Season 3 Episode 21

Into Asylum

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • A lot is going on in the Petrelli family which has been torn apart, and Danko gets a surprising offer from someone.

    Nathan and Claire are stranded in Mexico, without money - and without friends, as it turns out. There are some rather amusing and almost touching scenes with the two; daddy issues both ways, and Nathan's struggle to do the right thing after facing up with the fact that he isn't the top dog anymore. The scene with the drinking game is rather amusing.

    In the meanwhile Peter is trying to help his mother although he probably knows better than that. In the end his guilt wins, and while they take refuge in a church where Angela hopes for some kind of miracle to happen, Peter confronts his own fears and disappointments. Surprising, but giving us new kind of insight into what is going on in Peter's head.

    Then there's Danko, who got a present from none else but our favorite serial killer, Sylar. The latter is trying to convince Danko that he needs his help - and it turns out that this alliance might be beneficial for them both.
  • Really really good

    i loved this episode because it slowwed down all the action and suspense and just nuckled down to the story telling and the relationships between the characters.
    heroes may not be as good as what it used to in season 1 but i still think it is good as it is just changing, and it would have been really hard to top season1.
    the only thing i dont like in this new series is claires hair, is she wearing a wig r somehing, it looks really wierd lol but she still is hot.:-) another thing is that i miss nikki sanders, i didnt like the tracey strauss character, i thought she was pontless.
    still love the show, and will definatly keep tuning in.
  • A great episode that developed the story and characters...

    Like I said this episode had loads of development between characters and the story, Nathan and Claire bonded, Peter and Angela bonded, oh and Danko and Sylar bonded as well. It was funny seeing Claire and Nathan trying to earn money. Angela and Peter shared stories that where intresting and I loved the scene where Peter was talking to god. The best parts of this episode where the scenes with Sylar and Danko working together, Sylar also got a cool new power which is sure to make things interesting in future episodes. Overal this was a really good episode which I really enjoyed.
  • Claire and Nathan are in Mexico seeking asylum while trying to fix their broken relationship. Peter and Angela do the same but in a church. Danko allies with Sylar to bring down one of the special ones.

    This is a really good episode that developes the character in depth.
    Claire and Nathan seek asylum in Mexico after Nathan's revelation to Danko that he can fly. Trying to get some money Nathan enters a drinking game but ends up getting wasted. Claire on the other hand takes over and wins back the money. When they both return at the motel, Nathan assures Claire that he will take care of everything and she has nothing to worry about the whole situation at hand. The following morning however, Nathan, sober now, takes all the promises back and even tells Claire that he has nothing and there is nothing he can do to save them and get them out of the whole fugitive situation. Claire tells Nathan she believed in him and that she still does but Nathan doesn't even believe in himself. Regretful, Nathan catches up with Claire at the bus stop and assures her that he will do his best to be a hero once again.
    Meanwhile, Angela and Peter find themselves outside a church, a cathedral more precisely, and enter. Angela admits to her son that she feels she has disappointed both of her children and also that she hadn't had any precognitive dreams for a while now. With both of them praying to God, we only get to hear Peter's prayer in which he asks God for a sign to help him help others. When Danko's men enter the church, with Noah in charge, Angela and Peter enter the confessionals. At that moment Angela opens for the first time her soul and tells Peter that she was once like him; a dreamer thinking she can save the world. Feeling regretful that she has made her children hate her (and her dead husband), she is stopped by Noah who opens the confessional but lies to the other men saying that there is no one. When the men leave, Angela finally manages to take a nap and dreams of their next step; to find Claire and Nathan and then visit her sister.
    Finally, Sylar pays a visit to Danko offering him an alliance to capture a new target of Danko's who has killed many of his agents; a shapeshifter named James Martin. Danko hesitates at first but agrees in the end realizing that this might be his best solution. After finding clues they track down James at a club with the face of Danko. Trying to trick them he then takes the form of Sylar. Danko realizes this before James shoots him and shoots him first. With Sylar's body, James is dumped into Building 26 with Danko saying that he has in fact killed the real Sylar. Thus an unlikely alliance is formed.
    The idea of Danko and Sylar working together is just magnificent. But the highlight of this episode is Cristine Rose's performance as a woman who has been through a lot in her life and wants to make amends; Angela Petrelli. The story of Angela is more thoroughly expanded in chapter 23: 1961 but for now we have to settle with this incredible performance of hers. Enjoy!
  • An awesome character episode with some of the best one-on-one scenes we've seen in a long time.

