Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

In the bar, Ricky, Caitlin, Will, Peter and others are sitting around the table. Peter asks what Ricky what he has to do to get back his life. Ricky says his identity box is all his as long as he helps them with a job. Ricky tells Peter there's a Celtics game and after it, all the money made is put in a lock box in an armored car, and all Peter has to do is get rid of the guards. Peter asks, "So I get you your box, you'll give me mine?" Ricky says everyone wins, but Peter hears Will thinking that the cash will be his and he'll kill Ricky for it. Peter asks Will what he just said, and Will says he didn't say anything. Peter says he heard him say he'll take the cash. Will stands up and asks Peter if he's accusing him of something, but Peter knows what he heard. Ricky and Will both grab Peter and throw him against the wall. Ricky has Peter by the throat when he shows Peter his family crest tattoo and says these guys are his brothers, and he trusts them. Peter asks why he would lie, and Ricky and Will let go of him and Ricky says they don't know him. He points out Peter doesn't even know himself. Somewhere in Mexico, Alejandro is urging Maya that she needs to rest. She says they'll be at the border soon, and Alejandro says if she lasts that long. Alejandro spots a Cadillac and goes over to it. Maya asks him since when is he a car thief, and Alejandro replies, "Since I vowed to get my sister to America, no matter how long it took." He tells her to stand back and starts to break the window and is spotted by a police officer. The twins run with the officer hot on their heels. Maya is climbing a fence and Alejandro is almost over when an officer catches him. Maya is hiding next to the dumpster and Alejandro tells her to run. He is dragged away. Niki and Micah are sitting in her car. She says she's sorry, and he says he doesn't want to leave Las Vegas. Niki says there's no other way, and Micah says a family is supposed to stay together. He then says, "Without Dad?" and Niki says anytime he wants to see his father, she'll make sure it happens. It's time for them to say goodbye. Micah gets out of the car and we see it's parked in front of a cemetery. Micah runs into it with Niki behind him and stops in front of D.L.'s grave. The inscription on it reads, "Daniel Lawrence Hawkins. 1976-2007. Husband, father, hero." Niki puts flowers on the grave. On a tropical beach, a cell phone rings. A redhead woman in a bikini answers it. She says, "No, he's still sleeping? What can I say? The guy's tired. He's waking up. I'll have to call you later." She hangs up the phone and say "Morning Sleepyhead" and we see the guy, in a red tropical robe, is none other than Sylar. She asks if he wants to go for a dip. He asks where he is, and she says they're in Maui. Sylar asks who she is, and she says she's Michelle. She used to be Candice, but ever since she pulled Sylar off Kirby Plaza, the police have been looking for her old self. She takes off her sunglasses and shakes her hair. He asks if she really dragged him off Kirby Plaza, and she says it was after he got stabbed. Eight surgeries later, here he is. She tells him she covered up his stitches and that she can make illusions. Sylar tells her to show him what's really going on. She tells him he doesn't want to know. He grabs her and tells her to show him, and the beach melts away and Sylar is on an operating table, screaming in pain in a small gray room. At Claire's house, Claire is reading Chandra Suresh's book when HRG knocks on the door of her room and says she has right to be angry because he tried to talk to her and he lost his temper. He says sometimes he doesn't appreciate how difficult it must be sometimes, and invites her to ask questions. She asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and HRG says they'd have to leave California, go deeper into hiding, maybe forgo school and jobs altogether, but that's a worse case scenario. At school, Claire tells West she was just giving herself a pedicure. West says she's not very good at it, he was just trying to lend her a book. Claire tells him to stay away from her. West says then he didn't see her cut off her toe? Claire says she knocked the bottle of nail polish over and it just looked like she was bleeding. West asks why she's lying, and Claire says she isn't. West says whatever, she was painting her nails, her toe came off and then back on, works for him. Claire says she's going to class and walks away. West calls after her, "Don't do your nails on the way." Matt wakes up and sees Molly