Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • More of the same

    Come on.
    Heroes cast said they were feeling this would be able to compensate the steady decline of the last 2 seasons?!

    The plot is almost always the same.
    The caracters don't evolve from season to season.

    They are developped in one season and then by the end pouf... ready at ground zero again to be fair for the next round of villains.

    Tired of little cheerleader Claire that always seems so important and is only a filler in the plot

    Tired of this Angela, Nathan history trying to keep things the same.

    They had a really good history to begin with. The result? They screwed it big time.
    Lots of loopholes, lots of errors. Continuous unexplained things ( like Hiro's power that causes him health problems or activates like it wants)

    Bye bye Heroes.
  • A wonderful start to Season 4.

    When I saw Hiro and Ando hiring their services as heroes, I thought that was very cool. When Ando got scratched by the cat and fell my thinking was "yes, that is typical Ando. Also something that would probably happen to me." I am curious as to what will happen to Hiro. To break the news to his friend he is dying that must have been very painful. To see Hiro go back in the past and alter something that would affect Ando and Hiro's sister in the future. That was sweet. What gives with a girl staying mad for fourteen years for spilling a drink on her favorite dress? Get over it!!

    The new characters, I really like them. What do they want with Hiro, only time will tell. And the deal with the compass. Many new questions have surfaced.

    Sylar is not apart of Matt. I wonder if he will slowly take him over? And will Nathan remain the way he is, or will Sylar return?

    I wonder what happened to Clair's roommate? And her new friend. I feel Clair will be on the run again. All-in-all the show has proven itself time and time again. New ideas. New characters and many new plot twists. No wonder why we loyal fans keep coming back for more and more.
  • Hiro travels back in time accidentilly and meets up with Samuel. Claire and Gretchen try to solve the mysterious suicide, Matt's visions of Sylar get out of control and Tracy with Noah join forces to uncover the mysterious murderer of Danko.

    The second chapter is definitely a progression to the first.
    Hiro's time travel and his meeting with Samuel is amazingly done, even though it is only for such a small thing like getting together his sister with Ando. I am hoping they won't mess this one up, though.
    Matt's story is perfect and I think Zachary Quinto and Greg Grunberg should have done more scenes together in the past. Their chemistry is amazing. Again, I don't know how they could make this work in future episodes but I am hoping for the best.
    Peter's story seems Ok compared to the stories he had in the past. Tracy's story becomes better in this episode although I am feeling a little bit reluctant on the whole HRG-Tracy deal (I saw some sparks there; hope that if they turn this into a romance they do it nicely).
    Claire's story I feel the most relunctant of. We saw this whole revealing your power to your closest friend in season 1 and it worked quite nicely. Madeline Zima is amazing as Claire's college friend. Hoping for the best.
    Finally, Robert Knepper's portrayal of the villain is quite extraordinary. He's really good but I am having doubts if he's a villain after all. Hope he is 'cause this show needs a good villain.
    Highlights: Tracy's fight with Edgar and Matt's scenes with Sylar in both the police department addiction room and the interrogation room.
    I am keeping my doubts as I have seen Heroes premieres and they were good but it didn't go as planned for the rest of the season. Here's hoping.
  • This episode was great i loved, I feel Claire has grown up she sound more mature rather than wining all the time. Peter is doing great he has calmed and Angela is worry I am sure that is going to be a ugly sylar

    This episode was great i loved, I feel Claire has grown up she sound more mature rather than wining all the time. Peter is doing great he has calmed and Angela is worry I am sure that is going to be a ugly sylar when he return, Matt he is making me mad, Tracy she great I love her… over all I like the way Heroes has returned. Looks good it will deff keep me as a regular viwe, too bad next week we only getting one hour jee jee yeah i am greedy like that sorry guys. but what can i say i love the show.
  • Ok, so maybe I'm not done with Heroes. I swore I'd watch the opening to see if it was worth continuing to watch. The short answer is yes.

    I can't give Heroes a full 10 a couple of things bugged me, which will be discussed later but overall I was very pleased with this episode. It reminds me of the first season and why I began watching this show in the first place. We have a new opponent. I won't say villain because they don't strike me as villains, though some acts were villainous. Danko is dead, can't say I'm surprised or disappointed. However, I like the new Carnies and am interested in what they do. The leader, Samuel in a way reminds me of Magneto which makes me wonder if the carnival is Genocia. We get interesting threads, HRG and Tracy come together and it looks like she may actually become more relevant as time goes on. It was also good to see The Haitian again, hope to see more of him. I like how Peter uses his powers to help and the reasoning behind taking the speed ability. Still having trouble with the Sylar/Nathan thing but it was well played here. Parkman now has a piece of Sylar in his head and is having hallucination alla Baltar and Six. About the only thing I have to ding them for was Clair's storyline. Yeah I though the new roommate was annoying. I went to college and met several people, like her. Still, I didn't see it necessary to have her killed off. Whether murder or suicide, just seem a bit forced. Then Clair jumps and the other girl sees what happens. Yeah, interesting plot point. However, there has been talk about a lesbian kiss with Claire. No offense but if it's between those 2, that's not a ratings winner.