    Now this is a return to form, season 3 has been one-good, one-mediocre for a while now but this episode is one of the absolute best of season 3, even the whole series. A truly spectacular character episode, featuring all of my favorite characters all in one place and together!

    Sylar is responsible for Doyle gift wrapped. Given Bennet's conversation with Angela, I assumed he did it. Talk about an alliance from Hell – Sylar wants his own kind eliminated. He did this in the future when he was posing as Nathan, 'eliminating the competition', on the other hand, it means he doesn't get their powers. Seems a strange choice at first but his agenda becomes clear: last man standing. Sylar vanished inside the car - is this an ability we don't know about? As far as we know he doesn't teleport. So where did Sylar go? I will admit he looked so sexy standing on that rooftop in the rain…

    The deal's a good one for Danko, but also addresses Bennet's lecture – Danko's getting hasty and careless, he didn't even bother to find out what Martins' power was before sending his men in and got three of them killed. Bennet's pushing the 'one of us, one of them' plan but Danko hates them too much and it's showing more and more. He's cracking. The inevitable happens – Danko sics Bennet on Angela.

    Nathan and Claire are in Mexico. Excellent, some crucial father/daughter bonding time! Nathan's trying so hard with Claire and she fights him every step of the way. When she asked why the free pass and why he saved her, why can't he tell her the truth? That he's her father and he loves her. I think it actually hurts him when she keeps referring to her 'other father'. Nathan actually seems almost shy with her, as if he doesn't know how to act. We find Nathan has astonishing depths – winning money off college kids?! His explanation: used to do it for shore leave money in the Philippines! Nathan is so cool! When poor Nathan passes out, Claire takes over – her body's natural healing should deal with the alcohol in her system.

    A very sweet scene with Angela in the church, burdened by her many crimes, she looks for forgiveness in Peter. If she thinks that her Peter is capable of hating his mother or brother, she doesn't know him very well. He's just not capable of it. Never pegged Peter as religious but very touching scene when he's praying. It's not that hard to figure out how they found Angela, like she said, they got married in this church and she's a regular visitor. I loved her explanation to Peter about how she turned out this way, comparing herself to Cassandra and when people wouldn't listen, she found another way. Thank God Bennet's on our side!

    Sylar solves the mystery which Danko didn't bother to – Martins is a shapeshifter! A power Sylar wants, he didn't get Candace's power like the first time. He could completely disappear, they'd never find him. He's exceptionally good at playing detective, seeing so much of himself in Martins, if things were different, he'd make an excellent cop. Like finding Martins at the club, impersonating Danko! Sylar finds this hysterical which is hilarious in itself! Martins takes Sylar's form but Danko shoots him… but doesn't kill him, letting Sylar do it! It's one thing working with Sylar, it's another to deliberately let him kill someone in front of you! This is the first time Sylar's used his empathy absorption since Elle. Interesting to see he can still do it without the whole emotional bonding part. Danko did it to fake Sylar's death!! For all Danko's contempt for Bennet's methods, he is now working with one of Them.

    Drink loosens Nathan's tongue like nothing else has, letting him come clean with Claire about how he feels about everything, including her. A really sweet scene. I always love Nathan and Claire together, trying to find some equilibrium in their relationship. Morning provides a new Nathan, one who admits he doesn't know how to fix this. Claire, so disappointed, reveals how amazing she thinks he is and if her hurt disappointment doesn't spur him into action, nothing will! It does and though there are many touching scenes in this episode, Nathan standing in the road waiting for Claire to join him and walking off arm-in-arm made me melt. This is the first time that Claire has shown Nathan acceptance as her father, even admiration, she usually plays her feelings close to the vest and her disapproval of his actions hasn't helped their relationship at all. This was a good time out to get to know each other a little. Besides, it can't be easy having a father as sexy as he is, all stubble and dark glasses with the three piece suit, talk about irresistible!

    Angela finally sleeps and wakes with a plan – reunite with Nathan and Claire (does Peter even know they're on the run?) then go to see her sister, whom Peter never knew about. She slaps him again, just like in the pilot, very cute.

    What an awesome character episode, some of the strongest scenes written for a long time! Wonderful bonding with the characters we love. A series with so many characters cannot work unless we get to know (and love) the characters and the relationships are the reason I keep coming back and stay loyal even through the shaky episodes. The super hero stuff is great but like Supernatural, is not what draws me to the series - this kind of episode is exactly the reason. What a truly wonderful episode.
  • Fuller's on a roll, Sylar returns to greatness.

