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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on NBC
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Suresh finds an undiscovered Isaac Mendez painting that shows someone's death; Maya frees Alejandro from a Mexican jail; in the past Hiro discovers something new about Kensei; and Niki and Micah leave Las Vegas to get away from their past. Claire and West take a little trip.moreless

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  • Why oh why oh why did the heroes not chop Sylar up into a dozen pieces?

    Why oh why oh why did the heroes not chop Sylar up into a dozen pieces, run his remains through a meat grinder, then dump them into a blast furnace???
  • Claire reveals her ability to West and he does the same; Mohinder discovers a painting of Isaac's that predicts the death of someone; Hiro manages to save the past for now; Niki goes to New Orleans in hopes of a new life and Sylar is alive but not well.moreless

    The revelations of the third chapter are amazing. In this one we have a chance to see the two characters we haven't seen so far, Niki and Sylar.

    Niki and Micah travel from Las Vegas to New Orleans in hopes of a new life after DL's death. There they find Nana Dawson, from DL's family with which Micah will be staying. Niki, seeks help from the Company and Bob in return for her own assistance.

    Mohinder, still working with Noah, discovers one of the other seven missing paintings which predicts the death of Noah. Also in the painting there is a girl figure (presumably Claire) and a shadow figure kissing her.

    Peter assists Ricky in the big job to steal a box which contains the profits of a football match. When however one of Ricky's men betrays him for the money, Peter saves both Ricky and Caitlin and gains Ricky's trust. A love interest blooms between Peter and Caitlin.

    Hiro manages to save the past for now as he makes Takezo Kensei the hero he is meant to be. But when Hiro's time to return back to the present comes, Hiro hesitates as he realizes that his secret love for Yaeko is stronger. We view Hiro's story through small scrolls written by Hiro which are also read by Ando.

    Sylar is found to be alive but stitched. A woman named Michelle reveals that she is using her ability to make Sylar feel better. It turns out she is Candice Wilmer the illusion girl from volume 1 who had to change her appearance and ID because someone saw her saving Sylar from Kirby Plaza. Sylar angrily asks Michelle to show him where he is really. We see a Sylar stitched and in pain in some abandoned place in the middle of the jungle. Furthermore, Sylar discovers he has lost all of his abilities. When his killer insticts kick in he kills Michelle in hopes to regain his abilities all over again. But it turns out his abilities are gone for good.

    Claire still struggles to hide her true self, especially from West but in a moment of weakness she tells him the truth. Instead of freaking out, West shows her his own ability by making a trip with Claire by air. In the end, we find out that West was one of her father's old sins as he has tagged and kidnapped West while he was a little boy. He even had the mark (that Matt, Ted, Isaac and Hana had in the last volume), something which makes Claire more suspicious that her father has done more harm that she thought. West also remembers the man's face and even more his significant glasses - the horn-rimmed glasses.

    Finally, Alejandro is caught by the police while he and his sister try to steal a car. Maya manages to free him by using her abilities and when they are leaving they take with them a man in prison who claims he has a car (Claire's stolen car).

    Overall an exciting episode. Sylar and Niki's return are well received. Zachary Quinto is amazing and he will get better during the next few chapters. Key facts: Ali Larter's appearance are limited in this volume because she was shooting Resident Evil 3 during this time. Also Zachary Quinto's appearances would have been limited had this season been a full one because he was shooting Star Trek. Notice how Claire's character is changing slowly. Expect a disagreement with her stepdad Noah. Mohinder's dual identity is played amazingly by Sendhil Ramamurthy. Finally do pay attention to Hiro's story. His legend Takezo Kensei may not be who he thought it was when he was a child. Enjoy!moreless
  • Flawless!

    Heroes is getting better & better. Finally they have a hook to pull the viewers in. And this episode seals where these plots are going. Mohinder continues working for Bob & finds something a little interesting. Claire making out with a guy while HRG is dead on the floor. Well that happens in the end. We learn West has a power. He can fly. Claire & west make out & West tells her the truth about HRG, surprising as well. Candice & Sylar return. I knew Sylar wasn't dead. Poor Candice had to die. Sylar is left powerless still. Peter doing whatever it takes to find out his identity. Whoa. Then he falls in love & doesn't seem to care. Hiro thinks of leaving 1671 but he falls in love as well. So he stays. Ando gets messages from him. Nikki returns & leaves again leaving her son with DL's side of the family. And it turns out she is going to work for Bob. Alegandro & Maya go to jail & break free with a guy named Derek. So far, loving Claire's plot. Peter is getting more interesting. I'm starting to like Maya & Alegandro's plot. Getting more adventurous. I have no idea what's going to happen with Sylar. Hope Nikki gets more airtime. Hiro's arc, still putrid. Great episode though.moreless
  • Sylar and another hero is back...!

