Season 3 Episode 24

I Am Sylar

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Bennets and Petrellis are eating at the Coyote Sands Café when they see "Nathan" giving a press conference on TV.

18 hours earlier

In Washington D.C., Sylar, in the form of Agent Taub, gets out of bed. He goes to the mirror and removes a tooth from his mouth, and wonders who he is.

Matt talks to Janice on the phone and puts Matt Jr. on. Matt promises to get him back as soon as he can, and says it's good to hear from her. Janice thanks him for saving their son. Ando and Hiro note that Matt isn't happy, and Matt says he's going to take his son home. He says he has a plan but he won't be reuniting with his wife. Hiro and Ando wonder if that's a good idea, and ask him for help taking down Building 26. Matt says that he'd rather help raise his son. Hiro says that they'll go without him but Matt points out there is not much they can do. He warns that there's nothing they can do but they insist on going. Once he's gone, Ando points out that he's right but Hiro insists that a hero never gives up.

Danko finds Sylar in a park and points out that he needs to keep a low profile. Sylar explains that he woke up as Taub and grew an extra tooth in his mouth. He's reassembling his DNA so much that it isn't coming back the same way. Sylar refuses to go back to being a nothing, and Danko points out that he needs to remain as Taub or he'll have to hunt him down. Danko starts to go but Sylar tells him to wait… then shifts back to Taub's form. As Danko goes, Sylar uses his telekinesis to briefly carve the message "I am Sylar" into his arm before it heals.

Sylar goes to the home of Tom Miller in Richmond, VA. Miller gets a text message from Rebel telling him to get out. Sylar arrives and slips into Miller's house, Miller warns that he can hurt him, but Sylar explains that he knows Miller has an ability and has one as well, and he's there to help. Miller asks if he's Rebel and Sylar says that the people hunting them are afraid of them. Sylar asks Miller to demonstrate his power and Miller shatters a figurine through sheer concentration. Sylar, impressed, asks if Miller picks him or the hunters. Miller says he picks him, and Sylar uses his powers to cut open his skull.

Danko and his men burst in a few minutes later and find Miller dead, and the words "I am Sylar" written on the wall in blood. Later, Danko meets with Sylar in his office and notes he's been put in a difficult position. Sylar explains that Miller received a message from Rebel, who is somewhere in Washington. Danko tells him to play dead for now, but Sylar explains that one of his eyes remained blue for several hours. Danko says that he's used different identities before and tells Sylar he needs to find an anchor to hold on to remind him of who he is. Danko shows Sylar his father's watch, and Sylar analyzes it, noting his ability to understand how things works is the only power that's truly his.

Hiro and Ando prepare to break into Isaac's loft, and Hiro figures they'll use Ando as bait to get the government agents to lead them back to their base. Ando talks about the new alias he wants to use, then wonders if Hiro still isn't taking him seriously. They're interrupted when government hunters break in and open fire. Hiro freezes time but this time Ando isn't frozen, and Ando insists this time he doesn't have to be bait.

Sylar (as Taub) receives files and evidence on Virginia Grey's unsolved murder. He goes through her belongings and finds the pair of scissors he ended up killing her with. He also finds the snowball, and then throws it against the wall in a rage. He hallucinates her presence and wonders why she lied to him. Virginia insists she never lied to him, but she protected him against Samson. Sylar insists he took on the power of shapeshifting so he'd never have to be like his father, then asks why he feels alone. Virginia insists that she always wanted him, even though Sylar killed her, and now she's back. "Virginia" then reverts back to Sylar as someone knocks on the door. Sylar answers the door and finds Danko there. Danko wonders what he's doing, then says they've found Rebel and he needs Taub.

At Isaac's loft, Hiro realizes that anyone he touches isn't frozen. When Hiro gets angry, Ando figures he's jealous that he has to share his "special" time. Hiro insists he isn't a fascist, but Ando insists he can do things by himself. Hiro regretfully unfreezes time long enough for the darts to hit Ando, then refreezes time again to find a man his

Danko leads a squad to the building where Rebel is supposed to be. They kill the power, figuring that renders Rebel unable to manipulate any machinery. "Taub" goes off on his own and Sylar confronts Rebel. He's surprised that Micah is just a kid, and Micah says he knows who Sylar is and can help him remember who he is. Sylar says that Micah is alone, but Micah insists that Sylar can save them all. Sylar considers what Micah has said.

