as he felt he brought all this chaos in his home. Claire replies that all this was hers until Sylar took it from her. Knox killing little Noah was so heartbreaking. Peter knocks out Daphne. Gabriel through mad rage turns into his Sylar mode and explodes killing over 200 people in the process.

    Claire and her gang capture Peter wanting him to feel every death he'd caused. Peter sees his Future dead self on the autopsy table. Peter can't get away due to the Haitian. Nathan comes in and wants to speak to Peter as both Claires father and the President. All leave leaving the 2 brothers alone. Peter is told what happened was good news and wanted Peter to see if he was telling the truth. Peter tries to read his mind but the hunger to know more kicks in. Killing Nathan trying to open his brain. Peter teleports and time travels back to his time in Sylars cell. He reveals that he has his powers from the future. Sylar tells Peter that he is already like him.

    An adventurous episode.
  • Highlight of the season so far. Fast paced with so much drama and question marks.

    I am death is a little insight on whats to come and the character development that has so far occured in the Heroes and Villains. Even the growth in each individual speaks volumes on the greatness.

    Future Peter speaking to Present Peter rocks without being divulged too much away about the past. Future Peter dying however seemed a little daft and that too with bullets. Then again the Haitian was present so it is plausible.

    Presnt Peter visiting Sylar with the shock of his life. Sylar as his brother and as a nice guy going back to being known as his birth name Gabriel Grey raising his son Noah(It is not known if Noah is really Sylar's biological son). Gabriel not wanting Peter to be burdened with his power and the side affects that go with it which is the hunger to know more which is a revelation in its own. Iconic moment is when Gabriel takes off his watch with the name Sylar on it and teaches Peter to fix his watch by listening to the sound using telekenesis.

    Claire despite the get up doesn't manage to pull of the badgirl she wanted. Her thirsty for her uncle Peter's death is a change. Life must have really turned Claire into a cold blooded killer.

    Claire aims at Noah to kill him unless Peter hands himself over and take the bullet. Sylar doesn't want Peter to give in and asks him to teleport. Peter refuses as he felt he brought all this chaos in his home. Claire replies that all this was hers until Sylar took it from her. Knox killing little Noah was so heartbreaking. Peter knocks out Daphne. Gabriel through mad rage turns into his Sylar mode and explodes killing over 200 people in the process.

    Claire and her gang capture Peter wanting him to feel every death he'd caused. Peter sees his Future dead self on the autopsy table. Peter can't get away due to the Haitian. Nathan comes in and wants to speak to Peter as both Claires father and the President. All leave leaving the 2 brothers alone. Peter is told what happened was good news and wanted Peter to see if he was telling the truth. Peter tries to read his mind but the hunger to know more kicks in. Killing Nathan trying to open his brain. Peter teleports and time travels back to his time in Sylars cell. He reveals that he has his powers from the future. Sylar tells Peter that he is already like him.

    An adventurous episode.
  • What was that?Can it get any more stupid that this?

    Ok I'm really thinking of giving up on this one. After season 2 I was under impression that nothing can go lower that that. After season 3 start I was a bit optimistic but then came I" am become death" and all of my optimism went off. Parkman? What? Why?
    Sylar is good, ok. But everything else.. Whats with Claire? And Mohinder? ahahahaha. It's like a remake of The Fly or something. Oh I don't even want to talk about this. I am thru with Heroes. period. It will not be better ever. That much is clear.
    Cancel please and save as all.
  • For all of the complex story lines, nothing is happening.

    I had such high hopes that after returning from the writer's strike, Heroes would be back to the high energy, unpredictable show we loved in it's first season. However, it seems that the writer's learned nothing from our complaints about the 2nd season. Once again, the story is too broad and too complicated. For all that happens each week, nothing is going on. The characters are too complex to be developed properly; there is too much backstory for each one. It seems that Heroes is going the way of Lost. It's gotten too ambitious for it's own good - this episode in particular. There were hundreds of questions raised about Sylar, Peter, Matt, Claire, Mrs. Petrelli, Linderman, Jessica/Tracey/Nikki/Whoeversheis, and there is no end in sight that could possibly address all of this in 24 episodes. The writers would be better served to kill off a few characters and restructure the whole story down to something far less complicated but just as exciting. I like to know what happened at the end of a tv episode, and lately, I feel dumber at the end than I do at the beginning.
  • Chaotic plot...but I liked it...