asleep in her bed. He goes and gets a gun from the drawer and in the kitchen runs into... Mohinder. Matt is surprised to see him, and Mohinder says he'll be working in the city from now on. Matt says this means he'll be doing his spy work from their own backyard and tells Mohinder about Molly's nightmares. Matt says he can't babysit both of them and Mohinder's in way over his head and that they did abduct him. Mohinder says he has to help Molly, and Matt says don't die on her. Molly sees Mohinder's home and jumps into his arms. He tells her he's never leaving again. Molly is happy, Matt maybe isn't. In Ando's office, he is playing a video game on his computer. His boss sees him and chews him out for it, saying that hanging out with the CEO for a few months doesn't get him out of work. Ando reaches into his desk and pulls out Kensei's sword. He opens it and finds a scroll inside from Hiro. Hiro writes him he's in the past and he befriended Takezo Kensei and Hiro has to help him become the hero history needs him to be. He made a discovery he has powers too. Kensei is confused about his power, and Hiro says this is how he'll become a hero. Kensei thinks it's a trick, so Hiro inserts the arrow in his chest, and the wound closes up. Kensei thinks it's a curse and starts walking away. He calls Hiro the devil, then he climbs on his horse and rides away. Hiro calls to him they have to right history. Peter is attempting to summon his powers and it's not working. Caitlin guesses he yells something out, and Peter says he doesn't get it either. Caitlin says it's a shame he can't order it like a plate of chips, it'd sure come in handy that night. Peter says he has all this power, yet feels so powerless and puts his shirt on. Caitlin says it must be tough not knowing who he is, and Peter says he might die before he ever figures it out. Caitlin says Peter could be an extra terrestrial and she's curious about who he is as well. She says she'll watch his back tonight and he asks how he can trust her. She points out she hasn't told anyone what he can do. Peter asks why, and Caitlin says a girl's gotta have her secrets. The police officer is taking Alejandro into jail. The officer tells another he had to chase Alejandro across town for trying to steal a car. Alejandro sees the wanted poster of him and Maya on the wall. Alejandro is put into a cell, and the guy in the cell next to him says, "Dude, you look like ass." Alejandro doesn't know what he said anyway. In Claire and West's biology class, the teacher says the day's topic is mitosis. West asks him about yesterday's topic, regeneration and lizards. He asks if a lizard and human mated if the offspring would have the affect and says he thinks he met a lizard girl. The teacher doesn't see the point of the conversation as Claire stares at West in horror. West asks if the lizard girl cut off her arm or leg, would it reattach itself to her lizard body. This is where Claire gets up and leaves the class. Hiro writes to Ando that it's not easy turning Kensei into a hero. He says he's met the most beautiful Japanese woman and he's fallen in love with her, but she has to be Kensei's love. Yaeko asks Hiro if Kensei ran away, and Hiro says Kensei would never do that. Hiro spots Kensei and runs over to where Kensei is cutting his arm with his sword. He says he cuts himself, and over and over again, the wound heals. Hiro tells Kensei he is a hero, just like him. Kensei asks what Hiro does, and Hiro says he stops time and moves through space. Hiro teleports himself to the other side of the ledge. Kensei asks how these things are possible, and Hiro says some people think it's a gift from God, or evolution. Kensei asks what he means by evolution, and Hiro says he can heal from any wound. Kensei asks sword, serpent, fire, and says it will make him richer than the Pope. Hiro tells him what he has to accomplish, and Kensei just says, "If If you're obsessed with my story so much, why don't you handle them?" Hiro says he has to stop walking away from his destiny. Kensei says no one can stop him, so Hiro teleports him and Kensei to above a battle ground. Ando reads about it as Kensei asks where they are. Hiro says he has to get the Fire Scrolls on top of the steps and the men are the 90 Angry Ronin. Kensei asks how angry they are, and Hiro tells him he can do it. West finds Claire almost in tears on the landing and guesses she's annoyed. Claire asks what West wants from her. West says he wants her to admit she's different. Claire: Okay, fine. I'm a freak, alright? West: Claire... Claire: I am such a freak that I have