    I don't want to jinx this. I want this to work. I want to love Heroes again and if last episode and this one are any indication I think the show is back on track. The real test was sitting through an episode of Nathan and Claire. These two have become very frustrating to watch over the last two Volumes but this episode they were both entertaining to watch, and their story was interesting. Angela and Peter were also interesting to watch, but the real winners of this episode was Sylar and Danko. Make that just Sylar. All episode I was waiting for them to take away the shape shifting power from Sylar's grasp before he acquired it, but I was dead wrong, they gave him the ability to shape shift and now he's become even more frightening then he previously was. He can be anyone or anything, he's immortal, and he can tear your head open with a thought, he can hear you coming and flip cars with his mind. Frightening, frightening character, and I'm glad he's back. They tried to reform him in Season 3 or worse make him a stupid joke like in that future episode, but now he's back on the hunt. How do you stop him? Perhaps Angela knows. That's the feeling I got when she awoke from that dream, and for the first time I dared to think the WRITERS knew what to do as well. With Fuller back on the writing staff I feel this show can turn itself around again and be great. At least I hope. If next episode is good I think its safe to say Heroes is back.
  • Worst Episode of the Series?

    I mean come on. Really? I'm a person who doesn't like the direction Heroes has gone for seasons two and three, but I continue to hold out hope that the series will flip a switch at some point in time and get back to being amazing. I thought last week might have been that switch. But we go from one of the better episodes in a long time to this - and this episode was just terrible from start to finish. To begin with - Nathan/Claire and Peter/Angela combine for over half the episode and manage to create some of the worst dialouge in the entire series. There was no point to the Nathan / Claire thing. For some reason, likely because the show was so bad during season two and HRG has always been so good, the fact that Nathan is Claires father doesn't really have the father-daughter feel. It feels like "Nathan and Claire" not "Father and Daughter". They hide out in Mexico and win some money. That's about it. Angela has always been one of the best characters in the show. Her mystery compelling because she was always one of the characters who you really only wanted to see for a couple of minutes an episode. This episode gave her about 15 minutes screen time and it was terrible. Peter looks for God, which was a painful scene for the minute and a half that I had to watch it.

    Danko / Sylar provided some good scenes and I liked the hunt that they went on together after the Shapeshifter. Not exactly sure how the shapeshifter got to be Sylar, but I'm sure I missed it wherver it was. Sylar having that power could be very interesting in upcoming episodes. Be on the look-out for a massive trickery in the shapeshifting department coming up at some point. Overall, other then Sylar / Danko the episode was just awful. I still hold out hope, but I do wonder why at some points.
  • Character Development

    Definitely a good episode to mend the relationships between the characters. For the viewers who questioned the relationship between Claire and Nathan, this episode helped strengthen that bond. I haven't favoured Nathan's plotline so far in the 'Villains' volume, but after his time with Claire in Mexico, I've started thinking that he might finally become an actual hero instead of a half-hero/half-villain character. Peter and Angela's time in the church was somewhat inspiring. The notion that the writers may include an actual miracle in the story is comforting to know. Angela of course remains a mystery but little by little, her character is becoming unveiled. Danko and Sylar is an odd combination, but they both have their motives. Sylar has always been an individualist in the past, and I find that his character is compromised when he works with other people. However, it adds question when two villains like that decide to work together, and I'm anxious to see how it unfurls. Overall, it was a good episode, and I believe it's a great starter for the upcoming season finale.
  • Nathan takes his daughter to her mother's favorite hiding place as Peter found his mom on her favorite hiding place.

    As Sylar engages on yet another road trip and Danko wins yet another amoral ally, Nathan Petrelli takes his eldest daughter all the way to Mexico, her mom's favorite hiding place and although the whole trip felt so...off without Meredith you've got to give him some credit for trying to give back Claire some sort of glimpse out of the life they could've shared should Nathan have done right by Meredith.

    For as miserable and defeated as Nathan was, this man is exactly what Claire would've had for a father should she have grown up with him: his position lost, his influence gone along with everything he hope he'd be. Same vision that Angela shares with Peter only tainted by the insight, if not the knowledge, of a son that did grow up with his mother. A contrast that shapes and strengthen them in preparation for what's to come
  • Sylar is so good at being bad.

    I love the way Nathan and Blair interacted with each other in this show. Another thing about Nathan is the way he went from denying his powers, to helping Peter save the world, slowly becoming a dark element hunting down the Heroes and now he is on the run protecting his daughter.

