Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • Good opener, but the 2hour stretch was unnecessary..

    Heroes represents a show that is losing interest with every season and every episode. I remember getting insanely bored with storylines we were seeing in season 3. Season 4 opener was a decent start. We have a new villain this time. So we can probably give Sylar a break. Oh wait!no!. He's still there, isn't he? living inside Matt Parkman's brain and driving him crazy. Claire deals with a mystery of her own, trying to solve the murder/suicide of her roommate, and in the process inadvertently revealing her powers to a new friend. The new friend also seems creepy; she might have some powers too. We've seen a similar situation before in the West kid in California.

    Otherwise, it is the same old heroes. Noah is still obsessed with the company. Peter and Matt want to live a normal life. Hiro travels through time, this time playing cupid for Ando and Kimiko. I don't know why we didn't see Mohinder this time. Is he axed by any chance?

    Overall, there is sufficient mystery built to carry this forward. Lets see.