Season 3 Episode 9

It's Coming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Mediocre

    I guess this episode wasn't as bad as some of the other ones, but it still wasn't great. Parkman's annoying, and his relationship with Daphne is underdeveloped. I guess she loves him because he's a nice guy. Sylar is much better as a bad guy, and the incestuous relationship between everybody is kind of ridiculous. Mohinder has gone from evil villain back to scientist, Hiro's a little kid, and Claire is trying to take on the world without any fighting abilities. This combined with the fact that you now have two characters (Sylar and Arthur Petrelli (I'm sure Peter will get them back)) that basically have everyone's powers which is mind boggling. Also, maybe I'm stupid, but can anyone explain why Arthur Petrelli and the gang want to give everyone powers? To save the world? How would giving everyone powers accomplish this? This is all confusing, not because it is complex, but because it's just not explained.
  • a fine example on how you can fall off a flat earth - if you get too two-dimensional that is

    It's wonderful watching Heroes in the third season and remembering why I got stuck with it in the first place: the twists of the characters but an overall integrity on those and a well-layout scenery on time and space. But in the meantime it appears to me like those character-twists are occurring as they are needed to plot another episode, if there's a flaw, well let's make it a dream, a time-travel or a time-continuum mix-up. A recourse on formerly established but back then well-founded circumstances might arise hope in the viewer's attention to get the show back on that track it once derailed from. So i.e. Hiro & the comic book in that recent episode. But the down-told story on Elle and Gabriel fka. Silar is so boring you can easily see it's the quint-essence of Heros' nowadays thrills: bawling sfx and a tiny bit of mush.
    We will see on how the story continues but I guess if they can't get back on the well-contructed storytelling they were famous for I'll drop out on the fourth season.
  • The problem with Heroes is this...

    ...sorry to go off topic slightly but I just have to say I thought this was a very good episode of Heroes nevertheless I have spotted a few reasons why die-hard fans like myself have been disappointed...

    This season was advertised as the return to basics script with all the many subplots phased together as one and a Season 1 like-era was being shaped. However that was the producers and the networks first mistake. I dont think I have seen a show that can keep its first season status for it following season - it is virtually impossible. But over-hyping the third season only disappointed fans more because of the different direction Season 3 has taken. Obviously this is better than Season 2 however what people have to realise is the mystery surrounding Season 1 has been solved to an extent so half the tension that followed that is now gone and we have a new mystery to develop. My point is that advertisements should have stated it was a return to the normal format but not as "the best season yet". You get that award when the season's over!

    Next week's set to be the "catalyst" of the season so fingers crossed...
  • Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Claire coz she is the key to the formula Matt tries to save Angela, Sylar meets with Elle and helps her and takes her power without killing her

    great episode :) Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Claire coz she is the key to the formula Matt tries to save Angela, Sylar meets with Elle and helps her and takes her power without killing her show this is so much better this season more episode near enough now that last seasons lol

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  • Way better than last "weird flashback episode...

    I must say that this episode was great. I mean the show IS shaping to turn out to be a better one. With only a couple of episodes left to this Volume's finale this episode showed couples bonding...

    First Nathan and his Father. Great Scene even if sometimes i cant stand the ways he speaks.(lots of pauses) but yeah it was kool that scene.

    I guess Ali Larter loves to play as a villain...(wont comment on that)

    Well we also see Peter and Claire in some action, revealing that Arthur wants her...

    Hiro dealing with his memory loss was OK

    I cant forget Sylar and Elle bonding scenes... is it me? or they look like good guys? But i love their quemistry

    and finally the scene between speedster-parkman-angela-arthur I loved that one OK now some questions:
    Why Arthur released Angela? Is he the great evil? He did erased some memories from Hiro but how? does he got that ability from the Haitian? IS Sylar and Belle real evil guys? im still not convinced after Sylar saved his brother... What will happen with this eclipse? how will it change the lives of the heroes?..and supposed villains...

    Lets wait and see
  • Sylar's power enhances with the help of Arthur and Elle, Peter and Claire try to escape from Knox and Flint, Matt attempts to save Angela from her coma as each of our Heroes picks a side; Arthur or Angela. The clue lies in the catalyst.