    Angela and Peter are in Church. When they were in the confessional booth, we see Noah outside. He could have exposed them, but instead he decides to spare them. To me the most interesting part was the interaction between Sylar and Danko. Sylar has been trying to win Danko over hoping he will help him hunt down all the Heroes. Both are a necessary evil in the others lives. Question is, how long will it be before one decides they do not need the other and decides to terminate the other? I love watching how the show is developing. More importantly, the character development is brilliant. My favorite Villain, Sylar, is more wicked then he was in season one. With more powers and more to obtain, he will unstoppable. His goal is to be the only one with powers left. We all know Danko will never allow him to achieve this goal. I fell Sylar knows this and is biding his time until the services of Danko are no longer needed. It would be interesting if we should discover that Danko has a power that nobody knows about. For now with Danko it is one of them and one of us. I really hope the ratings of the show are good. I would love to see this show come in full circle that wraps everything up. To me, HEROES is the best T.V. show out there.
  • Better than Cold Snap!

    Heroes returned again this week with a surprisingly brilliant episode! We get to see a very creepy Sylar and we see him back on the hunt! This time for a shapeshifter who's power Sylar seems desperate to posses! The dynamic between Sylar and Danko gave us some of the best scenes of the series. The Claire and Nathan scenes were strong and we finally got to see the father daughter relationship. The scenes were well done and there were some very funny moments along side the very serious ones. The Angela and Peter scenes were touching and it was good to see Angela admitting her wrongs. Peter had his best scene in a long time when he was praying. All together this was a great episode and if the writers keep this going Heroes might actually get it's viewers back.
  • It was a well written, story progressing installment.

    I felt Into Asylum could've used an extra storyline, but the show is focusing on less storylines per episode now. Everything was better written. Claire wasn't even annoying! The storylines in this episode were like this:

    1)Sylar was trying to convince Danko that he could be a good partner, resulting in a false death of , due to a shapeshifter disguised as Sylar. Sylar is now 'dead' to the other characters, and Danko now has himself a useful partner to help round up different Heroes. Did I mention Sylar stole said shapeshifter's ability? A funny thing coming out of this storyline was the shapeshifter getting his playa on as Danko in a nightclub.

    2)Peter and Angela were looking to faith to help them as fugitives. HRG let them stay hidden. 3)Claire and Nathan were enjoying time in Mexico until Nathan got wasted, making false promises of getting everything under control. Oh, yeah Claire liver heals so she can't get drunk. Over all Into Asylum had good writing and I enjoyed seeing another clue toward a possible Five Years Gone future. Heroes might be back in the top spot!
  • Change is evident in the last 2 episodes....

    ....and it's GREAT!

    Actual character development, great direction and script. After seeing cold Angela Petrelli sweat for the first time last week, we are now clued in to why she had acted so in in a confession to her son Peter inside a church. Meanwhile, Nathan heads off to Mexico, after wondering why he wasn't the one who flew in to save Angela last week, it is revealed that he took off to save Claire. Danko and Sylar form an uneasy alliance to catch a shape-shifting teacher. Sylar wasn't shy in showing all his cards to Danko and teaching him the tricks of his trade. Scarily enough, he takes it in with comfort as him and Sylar pull a quick trick on Noah Bennett that puts the two villains in an even better position to take the heroes all on with deadly ease.
  • Dear heroes: You won a fan back!

    I just finished watching the episode and am still freakin out over just how awsome that episode was.the thing is most people might think that was a "filler" episode because it had more emotion than action.BUT I think the reason heroes has been losing its original fans is because instead of working on the character develoment they were more concerned with moving the story along.With Cold snap,and now this episode they have focused on the characters more.The Nathan and Claire relationship wasnt really worked on in previous episodes and in this one they get to show us more.the angela and Peter storyline was also very moving and it was good to see Angela own up to all the bad stuff she's done but at the same time you understand that even though she manipulated,lied and betrayed people it was all for the "greater good".
    Sylar and Danko's collaboration provided some of the greatest interaction we've seen in ages.
    Over-rall the episode took all its characters seriously and presented them to us in a way that reminded us why we fell in love with them in the first place.
  • Apparently selling the kidneys was all this show needed. Who knew?

    How much more proof do people need? HEROES IS BACK!!

    Claire and Nathan's relationship I believe is now much more secure than before and completely out in the open, with no hidden feelings from either party. And the "Are you coming?" line at the end practically screamed "Superman!"

    Then there is Sylar and Danko. That shapeshifter guy really did mix things up, most times I wasn't really sure who was who. But in the end, Sylar got what he needed and wanted, and now he's a hell of a lot more bad ass than before. I'm really loving this alliance!