    The main part of this episode that I found boring was Maya and Alejandro's part, it was just, eh. Not too exciting. On the other hand, the most exciting part was definetly Sylar's return, as well as Candice's death. I wonder what has happened to his powers, and who "Candice" really was all along. Niki, a favorite from season 1, returns, but it turns out she has gone to the company and something is wrong with her! Mohinder gets deeper into the company, and finds another Issac Mendez painting portraying Noah's death. Claire and West find out about each other and make a bond (which was cute, I guess). I felt sorry for Hiro, but I really wonder what will happen when he returns to future. Overall, I really want to see what Sylar does!moreless
  • Claire rants to West. West: Claire, Shut up! He then flys with her in the air.

    Sylar awakens on an island beach, disoriented, next to a woman named Michelle. She explains that she is Candice Wilmer in disguise, and that she is creating the illusion of a tropical paradise while he is recovering from surgeries following his injury. Sylar is dubious, so she dispels the illusion to reveal that they are actually in a small shack in the middle of a forest. While recovering, Sylar discovers that he cannot use any of the abilities he acquired. Michelle explains that his powers will return, with her assistance, but that his wound must heal first. Determined to reacquire his powers, Sylar states that it will "start with her," and smashes a coffee mug against her head. After attempting to take her ability, however, he is unable to use it, then realizes that he is helpless and alone in the middle of nowhere.

    Peter tries to figure out how to control his powers, aiding Ricky and his gang in the theft of a large amount of cash. Ricky's brother Will, however, turns traitor and holds Ricky at gunpoint, demanding the money. He shoots Peter twice when he tries to intervene and continues to demand the money, but is surprised when Peter quickly regenerates and uses telekinesis to hold him against the wall, choking him. Due to Caitlin's pleadings, Peter stops short of killing Will. As a reward for his help and his loyalty, Peter is welcomed into the clan as a "brother," symbolized by Caitlin giving him a tattoo of the celtic knot on his arm. When Caitlin presents him with his box, he chooses not to open it, afraid that he might dislike who he was. However, as the two share a kiss, the ink of the tattoo Peter just received shifts into the helix symbol before fading entirely.

    When Alejandro tries to break into a random parked car, he and his sister are caught by the police, and the two make a beeline for the alleyway. Maya manages to evade the police by getting over the chainlink fence, but her brother isn't so fortunate; he gets arrested and brought down to the station. While at the station, Alejandro sees on a wanted poster that he and his sister are wanted for homicide. Meanwhile, Maya is thinking of a way to go back for her brother, and approaching the chief of police in the department, she rips the wanted poster down from the wall and shows him she's one of the people they want. As the policemen bar her against the desk, her eyes turn jet black and everyone, besides Alejandro, fall dead in the building. After he's freed, he's aghast that Maya had murdered just to free him. Grasping her hands once more, he revives everyone who was killed by his sister, including the American prisoner. Remarking that he has a car, the twins take the American along with much haste, speeding off in his vehicle.

    Niki and Micah are both at a cemetery, where Micah is feeling despondent about the loss of his father. Niki tries to cheer him up by saying he can finally live normally and if he wants to see his father again, she'll try to arrange it. Micah then runs into the field with his mother chasing after until they both stop at the gravestone of D.L., where Micah gently places a bundle of flowers upon his name. Later on in the day, the two make it to New Orleans, where Niki drops Micah off at Nana Dawson's home, while she continues to find a cure for her condition.

    In the present time, Ando is in his office, still wondering if Hiro would ever come back. Opening his filing cabinet, he takes out the katana, and notices that the words "Ando, open" were inscribed on the bottom of the sword's hilt. Flicking it open, tiny little scrolls pour out into Ando's hand. He begins to read them, finding they were really letters from the past from Hiro, detailing his progression to make history right again.