to tiptoe around this school pretending to be a brainless Barbie doll so no one notices how different I am. Cause if they found out, I'd be carted off to some human zoo to be poked and prodded at for the rest of my life. So yeah, West, I'm different, and you can tell the world if you want, cause I'm tired of being someone I'm not. West: Claire... shut up. West picks Claire up and flies into the air, and Claire looks at the ground and West as he flies higher over the city, Claire seems amazed and relived that she's not alone. Caitlin and Peter are sitting in a car outside the building. Caitlin tells Peter to be careful, he says her too. Peter gets out and walks toward the door. He tells the guard he wants his money back. The guard says it's not his problem, and Ricky approaches him with a gun and says, "Actually, it is your problem." He, Will and the boys tie up the guards and Peter pushes them behind a dumpster. Another guard comes out and is surrounded, but pushes the alarm. Ricky knocks him out and walks away, and another guard comes out and shoots. Peter uses his powers to move a truck in front of the driveway, then then runs and gets back in the car. He tells Caitlin to go, and they drive off. In Isaac's old loft, Bob tells Mohinder Sylar got Isaac. Bob tells Mohinder the job was built for him and that the company is keeping a close watch on him, and that the supervision is in his and their best interests. Mohinder's part of the family now. Yaeko asks once again if Kensei is coming and Hiro assures her he is. Yaeko says he might have been killed and remarks how much faiths Hiro has in him. She wants so much to trust him, but sometimes he seems like two men. She tells Hiro how when they were under the cherry blossoms, it felt like home. Yaeko spots Kensei, who takes off his helmet and holds up the scroll. Yaeko hugs Kensei and says she'll never doubt him again and kisses him. Hiro looks a little sad. As Niki and Micah get out of a taxi, Niki says things will be better. She reminds him he can't use his powers, and he says he doesn't see the point of having these powers if he can't use them. Niki tells him this is his shot at a normal life, normal people. Micah says he doesn't want her to go, and she says it'll only be for a while, and he'll be staying with family. Micah says he doesn't know them. Niki doesn't know how long she'll be gone, but she has to do this. Micah says that's what she always says when she's about to do something bad. They hug on the steps. Niki knocks on the door and an elderly woman answers. She welcomes them to New Orleans. Maya is in the alley, then goes into the jail. She says she's there for Alejandro, and the officer tells her the fine. Maya only has American money, and says she needs her brother. She tells the officer she's sick and they're going to America for help, and the officer asks if they have papers. She looks around and sees her and Alejandro's wanted poster. The officer tells her to leave before he calls the border police. Maya advises him not to that and shows him the wanted poster. The officer cuffs Maya and her eyes go black. The guy in the cell next to Alejandro asks what it is, and Alejandro says something is not right. The guy slumps over and Alejandro sees his eyes bleeding and calls for Maya. She comes to the cell with her bleeding eyes and Alejandro says she killed them. Maya tells Alejandro she couldn't leave him. He gets out of the cell and reassures her everything will be alright. He takes her hands and the officer and the guy in the cell come back to life. He asks the twins to take him and says he has a car. The twins drag him out and they go to a blue car. We see a Go!Conquistadors sticker on the back. Ricky, Will, and Caitlin are standing around the suitcase, ecstatic at the money. Will points his gun at Ricky. Ricky jokes Will is such a trader, and Will says it isn't a joke. Will tells him to give him the money or Ricky is as good as dead. Peter says he was right. Will agrees he was and shoots Peter twice. Caitlin almost goes to him, but Will points the gun at her. Ricky says he won't give Will the money, and Will is thrust back against the wall. Caitlin turns and sees Peter getting up, and the bullet fall out of his chest. Will starts to talk, but Peter chokes him using his powers still. Caitlin screams, "Peter!" and Peter releases his hold on Will. Will falls down, then gets up and runs out. Caitlin, Ricky, and Peter all look shocked. Hiro writes to Ando that Kensei proved himself, so Hiro will be able to come home soon, though it won't be easy to say goodbye. Kensei comes