Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Matt tells Sylar to put Matt Jr. down but Sylar taunts him, noting that Matt is freaking out. He explains that he isn't "real," but just Sylar's mental energy holding on to Matt's mind. Sylar tells Matt to explain what he did to him and then throws Matt Jr. at his father. Janice comes in and turns on the lights and Matt's realized that everything happened in his mind. He lies and tells Janice that he's just tired and she tells him to come back to bed.

In his apartment in Washington, Noah burns his supper and mixes a bowl of cereal. He then calls Sandra's number but a man answers. The man confirms that he's there with Sandra and Noah hangs up before his wife knows he called. The phone rings: it's Tracy. She has Noah meet her at Danko's apartment and he finds her sitting over Danko's body.

Fourteen years in the past, Hiro finds himself at the carnival. He tries to time travel back to his own time but can't. A young Japanese boy, Hiro, comes over and asks adult Hiro to take his photo with his friends Ando and Kimiko. Adult Hiro takes the photos and watches as his younger self goes to get his fortune told. Hiro vows not to change history but Samuel hails him from a booth and addresses Hiro by name. He insists that they're going to be great friends.

The Arlington police come in to take away Annie's death and ask Claire if Annie had any self-esteem issues. The detective points out that Annie's suicide note indicates depression but Claire is sure that there was no suicide note in the room when she came in. Claire insists that Annie wouldn't have killed herself and tells the detective that she needs to investigate and determine if it was murder.

Ando is waiting for Hiro to return from the past when Kimiko comes in to find out where Hiro is. Ando claims that he left but Kimiko insists she didn't see Hiro leave. He admits that she wouldn't believe the truth but tells her that Hiro traveled 14 years into the past. Kimiko doesn't believe him and leaves.

At the carnival in the past, Samuel shows Hiro a moving tattoo of the compass on his arm to assure him he also has powers. Samuel points out Young Hiro and Hiro insists that he can't interfere for fear of changing his present and failing to save the cheerleader. Samuel says there are minor changes that he can make without harming the past. He says Hiro has a rare gift to right the wrongs of his life and asks him what else he'd like to fix. Hiro sees Young Ando getting a slushy for Young Kimiko, and remembers that his spilling the slushy on Kimiko's dress is what caused her to hate Ando. Samuel says he needs to master his gifts so they can have a future together and shoves him in the way of his slushy. Hiro looks on in horror and then teleports himself back to the present. He tells Ando that he didn't stop his younger self from talking to the fortune teller, and wonders if anything has changed for Ando. Ando admits nothing has changed. Kimiko comes in and tells Hiro he has to pay rent on the office space. As Hiro leaves, he sees Kimiko and Ando kiss.

Tracy tells Noah that she was talking with Danko and Edgar came in to kill him. She admits that she couldn't trust Noah to deal with Danko and she needed to know. Once she knew Noah had dealt with Danko, she figured she'd live and let live. Tracy tells Noah that she overheard Edgar says he was looking for something. Noah realizes that all of the wounds are to the stomach and reaches into Danko's stomach to pull out a safety deposit box key.

The next morning, Matt prepares for work and finds the water delivery boy, Roy, playing with Matt Jr. and talking to Janice. Janice explains that Roy has been delivering water since Matt Jr. was born. As Roy leaves, Matt admits that he's uncomfortable with Roy for being on a first-name basis with Janice and that Roy was there when he wasn't. Janice worries that he's not getting enough sleep and Matt admits that he's tracking down a drug ring and it would go better if he could read minds. Janice says she's proud of him for refusing to use his abilities any more and Matt insists he's in control.

Peter is listening to the police radio scanner at his apartment when Noah comes to see him. He notes that Angela hasn't heard from Peter in weeks, and comments on the board where Peter has clippings of the people he's rescued. Peter admits that he's been using Mohinder's borrowed power to save people and make up for all the things that he and the other evolved people have done. Noah tells him that Danko's dead and he needs a partner to recover whatever Danko had in the box. Peter wonders how fast the person they're dealing with is.