    Ok, first of all the episode's plot is a total mess.I feel dizzy just thinking about it.Back in the past,forward in the future.Heroes acting as villains, villains acting as heroes.I have to drink another aspirin and then go on with the review...At some points you will be struggling to put in your head what on earth is going on,as your brain's temperature rises in dangerous levels.New questions appear to haunt you.The old questions of course are not answered.But strangely I found myself absorbed by the episode.I don't know what happened,so help me God,I liked it.Maybe because I like the complexity in Silar's character so far in this season,maybe because of some brilliant action scenes and showdowns,maybe because of Claire's future looks...I want to continue watching this show because it's becoming more and more surrealistic and this usually means that something good is coming....Let's cross our fingers and hope...of course the writers must clear their heads a bit because there is a thin line that separates the genius from the mad...
  • Two Peters, Parkman sees the future, Claire is evil, Sylar is good. Ehhhh... what the hell?

    I felt that last week's episode was the strongest since a fantastic season 1 filled us all with so much hope for the show. This week was an absolute trainwreck.

    Last week, I was able to rationalize a lot of the characters' behaviors and motivations. This week, the whole episode made no sense to me. So Parkman can see into the future? Oh by the way, he marries Daphne... ummm, k. Sylar is a good guy now? OK, I will take his word for it. Peter needs his power? As far as I'm concerned, Peter already can get every power through empathy. He needs to see how things work... ok, how about some research, instead of cursing yourself with the hunger.

    Suresh's story was weak, and he continues to upset me. Just keep him as the narrator and ditch his storyline already. Hiro and Ando, frustrating! The only good thing out of it was Adam returning.

    Now my big beef with the episode... the future makes absolutely no sense. It keeps getting changed due to the butterfly effect, I can understand that. But even if 4 years has changed Claire, I still don't see her character ever being like that. She acts evil, even though she is supposed to be working for the good guys. And why does Future Peter talk in a gruffier voice? Four years made his voice gruffy? It sounds so fake (I know its nitpicking but its so annoying!) And the biggest flaw: Peter can stop time.... so why doesn't he stop it and prevent child Noah from being killed? Why doesn't he stop time and throw Sylar (I'm sorry, 'Gabriel') into the sky? There is no excuse for this, unless Peter is just that dumb (although I'm beginning to think he is). Or how about this, he goes back in time and changes that moment.

    While I originally thought the element of time travel was awesome, it is really starting to create a large number of plot holes. For good execution of time travel, watch LOST. I am sorry, but this was the worst episode of the season, and amongst the weakest in Heroes history. Yeah there was some cool stuff going on, but I care more about plot and character development. These two important elements to any show are getting thrown under the bus right now in favor of the WOW factor. It's a shame. I really hope that somehow these character arcs and plotlines can be saved, but things are looking pretty grim.
  • Brilliant

    Week after week Heroes impresses me, I like how we get to see glimpses of the future, which is likely going to change, which gives the writers the possibility to pretty much write anything, that still satisfies the viewer who get the illusion of learning something new. (which is probably not always subject to change). I don't want to see Peter become like Sylar, but I do like the nice family man Sylar =) I think David Anders can be the villain this season, I want Peter to stay as one of the good guys... I don't like grown-up Claire, she's acting like a spoilt child in a womans body... I hope Peter will get his head straight and fight the "hunger" for power or whatever it is =)
  • Much better than last episode great improvement.Still lacks a bit of character development.

    Yeah definetely much better. I love Heroes when they use the chronological jumps and show how events in the future are influenced by what happen in the present. Looks like present Peter steps in a major butterfly when he goes to visit Future Gabriel , his brother, who explodes killing 200,000 after his son is murdered by Claire ,Daphne and Knox.Before the explosion Peter takes Sylar's power of understanding and feels the "hunger". He comes back to the present and finds his brother.

    Hiro's storyline is going a bit slow since the begining of season 3 probably with Adam now is going to pick up it's pace.Matt is isolated and didn't done much so far either ,now he has the mission of finding Daphne.No signs of St.Joan so far.

    In this episode Nathan is killed and saves a life all in the same episode.

    There are many people who keep on criticizing Heroes. I think Season 3 started great(except episode 3).They are working very well with the "Ying Yang" concept and characters are becoming more and more interesting and complex.Maybe the show needs a bit more of character development for Matt , Hiro and Nathan right now since they didn't do anything "heroic" since the season started .
  • This episode helped prove to me that Heroes is back on the right path.

    I Am Become Death was good for a lot of reasons. Such as it showed that it is possible for sylar to become one of the good guys and care for another person. It also showed how amazing Noxs power is and how devastatingly disastrous it could be to the world. Also, it brought back Adam who, although he was in perhaps the worst season of any good show ever, seems like he could make an amazing bad guy especially seeing that he brings out the dark side of hiro. Heroes has let me down only with the second season and it looks as though the writers are determined to make everyone forget about season two.
  • Best Heroes episode to date.

    This episode of heroes was amazing. The storylines all around are just starting to get interesting, and going into the future for most of an episode gives us a good idea of what is happening for most of the heroes in present time.

