Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • Orientation/JUmp, Push, Fall (both episodes included).

    The infamous carnival makes the first appearance and while I like the idea, much more then the company schtick the show was stuck on for the past three years I'm not convinced I like the actually carnival members yet. Samuel is shady and self serving, you can already tell. Lydia, well who can even tell what her power actually is? They have a time traveler but he's old and sick, any chance he maybe has what Hiro now has or is all coincidence? And old Speedy Mcknife thrower is certainly cool but we hardly know him yet. I reserve judgement on the carnival, I want to wait and see their motivations and manipulations before I make a ruling.

    The Hunter finally got what was coming to him! I couldn't be more pleased about that, it always bothered me that he always seemed to manage not to die when some many other far more powerful people bit it quickly. Plus he was annoying but I like that they didn't make it Tracey or one of the other people he captured in the Building 26 ordeal. Seems more appropriate. But the compass? I mean okay connection to Samuel, the weird arm thing. Connection to people with abilities vs. people without, I mean it spun with Peter and not with Noah so that must be it right? I don't know if it detects people with abilities but as of right now all I keep thinking it Jack Sparrow and the compass that doesn't point north. We'll see I suppose, again this is tied into the carnival so I reserve judgement. Although I must say this whole carnival thing has a chance of spawning some really corny characters and plots but if they put effort into it they'll be fine.

    HRG and Tracey form some sort of weird connection bond, which to me makes about as much sense as everyone forgiving Nathan last volume for everything he did to his own kind. I mean she tried to drown him? And what was with Danko saving HRG just to save himself? That seems counterproductive to say the least, then again he never was one for intellegent though. Anyway I suppose in a weird sort of way HRG and Tracey are kind of similar. He lives in the land of grey and while she's a little more tinted towards the black they're both alone in a lot of ways, lost everything they had. The lives they had. I wasn't surprised that Knifey McSpeedy caught up to HRG and went all knights of hack and slash on him though I doubt he's dead.

    Hiro's sick, I'm guessing bad after the last episodes of season 3 and the fact that he claims to be dying. However they're stumbling back into very risky territory with the return of time travel. While I wanted it back as much as the next person the long ago established the concept of the butterfly effect and proved it time and time again that even the smallest most insignificant change can have catastrophic reprecussions. But now nothing? I mean I suppose there's changes where if you made sort of a surgical strike the only reprecussions would be limited and depending on the strike itself good but that's a fine line. If it's an intentional move then good on the show but if it's not they could really make things super complicated and confusing.

    Claire's playing freshman at school and while I appreciate what they're doing with her character this year, tying on all the struggles she's had since she got her powers. First wanting to hide and be normal, then wanting to be able to be herself and eventually out herself to the world, then wanting stop bad guys and be a hero. Now she just wants to be honest and truthful, well jumping out of your dorm window two days after orientation is a great way to do that. Who thinks Gretchen has an ability, I thought I spotted something with the guitar hero but I'm not totally sure. Either way she doesn't seemed freaked so who knows what the deal is.

    Peter is back to his old self. A hero, one life at a time, self sacrificing very spartan kind of deal. Willing to give it all up to be a hero. It's very classic Peter, I think over the volumes he's kept all that but he got a little reliant on being one of the most powerful characters on the show and then was so shell shocked when he was reduced to a one trick at a time pony that he needed time to really get back to the guy he was. Now he seems to be running full force though. I just don't think totally alone is the way to go. I mean he's on the right path but he'll never be happy, as he can already see, focusing on what might have happened if he wasn't quick enough.

    Matt is having issues! Big time. He's back with Janice which I love, though I'll never be okay with how quick he got over Daph (though I understand). Little Matty is so sweet and overall he's got the shell of his old life back with one small change. Somebody wants his body back. Now I can't tell if a) Matt is hallucinating out of guilt or some other emotion b) some part of Sylar's existence is in Matt (which would make sense seeing as Sylar's ability are in some part, though if you ask me that's very trippy territory and I'm not sure they'd be able to explain it well enough for me to enjoy it, or c) something entirely different is happening. I mean was Sylar holding Matty or was Matt hallucinating it all? It's very hard to tell at this point, though I love all the Sylar dialogue during his scenes with Matt. Terrifying and fantastic.

    Meawhile Angela seems to be the only person in the world who doesn't seem to care or even really want to admit that Nathan is Sylar. Matt clearly feels immense guilt, HRG though in it at the time is feeling the weight and anger at what he did (he's always been a bigger waffler) but Angela's like Nathan is fine alive and well yadda yadda. Psycho! She needs a check up from the neck up big time but I've said it before and I'll say it again Sylar will not be contained. From the beginning we've known that so does she really think this would actually work? His powers are already bleeding through (how did that not occur to any of them I will never know), his personality seems to be ticking through as well in small increments. It's just a matter of time before he punches through all together. He'll find a way.
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