A drugged Ando is transported by black van along the parkway. Hiro, disguised as one of the soldiers, freezes time and frees Ando. Hiro tells him to play possum, then turns off the medicine and puts the drug tube back in Ando's nose. One of the soldiers notices that Hiro is wearing glasses. Ando opens fire with his power and knocks out the soldiers, then points out to Hiro they were about to taser him unconscious. They find a soldier's GPS and use it to find Building 26.

"Micah" runs for the nearby pier and Danko and his men chase after him. The real Micah watches from the shadows as the soldiers surround Micah/Sylar. One opens fire, knocking Micah/Sylar back into the water where they lose him. A little later, Danko meets with Sylar and wonders how Sylar failed to kill Micah and take his power. Sylar claims he has enough powers and didn't want to confuse himself with the ability to speak to machines. Danko admits they haven't found Micah's body but Sylar insists Micah couldn't have survived. Danko tells Sylar they have intel on more dangerous specials and he wants Sylar to go after them right away.

Later, Micah wakes up at Taub's apartment and finds Sylar having a conversation with his mother, shifting into her form. Sylar sees Micah watching him and reverts to his Sylar form, and says he made a mistake. Micah insists he can turn into someone who can make a difference, and turn into Nathan to convince the President he's made a mistake. Sylar tells him to get out and if he finds him again, he'll kill him.

Sylar goes to Nathan's office and again starts conversing with his dead mother. He talks of how Nathan was born with a silver spoon, and Virginia points out that now Sylar can be a senator, and he's better than all of them. Virginia says that his killing her was an accident, but Sylar explains that he did it on purpose because she thought he was a monster and made him feel small. "Virginia" says that she forgives him, and he can be anything he wants, even the President of the United States. She gives him a brush with Nathan's hair (and DNA) on it, and Sylar admits he can be anything he wants. He takes the brush and takes on the form of Nathan, and tells Virginia he won't let her down.

Matt arrives at Janice's home with Matt Jr. and talks about how he can't use her powers on her. Janice arrives and says it's good to see him. As they hug, Matt telepathically "hears" the agents nearby. He tells Janice to pack while he holds them off. She wonders if he's coming with them and Matt says he wants to be part of Matt Jr.'s life. Janice says they have a lot to talk about.

Nathan/Sylar holds his press conference and talks about a plan he has to shake up the power structure in Washington. He says the President has refused to talk to him. As everyone watches, "Nathan" insists that once he shakes the President's hand, everything will change.

At the Coyote Sands Café, Noah warns that Sylar can shapeshift into the President once he shakes hands. Nathan wants to go it alone but the others say he tried it before and failed. Noah warns that Sylar will be expecting him. Peter offers to go with Nathan but Nathan says he has to end it and leaves. Pete goes after him.

Ando and Hiro arrives at Building 26. Ando says Hiro needs to treat him as a partner and Hiro agrees. Ando boosts his power but when Hiro tries to freeze time, Hiro collapses in pain as his nose bleeds, and he freezes only himself in time.

Matt finds his old police badge as Janice packs. He tells her he can't go with her because he's going to back to end things so they can have the chance to see if they can have a life together. He senses them coming and tells Janice to stay close.

Nathan arrives in his office to find Sylar waiting for him in Nathan's form. Sylar talks of how Nathan loathes himself then reverts to his own form. He points out that Nathan wants to destroy his own power, the one thing that makes him special. Sylar has been using his power to read the objects in Nathan's life and knows how he turned against his family. Nathan says that no one will believe him but Sylar says that he just won't be Nathan, he'll be better than Nathan. He prepares to cut open Nathan's skull, but Danko arrives and shoots Nathan with a tranq dart. Danko says they need to handle Nathan delicately, then shoots Nathan again. He tells Sylar to turn back into Taub so they can take down the others.

At Coyote Sands, Mohinder is going over the film of his father's experiments when government soldiers arrive and render him unconscious.

Ando tends to the frozen Hiro.

Matt telepathically shields himself and his family from the soldiers.

Noah, Claire, and Angela are stopped at a police roadblock and soldiers surround them.

Sylar tells Danko that he's no longer interested in being Taub, or whatever Danko needs. When he turns his back, Danko drives a knife into his skull. Sylar collapses… and Danko looks on in shock as Sylar gets up and removes the knife.
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