    Finally, there's Peter and Angela which I believe was the best one of the three storylines. Angela finally revealed her motivation to all the manipulation we've seen her do countless times over the last three seasons. And when HRG opened the curtain, my heart actually stopped! (before I saw who was there). And the speech Peter gave to the Jesus statue was very well written too. And it all ended with the sweet twist of knowing that Angela has a sister (but from the looks of the trailer, I think she's dead). I wonder what her power is/was?

    I think the alliances built in this episode and the last one are all sort of preparation for what's to happen at the end of the season, and I'm loving them all!!

    "Another great installment" is the perfect description for this episode, following on the greatness of the last one. Keep it going writers, you're finally on the right track again!
  • Having fun with the idea of normal people with superpowers again!

    I almost lost hope in Heroes over the course of this season, but the last two episodes have been surprisingly Awesome. The writing has gotten much sharper and they're having fun with what normal people would do with superpowers again; like Claire joking about selling her spleens, Hiro's dysfunctional powers forcing him to use a wheelbarrow, and a guy who can shape-shift using the power to live fantasies and pick up women. Much more enjoyable and down to earth than earlier this season which was serious and full of plot holes they would try to cover up by altering the characters personalities or suddenly making them stupid. Hopefully they can keep this up regularly and I'll be able to honestly recommend my friends continue watching, instead of doing what I have done most of the season, "..Yea I still watch, and I know it's gotten bad, but I'm invested in it and it has it's moments." Looking forward to the rest of the season!

    Syler is even better than usual, the insight into Angela's past was interesting, Peter was bland, Nathan was fine, and Claire made a step out of her rut of being her normal self-righteous teen angst girl with half-witted ideas on how to Save Everyone.
  • Not the best.

    I love Heroes. I love the direction it is going right now, this episode had it's good moments, some were terrible moments. I really did not like the Peter/Angela plot. It was so dry, but HRG did give her a free pass so that is what you could call development. Anyways, um what else. the Claire/Nathan plot was hilarious, we no know Claire cannot get drunk cause of her power, more development. Sylar, a lot of development but I couldn't wait for the plot to be over for good. Danko just bugs me now and it seems like everyone has a double life in this show. I don't get how the episode title relates with the episode.
  • Nathan+Claire:a bit boring, Sylar+Danko:awesome ,Peter+Angela:great.

    I can't give this review a 10 because I find Claire and Nathan attempt of a relationship a bit boring and it seems like forced ; I don't buy it.Plus Hayden's drunk acting skills need to improve fast , she did a lame fake drunk. The rest of the episode was excellent.I love shapeshifting as an ability and it reminded me to season 1 when we see heroes 5 years into the future and Sylar takes Nathan's form.The whole scenes where great plotted and with a clever twist at the end of the episode. Peter and Angela seek asylum in a church and Peter makes some time to talk to God.Despite there wasn't much action we learn a bit more of the Petrelli family background and mother and son grow closer , so it was interesting and revealing The season is improving in each episode and an explosive and intriguing finale it's exactly what this show needs to regain it's prestige
  • Sylar teams up with the Hunter and schools him in tracking those with powers. Nathan and Claire have a heart to heart in Mexico while hiding. And Peter and his mom does some deep soul searching and conversation in the church. Awesome episode!

    I absolutely loved this episode. Without having it hyped up too much, and even though there was not a lot of action scenes, it was a brilliant episode. It was the first in a long line of episodes that had a positive feel to it and ended on a high note.

    Sylar offers himself to Denko, to assist him in hunting and capturing specials. This would give him the opportunity to get more power - not just abilities. But it does not come easy. He had to prove to Denko how good he is - schooling him and reading Denko's character to a tee! Brilliant combination and a ruthless team.

    Claire was taken to Mexico with her dad. They try to hide and survive. Battling with money issues, until Nathan tried to drink their way into more money. Claire had to save the situation, after which the drunk father and daughter had a heart to heart. Claire sees in her father a hero "superman", and still a good guy. This was confirmed by his intention to rectify his own mistakes. He tried to back out of it, but because of Claire's insistence, he came to his senses, leading him on the road back to do good.

    What stood out this episode was Peter and his mom's hiding in the church. Angela had to find peace and rest, and some sleep for her ability to function again. Peter could finally face his own feelings of betrayal, pain, hurt and anger - first towards Angela and then towards God. I loved his prayer - ending with the candles being blown out as soon as Denko's men arrived on the scene. And after her sleep, Angela was empowered again - knowing what the next step will be.