    Finally, I must give props to Hiro and time travel! I was sick and tired of the stupid plot device they had been using. Him going back in time, even accidentally was a MUCH needed plot fix. The meeting of Samuel, his talk and the 'pushing' of Hiro into changing the past was very well done! For this I must give high praise. Time travel is part of this world to say "we're just not going to do it" is ludicrous, disingenuous, and ultimately insults the watcher. This helped fixed that, major kudos! Hope to see more of it.

    Still the jury is out. They've had great openings in the past only to leave us a slow agonizing demise and ultimately unsatisfying finally. Still, this was enough to get me to watch 1 more week and that may be enough for now.
  • Orientation/JUmp, Push, Fall (both episodes included).

    The infamous carnival makes the first appearance and while I like the idea, much more then the company schtick the show was stuck on for the past three years I'm not convinced I like the actually carnival members yet. Samuel is shady and self serving, you can already tell. Lydia, well who can even tell what her power actually is? They have a time traveler but he's old and sick, any chance he maybe has what Hiro now has or is all coincidence? And old Speedy Mcknife thrower is certainly cool but we hardly know him yet. I reserve judgement on the carnival, I want to wait and see their motivations and manipulations before I make a ruling.

    The Hunter finally got what was coming to him! I couldn't be more pleased about that, it always bothered me that he always seemed to manage not to die when some many other far more powerful people bit it quickly. Plus he was annoying but I like that they didn't make it Tracey or one of the other people he captured in the Building 26 ordeal. Seems more appropriate. But the compass? I mean okay connection to Samuel, the weird arm thing. Connection to people with abilities vs. people without, I mean it spun with Peter and not with Noah so that must be it right? I don't know if it detects people with abilities but as of right now all I keep thinking it Jack Sparrow and the compass that doesn't point north. We'll see I suppose, again this is tied into the carnival so I reserve judgement. Although I must say this whole carnival thing has a chance of spawning some really corny characters and plots but if they put effort into it they'll be fine.

    HRG and Tracey form some sort of weird connection bond, which to me makes about as much sense as everyone forgiving Nathan last volume for everything he did to his own kind. I mean she tried to drown him? And what was with Danko saving HRG just to save himself? That seems counterproductive to say the least, then again he never was one for intellegent though. Anyway I suppose in a weird sort of way HRG and Tracey are kind of similar. He lives in the land of grey and while she's a little more tinted towards the black they're both alone in a lot of ways, lost everything they had. The lives they had. I wasn't surprised that Knifey McSpeedy caught up to HRG and went all knights of hack and slash on him though I doubt he's dead.

    Hiro's sick, I'm guessing bad after the last episodes of season 3 and the fact that he claims to be dying. However they're stumbling back into very risky territory with the return of time travel. While I wanted it back as much as the next person the long ago established the concept of the butterfly effect and proved it time and time again that even the smallest most insignificant change can have catastrophic reprecussions. But now nothing? I mean I suppose there's changes where if you made sort of a surgical strike the only reprecussions would be limited and depending on the strike itself good but that's a fine line. If it's an intentional move then good on the show but if it's not they could really make things super complicated and confusing.

    Claire's playing freshman at school and while I appreciate what they're doing with her character this year, tying on all the struggles she's had since she got her powers. First wanting to hide and be normal, then wanting to be able to be herself and eventually out herself to the world, then wanting stop bad guys and be a hero. Now she just wants to be honest and truthful, well jumping out of your dorm window two days after orientation is a great way to do that. Who thinks Gretchen has an ability, I thought I spotted something with the guitar hero but I'm not totally sure. Either way she doesn't seemed freaked so who knows what the deal is.

    Peter is back to his old self. A hero, one life at a time, self sacrificing very spartan kind of deal. Willing to give it all up to be a hero. It's very classic Peter, I think over the volumes he's kept all that but he got a little reliant on being one of the most powerful characters on the show and then was so shell shocked when he was reduced to a one trick at a time pony that he needed time to really get back to the guy he was. Now he seems to be running full force though. I just don't think totally alone is the way to go. I mean he's on the right path but he'll never be happy, as he can already see, focusing on what might have happened if he wasn't quick enough.

    Matt is having issues! Big time. He's back with Janice which I love, though I'll never be okay with how quick he got over Daph (though I understand). Little Matty is so sweet and overall he's got the shell of his old life back with one small change. Somebody wants his body back. Now I can't tell if a) Matt is hallucinating out of guilt or some other emotion b) some part of Sylar's existence is in Matt (which would make sense seeing as Sylar's ability are in some part, though if you ask me that's very trippy territory and I'm not sure they'd be able to explain it well enough for me to enjoy it, or c) something entirely different is happening. I mean was Sylar holding Matty or was Matt hallucinating it all? It's very hard to tell at this point, though I love all the Sylar dialogue during his scenes with Matt. Terrifying and fantastic.

