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  • Why oh why oh why did the heroes not chop Sylar up into a dozen pieces?

    Why oh why oh why did the heroes not chop Sylar up into a dozen pieces, run his remains through a meat grinder, then dump them into a blast furnace???
  • Claire reveals her ability to West and he does the same; Mohinder discovers a painting of Isaac's that predicts the death of someone; Hiro manages to save the past for now; Niki goes to New Orleans in hopes of a new life and Sylar is alive but not well.

    The revelations of the third chapter are amazing. In this one we have a chance to see the two characters we haven't seen so far, Niki and Sylar.
    Niki and Micah travel from Las Vegas to New Orleans in hopes of a new life after DL's death. There they find Nana Dawson, from DL's family with which Micah will be staying. Niki, seeks help from the Company and Bob in return for her own assistance.
    Mohinder, still working with Noah, discovers one of the other seven missing paintings which predicts the death of Noah. Also in the painting there is a girl figure (presumably Claire) and a shadow figure kissing her.
    Peter assists Ricky in the big job to steal a box which contains the profits of a football match. When however one of Ricky's men betrays him for the money, Peter saves both Ricky and Caitlin and gains Ricky's trust. A love interest blooms between Peter and Caitlin.
    Hiro manages to save the past for now as he makes Takezo Kensei the hero he is meant to be. But when Hiro's time to return back to the present comes, Hiro hesitates as he realizes that his secret love for Yaeko is stronger. We view Hiro's story through small scrolls written by Hiro which are also read by Ando.
    Sylar is found to be alive but stitched. A woman named Michelle reveals that she is using her ability to make Sylar feel better. It turns out she is Candice Wilmer the illusion girl from volume 1 who had to change her appearance and ID because someone saw her saving Sylar from Kirby Plaza. Sylar angrily asks Michelle to show him where he is really. We see a Sylar stitched and in pain in some abandoned place in the middle of the jungle. Furthermore, Sylar discovers he has lost all of his abilities. When his killer insticts kick in he kills Michelle in hopes to regain his abilities all over again. But it turns out his abilities are gone for good.
    Claire still struggles to hide her true self, especially from West but in a moment of weakness she tells him the truth. Instead of freaking out, West shows her his own ability by making a trip with Claire by air. In the end, we find out that West was one of her father's old sins as he has tagged and kidnapped West while he was a little boy. He even had the mark (that Matt, Ted, Isaac and Hana had in the last volume), something which makes Claire more suspicious that her father has done more harm that she thought. West also remembers the man's face and even more his significant glasses - the horn-rimmed glasses.
    Finally, Alejandro is caught by the police while he and his sister try to steal a car. Maya manages to free him by using her abilities and when they are leaving they take with them a man in prison who claims he has a car (Claire's stolen car).
    Overall an exciting episode. Sylar and Niki's return are well received. Zachary Quinto is amazing and he will get better during the next few chapters. Key facts: Ali Larter's appearance are limited in this volume because she was shooting Resident Evil 3 during this time. Also Zachary Quinto's appearances would have been limited had this season been a full one because he was shooting Star Trek. Notice how Claire's character is changing slowly. Expect a disagreement with her stepdad Noah. Mohinder's dual identity is played amazingly by Sendhil Ramamurthy. Finally do pay attention to Hiro's story. His legend Takezo Kensei may not be who he thought it was when he was a child. Enjoy!
  • Flawless!

    Heroes is getting better & better. Finally they have a hook to pull the viewers in. And this episode seals where these plots are going. Mohinder continues working for Bob & finds something a little interesting. Claire making out with a guy while HRG is dead on the floor. Well that happens in the end. We learn West has a power. He can fly. Claire & west make out & West tells her the truth about HRG, surprising as well. Candice & Sylar return. I knew Sylar wasn't dead. Poor Candice had to die. Sylar is left powerless still. Peter doing whatever it takes to find out his identity. Whoa. Then he falls in love & doesn't seem to care. Hiro thinks of leaving 1671 but he falls in love as well. So he stays. Ando gets messages from him. Nikki returns & leaves again leaving her son with DL's side of the family. And it turns out she is going to work for Bob. Alegandro & Maya go to jail & break free with a guy named Derek. So far, loving Claire's plot. Peter is getting more interesting. I'm starting to like Maya & Alegandro's plot. Getting more adventurous. I have no idea what's going to happen with Sylar. Hope Nikki gets more airtime. Hiro's arc, still putrid. Great episode though.
  • Sylar and another hero is back...!

    The main part of this episode that I found boring was Maya and Alejandro's part, it was just, eh. Not too exciting. On the other hand, the most exciting part was definetly Sylar's return, as well as Candice's death. I wonder what has happened to his powers, and who "Candice" really was all along. Niki, a favorite from season 1, returns, but it turns out she has gone to the company and something is wrong with her! Mohinder gets deeper into the company, and finds another Issac Mendez painting portraying Noah's death. Claire and West find out about each other and make a bond (which was cute, I guess). I felt sorry for Hiro, but I really wonder what will happen when he returns to future. Overall, I really want to see what Sylar does!
  • Claire rants to West. West: Claire, Shut up! He then flys with her in the air.

