Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • A wonderful start to Season 4.

    When I saw Hiro and Ando hiring their services as heroes, I thought that was very cool. When Ando got scratched by the cat and fell my thinking was "yes, that is typical Ando. Also something that would probably happen to me." I am curious as to what will happen to Hiro. To break the news to his friend he is dying that must have been very painful. To see Hiro go back in the past and alter something that would affect Ando and Hiro's sister in the future. That was sweet. What gives with a girl staying mad for fourteen years for spilling a drink on her favorite dress? Get over it!!

    The new characters, I really like them. What do they want with Hiro, only time will tell. And the deal with the compass. Many new questions have surfaced.

    Sylar is not apart of Matt. I wonder if he will slowly take him over? And will Nathan remain the way he is, or will Sylar return?

    I wonder what happened to Clair's roommate? And her new friend. I feel Clair will be on the run again. All-in-all the show has proven itself time and time again. New ideas. New characters and many new plot twists. No wonder why we loyal fans keep coming back for more and more.