    This episode accomplished much with very little action sequences. It also sets up a great arc for what is to come in the final few episodes. These will be a blast as Heroes came back on track with good writing styles, great reveals and an added sense of mysteries! Great job!
  • Family Reunions.

    Okay within the past few episodes we have been given solid proof that Heroes as a show has returned to what works and it's all thanks to the writers. Tonight's epsiode was extremely important as alliances are created and re-established. I loved watching Peter being torn in doing what he feels is necessary and right with caring as well as protecting his mother. Nathan is trying to live up to Claire's and everyone else's expectations not realizing that who he was, was what made him a "hero". HRG is as always seems to be playing both sides of the fence again, I'm just hoping he's on the right side. Sylar and Danko teaming up, especially with Sylar's new shape shifter power, is going to cause nothing but trouble. But it's going to be great to see play out.
  • "INTO ASYLUM" is an filler episode.

    "INTO ASYLUM" is an episode of Heroes that has filler scenes without much storyline into the episode. Nathan and Claire go to a cantina/bar in Mexico. Claire gives him some money she got from a pawn shop and Nathan gambles it away by drinking contest. Nathan is about to lose all but Claire steps in and put Nathan's watch as collateral for the rest of the money. Claire wins and then Nathan gives her a pendant. This scene has nothing to do with Heroes or the storyline at hand with the rest of the characters. In another scene, Peter finds his mother in church and begins to prey. He mentions that he is losing his faith, he has issues with his mother and other things in his life. Later on, agents comes in the church and block people from leaving the church. Angela and Peter hide in confession booths and are miraculously saved. They leave church without getting caught by any agents. This infusion of religion and heroes does not make much sense. The writers could have written a better storyline with one's faith.

    Not the whole episode is filler, Danko and Sylar work together to capture a shape shifter. They find the shape shifter as Syler and then Syler kills him. People believe Syler is dead but it was really the shape shifter. Now, Syler has the shape shifter's ability and agree with work with agent Danko to find/kill all heroes. Danko says Syler could be the last one standing. Syler does not have a problem because he was to be more powerful. I like that Syler is very powerful and needs to be the main villan.
  • Danko and Sylar teaming up, somehow I'm just not buying that.

    I know I'm going to get flamed, won't be the first time or the last but I just didn't care much for this episode. Angela and Peter were about the only thing interesting here. Seeking asylum in a church, they're still pursued but HRG gives them the "all clear". I did like the interaction between those two, Pete's discussion with God and Angela's confession (in the confessional no less) were all nice touches. This storyline was fine and well done.

    Nathan and Claire wasn't all that interesting. They run away to Mexico and we see that Claire can't get drunk, no real surprise. I did like her "superman" comment but beyond that, not really much going on here.

    Sylar and Danko, I'm not buying this. After everything Danko went through, all of things and now he's going to KNOWINGLY help Sylar become more powerful? Seems against Danko's nature to me. And as we all know, Sylar just wanted the power for it's own sake. He can create illusions so he can hide and it would be less painful than shape shifting. Also, it seemed convenient that the shifter shifted into Sylar in an attempt to escape. I'm guessing he was going to kill Danko but Danko caught on. Would have made more sense to shift into someone arbitrary and slip out, like he did the first time.

    While not my favorite episode, I will nonetheless be watching next week.
  • Lots of talk is not always a bad thing

    I can understand why this wasn't the episode for everyone. In a lot of ways, this reminded me of the current "Terminator" series. Rather than focus on action, this was an episode about character. For some shows, this is hardly worthy of note, but for "Heroes", it's a rather big shift. And more importantly, the character exploration was actually well done. It wasn't fast-paced, but it made sense.

    The episode focused mostly on three plots in rotation: Peter and Angela, Nathan and Claire, and Danko and Sylar. Two of the threads are fairly introspective, even if they bring characters to an important step along their respective paths. The third plot thread is a bit more active, but serves to begin clarifying some of the mess from Volume Three.

    Angela is clearly going to play a stronger role in the balance of this volume, bringing together the metahumans based on her precognitive dream. This is not particularly new to the series, of course, but I liked how it was treated in this instance. It wasn't about puzzling over yet another set of Tim Sale drawings, delaying understanding and action. This was about giving Angela the peace of mind necessary to use her ability to everyone's advantage. Finding a kind of peace with Peter was necessary to that end. As such, their time in the church was as much about Peter finding his way as it was Angela getting what she needed.

