Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • new season, same problems??

    Well, new season of Heroes. Dunno if I should be thrilled and expecting something good or just watch it without hoping for something good..

    Matt is taking care of his son and wants nothing to do with Angela, who is struggling to deal with Sylar, no shape shifted into Nathan. "Nathan" is confused and is starting to burst some of his Sylar's powers... don't forget Sylar is inside Matt's head now... talk about a bad headache huh..

    Peter is paranoid and wants to save everyone..

    Claire is starting college... wow..

    Tracy and Noah.. do I see a future as a couple? hmm

    T-Bag.. I mean, the new guy does an interesting and motivating speech in the beginning.. hope his character adds something interesting, 'cause Danko in the last season was pretty much useless.. and for kicks, he dies in the first 30 minutes..
    Hopefully, the new characters will spark some new interesting and bring back Heroes from the grave..
    Guess we'll see..