    This chapter merely acts as a prologue to the next two chapter entitled The Eclipse.
    Sylar is assisted by Arthur to enhance his power when Arthur tells him that Sylar's power may not be so much different than Peter's. He reveals to him that he is aware that Sylar slowed down Peter's fall when he threw him out of the window during chapter 7: Eris Quod Sum. When he puts him in the same cell as Elle a fight between them ensues. An enraged Elle delivers the full amount of her power on Sylar who takes the hit. When Sylar tells her that she knows she feels guilty for him as she might be the one that turned him into this serial killer, Elle finally forgives herself and reconciles with Sylar. In the end, Sylar absorbs Elle's power and Elle teaches him how to use it. They both enter Arthur's team.
    Matt with Daphne arrive at Primatech and find a comatose Angela. He enters her mind in an attempt to save her from whoever is keeping her trapped. Arthur enters Angela's mind at the same time trying to counter Matt's attempt. He reveals to Matt that Daphne is working for him and that's how he knew when to enter Angela's mind; at the time Matt was in it as well. In the end, Angela forces Arthur to release her and the two sides are created. Meanwhile, Nathan arrives at Pinehearst and meets up with his father, whom he thought he was dead. After a brief conversation, Nathan realizes that his father is just as crazy as Linderman was when he was talking about the destruction of New York. So, he leaves and goes back to Primatech to talk to his mother while Tracy stays behind. She goes to Arthur and makes a deal with him; that she will get Nathan on Arthur's side as long as Arthur will be able to protect her when all of this is over. Arthur accepts.
    Peter and Claire are tracked down by Knox and Flint. Thinking that is Peter they want they both run away with Claire trying to protect a powerless Peter. In the end, we find out that is Claire they want and Peter takes matters in his own hands and saves Claire. They both arrive at Primatech while Knox and Flint return to Pinehearst. Hiro still thinks he is a 12 year old boy as Ando tries to teach him all about his mystical powers. When Hiro witnesses his own powers into action he becomes more excited but doesn't act like the Hiro we know. Hiro takes Ando to a comic book store where they find the latest comic of 9th Wonders in which an eclipse is painted in the end with the phrase It's Coming. Finally, Mohinder tries to perfect the formula; which he tested on a human being without a big success and realizes that the manifestation of these powers is closely connected to the eclipse seen in volume 1 chapter 1 and that the only thing missing from the formula to be perfected is some sort of catalyst. Arthur reveals to him that Kaito Nakamura a former colleague of his and Hiro's father knew about this catalyst which was put inside a human host. Claire believes she might be the catalyst.
    A beautiful prologue of the next two breath-taking episodes. Here we see the two teams; Arthur's team consisted of Flint, Knox, Elle, Sylar and Tracy and Angela's team consisted of Matt, Daphne, Claire, Nathan and Peter. The two teams will come into conflict in the next two chapters with some of them changing sides. Of course you don't see key players such as Noah and Mohinder but you will see in which team they are in the next chapter. Key facts: Peter tries desperately to keep Claire innocent in order for her not to become the killer he saw four years from now. I don't understand how 9th Wonders issues keep coming up as Isaac mentioned in volume 1 chapter 19: .07% that the one comicbook he gave to the delivery man was the last one and it included a trip to the future by Hiro. Regardless, the next two chapter might be the whole point of this volume so don't miss a second of it. Enjoy!
  • Tim Kring puts pen to paper and strikes another one out of the park.

    Tim Kring puts pen to paper and strikes another one out of the park. After a couple of solid but slightly unimpressive episodes, it's good to see Heroes on fighting form again. The plot is tight, structured neatly around the impending arrival of 'something big', which lends the individual narrative strands a cohesion that has been a little lacking of late. There's a nice thematic juxtaposition between the gung ho action fest of Flint and Knox's villainous terrorising of our heroes and the quiet, psychological manipulation of dear, sweet Angela by a gruesomely diabolical Arthur Petrelli (kudos to Greg Yaitanes here too, these scenes are superbly chilling). And then, of course, there's Sylar's torture at the hands of a grieving Elle, which has to rank as one of the most horrific, but simultaneously touching, moments of the entire series. A highly effective marriage of plot and character development then, which is exactly what drew us all to the show in the first place.
  • A disturbing episode which reveals what's coming and which players are on which side.

    This is the third strong episode in a row, and this contains a sense of dark foreboding that I don't remember ever feeling in Heroes before. I was a little worried at the beginning of season 3 that Heroes had lost it's magic, but if this is any indication, there's good stuff ahead.

    Arthur puts Peter's teleportation to use, going to Africa to kill Usutu. Arthur's erased some of Hiro's memory and it's literally Ando to the rescue as he manages to get Hiro to teleport them. Hiro thinks he's 10 years old! This leads to Ando trying to restore his memory, even showing him 9th Wonder just like Hiro originally did with Ando.

    According to Arthur, Gabriel can also take powers without killing, calling him empathic, which is just what Claude called Peter. Arthur knows Gabriel saved Peter. The reason the previous episode emphasized the relationship between Gabriel and Elle is because Arthur intends Gabriel to practice on Elle.

    Knox and Flint show up for Peter and Claire makes it to the ground before Peter by jumping out the window. Peter makes the comment about wanting Claire to stay 'innocent', which she doesn't understand but we do – it's even the same alley where Claire killed his future self. Once they stop running, Peter tells Claire about her future self, becoming the very thing she fears, a soulless killer. There's a very sweet moment between them as she tells him she can't leave him and it's all his fault: he should have saved her, becoming her friend and hero. She tells Peter to run, staying to stop them only to find out that they're actually after her. Always the hero, even without his powers, Peter rescues Claire.

    Mohinder has finally made the connection between the eclipse and the overnight appearance of the current generation's powers. We also have the advantage over him – the eclipse 400 years ago was also when Kensei's power emerged. Despite having the formula, Mohinder cannot recreate the successes of the previous use, there's obviously some element he's missing. Mohinder's experiments create horrific side-effects and to think, he almost did this to Peter! Well done, Dr Frankenstein.

    Arthur may be disappointed. Gabriel refuses to hurt Elle or even to defend himself, feeling that she has every right to her vengeance after he killed her father. Beginning to really love this guy, he really is reformed. In a truly beautiful, touching scene, Gabriel connects with Elle and through the empathy his father described, very gently takes her power. She hasn't lost her power, he absorbed it the way Peter did. Like Peter, he learns with amazing speed, able to control the power as well as, sometimes better, than the original owner.

    Arthur tries the same stunt with Nathan as with Peter, give him a hug but Nathan is naturally more wary than Peter and doesn't fall for it. Plus Peter told Nathan how their father took his powers. Arthur starts his whole destiny speech and tries to convince Nathan to side with him. Nathan is so overwhelmed by his father being alive that he forgets the important stuff – Arthur tried to kill Peter! He stole Peter's powers! You can already see that Tracy will be the power behind the President, she gets him focused. "The last time I tried to tell anybody anything like this, my brother came back from the future and shot me… twice." Nathan puts on his jacket, zipping it up and flies away! Does he have to do that in public?! Tracy, whom I'd started to like, turns out to be frighteningly like Jessica, blowing with the wind and willing to influence Nathan to side with Arthur. We know how this turns out – Nathan becomes president again, Tracy by his side, and the public face of the Special. I'm very disappointed, I thought she'd be good for Nathan, but turns out she's just using him like everyone else.