After Claire stays overnight with her mother, Sandra drives her back to the dorm the next day. She tells Claire to let the police deal with Annie's parents. They go upstairs and find Gretchen waiting. She wants to discuss Annie's death and the fact that Claire claimed she didn't see the suicide note. Gretchen insists that Annie wasn't the suicidal type. Once Sandra leaves, Gretchen wants to know how they're going to prove Annie was murdered.

As Noah and Peter wait for the bank manager to bring in Danko's box, Noah notes that Peter should get a real life and connect to others. He admits that he was exactly the same way and now he has no family and his wife has left him. The bank manager brings them Danko's box and waits outside. They open the box and find a compass inside. Noah holds it and realizes that it's broken. There's a knock on the door and Edgar comes in, shoving the injured bank manager's body ahead of him. He moves in to take the compass from Noah, but Peter grabs his hand and mimics his power, knocking him to the floor. Edgar throws a knife at Noah and Peter catches it at superspeed. The two of them fight at superspeed and Edgar is forced to escape.

Peter gets the injured bank manager to the hospital in time to save his life. When Peter examines the compass, it starts working and they realize that it's activated by evolved persons. Noah says they need to investigate but Peter says that he doesn't want to get pulled back into Noah's life of murder and conspiracy. When Noah says that they can't let someone else get their hands on the compass, Peter wonders why they should bother. He admits that he only came along to get the power of superior speed to help others and bids Noah goodbye.

Gretchen gets some books on forensic pathology and meets with Claire. She discusses how the police use a jump/push/fall test with a dummy to determine if a victim killed themselves or was pushed. Gretchen suggests they find a dummy matching Annie's description or steal a cadaver. Claire refuses to get involved but Gretchen refuses to be deterred.

Matt goes to an officer recovery group meeting with his partner and talks about how he's been working to overcome his "habit." As he talks, the mental hallucination of Sylar comes in and starts taunting Matt. Matt tries to ignore him but Sylar insists that he's weak and he'll never be able to stop using his powers. Matt starts snapping at what appears to be thin air to the other attendees.

In Tokyo, Hiro asks Ando about his wedding plans and finally admits that he altered time to bring Ando and Kimiko together. Ando doesn't remember the original timeline and Hiro realizes that it's his mission to go back in time and undo wrongs. Ando warns that he's still dying and he can't control his powers, so Hiro says he needs to get going.

Matt and his partner prepare to interrogate a drug dealer with connections to Keppler, the man they're trying to track down. Matt goes in alone and Sylar appears to him, wondering why he doesn't use his powers. As Matt's partner looks on, Matt insists that he doesn't read minds and again talks out loud to Sylar. Matt finally snaps and throws a chair at Sylar, scaring the criminal into giving up what Matt wants. Matt's partner comes in and calls Matt off.

Hesam meets with Peter, who is eating clam chowder from a restaurant in Boston. Peter covers for how he got it from Boston to New York. They get an emergency call and Peter slips away at superspeed to deal with it. He arrives and discovers that a badly wounded Noah is the victim. Noah tells him that Edgar got the compass.

Later, Noah is recovering in the hospital when Tracy visits him. Noah admits he'd be more comfortable if he had an evolved partner. Tracy wonders if Edgar is just trying to get back his life and suggests they should help him instead of hunt him down. Noah isn't convinced and admits that he had no one else to call except Tracy. Tracy notices that someone has left off a bag with a bowl of clam chowder and Noah invites her to join him.

Matt returns home and finds Roy chatting with Janice as he finishes his work. As Roy leaves, Matt snaps at him and says that Janice isn't single any more. He gives Roy a $100 bill and uses his power to force Roy to find a new route and never visit Janice again. As Roy goes, Sylar appears and says "Gotcha."

A troubled Claire tries to sleep in her dorm room but finally decides to test Gretchen's theory using herself as a body. She jumps out the window and lands where Annie did, and confirms that it was a suicide. Claire looks up and sees Gretchen watching from the window. Gretchen waves and Claire waves back.

At the carnival, Samuel examines the compass that Edgar has given him. Edgar explains he met an empath but didn't have a chance to talk to him, and then asks about the new time traveler that Samuel found. Samuel explains that he put Hiro on a righteous path and he'll come back to them. He then uses his power to place more tattoos on Lydia and says it's time to gather the rest. Images of Claire, Sylar, and Peter appear.
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