    Meawhile Angela seems to be the only person in the world who doesn't seem to care or even really want to admit that Nathan is Sylar. Matt clearly feels immense guilt, HRG though in it at the time is feeling the weight and anger at what he did (he's always been a bigger waffler) but Angela's like Nathan is fine alive and well yadda yadda. Psycho! She needs a check up from the neck up big time but I've said it before and I'll say it again Sylar will not be contained. From the beginning we've known that so does she really think this would actually work? His powers are already bleeding through (how did that not occur to any of them I will never know), his personality seems to be ticking through as well in small increments. It's just a matter of time before he punches through all together. He'll find a way.
  • A group of ordinary people discover they have abilities, now the drama of good and evil is played out across the globe.

    Aye, what can I say; I've been on a steady decline of disappointment with this show after season one. The last season and its ridiculous finale had me throwing in the towel but I figured I would try the new season opener. Based on what has been given to us as the drama for this season I'm not impressed.

    Of course we have the new "Carnival" gang and I'm not impressed with that. Robert Knepper will not be done justice here compared to his great role as Bagwell on Prison Break. The new Ala Larter aka Tracy is silly. The knock off of various characters without explanation is strange or were extremely stupid (e.g the brother/sister duo).

    The Sylar thing has pissed me off and has been the dumbest crutch of this show. The man should've been dead after season one...PERIOD! They should have been brave enough to just bring in a different EVIL for the crew to deal with...not come up with these constant ways he keeps managing to come back.

    The Nathan killed Sylar becomes Nathan was the DUMBEST thing I ever saw a show do as the idea was completely illogical from a realistic perspective. The Claire (I want to be normal but let me do something extremely stupid) is old and tired.

    There was nothing heart-pounding, edge of seat grabbing, etc. about this opener compared to other season openers so far. I just don't know about Heroes...I'm surprised they have allowed this show to go on this far compared to other shows. I believe I'm going to be done with this one lest I give myself an unnecessary headache.
  • New story line.. this season looks very promising..

    I gotta admit, I was already given up on Heroes.. i love the show very much but the story was always the same.. save the cheerleader save the world type of thing.. last nites season premiere was one of my favorites.. but come on Hiro and Ando are doing the same thing... they should just kill them off for once.. I think i liked the episode cause we didn't get to see Mohinder.. i hope it stays like that.. he only brings the series down.. claire attending college is interesting. Tracy and sylar have got to be my favorite characters.. glad to see sylar is still around. i know it wasn't much of a review.. blah! just saying. the episode was good. ;)
  • new season, same problems??

    Well, new season of Heroes. Dunno if I should be thrilled and expecting something good or just watch it without hoping for something good..

    Matt is taking care of his son and wants nothing to do with Angela, who is struggling to deal with Sylar, no shape shifted into Nathan. "Nathan" is confused and is starting to burst some of his Sylar's powers... don't forget Sylar is inside Matt's head now... talk about a bad headache huh..

    Peter is paranoid and wants to save everyone..

    Claire is starting college... wow..

    Tracy and Noah.. do I see a future as a couple? hmm

    T-Bag.. I mean, the new guy does an interesting and motivating speech in the beginning.. hope his character adds something interesting, 'cause Danko in the last season was pretty much useless.. and for kicks, he dies in the first 30 minutes..
    Hopefully, the new characters will spark some new interesting and bring back Heroes from the grave..
    Guess we'll see..

  • The episode conntinues off from one perfectly but also has a faster pace than the first.

    Claire discovers her roommate has been killed. HRG asks Peter to help him and ends up in a difficult situation. Hiro tries to undo his wrongdoing from the past and Matt finally decides to use his powers again. The last twenty minutes were really good here. The knife fight between Peter and Edgar that was a excellent fight one of the best of the series but the highlight was the return of Sylar in Matt's head, the scenes where hilarious, both actors did well because most of their scenes were with them speaking at the same time. Cliare story is the usual pointless stories but this is a bit funner than the ones we are used too, still the weakest and most overused character of the show.
  • Jump, push, fail.

    (Note: This review covers the second half of the two-hour fourth season premiere event. A previous review covered the first half.)

    "Heroes" has certainly seen better days. Once a ratings powerhouse, the fourth season premiere averages about 6 million viewers. To put this in perspective, the series premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" achieved better ratings. With a start like this, the producers might want to plan for a potential series finale at the end of the season.