    Matt and Daphne arrive at Primatech to find it strangely deserted. Angela projects a vision of Usutu to bring Matt to her. Arthur faces off with Matt inside Angela's prison but Daphne manages to get in and convinces Matt she loves him. Angela takes the opportunity to reason with Arthur to let her go. Peter and Claire arrives and Matt naturally attacks him. A quick mind-reading confirms Peter's claim it wasn't him. This leads to a familiar scene, a group discussing how to avert a coming catastrophe. She confirms there's a third piece to the formula, a catalyst hidden in a human host. Claire remembers Sylar's cryptic comment and it looks like Claire's the one – they're going to have to protect her.

    The Specials are splitting into two groups, good and evil, hero and villain and Arthur draws the future: another eclipse is coming. This scene is beautifully done, very foreboding.

    A turning point, the heroes and villains clearly defined, the explanation of what's coming and a pronounced feeling of a war just over the horizon.
  • The start of a new episode, and a continuation to where we were left off last time.

    The start of a new episode, and a continuation to where we were left off last time. Warning spoilers below.

    So it seems Arthur didn't take Hiro's powers after all, but he did somehow make Hiro think he is 10. So now Hiro doesn't know about his powers, but luckily Ando made him teleport just in time to get away from Arthur. Now I know I speculated that if Arthur could time travel things would be worse. Well I forget Peter could time travel, and Arthur took all of Peter's powers. So I guess what Arthur did to Hiro was to slow down any progress he might make. Making him think he is 10 will definitely hamper his progress, as he doesn't know about his powers and when he does, he has to learn about them again. Not to mention his loss of a reason to use them, hopefully something can be done to restore his memory, even with Linderman being dead. Another interesting thing we find out early is that Arthur says Sylar can take powers without killing. I just hope that he finds out how, so he can hopefully become less evil. I know I always said they should kill off Sylar, but I think turning him good is just as good as killing him off. I was just sick of seeing the same old Sylar, always coming back and never dieing. Sylar gets locked in a cell with Elle, as part of Arthur's plan to teach Sylar how to take powers without killing. And learn he does, for once, Sylar can take powers without killing. I was pretty happy to see a good side of Sylar, for once his character is starting to seem normal, and he is finally given a chance to be good. It's just strange that the man who gave him the chance turns out to be the worst of them all. When Arthur let Angela free after Matt went in her mind, I guess I have to admit I was a bit surprised. After all, she tried to kill him, and he put her there. But then again, this show is all about the twists you can't predict, so I guess I should have at least known she would get out somehow. What I really enjoyed was at the end of the episode, when we find out there are two parts to the formula and a third part which is a human host. Something told me that Claire was that host, even before she made her statement.
  • Very well written and acted.

    Another exciting episode from Tim Kring and his staff. One of favorite scenes was when Sylar and Elle were together. After he forgave and eased her pain these two became friends. I am still not convinced that Sylar and Arthur are working together. I do feel that Sylar will be put in an emotional tug of war between his parents. Exactly what the other has in store for him, only time will tell. Poor Hiro, he has the mind of a ten year old and does not know the potential of his powers. Another scene I like was when he and Aldo are in the bowling alley and he freezes time only to cause some mischief. The way Clair came to Peter's rescue. That was very brave of her and well written. Unfortunately for Clair, she now discovers that she is the catalyst. I wonder what diabolical plans are do they have for her.

    All-in-all the show was well written and well acted. There was not one moment where the show dragged. Tim Kring has this brilliant way of drawing you into this world and making you crave for more. I am looking forward to the next episode of Heroes. The show gets better and better. I hope Heroes is renewed. I would love to see what Tim Kring has up his sleeve, and what surprises await for us.
  • I've killed a lot of people Elle. You're as much to blame for that as anyone. Maybe even more so.

    All I can say is wow that episode was just wow. Over the years Zachary Quinto has shown he is an amazing, committed actor who really knows how to act and has real depth that he bringsto Sylar. More so in this episode then any other, though obviously it's not the only great example of his talent but this one was particularly amazing. Kristen definitely held her own against him as well, which is saying something.

    When Arthur opened that door I knew it had to be Elle. They really pulled the drama into their meeting this time around. In the previous two cases, before we knew about their past together, their meetings were very brief. I love now that we know about their past they could really just use it and more importantly use it well. The lines/dialogue in Zach and Kristen's scenes were perfect, Zach's/Sylar's in particular. The effects were great to but the setting, a very dark cell, was perfect. Not only did it make Elle's power look that much more impressive but it was just the perfect setting for everything they had both been through, their history together, the pain they've caused one another. It just set the perfect tone. Anyway they really just wrote perfect dialogue and through it (and Zach's fantastic acting) tapped into the empathy in Sylar that we really had yet to see, and it makes perfect sense that we would finally see him tap into it with Elle. Zach worked it just right too, keeping it subtle yet emotional. I feel like I can't do it justice but I will say that the moment where Sylar absorbed Elle's power without killing her didn't just make Gabriel cry, I teared up too. The show seems to really know what they're doing pairing Zach and Kristen together you can really feel their chemistry even though this is only their second substantial episode together. Kristen was really good too. She was much more raw then she usually is, I've got to give her real credit for that. Their last scene together just sitting. Just talking and bonding over their shared pain, complicated past (both together and separately), inner demons and their newly shared power was just such an appropriate ending after everything they had been through in the episode. Elle released so much in this episode thanks to Sylar and Sylar gained so much and it was all just so powerful and like I said I don't think I'm doing it justice but I just can't stop raving, it was that good. Clearly though Arthur is up to something with the two of them, I'm not sure what the deal is but I think he's doing something in maneuvering them back together and I don't think it has anything to do with teaching Sylar how his powers really work. After all he didn't really do anything except supply the right person. It was all Gabriel and partially Elle. Who knew that after everything they did to one another, Elle in affect helping him to become Sylar and Sylar killing Elle's father and almost her, that they would one day help to save each other. Gabriel helped her to control her power in a way she didn't even know she needed to and Elle well she gave him that final piece to become something other then a monster. This show so knows what it's doing, I don't care what anyone says. Heroes is working it big time.