    I've often felt that Peter was designed to be the leader of the "good" metahumans, because of the scale of his power. The writers have adjusted that to make Peter less of a "superman", and this should push him to work with others to combat the common threat. If the previous volumes have told us anything, it's that the Petrellis have always tried to lead the metahumans through their own self-generated crises. They typically fail based on their human weaknesses. So this could be a step in the right direction, if they can begin learning from their mistakes.

    Nathan is certainly no better than Peter. Nathan has the leadership skills (or he wouldn't be persuasive enough to be a successful politician), but he lacks innate common sense. He's not nearly as clever or aware as he seems to think he is. Claire is probably the last person to call Nathan on his shortcomings, given her track record of leaping before looking, but she's probably going to be the catalyst to get the rest of the Petrelli brood in gear. (And I must say, Hayden is gorgeous in this episode, particularly the first half!)

    If the two Petrelli-dominated plot threads are meant to point towards potential leadership for the "heroes", then Danko's alliance with Sylar is clearly meant to elevate him back to the role as the main antagonist. This is where Sylar should have started at the beginning of Volume Three, frankly, and his manipulation of Danko is nearly perfect. Now that Sylar is thought to be dead, and he can assume any appearance, he can do just about anything. In fact, it wouldn't be all that surprising if he killed Danko and took his place.

    Considering how long I've been pointing out the lack of clear and logical motivations for the characters, this is a very good sign. It gives me hope that the remainder of the season will course-correct the series and start repairing the damage that Volume Three had caused.
  • Danko and Sylar team up is so cool. Claire and Nathan bonding was so sweat, not to mention funny to see drunk Nathan. Peter and Angela bonding in the church, and introduced an new charcer to come.

    This was the best episode of the season. So excited to see how the Sylar/Danko partnership plays out the should get some intresting things out of that. So Awsome just watching the two team up and try to find the shape shifter. The club parts were just so fun to watch. Claire and Nathan were so great toghther there, we watch nathan get drunk and pass out, then claire jump in and win the drinking contest. when they go back to their hotel room and nathan has his big confession to claire and she crys was so sad. Now they will be heading back to the states and eventruly find Peter and Angela. Last time we saw them were in a church. I didn't care much for Peter's story line, but it had its momments. Im just happy that in the end, Angela and Peter got to a happy ending, and I'm so intrested in how Angela's sister will turn out to be, and also to see the Petrelli's come together. My favorite part was the ending when everyone has their goals set and they play the music, and everyone heading of to either save or destroy the next day.
  • Everyone seems to be acting a little out of character, a classic sign that the season finale is approaching.

    I'm not sure I get the Sylar/Danko thing. Why would Sylar want to team up with anyone, let alone Danko? We've seen before Sylar has trouble with partnerships of all kinds and this one is particularly complicated. Danko locks up people with abilities, I'd even go so far as to say he hates them. Why wouldn't Sylar just kill him now that he has the shape shifting ability and take his place to get more powers and kill other heroes. Then again this season he has passed on several heroes powers leading me to believe that the Sylar of volume 3 is surpressed but not again. Then again perhaps we're verging on another Sylar altogether, one that has bigger game in mind. I mean the season one episode Five Years Gone does have a lot in common with the current course of season 3.

    But back to Sylar, he is getting so powerful. I mean he's been virtually unstoppable since he got Claire's power (and he was pretty near that long before he got Claire's power) but now he's got everything he needs to be unstoppable, uncatchable and all powerful. He's always been the most powerful character on the show from season to season but now he's got the new power of shape shifting and that takes him up to an even higher level then he's ever been at. A higher level then I'd imagine any person with an ability has ever been, this is going to get amaingly dramatic and insane and I can not wait. Sylar is the best character on the show, as I said many a time, and they always give him the best stuff. Good or evil he's always the most compelling and good for the show for consistently keeping him that way. I'm glad they recognize how strong a character he really is.

    I also don't get why Danko would be willing to pair up with Sylar? Perhaps he feels the concept of one for all is a fair trade. Let Sylar have a free pass to capture the rest? I guess in warped way it makes sense but he never seemed to be a fan of free passes before. Nathan, Claire, Angela etc. And Sylar is of course ten times more dangerous then any of them. Not to mention the world may think he is dead, or at the very least a certain old enemy does. HRG is in for a big surprise in more ways then one and so is the world.

    Sylar and Danko aren't the only ones who are making weird calls. I don't get Claire, she knows Nathan is basically behind the capture and hunting of herself her family and her kind yet she seems to harbor almost no ill will towards him. For those reasons anyway. In fact she seems to be bonding with him better then ever.