    Episodes like this one don't help particularly much. Unlike past seasons, where the launch of a new "Heroes" volume was a heralded event, I suspect the doubling-up of episodes was more of an overall scheduling concern. There certainly didn't seem to be much of a reason for these two episodes to be aired at the same time. This particular hour was mostly standard fare, following up on a few items from the premiere with little fanfare.

    As with the first hour, the most interesting subplot concerns Samuel's carnie folk and whatever motivations they might have for their activities. As with so many previous villains, Samuel seems to have a long past with elements of the "Heroes" world, just waiting to be revealed. If the writers tie this into the already-strained continuity of the Twelve again, it will be a fatal mistake. Moving on means letting go of the patterns of the past.

    Already, though, we have Samuel interacting with Hiro roughly fourteen years in the past, and presumably altering something vital in the "present" pertaining to these compasses and whatever endgame might be in mind. It plays Hiro as something of a fool again, which I dislike to no end. I do not want Hiro running around through time righting supposed wrongs. The timeline has been adjusted enough already!

    Claire's college adventure was made a bit more interesting by the death of her initial roommate and the character of Gretchen. Gretchen has the kind of unusual socialization issues that make for a well-represented geek, and it doesn't hurt that she has a semi-goth appreciation for the morbid. She's well-designed as a potential confidante for Claire, so it only remains to be seen if and how the writers will manage to botch that up.

    It's clear that the writers took a great deal of pleasure in the scenes between Matt and Sylar. They were very well done, and one could tell that Zachery Quinto appreciated the chance to play. This could have been little more than an excuse to keep Quinto busy enough to justify keeping him until his inevitable return in full later in the season, but it works as a story element for now. It will likely serve as the catalyst for driving Matt back to the Company.

    As far as the Company is concerned, I find it hard to believe that Noah and Tracy would already have something of a comfortable relationship within hours of her attempt to kill him. It's true that Noah is trying to turn over a new leaf, but one would assume he would have to do more than tell the truth once to be trusted. Peter's involvement was nice, as it provided some insight into his current abilities and mindset, but once again, they push too hard to tell us he's redeeming himself, rather than just showing it.

    The main problem with the episode is that it just seemed to be missing much of a spark. The fight scene with Peter and the knife-wielding carnie was not done well at all (perhaps justifying all the times that the writers have whiffed on every major battle they've ever promised). There was too much of what we've seen a dozen times before. There seemed to be a distinct lack of inspiration in the total product. And perhaps worst of all, it still feels like the writers are trying to figure out where they want to go, which is not a good sign this early in the season.
  • 2 hour premier was awesome!!! Although I can't take (Samuel) T-bag from Prison Break seriously, how is he the new villain? lol *SPOILER POSSIBLE*

    Volume 4 of Heroes was without a doubt the worst of the series, it was pretty much just a bad version of 24 And prison Break merged together. There were plot holes and only a few Heroes standard good episodes... And to be honest when i heard this Volume was going to be called ''Redemption'' I though well... This show is probably going to get cancelled out of the lack of Ideas. But the first episode was very impressive in my opinion, Interesting how everyone is trying to get on there lives but they all can't escape. Also some of the New Characters like that British guy who can go kill people heaps fast... But yeah I thought it was great, but I shouldn't get my hopes up for the rest of the season but lets wait and see if the season gets better overtime!
  • A little bit slow, very comical, and good little twists.

    The second part started off slow, but it was fun to watch. I like it toned down a little bit from season 3 when it was all over the place. When Hiro was at the Carnival he was religious about changing time, until he has literally pushed into doing so. Ando and Kimiko are now together which is what I wanted from season 1. I wonder by doing that if it changed other factors besides Ando and Kimiko being together. It seems like it would have changed everything. I have a good feeling where this would lead in future episodes. The Matt and Sylar bits were funny. To everyone Matt looks completely insane. He starts talking to Sylar and people are like "what the heck is he doing" The Claire bits were boring. Peter figured out if he tries to do something something always bad happens, so he like "Heck no, I don't want to see what will happen" It's slow but it's better. I finally get to see character development and more unpredictable story lines. I am curious about episode 3 because those don't fare to well from the past 2 seasons.
  • This is an improvement on 'Orientation' but it still doesn't feel like Heroes is really trying hard enough.

    With 'Jump, Push, Fall', the season four premiere continues to perch its foot delicately on the accelerator, taking care not to go too wild and, you know, actually do something surprising with the plot. Adam Armus and Kay Foster take a leaf out of Tim Kring's book and cling to the brakes, making sure they maintain the rather depressing averageness that plagued 'Orientation.' The run-of-the-mill plots, predictable tropes and blasé character beats are still mostly present and correct, ensuring that Heroes continues to feel like a watered down version of its own second season. On the up side, however, a number of narrative threads begin to move the show's characters in rather more interesting directions, suggesting that there may be promise for the future success of the volume.