    I like that they're giving us something when it comes to Matt and Daphne, se said she loved him! Cute! I wasn't surprised that Peter found a way to kick butt without his powers. He's a smart boy. Nor was I surprised that Tracey kind of allied herself with Arthur, she seemed way to eager to just walk into Pinehearst. I didn't relaly understand if Arthur is holding Mohinder against his will or if he is staying to save himself, or something else entirely. It was surprising to hear that Claire might be this catalyst thing, whatever that means. That end montage was very suggestive, they showed the "heroes" and the "villains" and not everyone is where you'd think they'd be. Angela a good guy? I don't think so. I'm not convinced that's the final line up for either team and I'm certainly not convinced Gabriel and Elle can't be saved (if that's even the right word), after all if Gabriel can shake off his hunger then I think he can shake off his uber manipulative father. He is so playing all three of his boys and he knows just how to do it specific to each one of them. Just how to play them.

    Oh yeah and Hiro in ten now...I don't get why Arthur would do that of all things but it was cute.
  • Which are the good guys???

    Within this episode I think our teams are definitely decided. However, which is the good side and which is the bad one. We have Nathan and Peter teaming with mum against Dad and brother Gabriel. I'm liking this new Gabriel. He's learning and I think what he does with this new knowledge is going to be interesting to watch. The ever protective Claire is fighting Peter, who has seen the future. I don't think Claire's learned you can't fight destiny. But is it her destiny? Hiro and Ando seemed to be caught in the middle. Suresh is fighting what he helped create. The old saying of careful what you wish for pops into my head. The final piece of the formula is revealed that it's a person, not a thing. Claire believes it's her, but I don't think so. To me that would be to easy.
  • a slow and typical but good episode of Heroes

    It started last week but for some reason Heroes has slowed down its pace. Which is fine except that this season has been unusually fast paced and to have it slowed. . .maybe the writer's are trying to get back to the Season One format. Which is fine too except it doesn't match with the pace of this half-season. The episode was a little predictable too but that's all right. If it leads to an exciting battle, it's all right. Last episode, Arthur spied in on Hiro spying on his past and he decided that Hiro was being too much of a pain for him. He doesn't steal Hiro's power, Peter's ability already gave him time-travel, so he doesn't need it, he just wipes Hiro's memory clean. Arthur would have finished the job but Ando intervenes and helps Hiro teleport to Japan. Unfortunately, the memory wipe is pretty big. Hiro believes he is ten and has no memory of anything else. He doesn't even remember about his powers. It's up to Ando to try to restore those memories and babysit a 10 year-old thinking Hiro, who acts. . .like a 10 year old. Peter tries to get rid of Claire because he wants to go after his father. Claire wants to fight but Peter's still spooked over Future Claire and what she did to him. Claire doesn't believe him but Arthur's dispatched Knox and Flint, Claire's other uncle, to retrieve her. Peter and her are forced to run. Back at Pinhearst, Mohinder is still studying the formula, with little success. He has tried the formula on an unwilling subject and the subject is mutating the same as Mohinder. Arthur states the problem is the formula needs a catalyst, something that can make the formula effective. Hiro's father, Kaito, hid it away, and Arthur deduces it's not something but someone. Any guesses as to who? Trying to appease his son, Arthur reveals another way Sylar can get his power, and that is through understanding that person. Arthur knows Sylar can do it, he knows Sylar saved Peter and he doesn't appear to mind for now. If it turns bad, this may be the first time being nice is murderous. In order to test it out, Sylar is placed with Elle, who Arthur has locked up. Elle is still angry over her father's death, understandably, and shocks Sylar over and over while he's trying to be. . .nice. Being nice for all the wrong reasons but being nice. Elle and him reach an mutual understanding, their past from Villains comes back, and they to make a greater, personal connection. Interesting. Nathan and Tracey reach Pinehearst and Nathan comes face-to-face with the man he always wanted to emulate. Arthur offers Nathan a position in his new world order, stating Nathan was always his favorite son, never mind that he tried to kill him. Nathan refuses, he's been played before like this with Linderman and he's smart enough to know something's not quite right with Daddy. He storms out but Tracey double-crosses him, offering Arthur Nathan's alliance as long as she's in it. She senses the power and prestige and she doesn't want to miss out. Matt and Daphne go to Primatech to visit Angela and find her in a coma. Matt decides to use his mind manipulation to delve into her mind, still unaware Daphne is double-crossing him. Peter and Claire outrun Knox and Flint in a sewer. They try to capture Claire but thinking on his feet, Peter helps them escape again. In Angela's mind, Matt finds her chained to a seat, unable to move. Matt then sees a evil manifested version of Daphne that reveals she is a traitor and tries to kill him. Real Daphne sees Matt's pain and she really cares about him and forces Matt to take her into Angela's mind too. She saves Matt, confronting her evil alter ego. She admits that she double-crossed Matt, and she's only doing it because she doesn't want to be like she used to. Arthur steps in and tries to stop them but halts when Daphne reveals that she loves Matt. They embrace while Angela tells Arthur they used to be like that too and somewhere, Arthur still loves her. It seems to be true, as Arthur is willing to let Angela go and her, Matt, and Daphne escape intact. It questions just how evil Arthur is. He now seems to be a well-intentioned man with a skewed vision, just like Linderman. There are many sides to Arthur, not just the one shown in Villains, and it will make defeating him even more difficult to accomplish. At Pinehearst, Mohinder finally begins to understand the error of his ways. He is willing to give the mutated subject his last dying wish. Nathan, Peter, and Claire meet up at Pinehearst with Matt and Daphne. Peter and Nathan are happy to see their mother recovered but she reveals there is one last key to breaking the formula, the catalyst, and Kaito hid it deep inside a person for safety. Who is it? Big surprise. It's confirmed for the second time to be Claire, Arthur's granddaughter. Ironic. Save the cheerleader, save the world once again. The episode ends with Ando and Hiro in a comic store, Hiro finding one of Issac's many comics about him and his future and Arthur forseeing the deadly eclipse. What will happen? Next week, the heroes will lose their powers. Their fight is getting even more difficult.
  • We seem to be coming together again.

