Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • A group of ordinary people discover they have abilities, now the drama of good and evil is played out across the globe.

    Aye, what can I say; I've been on a steady decline of disappointment with this show after season one. The last season and its ridiculous finale had me throwing in the towel but I figured I would try the new season opener. Based on what has been given to us as the drama for this season I'm not impressed.

    Of course we have the new "Carnival" gang and I'm not impressed with that. Robert Knepper will not be done justice here compared to his great role as Bagwell on Prison Break. The new Ala Larter aka Tracy is silly. The knock off of various characters without explanation is strange or were extremely stupid (e.g the brother/sister duo).

    The Sylar thing has pissed me off and has been the dumbest crutch of this show. The man should've been dead after season one...PERIOD! They should have been brave enough to just bring in a different EVIL for the crew to deal with...not come up with these constant ways he keeps managing to come back.

    The Nathan killed Sylar becomes Nathan was the DUMBEST thing I ever saw a show do as the idea was completely illogical from a realistic perspective. The Claire (I want to be normal but let me do something extremely stupid) is old and tired.

    There was nothing heart-pounding, edge of seat grabbing, etc. about this opener compared to other season openers so far. I just don't know about Heroes...I'm surprised they have allowed this show to go on this far compared to other shows. I believe I'm going to be done with this one lest I give myself an unnecessary headache.