    Frustratingly, Claire's Creek: The College Years isn't one of them. Following the most barefaced product placement sequence in the history of television, in which the words 'guitar' and 'hero' are uttered 6,732 times and we actually waste precious screen time watching Claire and Gretchen attempt to play some Jimi Hendrix, Armus and Foster bump off the irritatingly smug and self-serving roommate stereotype in a plotline straight out of Murder, She Wrote. Oh wait, that's too generous… Diagnosis Murder, yeah, that's it. So, what happened to the poor algebra-loving, trajectory-obsessed girl, huh? Well, she simply had to go, otherwise we wouldn't be able to service the burgeoning friendship between our budding heroine and the awkward flares-wearer. Just look at the two of them now, bonding over conspiracy theories and cod-psychoanalysis, conspiring to steal crash test dummies and throw them out of Ms Bennet's window. That's the kind of storyline that really gets the ratings soaring. Who cares about what actually happened to Little Miss Overconfident when we get to see Gretchen realising that Claire, shock of shocks, has healing powers? Well fancy that! Who would've thunk? Sigh. It really feels like the entire 'mysterious death' trope exists solely for the purpose of creating this moment of discovery and frankly, it's lame. You would think that after having been caught in the act so many times in the last four seasons, Claire would just stick to her new-found mantra and come straight out with the truth the moment she meets anyone new; ah, but then the production crew wouldn't be given the opportunity to gross us all out with shots of Claire's disfigured body being shunted back into place (props to the effects guys here, by the way, that was truly sickening), so no, tiresome predictability it is. And it's hard to decide whether or not this moment is satisfactory in terms of the 'murder mystery' too; Claire's dialogue suggests that perhaps her roommate did commit suicide, although you suspect that this is something of a red herring. However, it would probably be a darn sight more interesting if this were the case, since it would give the character an additional dimension; she would cease being a cipher, and develop a complexity to which we weren't previously privy. On the other hand, it would also draw this narrative to a close and we'd be forced to watch Gretchen and Claire playing BFFs for the next three or four weeks, until the other heroes required the (ex) cheerleader's services. So perhaps it's better if the enigma continues and the two play Scooby Doo for a while, although the jury's out on whether this will be any more engaging than the codswallop we've had to endure for the last two episodes.

    Hiro and Ando's narrative generates a similar degree of ambivalence. After an episode of dancing around, we finally get to the heart of their story and it's certainly refreshing: having our comedic, ever-reliable protagonist knocking at death's door, resigned to his fate, is a marvellous conceit that gives Masi Oka a chance to demonstrate that he's more than just a catchphrase machine. He's particularly good when he's forced to be aggressive, as in his conversation with Ando about the morality of time travel. It's also good to see the Carnival weaving its way into the wheels of the central narrative, even if it is a little convenient that it just so happens to be the place where Hiro's mission to be a superhero started, so the writers have an easy route into connecting the two apparently disparate strands. Still, we can forgive this since Robert Knepper continues to be just about the best thing in the show at the moment, beguiling you with his refusal to be pigeonholed into black or white, good or bad, and he and Oka have an instantaneous chemistry that bodes well for the future, since it appears that the writers are throwing them together in a sort of dysfunctional 'master/pupil' relationship that will undoubtedly have disastrous consequences. It's nice to see Hiro making decisions that are human rather than moral, thinking with his heart instead of his head, and, on the face of it, his new-found Quantum Leap-esque mission to 'right the wrongs' of his past seems promising. Unfortunately, it also relies on a frustratingly paradoxical interpretation of time travel that, while consistent with the show's representation of the trope from as far back as season one, still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The idea that Hiro is 'out of time', that he somehow exists outside of causality and is aware of the myriad changes and redundant timelines that he has produced, contradicts the fundamental physics of the process: if Hiro goes back in time and alters the past so that Ando and his sister fall in love, then this is what will always have happened, and Hiro will remember it as such. Here, while everyone else acts like nothing has changed, Nakamura remembers the redundant timeline, which, frankly, is preposterous. Now, to be fair, we could discuss the concept of time travel all day and never reach a satisfactory conclusion about its minutiae since it's all speculative, but this sort of thing just demonstrates why it's probably best to stay away from it, or at the very least to avoid using it to adversely affect the lives of the central characters.