    It is good to see the characters coming together again. It was a bit hard with everyone doing their own thing. I particularly like that with Hiro reverted to a 10 year old Ando now has to take charge. Also, it appears we've divided into a heroes and villains. I still think Gabriel is going to end up doing the right thing in the end. I'm not surprised that Claire is the Catalyst, but I'm not really sure how Sylar would have recognized that in her. I'm also not sure that Elle wont turn on poor Gabriel in the end. All and all a pretty good episode. I did miss HRG, but maybe next time.
  • The show is back on track!

    I'm considering this to be even better then I Am Become Death!

    There wasn't much of a cliffhanger, it just explained a lot about what's to come. The Eclipse! I wonder what will happen when the Hero's and Villian's don't have their powers after 2 years of developing them. I bet Peter will be pretty happy! I'm also glad that Angela is back. She was my favorite character and she added spookiness to the series. They really need to kill off Molhinder or at least get rid of the fake British accent...it's annoying...but still! I love his story and how he's scared of what he's becoming. Plus, they are finally doing couples.
    Angela+Arthur? (they seemed to come together towards the end.)

    Overall I give the episode a 9.9!
  • Loved Heroes back on track and it seem like most people liked becuase i see good reviews and i like to see that very much. Angelas is back that good i like her, seem like the Heroes are teaming, Tracy went to the bad side, how dare her after Nathan saved

    Loved Heroes back on track and it seem like most people liked becuase i see good reviews and i like to see that very much. Angelas is back that good i like her, seem like the Heroes are teaming, Tracy went to the bad side, how dare her after Nathan saved her. Claire returned the favor to her uncle and he returned right back. next week is going to be good i think that some people say that Peter will have powers that sound wierd but i cant wait to see that happen or what ever the case may be..
  • Great episode! Loved it!

    This episode was great!
    I loved the part with Sylar and Elle, it was so adorable! Sylar learned how to alter his power without killing anyone and stealing the power. Hiro's memory was erased by Arthur. He thinks he's 10 now and Ando is here to get him on the right track! I'm glad Claire and Peter got away from Flint and Knox. I love Tracy! She's such a good character (with flaws but she's great). So, Angela is out of the coma, Matt saved her. Matt and Daphne are falling in love! And by the end of the episode, we see it clearly - there are two sides. Some of them are with Arthur and some of the heroes are with Angela.
    I can't wait for "Eclipse"! :)
  • Lovely episode

    Well, we saw that Hiro didnt lose his power as Peter, he just forgot part of his memory. So this means Arthur's power is different from each person? I dont know.

    I am loving Gabriel, just wished he wasnt in Arthur's side, I hope he betray Arthur someday and see he is the bad guy.

    Gabriel is trying to be a good one, he just chose the wrong part.

    Super cute part with him and Elle, but if you notice, someone will kill Elle, cause hmm she is dead in the future? Maybe it is Arthur that kills her and this way Gabriel gets against him.

    I can't believe that woman will betray Nathan. Come on! Thats just bad :(
  • A passable prelude

    In a recent convention appearance, Tim Kring provided some insight into the writing process for "Heroes", and some of his frustrations. Over the course of the presentation, a number of issues emerged, many of which explain the current state of the series. As it turns out, Kring does understand some of the problems with how the story has evolved; his responses just don't quite make the grade.

    Apparently "Villains" has been his response to the realization that several characters had become so powerful and unbeatable that some plot device was necessary to mitigate that drawback. It's the "Superman" effect times ten, only with only one apparent source of kryptonite (the Haitian). Peter, Sylar, Claire, and Hiro were all overpowered, and the writers routinely had them make stupid decisions to ensure those powers were out of play. By the end of this episode, Peter is "normal", Sylar is becoming another Peter, Claire is the Chosen One, and Hiro has mentally devolved into a 10-year-old (so that, of course, he has the priorities of a kid and therefore won't just end the whole threat in a matter of seconds, as he certainly could).

    More disturbing is the contention by Kring that so many of the show's problems have been caused by its serialized nature. On the one hand, I understand his frustrations. The show has too many divergent plot threads over the course of a volume, and by the time they come together, at least half of them have lost momentum. And like "24", it's all too easy to fall into patterns and become too focused on plot over character.