    The Petrelli clan (though Claire isn't a Petrelli in actual last name we all know she technically is) seem to have trouble letting go of family and seeing them for what they really are. Peter seems to have forgotten all the trouble his mother has caused over the years, all the bad things she has done.

    I'm not sure I'm super fond of this Angela having a long lost sister kind of thing. Heroes is notorious for hidden family members popping up, through sudden appearances and big genetic reveals but just the same they better have a really good explination as to why Angela has never even mentioned her before. Perhaps Angela is Nathan in this scenario and her sister is Peter, just a thought.
  • Getting better

    This is how things should be in this TV show, a lot more twists and turns in every second, less use of powers and more acting, real acting!

    I liked the fact that Claire wasn't her annoyinh usual and that they used her powers in the drinking match, it doesn't always have to be dying and coming back. Nathn showed more acting and actually showed he was an actor, much like in the first season. I hate to say it but the fact that they didn't show Hiro and Ando was great. They started with the promise of becoming serious heroes and became a joke. Syler acting with Danko was nice and without Syler this show would have been history long ago. I just hate how they switch allies every 2 seconds. By now we've already forgot about Syler's dad and the kid he was travelling with. These lookied like plot lines that were supposed to take us somewhere but ended up with nothing. I have a feeling that although this was a good epsiode, we are going to see some very bad ones soon. Hope I'm wrong.
  • The rain proves to be a source of reflection for the heroes as they muse on the past, present, and future.

    Angela and Peter hide out in a church and they ponder god and what it means to be a hero. Meanwhile, Claire opens her heart to Nathan as they hide out in Mexico and try to redefine their relationship. Sylar and Danco team up to try and capture new heroes. All in all this episode, in my opinion, is beautifully written and a fine example of what the show is about. This is one of the first episodes this season that goes back to the idea of exploring the backgrounds and struggles of each individual hero. The relationships that grow in this episode give a new sense of heart to season 3 that just hasn't been present so far. I think this episode will prove to be a starting point for a new and improved Heroes.
  • This volume only has a few good episodes but all and all Fugitives sucks!

    Episode 19 was good not great, 20 was fantastic! But this was pretty crap! Seriously? What the hell has happened to this show, very very ridiculous! It was about Sylar teaming up with Danco and Nathan and Claire's father daughter relationship together also Peter and Angela's mother to son relationship in a church in New York City. It was quite interesting, but really boring and not very well scripted. This whole story line of them on the run seems to be going Nowhere! I mean they're all on the run? there's like 3-4 episodes left? What is Sylar going to save the day? Oh, and also wtf? Sylar is alive? He got stabbed in the back of his head by Claire and that's where his ability is! The building also burned to the ground? Well, hopefully the rest of this season will improve but yeah just my opinion but I hated it. ;)
  • Sylar working with Danco, Peter working now with his mom and the Petrelli family is getting back together!!

    now it seems that Syler is going to work with Denco to kill all people with abilities, and Syler now has the ability of shave shifting thats gonna be crazy and make the show more wisted!!
    the best thing that the Petrelli's family is getting back togeter, but Angela has a sister !! who is she?? whats her ability!! damn the season is about to end and lots and lots of things still to come!! and we cant wait for it lol
    I liked when Noah helped Angela, I expected that, though they made a little silly that from all the guys he opened that door!!! how ironic, whatever.
    but i have to say at the beginning of the episode, Syler sounds very scary and powerful, still I say he is the best character of the show.
  • Heroes crawls to a snail's pace with this rather more reflective hour.

    Heroes crawls to a snail's pace with this rather more reflective hour. It's a brave decision to concentrate so squarely on character in the manner that 'Into Asylum' does: there's barely a substantial plot development in sight, save for Sylar's rather cool acquisition of the ability to shapeshift. Instead, we spend a little time exploring the inner workings of Angela Petrelli's warped psyche and attempting to reconcile the differences between Claire and her biological father. The former is actually quite interesting, even if it does drag in places, as it finally offers the potential for some explanation as to the woman's bizarrely malicious nature, teetering towards redemption. The latter, unfortunately, is not so successful. Sure, we get a nice moment of truth between the two when they return, inebriated, to the apartment but the extraneous sequences in which they indulge themselves in tequila shooters are just plain mind-numbing. Get to the (blatantly obvious) point already! There's the aforementioned Sylar's thread to consider too and this certainly helps pick things up as Zachary and Zelkjo just ooze chemistry. At least, with this and certain aspects of Angela's story, the mood is lifted from catatonic to passable. Perhaps not the wisest pace change but certainly not without merit.
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