Season 3 Episode 9

It's Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on NBC
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Nathan learns of his father's plans while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Peter and Claire. Meanwhile, Matt tries to revive Angela, Sylar meets with Elle, and Mohinder begins testing of his newest superpower formula.

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  • Mediocre

    I guess this episode wasn't as bad as some of the other ones, but it still wasn't great. Parkman's annoying, and his relationship with Daphne is underdeveloped. I guess she loves him because he's a nice guy. Sylar is much better as a bad guy, and the incestuous relationship between everybody is kind of ridiculous. Mohinder has gone from evil villain back to scientist, Hiro's a little kid, and Claire is trying to take on the world without any fighting abilities. This combined with the fact that you now have two characters (Sylar and Arthur Petrelli (I'm sure Peter will get them back)) that basically have everyone's powers which is mind boggling. Also, maybe I'm stupid, but can anyone explain why Arthur Petrelli and the gang want to give everyone powers? To save the world? How would giving everyone powers accomplish this? This is all confusing, not because it is complex, but because it's just not explained.moreless
  • a fine example on how you can fall off a flat earth - if you get too two-dimensional that is

    It's wonderful watching Heroes in the third season and remembering why I got stuck with it in the first place: the twists of the characters but an overall integrity on those and a well-layout scenery on time and space. But in the meantime it appears to me like those character-twists are occurring as they are needed to plot another episode, if there's a flaw, well let's make it a dream, a time-travel or a time-continuum mix-up. A recourse on formerly established but back then well-founded circumstances might arise hope in the viewer's attention to get the show back on that track it once derailed from. So i.e. Hiro & the comic book in that recent episode. But the down-told story on Elle and Gabriel fka. Silar is so boring you can easily see it's the quint-essence of Heros' nowadays thrills: bawling sfx and a tiny bit of mush.

    We will see on how the story continues but I guess if they can't get back on the well-contructed storytelling they were famous for I'll drop out on the fourth season.moreless
  • The problem with Heroes is this...

    ...sorry to go off topic slightly but I just have to say I thought this was a very good episode of Heroes nevertheless I have spotted a few reasons why die-hard fans like myself have been disappointed...

    This season was advertised as the return to basics script with all the many subplots phased together as one and a Season 1 like-era was being shaped. However that was the producers and the networks first mistake. I dont think I have seen a show that can keep its first season status for it following season - it is virtually impossible. But over-hyping the third season only disappointed fans more because of the different direction Season 3 has taken. Obviously this is better than Season 2 however what people have to realise is the mystery surrounding Season 1 has been solved to an extent so half the tension that followed that is now gone and we have a new mystery to develop. My point is that advertisements should have stated it was a return to the normal format but not as "the best season yet". You get that award when the season's over!

    Next week's set to be the "catalyst" of the season so fingers crossed...moreless
  • Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Claire coz she is the key to the formula Matt tries to save Angela, Sylar meets with Elle and helps her and takes her power without killing hermoreless

    great episode :) Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Claire coz she is the key to the formula Matt tries to save Angela, Sylar meets with Elle and helps her and takes her power without killing her show this is so much better this season more episode near enough now that last seasons lol

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  • Way better than last "weird flashback episode...

    I must say that this episode was great. I mean the show IS shaping to turn out to be a better one. With only a couple of episodes left to this Volume's finale this episode showed couples bonding...

    First Nathan and his Father. Great Scene even if sometimes i cant stand the ways he speaks.(lots of pauses) but yeah it was kool that scene.

    I guess Ali Larter loves to play as a villain...(wont comment on that)

    Well we also see Peter and Claire in some action, revealing that Arthur wants her...

    Hiro dealing with his memory loss was OK

    I cant forget Sylar and Elle bonding scenes... is it me? or they look like good guys? But i love their quemistry

    and finally the scene between speedster-parkman-angela-arthur I loved that one OK now some questions:

    Why Arthur released Angela? Is he the great evil? He did erased some memories from Hiro but how? does he got that ability from the Haitian? IS Sylar and Belle real evil guys? im still not convinced after Sylar saved his brother... What will happen with this eclipse? how will it change the lives of the heroes?..and supposed villains...

    Lets wait and seemoreless
Juno Ishida

Juno Ishida

Japanese Kid 1

Guest Star

Sean Yonamine

Sean Yonamine

Japanese Kid 2

Guest Star

Glenn Hetrick

Glenn Hetrick

Elephant Man (as "Glen Strange")

Guest Star

Brea Grant

Brea Grant

Daphne Millbrook

Recurring Role

Blake Shields

Blake Shields


Recurring Role

Ntare Mwine

Ntare Mwine


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the bowling center Hiro says "Ya, buko ga honnto ni niyukyusai naraba [...]" which is translated to "So if I'm really twenty-eight years old [...]". "niyukyusai" means "twenty-nine years old", whereas "twenty-eight years old" would be "niyuhachisai".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Ando: How is this going to help you remember? It's a comic book store.
      Hiro: Correction, my grown up friend. This is the source of all knowledge.

    • (closing narration)
      Mohinder: It starts with light and ends with light. And in between, there is darkness. Nothing there is beyond hope. Nothing that can be sworn impossible. Nothing left unimagined... since Zeus, father of the Olympians, made night from midday... hiding the light of the shining sun and raining dark fear down upon men.

    • (after Nathan and Tracy find out Arthur Petrelli is still alive)
      Tracy: We should go back to Washington. We'll get the Justice Department involved...
      Nathan: No. Let's keep a lid on it.
      Tracy: But people have to know.
      Nathan: No. Last time I tried to tell anybody anything like this, my brother came back from the future and shot me. Twice.

    • Ando: How is this going to help you remember? This is a comic book store.
      Hiro: Correction, my grown up friend. This is the source of all knowledge.

    • Sylar: Empathy? What makes you think I'm capable of that?
      Arthur: Because I know you're the one that saved Peter from that fall.

    • Angela: We were once like that, Arthur. Remember? You loved me and there's a part of you that still does.

    • Ando: Would you stop fooling around and pay attention? The fate of the world depends on it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 27, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      Thailand: December 25, 2008 on Star World
      New Zealand: January 21, 2009 on TV3
      Latin America: January 23, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Israel: February 17, 2009 on Yes Stars Action
      Belgium: April 9, 2009 on VT4
      Germany: October 28, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: April 3, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: July 30, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 25, 2012 on Markiza

    • Make-up artist Glenn Hetrick appears onscreen as the deformed victim of Mohinder's formula. However, he is listed as "Glen Strange" in the end credits. This is almost certainly an homage to the actor "Glenn Strange" who was most famous for taking over the role of Frankenstein's Monster after Boris Karloff gave it up.


    • Hiro: Captain America died! Spider-Man revealed his secret identity! And the Hulk is red.
      These characters are all from Marvel Comics. The death of Captain America and Spider-Man revealing his identity happened during the 2006-2007 comic book crossover Civil War. The red Hulk is a result of the crossover World War Hulk which happened shortly afterward.

    • The hand gesture Hiro makes after asking if he really is a superhero is a reference to the Japanese series Ultraman.