    Ironically, one show has struck a near-perfect balance: "Lost". "Heroes" was supposed to be the anti-"Lost", the show that provided better and more timely answers with more action and fan service. There's one major difference. Early in the first season, the showrunners of "Lost" determined the road map for the series and conceived an ending. That sense of purpose has been evident, especially once the series was given a definitive end date.

    Kring admits that "Heroes" has no plan, and certainly has no ending. There is no ultimate purpose to what is happening from volume to volume. Part of the problem is the decision, driven by popularity and the network, to abandon the original premise: each season telling a new story with new characters. Once again, this is very similar to what "24" has faced. That show was also supposed to reboot every season, but thanks to the popularity of Jack Bauer, those plans were tossed aside.

    So now Kring has found himself on a series with too many characters with too much power, sticking around way too long, and with much more history and continuity than he had ever anticipated. And I think the strain is showing. It's fashionable these days to bash "Heroes" for its faults, but that doesn't mean it's a bandwagon. It means that Kring has made a number of mistakes in adjusting from his original plan to the current reality, and it has taken too long for those adjustments to take effect. As he said himself, this third volume was already filmed and in the can by the time it premiered. As much as he discounts some of the criticism, he has yet to actually make changes based on the reception of "Villains" that can be seen on the screen.

    Circling back to the question of whether or not this series is too serialized: this episode is better for it. Whatever criticisms might be made about how the characters arrived in their current state, one can see the threads coming together. I had hoped that the heroes would abandon Primatech and Angela, given their questionable history, but it's still interesting to see how the battle lines have been drawn.

    I liked Matt's attempt to save Angela, how it intersected with Daphne's ethical quandary and led to a moment between Angela and Arthur. It took the most obvious plot choice and turned it into something a bit more character-based, however slight. I also liked the tension between Peter and Claire, and how his time in the future factored into that. Claire's ability is profound, yet here we see some of the limitations. And I liked Mohinder's conflicted work on the metahuman serum, since it feels more authentic than his self-experimentation.

    Surprisingly, my favorite part had to be the interplay between Sylar and Elle. Accepting what has been revealed previously without further judgment, the scenes in this episode were quite well done (no pun intended). Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto are both very strong, and I can accept that Sylar would run through this particular gauntlet to find some way to replicate powers without killing. It might appear to drive him firmly under Arthur's influence, but I think it's more likely that this will give him the courage to stand on his own.

    I don't want the series to lose the elements that make the end of each volume so satisfying. No matter the issues that plague the continuity of the series, there is a sense of resolution. If the series lost much of its serialized nature, that strength could be lost.
  • Things are beginning to start.

    It looks like the battle lines are drawn with Peter, Claire, Nathan, Dafny, and Matt on one side. On the other side is Elle, Sylar, Arthur, Flint and fear guy (sorry forgot his name). I'm sure the teams will remain the same. I think Sylar, Nathan and Elle may be moveable to either side.

    At first, I thought Sylar was playing along Arthur, but after his conversation will Elle I'm not too sure. I think he may have believed Arthur.

    Claire is the catalyst. She has always been the center of the story, so why should that change now. Save the cheerleader, save the world.

    Hiro thinks he is ten. I'm not sure what that is supposed to accomplish. I think he needs to get his memory back fast. This could get old fast.
  • Great episode but with some incoherence .

    It was exciting because Heroes is always exciting but there were some things that I didn't like and I dont' buy . First , Elle wants to kill Sylar so hard and one moment to the other because he takes the " pain " away it looks like she is in love with him and ready to walk down the aisle.I don't buy it. Second , and similar, Daphne knows Matt for a couple of days an all of the sudden when Matt needs her more she decides that she is in love with him. Don't nearly buy it . Thrid, Hiro is crawling around playing pranks and eating pancakes come on it's time he wakes up this season and at least do something. On the other hand , I like how the battle between Primatech and Pinehearst is been held . Now it looks like some kind of Cold War and we don't know which hero is in which side and that's what makes it more intriguing and excitingand what "Villians" is all about.Also the "broken" eclipse and Claire as the catalizer are interesting storylines that are to develop next episode.
  • Marriage counseling, Primatech style.

    Following the aftermath of a most shocking "villains" episode Arthur and Angela's epic story takes a new leap as the rest of the characters assume their positions into what's bound to be a battle of epic proportions, however Sylar and Bros. are too busy trying not to get killed in order to protect their mother, Parkman and wife err…would-be-wife manage to cause some damage of their own trying to wake up Angela from the coma induced by her own husband. Problem is that's not what Arthur wants so a battle of wills ends up taking place inside Matt's head.

    The most interesting part for the regular audience is that we can't help but notice how Kaito Nakamura seemed to be a nemesis-gone-friend for Angela the same way his son Hiro is for Daphne so Arthur and Parkman are basically facing different versions of themselves; each of them betrayed by the woman they are committed to and each of them loved by the kind of woman who WILL make a stand regardless the consequences. In Arthur's case Angela's stand forced their hands into the battle at hand, in Parkman's case Daphne's stand is much more subtle and yet mind shattering as it reflects the feelings Angela herself has for her husband, Arthur can't harm her anymore than Parkman his own wife and Daphne can't leave Matt anymore that Angela could leave Arthur thus these two marriages embrace their roles for the upcoming battle.
  • The season is starting to come to a head

    At last Heroes is starting to get to the point. The characters are beginning to take sides as Heroes and Villains and that is surely a good thing. The action is much faster paced than in season 2 - theank goodness. It is much more reminiscent of season 1 which I and many others loved so much. Great things are surely coming. I am looking forward to seeing how the catalyst idea pans out. Let's just hope that a few decent episodes will draw the viewers back and allow Heroes to reign supreme over TV land once again. We can but hope.
  • Review.

    Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Hiro, Ando, Peter, and Claire. Meanwhile, Matt tries to revive Angela, Sylar meets with Elle, and Mohinder begins testing of his newest superpower formula.

    At first this episode felt much like the prevous weeks but after the first half of the episode the second half got much better, hopefully this is a sign of the show getting back to the quality of the early episodes of this season. Hiro at the moment reminds me of season one Hiro which is good. The final scene was awesome, finally the writers have made it clear who the Heroes and who the Villains are and it was great to see the two sides. Still unsure on what side Mohinder is on.

    I said last week that a lot of Heroes should be killed and I named a couple like Elle for example I take that back. Hopefully in the final chapter of the volume some will die (Flint and Meredith). Also that African dude died so at least some useless Heroes are getting the boot.

    All in all this episode slowly built up it was sitting firmly at 8.0 to 8.5 standard until the final 10 minutes which built it up to a 9.0 great news considering I rated last weeks episode with a all time low from me.
  • It's Coming! It sure is

    Arthur takes away Hiro's memory and he starts think he's 10 again, Ando makes him realize that he has the ability to travel through time. Sylar is thrown in with a shackled Elle, after allowing her to work her frustration on him for a few hours; Sylar sits down for a heart to heart with electro gal and sure enough, is able to relieve her of her powers. Matt Parkman goes inside Angela Petrelli's head to try to save her from the catatonic prison that Arthur brain-locked her into, while Nathan confronts his father who lays out a familiar screed – Nathan has a destiny as the leader of a fractured world.
  • Catalysts and Accelerations

    What are they putting in the Heroes Water of late. There are 2 accelerated love stories this week, one that came out of nowhere last episode(Sylar and Elle) and the other which has been building oddly for weeks now (Matt and Daphne). So its bizarre when I say that Daphne confessing her love for Matt doesn't feel real but the odd sexual attraction between Elle and Sylar does (possibly because I prefer these two characters, I don't know). I didn't understand how Elle's pain was taken away or how Sylar learnt how to take her power Peter-style but it felt intense, real and yet as it went on just a little creepy.

    Anyways, this episode is in essence the beginning as we now clearly have distinct groups with Mohinder and Hiro/Ando not in either. We also get a set-up for what Arthur really wants to do (and find he's been lieing these past weeks) which is to give half the world's population Super-powers and have Nathan rule as president. No-biggy, it's revealed quite casually in fact. We also find out that during the coming eclipse one of our Heroes is the Catalyst (unclear on how this character became as such and how they work as a Catalyst but I'll guess we'll find out).

    Out of the Supervillain Mafia vs the Heroes Elite story we have 3 characters who are on neither side yet, that's Mohinder, Hiro and Ando. Both their stories this week were good, with a hint of emotion coming from Mohinder's as he puts down his Human guinea pig. He suits much better as Arthur's head of Science's as opposed to Mohinderfly as at least there is room for emotion like this. The moment is subtle as well as the music score stops. Hiro and Ando are actually on top form this week as well with Arthur having not taken his power but rather regressed him to a 10 year old. He feels like season 1 Hiro discovering his powers again in a Japanese bowling alley (seeing as he is mentally 10 slightly more mischievous though). We even get the re-introduction of the comic book which tells his story. It doesn't feel like dumb Hiro which it has mostly this Season, the only gripe with this is it's putting Hiro's character development further back meaning how are we supposed to get to dark Hiro at all now.

    Overall one of the best episodes so far this season and hopefully a blueprint in quality for future episodes.
  • A good set up, which leaves us with a clear picture of who are heroes and who are villains.

    Whilst the action is kept to a minimal in this episode, it is still a good episode in terms of setting up for the end of Volume Three and leading us into Volume Four: Fugitives. There is some great character development in this episode which leaves us with no doubt about which characters are heroes and which are villains...well almost. Whilst Tracy Strauss shows her true colours by claiming her aligance to Arthur Petrelli other characters are harder to pin down. Arthur shows a little piece of compassion by letting Angela go, when she realises that he still loves her even if it is just a tiny bit. Sylar and Elle are two characters also hard to place. Whilst Sylar is finally learning to be an empathiser with people he is still set against Angela, believing it was her who turned him into a monster and so there is definate call for a show down between him and Peter.
    Mohinder is also a character who is turning more from his villainous side towards his heroic side. He realises that there must be a third part to the mysterious formular that Angela and Kaito tried to hide and is saddended when his test subjects begin to die on him. He actually seems horrified with what Pinehearst is trying to do and maybe he will join Angela's team before the volume is out. This will certainly hearld a return for Maya, who Mohinder certainly owes an apology to. I was happy to see Daphne finally help Matt and we learn more about her past. Whilst all of the details are being saved for the next two episodes, we know that Arthur is holding something over her but that she risks everything in order to save Matt's life. A definate relationship is forming there and one that may be tested before the volume is out. Hiro and Ando's scenes certainly gave some comic relief to the episode as usual. Arthur has taken Hiro's memories of him and Hiro now believes he is 10 years old. After trying to find a way to return his memories Ando is led to a comic book shop in Japan were Hiro finds another installment of his comic book. However the only criptic message it gives is a picture of the eclipse with a captain that merely says...it's coming. Spooky stuff.
    Finally I will end on the episode cliffhanger which didn't so much shock me as get me hyped up for the next few episodes were the war between the heroes and the villains is set to begin. Arthur has his army: Sylar, Elle, Tracy, Knox and Flint. And Angela has hers: Peter, Claire, Matt, Daphne and Nathan. However it is Claire that seems to be the turning point of this series as it becomes clear that she is the final part of the formula that will give humans the secret abilities of the heroes. Kaito tried to hide it but now that Angela and Arthur both know it is more a case of keeping her safe than anything else. Here's waiting for more episodes of heroes which is definately turning itself round after the rather slow second season (although I am depressed by the absence of Adam, Maury and Maya).
  • Elle and Sylar have an electrfiying encounter. Matt tries to save Angela from her "coma". Flint and Knox go after Claire. Nathan sees Arthur once again. Ando tries to help Hiro understand that he is not 10 years old.