    Elsewhere, we get a not-entirely-subtle delineation of the parallels between loner Peter and, um, loner Noah as they work together to retrieve the Carnival's missing compass, and while the idea is sound, the execution falters somewhat. The occasional flashes of Bennet's home life are a nicely underplayed touch and his phone call to Sandra is genuinely heartbreaking, but when he starts waxing poetic to Peter about the need to surround yourself with people and the counterproductive nature of isolation, it comes across as rather forced and heavy-handed. Armus and Foster would've done better to illustrate the analogy rather than make it explicit, as the dialogue feels grafted on when it should be organic. There are other problems too: Noah acquires the key far too quickly; in fact, it's almost as if he knows where to look, which certainly doesn't seem to be the intended reading. In fact, his analysis of the body – that the nature of the wounds suggest it was not a vengeance killing – is dubious enough without this little slice of convenience, so it ends up smacking of lazy writing. Would it really hurt to have it take a little longer, for them to have popped down to a medical lab to give Danko an X-ray or something? Oh wait, yeah, that would've intruded on the Guitar Hero product placement time… sorry, my bad, stick to the deux et machinas. Peter's need to extract himself from what he sees as the 'destructive' nature of the heroes, while fairly mature in concept, is rather frustrating in practise: we all know that the gang is going to come bounding back together within the space of a few weeks because it always happens, so these feel more like backward steps than logical progression (come on, would he really leave Noah with the compass after having been confronted by knife-wielding maniac? That's just plain malicious!) And then there's Tracey Strauss, who has magically transformed from ruthless, revenge-obsessed killing machine to caring, sharing, Noah-comforting sweet pea in the space of eighty minutes. She ends the episode by the bedside of the man she tried to drown meagre hours ago, and is she strangling him while he sleeps? Stuffing his mouth with the fluids he may or may not have been fed intravenously? No, she's keeping him company, making sure he isn't alone, and offering glances that can only be described as 'suggestive.' (Don't think it couldn't happen… remember Matt and Daphne?) Now call me reactionary if you like, but I don't really think this sort of antithetical character swerve can believably occur overnight. It's just silly, and it betrays the simple fact that the writers really don't know what to do with Ali Larter's somewhat redundant character. Here guys, I've got an idea: make a bold decision and actually keep her dead! No? Oh well.

    Speaking of characters that refuse to snuff it, Zachary Quinto's Sylar has more of a role in this one although, refreshingly, the writers manage to do something a little creative with him. Armus and Foster play to the actor's strengths and pitch the character as Matt's self-deprecating conscience, delivering cuttingly insightful and vindictive dialogue that really gets to the heart of Sylar's malice. This is the sort of thing that made him such a potent menace in Heroes' first season, that gave viewers throughout the globe the opportunity to love such a loathsome individual; instead of being bombastic and over-the-top, Gabriel is cutting and heartless, psychoanalysing instead of proselytising. Greg Grunberg plays well off him too, demonstrating Parkman's inner turmoil with suitable aplomb, and never veering too far into the excessive. The only lamentable element of this storyline is the inclusion of Roy; while Armus and Foster clearly need something to cause Matt to finally break, the 'jealous lover' trope is so hopelessly over-used in televisual narratives that its essential beats (misinterpretation, over-reaction, discovery, impasse, rift) frustrate rather than engage. Here's hoping we don't see any more of the long-haired plumber from… um, somewhere other than Liverpool (see what I tried to do there? No? Okay…) and that Janis never finds out about Matt's little indiscretion; I just can't cope with playing the cycle of martial strife any longer.

    'Jump, Push, Fall' steps up a little from the lethargic pace of the season opener, but the series still feels like it's running on auto-pilot. The narrative progression remains fairly slow and this hinders the episode's success. Armus and Foster do attempt to introduce some fresh conceits and some of them are quite engaging – Sylar's game of wits with Matt Parkman is superbly handled and Hiro's dalliances with the Carnival give his character refreshingly new dimensions – but unfortunately, a great many problems remain. Claire's narrative continues to be about as interesting as watching paint dry, relying on the sort of beats that were out-dated when they tried them in season two, and the Peter/Noah/Tracey storyline is fraught with problems and inconsistencies, not the least of which is Strauss's sudden about turn which is frankly risible. This is an improvement on 'Orientation' but it still doesn't feel like Heroes is really trying hard enough, and when your show is on as icy ground as this one, that really isn't a good sign.
  • No Mohinder = already off to a good start

    There is something to be said about how fresh every new season of Heroes feels. For some reason, as disappointing as the season prior was, I always give the show the benefit of the doubt and I get excited for the start of the next volume. Admittedly, I thought the start of "Villains" was damn entertaining. I may have been too kind...

    But if Heroes is making the same mistakes, then so am I, because I thought this 2-part premiere was very, VERY good- Like, Season 1 good...

    First and foremost is the show is going back to getting grounded in reality. No more exhibitions of cool powers. Ordinary people, extraordinary abilities. How about that? This is as simple a move as just giving our heroes NORMAL supporting players to interact with. Claire has started college and she's dealing with a new roommate. Peter is back to his medical duties, and has another EMT he works with. Even Hiro and Ando have started a 'superhero business', but they have to deal with Hiro's sister. It's amazing how regular people can keep a show about superheroes rooted (instead of everyone we meet having a power). It's nice getting our leads back to dealing with the every-day. That's why Spiderman works. The plot really begins to move forward when a family of carnies sends one of their own to retrieve a special compass (LOST) and in the process, kill Danko. (If Heroes wants to stay good, he'll stay dead) and Nik- sorry, Tracy and HRG are on the case. I won't really miss the Danko character, as the more we wash our hands of Season 3, the better off we'll be. Tracy begins to develop a relationship with Noah after he, too is attacked by Darth Maul. Note: Ray Park is such an amazing martial artist, I wish we could see him work without all the flashy FX- He's a speedster like Daphne. I don't mind the potential romance because a) they're taking their time and letting it play out, and b) Ali Larter is still the hottest chick on the show. Noah's divorce is sort of heartbreaking, and I think we can understand his aimlessness right now.

