Season 4 Episode 2

Jump, Push, Fall

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • A very strong first and second episode.

    I saw the first two as one episode so I'm only doing one review:

    It's greatly promising that the first episode of the season goes back to the show's roots. It's beautifully done too, the voiceover with the clips. Always a pleasure to see Robert Knepper and the accent is very pleasant and fitting.

    Samuel's crew are interesting – one can apparently get the info related to Samuel's tattoos. Samuel seems to be able to affect the earth, but also to control tattoos – using Lydia to see them, then there's the compass that reacts to people with powers. He's one of the rare ones who has more than one power. His hitman has super speed like Daphne but likes blades.

    "Dial a Hero" – Oh dear God! This is so Hiro and Ando! I suppose even superheroes have to start somewhere – they start with rescuing a cat. After the glitches in his powers, Hiro shouldn't be using his powers at all. The nosebleeds seemed a definite indication something was wrong and now we know it's true.

    Peter's back to being a paramedic. Keeping a record of the people he saves. But why is he avoiding Nathan?

    Angela knows about Tracy going on a killing spree, and Bennet's back on her payroll. Of all people, Danko saved him, I actually liked him.

    Angela's dream seems to be indicating that we're going to have a problem with 'Nathan' sooner than anyone thought. Sylar's resurfacing and so are his powers - Nathan doesn't have telekinesis and he knows it. The more he tries to access his other powers, the faster his reversion will happen.

    Matt's having visions – and Sylar's trying to make contact. Seems that Nathan's got his powers and body but his 'soul' is inside Matt's head.

    Peter's new power is agility, pretty impressive. He seems very contained though – his apartment worries me, very Spartan. Seems this is his way of regaining control of his life – make it simple with simple goals. The two powers we've seen so far are very cool to start with.

    Claire's roommate was seriously freaky but didn't deserve to die. I have a bad feeling about Gretchen – what do you want to bet she killed Annie? Gretchen already seems fixated on Claire, I feel an obsession brewing. It's so typical of Claire to do something as reckless as jump out of a window.

    Matt's using the excuse that he was doing drugs? to get himself back on the police force. I liked Sylar showing up at the meeting. Sylar's right – you can't have that kind of power and not use it, especially when he's a cop and telepathy makes his job so much easier. He didn't give in for his job but did to get rid of Janice's new 'boyfriend'.

    New romance brewing – Noah and Tracy?! Who saw that coming?

    Samuel's got some sort of agenda – his time-traveller is too old so wants Hiro as a replacement and is now targeting Sylar, Claire, Peter.