    At best this is a filler episode. Next week's episode titled "The Eclipse" should be the best episode in the season. I thought Linderman was the suavest villain around but Arthur takes the cake. The sight of the Eclipse is something that seems to worry him. He knows something and he doesn't want to let anyone else know about it. I wonder what kind of meeting he can have with Claire. Probably will be like "Listen sweetheart, I am your grandpappy. I am sorry I missed a lot of your birthdays and Christmas's but I need you for this here formula. Help you old man out on this one and I can make it up to you". That would add a little comedy to it. Claire figuring out that she is the catalyst and Angela being surprised by it doesn't make sense. This would seem why she helped protect Claire from day 1, besides that she is her granddaughter.
    Peter needs to get his powers again. This version of Powerless Peter is whack. He is going to have to pull MacGuyver-type moves to survive. He should gain his original power and just start of with regeneration, mind reading, flight, and Angela's future-seeing. Then later on he can gain a power he can use as a weapon. That flame power that Meredith has would be nice.
    Sylar and Elle's confrontation was kind of whack. She keeps shocking him and he just takes it. Then he touches her and he seems to gain her power. Guess that history power has helped him absorb the power like Peter's original power. What Arthur did not bank on was that they fall for one another.
    Angela being able to talk Arthur into releasing her shows that he still cares. Plus he needs her in good health for her to lead the charge against him.
    Hiro thinking that he is 10 y/o is corny. If this is the way they are going to use him then they might as well kill him and give Ando a power.
    The way they came together at the end was a little cool. Heroes- Angela, Matt, Nathan, Peter, Claire, and Daphne & Villains- Arthur, Flint, Knox, Ice Queen, Sylar, and Elle. That pretty much makes an even team. But it's a little unbalanced with Peter not having his powers. Give Peter his powers and then let him and Sylar go at it. Brother vs. Brother. Matt can take on Knox. Elle and Claire have a cat fight. Daphne runs circles around Flint. Nathan takes on that Ice Queen where he is hurt that she turns on him. Angela and Arthur can just watch until she uses the Haitian to neutralize Arthur's powers and she shoots him in the head.
  • Okay, fine, my review may be bad, but I admit... I sort of like this episode... -grumble-

    During this episode, out of pure boredom, I tallied up exactly how many characters do not bore/anger/irritate me. It was a grand total of seven. Adam, Ando, Hiro, Sylar, Daphne, Elle, and Flint. In that order. That's… that's pretty pathetic. Especially since one of them is dead and another one is superpower-less (I swear on my one-day grave, I saw red lightning in that comic book, people! I SAW IT! And I refuse to accept that I'm not just going insane! I REFUSE!)

    Matt. Get off the screen. You are like the David Caruso of Heroes. I cannot stand you and wish that when it looks like you're going to die, you STAY DEAD. AAUGH. I am getting so sick of your self-righteousness. Look, my dad's a cop too, but if he could read minds he'd be sitting there screwing around with people's heads, making them crave canolli and whatnot. Daphne does not deserve you. She is too damn cool. WHY? WHY?? Why must that anorexic, obstinate, whiny little cheerleading beanpole be the catalyst? It's not fair!! This means that I must pay attention to her! GAH! I'd rather shovel out both my eyeballs with a spork then acknowledge that banshee. I hate her. I hate her so much! I hope she dies next episode. Disagree with me if you wish; I'm solid as a rock with my hatred for Claire. Growl. For God's sakes Ando, now that Hiro thinks he is a child you have a reasonable argument for slapping him silly. I would've, personally. I hate most children that act the way Hiro was acting. Also, I yelled at my TV because no human being has the ability to jump the way Ando did in the beginning. Seriously. I've tried. You know, when I was six. I don't care if he's Japanese; he's spent like half his life in a little cubicle, jumping five feet in the air shouldn't even be remotely near his human capabilities. And did we have to open in Hiro's mouth? I still mourn Mr. African-Isaac. He was cool. Hee hee. Suresh is shiny. =D

    Finally, Sylar and Elle are really beginning to cling. They're too damn cute. Augh. And what's this? Sylar crying? Actually, I was paying more attention to shirtless Sylar. Elle, how can you possibly have stayed angry at THAT? I would've been like, "Um, as long as that shirt stays off… do what you wish." Okay, no, I still would've been mad if he killed my father, but my mind definitely would've started wanderin'. Ahem. And yes, I realize this is really the only compliment I have. Okay, um… Hiro was annoyingly cute, Peter is actually smart for once, Nathan's flying stays cool to this day, and uh… Wow, I'm having way too much difficulty praising this episode. Huh. Next week, the predictability near staggering, the heroes lose their powers! And Claire gets shot! Oh, happy days! I can't wait. It's like Christmas early. Claire! Getting shot! It's too much to hope that she dies, but I'll content myself with utter agony. And Ando dear, slap Hiro, get your powers, and I hope you had fun in CSI. Officer Kwan… hee. Till next week, people.