Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • No Mohinder = already off to a good start

    There is something to be said about how fresh every new season of Heroes feels. For some reason, as disappointing as the season prior was, I always give the show the benefit of the doubt and I get excited for the start of the next volume. Admittedly, I thought the start of "Villains" was damn entertaining. I may have been too kind...

    But if Heroes is making the same mistakes, then so am I, because I thought this 2-part premiere was very, VERY good- Like, Season 1 good...

    First and foremost is the show is going back to getting grounded in reality. No more exhibitions of cool powers. Ordinary people, extraordinary abilities. How about that? This is as simple a move as just giving our heroes NORMAL supporting players to interact with. Claire has started college and she's dealing with a new roommate. Peter is back to his medical duties, and has another EMT he works with. Even Hiro and Ando have started a 'superhero business', but they have to deal with Hiro's sister. It's amazing how regular people can keep a show about superheroes rooted (instead of everyone we meet having a power). It's nice getting our leads back to dealing with the every-day. That's why Spiderman works. The plot really begins to move forward when a family of carnies sends one of their own to retrieve a special compass (LOST) and in the process, kill Danko. (If Heroes wants to stay good, he'll stay dead) and Nik- sorry, Tracy and HRG are on the case. I won't really miss the Danko character, as the more we wash our hands of Season 3, the better off we'll be. Tracy begins to develop a relationship with Noah after he, too is attacked by Darth Maul. Note: Ray Park is such an amazing martial artist, I wish we could see him work without all the flashy FX- He's a speedster like Daphne. I don't mind the potential romance because a) they're taking their time and letting it play out, and b) Ali Larter is still the hottest chick on the show. Noah's divorce is sort of heartbreaking, and I think we can understand his aimlessness right now.

    One critique I have is they are already playing the Sylar-emerging-from-Nathan card. (They jumped at this at the end of last volume's teaser). This is way too soon. It's as if the writers can't function without Sylar or something. Give us a break from him, using him sparingly, and when he does show up, it will have 10x more impact. But another notable difference is it seems the characters are acknowledging their past mistakes- and getting smarter for it. I liked that Matt Parkman regrets how he used his power in the finale (and his continued insecurities about his family). I liked that Peter declined to go on another 'hunt' with Noah. And I liked Claire's new roomate's call-back to the high school massacre. Nice twist with revealing the old roomate did commit suicide. It looked like the beginning of another long investigation, but Nope. No big mystery. (her new roommate is kind of annoying, though. Why is she so obsessed with death?)

    The carnies themselves are an unknown factor. Their leader has some sort of painting/foresight ability (like Isaac and the African dude), so that keeps Tim Sale's art on the show. But this time the twist is tattoos. None of this was really exciting or interesting, but I'm going to wait to see how it all plays out. Overall, I was impressed by how little I was annoyed by this premiere, and the best thing about the eps was it seems Peter might get back to being a badass again. Using his powers to help others on his own,at the sacrifice of having a life is fascinating. Batman-like. Lovin' it. Speaking of that, will we ever see future Hiro come to pass? I don't mind his new mission of changing the past (this will only lead to trouble, you idiot) but I am weary of the lovable geek. It's time to slick the hair back! And finally, I didn't miss Mohinder at all.