    One critique I have is they are already playing the Sylar-emerging-from-Nathan card. (They jumped at this at the end of last volume's teaser). This is way too soon. It's as if the writers can't function without Sylar or something. Give us a break from him, using him sparingly, and when he does show up, it will have 10x more impact. But another notable difference is it seems the characters are acknowledging their past mistakes- and getting smarter for it. I liked that Matt Parkman regrets how he used his power in the finale (and his continued insecurities about his family). I liked that Peter declined to go on another 'hunt' with Noah. And I liked Claire's new roomate's call-back to the high school massacre. Nice twist with revealing the old roomate did commit suicide. It looked like the beginning of another long investigation, but Nope. No big mystery. (her new roommate is kind of annoying, though. Why is she so obsessed with death?)

    The carnies themselves are an unknown factor. Their leader has some sort of painting/foresight ability (like Isaac and the African dude), so that keeps Tim Sale's art on the show. But this time the twist is tattoos. None of this was really exciting or interesting, but I'm going to wait to see how it all plays out. Overall, I was impressed by how little I was annoyed by this premiere, and the best thing about the eps was it seems Peter might get back to being a badass again. Using his powers to help others on his own,at the sacrifice of having a life is fascinating. Batman-like. Lovin' it. Speaking of that, will we ever see future Hiro come to pass? I don't mind his new mission of changing the past (this will only lead to trouble, you idiot) but I am weary of the lovable geek. It's time to slick the hair back! And finally, I didn't miss Mohinder at all.
  • A very strong first and second episode.

    I saw the first two as one episode so I'm only doing one review:

    It's greatly promising that the first episode of the season goes back to the show's roots. It's beautifully done too, the voiceover with the clips. Always a pleasure to see Robert Knepper and the accent is very pleasant and fitting.

    Samuel's crew are interesting – one can apparently get the info related to Samuel's tattoos. Samuel seems to be able to affect the earth, but also to control tattoos – using Lydia to see them, then there's the compass that reacts to people with powers. He's one of the rare ones who has more than one power. His hitman has super speed like Daphne but likes blades.

    "Dial a Hero" – Oh dear God! This is so Hiro and Ando! I suppose even superheroes have to start somewhere – they start with rescuing a cat. After the glitches in his powers, Hiro shouldn't be using his powers at all. The nosebleeds seemed a definite indication something was wrong and now we know it's true.

    Peter's back to being a paramedic. Keeping a record of the people he saves. But why is he avoiding Nathan?

    Angela knows about Tracy going on a killing spree, and Bennet's back on her payroll. Of all people, Danko saved him, I actually liked him.

    Angela's dream seems to be indicating that we're going to have a problem with 'Nathan' sooner than anyone thought. Sylar's resurfacing and so are his powers - Nathan doesn't have telekinesis and he knows it. The more he tries to access his other powers, the faster his reversion will happen.

    Matt's having visions – and Sylar's trying to make contact. Seems that Nathan's got his powers and body but his 'soul' is inside Matt's head.

    Peter's new power is agility, pretty impressive. He seems very contained though – his apartment worries me, very Spartan. Seems this is his way of regaining control of his life – make it simple with simple goals. The two powers we've seen so far are very cool to start with.

    Claire's roommate was seriously freaky but didn't deserve to die. I have a bad feeling about Gretchen – what do you want to bet she killed Annie? Gretchen already seems fixated on Claire, I feel an obsession brewing. It's so typical of Claire to do something as reckless as jump out of a window.

    Matt's using the excuse that he was doing drugs? to get himself back on the police force. I liked Sylar showing up at the meeting. Sylar's right – you can't have that kind of power and not use it, especially when he's a cop and telepathy makes his job so much easier. He didn't give in for his job but did to get rid of Janice's new 'boyfriend'.

    New romance brewing – Noah and Tracy?! Who saw that coming?

    Samuel's got some sort of agenda – his time-traveller is too old so wants Hiro as a replacement and is now targeting Sylar, Claire, Peter.
  • Dear God, I thought I was going to slip into a coma...