over to Hiro, and Hiro tells him he got the scroll and can get the rest of the map. Hiro says he's going back to his other life, with his father and Ando. Kensei is worried he can't do it without Hiro, and that Hiro is like his conscience, only he takes heed of him. Kensei tells him he's done him a great kindness, and it's an honor. Hiro said it was his honor. Yaeko is also sad Hiro's leaving and says he's a true and noble friend. Kensei agrees and takes Yaeko's hand. He playfully knocks down some cherry blossoms to her delight. Hiro tries to return home, but realizes he can't yet. Sylar can't work his powers. Michelle says she made him breakfast. Sylar is just pissed his powers are gone, and Michelle says they must've gone away with his injuries. Sylar reminds her she "fixed" it, and she reminds him he's alive. Michelle says he's almost healed and then he can get his powers back with her help. Sylar doesn't see how she can help, and she says by making it easy. She stands and says she can take him anywhere and be anyone he wants. She turns into a beautiful Japanese woman, then into two gorgeous blond women, then into Sylar. She turns back to herself and says they were meant to do this together. Sylar stands and says he underestimated her and she is extraordinary... just like him. He smashes her head with a mug. While she lies on the floor bleeding, he says he'll get her abilities back, starting with hers.
Sylar sees what Michelle really looks like, that she's a lot bigger. He tells her it's silly, trying to be someone she's not... Michelle, Candice, whoever she is, it wasn't for nothing. He has her power now... or does he? Sylar tries to go to London, Japan, and he puts his bloody hands on the table as he realizes he doesn't have it. He runs outside and then back in, finding himself surrounded by green trees, and we pan out and see he and Michelle's hut is in the middle of the forest. Caitlin is putting the family crest tattoo on Peter, who's moaning. Caitlin tells him to quit being such a baby. Ricky says he doesn't know what Peter is, but he knows who he is. He is one of them, and Caitlin nods eagerly. Ricky says they have no secrets among family and puts the box on the table. Caitlin says this is it, his box, his life. Peter asks what if it's something he doesn't want? When he threw Will against the wall, he could have killed him. He wanted to. Caitlin reminds him he didn't, and Peter says it's because of her. She says she's a good soul, she can tell. Peter asks if he opens the box and finds he wasn't. Caitlin puts her hand on Peter's and asks if he likes who he is and where he is right now. Peter nods, and Caitlin says for now, he could let it be. Peter and Caitlin kiss, and we see the helix appear where Caitlin put the tattoo on Peter's arm. Claire and West are sitting on the beach, talking about their abilities. Claire thinks West's is cooler, and West says she could sky dive with no parachute. Claire says he could do it without a plane, then adds she feels pain, just gets over it quickly. West pulls Claire's ear and she says it hurts. She sits back up and they kiss. Claire notices the marks on West's neck. West says he was riding his bike to school one day when he lived in St. Louis and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in his bed. The last thing he remembers is a man stepping out of the bushes, calling his names. He says the man looked at him like he was an animal he wanted to trap. The guy with the horn-rimmed glasses. Mohinder is looking into a microscope when Bob finds another vial. Bob's cell rings and he goes outside. When he does, Mohinder reaches for the phone.
Bob asks the caller where they are, and Niki says she just got there and is sitting in his office and asks if he's sure he can cure her. He says yes and in exchange, he's going to want a little something from her. Mohinder is looking for a painting, and says it was a terrible idea and the guy is constantly watching him. HRG tells him as long as he's alive, he'll be taken care of. Mohinder finds the painting and says that's the problem. Mohinder tells him he's sending a jpeg of the painting, 8 of 8. HRG knows how it begins, but not how it ends. Mohinder tells him not well. HRG looks at the painting and sees Claire kissing a guy with HRG in the corner, his face bloody and his glasses smashed. HRG turns and sees Claire standing outside his office. He quickly closes the picture and says goodnight to Claire. Claire, looking at him through narrowed eyes, says, "Night, Dad." When she's gone, HRG opens the picture back up and looks at his dead self.