Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • Ok, so maybe I'm not done with Heroes. I swore I'd watch the opening to see if it was worth continuing to watch. The short answer is yes.

    I can't give Heroes a full 10 a couple of things bugged me, which will be discussed later but overall I was very pleased with this episode. It reminds me of the first season and why I began watching this show in the first place. We have a new opponent. I won't say villain because they don't strike me as villains, though some acts were villainous. Danko is dead, can't say I'm surprised or disappointed. However, I like the new Carnies and am interested in what they do. The leader, Samuel in a way reminds me of Magneto which makes me wonder if the carnival is Genocia. We get interesting threads, HRG and Tracy come together and it looks like she may actually become more relevant as time goes on. It was also good to see The Haitian again, hope to see more of him. I like how Peter uses his powers to help and the reasoning behind taking the speed ability. Still having trouble with the Sylar/Nathan thing but it was well played here. Parkman now has a piece of Sylar in his head and is having hallucination alla Baltar and Six. About the only thing I have to ding them for was Clair's storyline. Yeah I though the new roommate was annoying. I went to college and met several people, like her. Still, I didn't see it necessary to have her killed off. Whether murder or suicide, just seem a bit forced. Then Clair jumps and the other girl sees what happens. Yeah, interesting plot point. However, there has been talk about a lesbian kiss with Claire. No offense but if it's between those 2, that's not a ratings winner.

    Finally, I must give props to Hiro and time travel! I was sick and tired of the stupid plot device they had been using. Him going back in time, even accidentally was a MUCH needed plot fix. The meeting of Samuel, his talk and the 'pushing' of Hiro into changing the past was very well done! For this I must give high praise. Time travel is part of this world to say "we're just not going to do it" is ludicrous, disingenuous, and ultimately insults the watcher. This helped fixed that, major kudos! Hope to see more of it.

    Still the jury is out. They've had great openings in the past only to leave us a slow agonizing demise and ultimately unsatisfying finally. Still, this was enough to get me to watch 1 more week and that may be enough for now.
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