Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • good start to season, but felt it was a little slow because of all the different storylines and which ones are worth following.

    I like heroes i really do but sometimes, in an effort to keep track of all the characters, each episode seems to progress too slowly for my liking. There are alot of different arcs in these 2 opening episodes but we don't see much done in any of them.

    1)peter petrelli and later HRG -peter a paramedic again-boring, HRG comes to him for help and peter only does half a job-same old annoying peter.
    2)Angela and nathan/sylar - not a bad storyline, interesting to see resurgence of sylar.
    3)matt parkman and sylar - is this just matt having a breakdown or something more sinister - might just be interesting.
    4)Tracy & HRG - not much to say on this one apart from her ability and romance between them - boring.
    5)Hiro and Ando - Hiro messing up with time-travel, this ones getting old.
    6)Samuel and circus lot - just a load of new characters at the moment so lets see, otherwise im not bothered.
    7)Claire at college with random girl - claire should get away from creepy stalker new roommate who knows who she really is and yet...

    I may be biaised but the new series so far is just OK for me, nothing special and yet reminders that it could get better and a whole lot worse.
    I wanna see peter petrelli with his old abilities back so when does that happen - another freaky encounter with sylar or wierd involvement with samuel and the circus lot.