    I really hope that what we saw of Mohinder in the future means that he'll be able to be helped and not turn into that monster thing.

    The Sylar-Petrilli brother storyline is the best thing ever, so interesting and perfect. Seeing a new side of Sylar, seeing him years after what he is now, was really great...it makes Sylar into less of a villian to the viewer.

    Tracy and Nathan -- I'm glad both of them are both still in the show after last season's finale (even if it's not Niki anymore.) And them getting together was written perfectly -- of course she'll try to die and of course he'll fly in and rescue her. Well done.

    I want to know what happens to Claire -- it was terrible seeing her in the future but not knowing why she is that way.

    Can't wait for next week's Heroes!
  • My favourite Heroes episode since Season 1

    Fantastic, revealing, exciting, special, emotional.... use as money words as you like to describe the superb episode of Heroes that you have just witnessed. For me, this episode is the turning point.

    Season 1 was the best thing since water.... Season 2 was slow, which put a lot of people off..... Season 3 started ok but after tonight's episode I can officially say HEROES IS BACK!!!

    Don't listen to the doubters, they must be watching re-runs of Saved by the Bell or something...

    This episode reveals so much about what this season is going to be about, as well as clearing up some of our questions.

    Sit back, enjoy.... but you certainly won't relax for the next 43 minutes!
  • One of the best episodes of the show...

    Though it was an episode with all those stuff going on and not being able to catch up with it,I loved it...

    One reason that makes me watch this show is the whole mistry stuff.

    For those who dont understand the episode they will rate it as one of the worst ones but in fact it is not like that,but if you cant go on with it and lose the ability to put all of those stuff together it does not mean that it is the show but it is you.

    I think the main thought in this episode is consequences of what have they done over the past 4 years:you see Suresh getting to be an insect and lose every thing because of what he was trying to do,there is the fast girl that has became Mats wife as we know she stole the formula and here she is so dead,there is Peter we can see that he has become almost the bad guy,and all the other charecters are geting into more and more troubles.

    Like Nathan said (the world is splitting into halfs)
    and I say all the heroes are splitting too.

    Yes. Kill me, stone me, hate me. Anything is better than watching any more of this sham of a show.

    You know - I look back at that very first season and weep for all that it could have been. It thrilled. It raised aspirations for what TV really could do. But instead of going on to bigger and better things, it took a nose dive in season 2, and despite a promising start, season 3 is crashing and burning.

    I simply could not watch any more. The dialogue is painful. The acting abysmal. The casting rock bottom. Old characters have everything good about them slaughtered. They kill future Peter. They persist with mopey Clare. They annoy us to no end with Ice Queen/Split personlaity. They continue with Mohinder and his annoying whiny voice girlfriend. They kill off the spark that Hiro and Ando had. There are NO cool new characters. It was so painful that I could not even get as far as Sylar.

    This is the end of a beautiful relationship. Although I am sorry for what could have been, I would rather swallow razorblades while being burnt alive than watch any more.

    Heroes is dead.
  • Season 3 is just getting better and better. Friggin awesome.

    Lets be honest, season 2 was weak, too many soap opera trappings, not enough action, and the storylines were somewhat weak. But boy has Heroes returned, and in spectacular fashion. The first 3 episodes were great but this epiosode was tremendous and is an extremely promising sign for the rest of the season.

    Well, the lines between Hero and Villian are truly blurred, especially when we see what the future has in store for our "heroes". What I like immensley is just how much of a biartch Claire is in the future and how much of a nice guy Sylar (Gabriel) is, both him and his dog. It really is gonna be interesting to see how they all get there. My only fear in all this is that they cant give us a convincing reason all this happens, but im gonna give the writers the benefit of the doubt. And I do hope they manage to tie everything together because right now we are in the establishing stage and not much progress forward.

    Anyways, what a great episode, bring the rest on!
  • This is one of the best episodes of tv i have ever seen

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  • I Am Become Death... is Death Coming to Heroes?

    Chapter One was amazing. It brought people to mutant proportions of a life, Chapter Two almost killed us. And Chapter Three may be facing Death, Episode 4 shows us how intertwined the lives of our heroes are but that all seems to be it for this TV Show, connecting people with one person from another. A new character pops up but oops.. his really the friend of a friend who has a friend with a wife who has a friend. What made this episode pop is Sylar's ability who is now with Peter, now that is going to be interesting. SO.. is the following episode a scenery of Death to the TV Show? Or the Chapter Four slip up from the creator save it? Will we save it? My answer.. save the TV Show, save the world.
  • Falling apart at the seams

    "Heroes" staves off the public impression of stringing the audience along with a regular stream of revelation, plenty of action, and a wealth of plot threads. In fact, the writers of "Heroes" are trying so hard to avoid being labeled as another "Lost" that they overlook the best qualities of their supposed rival.