    Meanwhile, Hiro is trying to convince Takezo Kensei that he really is a "hero", since he possesses spontaneous regeneration. Takezo keeps believing Hiro had cursed him, but learns Hiro was telling the truth after he tries to slice his arm open with a dagger, just to have it keep healing back up. Showing him that he can bend time, Hiro convinces Takezo to fight the Battle of the 90 Angry Ronin, at which he succeeds. However, as he is reunited with Yaeko, Hiro is upset that he is unable to be with her since she's Takezo's bride. For some reason, when he prepares to go home, he does not, and it is not clear on whether he chose not to leave, or because he lost his powers yet again.

    Claire is annoyed by West, who hassles her about not letting people know that she is different. He then reveals that he has a power, and he flies her to a beach, where they kiss. Claire then sees the scar on West's neck, the same one that Matt Parkman and others had. He then tells Claire that once he was riding his bike and was taken by "the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses" and has lost a day's worth of memory, implying The Haitian was there as well.

    Mohinder Suresh finds that his new laboratory was the old loft of Isaac Mendez, complete with his paintings in crates. When his overseer leaves, he quickly rummages through one of the crates, finding the last of the eight paintings Isaac did prior to his murder. Noah Bennet remarks that Mohinder has "nothing to worry about as long as I'm alive". After seeing the subject of the eighth painting, Mohinder takes a snapshot of it with his cellphone and sends it to him, remarking "that's what I'm afraid of." When the painting is shown, it appears to depict Noah's bloody corpse, complete with a bullet hole through his eye. In the background, Claire is embracing and kissing a shadowed figure. Quickly shrinking the image down when Claire comes in the room, he greets her briefly. After she leaves, the episode ends with Noah still contemplating the ominous painting on his computer screen.moreless
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Dominic Keating


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: In the scene shared between Mohinder and Matt, Mohinder is drinking from a cup. The position of his hand changes continually between shots - the one shot he's taking a sip, the other the hand and cup aren't even in sight.

    • When Caitlin is tattooing Peter and Ricky comes near to give him the box, Ricky's holding two glasses of scotch. Then, on Peter's very next shot, he is already holding the glass and when Ricky leaves just a few seconds later, both glasses are empty on top of the table, although they didn't stop talking one single moment between the shots.

    • Goof: When Sylar takes Candice's power, he has blood on his hands, when he runs out of the house, his hands are clean.

    • Dominic Keating (Lt. Reed of Enterprise) also made an appearance in this episode. He is the third cast member of a Star Trek series to make an appearance.

    • Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura from Star Trek) makes an appearance in this episode, making her the second cast member from the original series to be cast in this show, behind George Takei.

    • Goof: When Parkman wakes up and goes to retrieve his gun from the cabinet you can see the reflection of the camera man in the mirror just behind him.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Peter: I can do all these things, I just, I feel powerless.
      Caitlin: It's tough not knowing who you are.
      Peter: Looks like I might die before I ever figure it out.
      Caitlin: Maybe you're an extra terrestrial, escaped from a government facility. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see you open that box, and don't worry about tonight. I'll be there to watch your back.
      Peter: How do I know I can trust you?
      Caitlin: I haven't told anyone about what you can do, now have I?
      Peter: Why is that?
      Caitlin: A girl's gotta have her secrets.

    • Bob: Mohinder, it was built for you.
      Mohinder: I'm sorry?
      Bob: You don't realise how valued you are here at the company. People have been instructed to keep a close watch on you, to anticipate your every need.
      Mohinder: That is very generous of you, but really I prefer to work on my own.
      Bob:Supervision is in your best interest. And in ours. You're part of the family now.

    • Kensei: Where have you taken me?
      Hiro: To get the Fire Scroll. It's on top of those steps.
      Kensei: Who are they?
      Hiro: Those are the 90 Angry Ronin, sworn to protect it.
      Kensai: (gulping) How angry are they?

    • Claire: If someone here found out about me, what would happen?
      Mr. Bennet: We'd have to leave California immediately, go deeper into hiding. Maybe forego schools and jobs altogether. But that's a worst case scenario.

    • Yaeko: (in Japanese): Are you sure he did not run away?
      Hiro: Kensei? He does not run away from danger, he runs towards it. And punches its face!