    I sincerely don't know what the writers of this show have been drinking, but they need to ease back a bit. Apparently, the waves of criticism the past two seasons have generated were completely lost on them. Instead of reinventing the show to recapture the freshness of season 1, they plodded along with the individual storylines of half a dozen familiar faces who were doing.....NOTHING!! The obvious problem of what had been done with Sylar in last season's finale immediately came to light. Since Peter Petrelli had recovered his memories in season 2 thanks to his regenerative power, why in the world would Angela and HRG think that the same wouldn't happen to Sylar? Claire decides that using her real name is a slick move and is then shocked when someone connects her with her old life in Texas. Ando and Hiro actually spend their time setting up a business that exploits their powers, despite how many times in the past that other people have tried to kill or capture them for the very same reason.

    The writers must think we're idiots. I've officially given up up on this tired show. It needs to go....the sooner the better.
  • Better than the premiere because the plot is advancing and some ideas are starting to pay off slowly.

    Presentation Phase -» (7/10) The idea to make someone powers to play with him was used before, the last time was Sylar and his shape shifting powers, but in Matt´s case it plays well and is a nice way to keep Sylar around

    Complication Phase - » (7/10) Hiro part was interesting this time, even if he was played, I thought that time travel was done in heroes, but it appears that this season could be the last, so it make sense using time travel to make things right, maybe this is how Sylar will be killed and Nathan revived

    Matt´s part was the best, his illusions with Sylar was very interesting, Claire parts didn´t help, but was better than the season premiere was nothing bad either, could be more interesting, but at least it was not boring.

    Climax Phase - » (7/10) Matt part was one more time very good, Peter fight could be better, but it is ok too

    Ending - » (8/10) what make the ending great was Matt last action, Peter decision it is consistent with is behavior and Claire made another stupid thing, as usual. Hiro idea put things in another level and can be interesting to follow.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10) not the greatest progression, but at least, some plots advanced like Matt and Hiro, Peter and Claire status, if you had missed this episode, you would missed a few things

    Time and Scene Management - » (7/10) better than the last episode, but Claire situation seems pure filler to me and continues to be boring sometimes if not all the times,

    Plot Details/Holes- » (6/10) It didn´t make sense to me how Peter suddenly knew how to fight with knifes/Katana, it seems that when he absorbs one power, this absorption come with a automatic instructions easy to follow and put in practice, Tracy suddenly hooking up with HRG, doesn´t make sense, since she tried to kill him a while ago. Why HRG wasn´t killed?

    Storyline -» (7/10) the only storyline that failed here was Claire and Tracy, the rest is cool for now. Matt part was the best

    Suspense/Tension - » (6/10) Peter fight wasn´t filled with spectacular tension, could be better, the rest wasn´t something that could create good tension
    Drama - » (8/10) Matt drama is the best here, the rest depend in how much you like the characters

    Better than the premiere because the plot is advancing and some ideas are starting to pay off slowly.
  • Good opener, but the 2hour stretch was unnecessary..

    Heroes represents a show that is losing interest with every season and every episode. I remember getting insanely bored with storylines we were seeing in season 3. Season 4 opener was a decent start. We have a new villain this time. So we can probably give Sylar a break. Oh wait!no!. He's still there, isn't he? living inside Matt Parkman's brain and driving him crazy. Claire deals with a mystery of her own, trying to solve the murder/suicide of her roommate, and in the process inadvertently revealing her powers to a new friend. The new friend also seems creepy; she might have some powers too. We've seen a similar situation before in the West kid in California.

    Otherwise, it is the same old heroes. Noah is still obsessed with the company. Peter and Matt want to live a normal life. Hiro travels through time, this time playing cupid for Ando and Kimiko. I don't know why we didn't see Mohinder this time. Is he axed by any chance?

    Overall, there is sufficient mystery built to carry this forward. Lets see.
  • good start to season, but felt it was a little slow because of all the different storylines and which ones are worth following.

    I like heroes i really do but sometimes, in an effort to keep track of all the characters, each episode seems to progress too slowly for my liking. There are alot of different arcs in these 2 opening episodes but we don't see much done in any of them.

    1)peter petrelli and later HRG -peter a paramedic again-boring, HRG comes to him for help and peter only does half a job-same old annoying peter.
    2)Angela and nathan/sylar - not a bad storyline, interesting to see resurgence of sylar.
    3)matt parkman and sylar - is this just matt having a breakdown or something more sinister - might just be interesting.
    4)Tracy & HRG - not much to say on this one apart from her ability and romance between them - boring.
    5)Hiro and Ando - Hiro messing up with time-travel, this ones getting old.
    6)Samuel and circus lot - just a load of new characters at the moment so lets see, otherwise im not bothered.
    7)Claire at college with random girl - claire should get away from creepy stalker new roommate who knows who she really is and yet...

    I may be biaised but the new series so far is just OK for me, nothing special and yet reminders that it could get better and a whole lot worse.
    I wanna see peter petrelli with his old abilities back so when does that happen - another freaky encounter with sylar or wierd involvement with samuel and the circus lot.