    First, however, I should focus on the positive. No matter how many times they return to the "unexpected future" well, it's a lot of fun. I thought this version of the future was a little less interesting than they could have made it, with a bigger budget, but the general premise came across. In particular, I liked the argument between Future Peter and Present Peter. Present Peter is still full of hope and optimism about the human race; Future Peter is far more pragmatic.

    The introduction of freely available metahuman abilities would not begin a golden age. It would amplify the basic positives and negatives within society as a whole. The virtuous would use the abilities in a controlled manner, but the criminal element would flourish with the chance to overcome traditional law enforcement. Such a future would all too easily lead to what was seen in the alternate future explored in the first season.

    Unlike the first season, however, abilities are not treated as a genetic quirk, but the combined result of genetics and biochemical manipulation. Apparently several characters are going to be revealed as "altered", given abilities by their parents or minions of the Twelve and the Company. Just as Sylar's victory over Claire undercuts the first season arc, I think this idea undercuts the strength of the second season arc. Previously, the story was starkly generational; now, I'm not sure it works as well.

    But it does begin to explain some of the divisions that threaten to emerge. Hiro's impulsive decision to open his father's sage, thus allowing someone to reconstruct the formula for creating metahumans, has given someone an opportunity. Mohinder's subplot demonstrates how it can all go wrong, if the formula is not correct. Some will want abilities to proliferate; others will not. Which side is the villainous side may be hard to figure out, but that should be part of the fun.

    On the other hand, wouldn't it be a nice change of pace for the writers to develop a straightforward conflict between good and evil without the need for the "alternate future" plot device? As fun as it is to see Domesticated Sylar and Evil Hottie Claire, it does become a cliché. Do the writers think that revealing the future is the only way to make the in-between more interesting? Or, once again, are they afraid to give their fans the impression of lack of direction (despite clearly making things up as they go along)?

    Two problems persist. First, there is the annoying need to make Sylar sympathetic. This actually began back in the first season when they introduced his (now adoptive) mother and tried to blame his actions on his upbringing. But ever since Sylar escaped his natural moment of death (so the writers could continue to avoid the promised Peter/Sylar clash) in the first season finale, the character has been floundering.

    Now, instead of letting him remain the worst of the worst, Peter's polar opposite, the writers have saddled Sylar with this ridiculous excuse for his villainy. Instead of simply being a dark and amoral madman, bent on accumulation of power, Sylar is suffering from a "hunger". This makes him kill out of insatiable need, not because of a psychological disorder. And frankly, that's just not as interesting or compelling.

    Contrast Sylar with someone like Ben Linus from "Lost". Ben is incredibly popular, not because he has been softened over time, but because his constant machinations and psychological prowess remain unmatched. He's not an anti-hero; he's a man consistent with his vision, which often makes him villainous in the eyes of others. In other words, he's a fully fleshed out character with deep motivations.

    I don't see the same thing with Sylar. What I see is a desire to make his continued presence more logical by giving him the chance to evolve into something other than the damaged overpowered psychopath.

    This is just bad character development, and the same is happening with Claire. By showing the Future Hottie Claire as amoral, the writers suggest that it is some extreme desire for self-defense. Does it have to be that way? Of course not, so the writers need to tread carefully to make sense of this shift. My suspicion is that Claire will try to get help from more trustworthy people, only to be ignored, forcing her to look elsewhere. I'm just not sure that process will be handled well.

    The second problem is the lack of lasting consequences. The writers use death for its shock value all the time, but it only becomes a true "threat" when those deaths are permanent. How many people have come back from the dead on this show? Even accounting for the fact that Adam can't technically die, there was no need to bring him back as well.

    So far, despite the darker edge, the third season seems to be falling into the same trap as the second season. The story is all too familiar, and the writers seem to think tossing a dozen plot threads into a single episode is better than developing a few solid plot threads with depth. I liked a lot about this episode, but those two massive problems just won't go away.
  • We look into the Future

    We look into the Future and Start with Sylar, we see him in Claire's old house with a dog just her's. Not forgetting his son his named Noah just HRG Hmm...is Claire the mother? Now that's creepy. And while future Sylar is temporarily neutered, that doesn't last long once his son is killed as he, literally, goes nuclear and takes out 200,000 people with him. But not before giving present Peter the ability to become a human can-opener.

    Mohinder doesn't know what he's done to himself; his powers are simply giving him super-jerkness. We also see Matt having a kid with Daphne, then there's the return of a former villain, Adam to help Hiro find the formula that gives abilities to all in the future.
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