    • West: I take it you're annoyed.
      Claire: What is it West, huh? What do you want from me!?
      West: I want you to admit you're different!
      Claire: Ok fine, I'm a freak, alright!? I'm such a freak, in fact, that I have to tiptoe around this school pretending to be some brainless Barbie doll so nobody notices how different I am. 'Cause if they found out, I'd be carted off to some human zoo so I could be poked and prodded at for the rest of my life. So yeah, West. I'm different. And you can tell the world if you want to 'cause I am tired of pretending to be someone I'm not.
      West: Claire… shut up. (picks her up and flies off)

    • Kensei: Wait, you're going?
      Hiro: Yes, I have another life to go to. My father, Ando… they're all waiting for me.
      Kensei: But what if I can't do this without you. Only you can keep me from returning to my heathen ways. You're like a conscience, only I take heed of you!

    • Caitlin: But you didn't kill him, did you?
      Peter: That's because of you.
      Caitlin: It's not because of me, Peter. You're a good soul. I can tell.
      Peter: What if I open this box and I find otherwise?
      Caitlin: Do you like where you are, right now? Do you like who you are? (Peter nods) Well then maybe, for now, you just leave it be.

    • West: You could go sky diving without a parachute.
      Claire: You could sky dive without a plane.

    • Parkman: Mohinder, no offense. You're a professor, not 007.

    • Peter: (raises left arm) Lightning, lightning, sparks, lightning.
      (Enters Caitlin)
      Caitin: So you just yell it out...well I'm just trying to understand how it works.
      Peter: That makes two of us...so far I've got nothing.
      Caitlin: Well it's a shame you can't order lightning like a plate of chips. Sure will come in handy tonight.

    • Peter: So, I was right.
      Will: So you were. Congratulations, Peter!
      (Will shoots Peter twice in the chest.)

    • Peter: Why would I lie?
      Ricky: I know Will. I don't know you. Sure, you don't even know yourself.

    • Tuko: We're talkin' football, yeah? Soccer?
      Peter: I lost my memory. I'm not an idiot.

    • Matt: Which means you're doing your spying in our own backyard, great.
      Mohinder: Someone's grouchy when they didn't get their sleep.

    • West: Just walk me through this one last time. I didn't see you cut off your toe, is that right?
      Claire: The bottle of nail polish fell over and it just looked like it was bleeding.
      West: Improvising is really not your forte.
      Claire: Why are you such a smart ass?
      West: Why are you so bad at lying?
      Claire: I'm not lying.
      West: Fine then, you gave yourself a pedicure and you toe fell of and came back on, works for me.
      Claire: I'm going to class.
      West: Don't do your nails on the way!

    • Claire: It was a pedicure.
      West: I'm sorry?
      Claire: The other night, that was what I was doing, I was giving myself a pedicure.
      West: Well you're not very good at it.

    • (After they kiss Claire notices the scar on West's neck)
      Claire: What's on your neck?
      West: Couple years ago, when we were living in St. Louis, I was riding my bike to school and next thing I knew it was a day later and I was waking up in my bed. Last thing I remember is this man stepping out of the bushes calling my name.
      (Claire looking shocked)
      Claire: What are you talking about? What man?
      West: I don't know who he was, but I remember the way he looked at me, like I was an animal he wanted to trap. I try to put him out of my head, but sometimes I see his face, the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses.
      (Claire looks worried)

  • NOTES (6)

    • The character of Candice Wilmer had to be recast for her final appearance because the original actress, Missy Peregrym, was cast as the female lead in the CW series "Reaper." Luckily, the character's ability of making people see whatever she wanted them to see made recasting the role super-easy!

    • The Symbol:
      The Carr family crest tattooed on Peters arm briefly morphs into the symbol when Catlin and Peter kiss.

    • New Heroes:
      There were no new heroes introduced in this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 18, 2007 on Channel 7
      Latin America: February 1, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: February 5, 2008 on Star World
      Malaysia: February 5, 2008 on Star World
      Belgium: March 17, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: May 1, 2008 on BBC3
      Sweden: September 10, 2008 on TV4
      Norway: September 21, 2008 on NRK3
      Germany: October 1, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: April 19, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: September 25, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 19, 2010 on Markiza

    • Power Developments:
      Peter Petrelli: The fresh tattoo on Peter's arm turns into the 'Godsend' kanji and then disappears.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "Eyes" by Rogue Wave


    • Matt: You're a professor, not 007.

      Referring to Ian Fleming's James Bond. The character is a famous British secret agent who has had many books and films made about him.