    Sylar awakens on an island beach, disoriented, next to a woman named Michelle. She explains that she is Candice Wilmer in disguise, and that she is creating the illusion of a tropical paradise while he is recovering from surgeries following his injury. Sylar is dubious, so she dispels the illusion to reveal that they are actually in a small shack in the middle of a forest. While recovering, Sylar discovers that he cannot use any of the abilities he acquired. Michelle explains that his powers will return, with her assistance, but that his wound must heal first. Determined to reacquire his powers, Sylar states that it will "start with her," and smashes a coffee mug against her head. After attempting to take her ability, however, he is unable to use it, then realizes that he is helpless and alone in the middle of nowhere.

    Peter tries to figure out how to control his powers, aiding Ricky and his gang in the theft of a large amount of cash. Ricky's brother Will, however, turns traitor and holds Ricky at gunpoint, demanding the money. He shoots Peter twice when he tries to intervene and continues to demand the money, but is surprised when Peter quickly regenerates and uses telekinesis to hold him against the wall, choking him. Due to Caitlin's pleadings, Peter stops short of killing Will. As a reward for his help and his loyalty, Peter is welcomed into the clan as a "brother," symbolized by Caitlin giving him a tattoo of the celtic knot on his arm. When Caitlin presents him with his box, he chooses not to open it, afraid that he might dislike who he was. However, as the two share a kiss, the ink of the tattoo Peter just received shifts into the helix symbol before fading entirely.

    When Alejandro tries to break into a random parked car, he and his sister are caught by the police, and the two make a beeline for the alleyway. Maya manages to evade the police by getting over the chainlink fence, but her brother isn't so fortunate; he gets arrested and brought down to the station. While at the station, Alejandro sees on a wanted poster that he and his sister are wanted for homicide. Meanwhile, Maya is thinking of a way to go back for her brother, and approaching the chief of police in the department, she rips the wanted poster down from the wall and shows him she's one of the people they want. As the policemen bar her against the desk, her eyes turn jet black and everyone, besides Alejandro, fall dead in the building. After he's freed, he's aghast that Maya had murdered just to free him. Grasping her hands once more, he revives everyone who was killed by his sister, including the American prisoner. Remarking that he has a car, the twins take the American along with much haste, speeding off in his vehicle.

    Niki and Micah are both at a cemetery, where Micah is feeling despondent about the loss of his father. Niki tries to cheer him up by saying he can finally live normally and if he wants to see his father again, she'll try to arrange it. Micah then runs into the field with his mother chasing after until they both stop at the gravestone of D.L., where Micah gently places a bundle of flowers upon his name. Later on in the day, the two make it to New Orleans, where Niki drops Micah off at Nana Dawson's home, while she continues to find a cure for her condition.
    In the present time, Ando is in his office, still wondering if Hiro would ever come back. Opening his filing cabinet, he takes out the katana, and notices that the words "Ando, open" were inscribed on the bottom of the sword's hilt. Flicking it open, tiny little scrolls pour out into Ando's hand. He begins to read them, finding they were really letters from the past from Hiro, detailing his progression to make history right again.

    Meanwhile, Hiro is trying to convince Takezo Kensei that he really is a "hero", since he possesses spontaneous regeneration. Takezo keeps believing Hiro had cursed him, but learns Hiro was telling the truth after he tries to slice his arm open with a dagger, just to have it keep healing back up. Showing him that he can bend time, Hiro convinces Takezo to fight the Battle of the 90 Angry Ronin, at which he succeeds. However, as he is reunited with Yaeko, Hiro is upset that he is unable to be with her since she's Takezo's bride. For some reason, when he prepares to go home, he does not, and it is not clear on whether he chose not to leave, or because he lost his powers yet again.

    Claire is annoyed by West, who hassles her about not letting people know that she is different. He then reveals that he has a power, and he flies her to a beach, where they kiss. Claire then sees the scar on West's neck, the same one that Matt Parkman and others had. He then tells Claire that once he was riding his bike and was taken by "the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses" and has lost a day's worth of memory, implying The Haitian was there as well.

    Mohinder Suresh finds that his new laboratory was the old loft of Isaac Mendez, complete with his paintings in crates. When his overseer leaves, he quickly rummages through one of the crates, finding the last of the eight paintings Isaac did prior to his murder. Noah Bennet remarks that Mohinder has "nothing to worry about as long as I'm alive". After seeing the subject of the eighth painting, Mohinder takes a snapshot of it with his cellphone and sends it to him, remarking "that's what I'm afraid of." When the painting is shown, it appears to depict Noah's bloody corpse, complete with a bullet hole through his eye. In the background, Claire is embracing and kissing a shadowed figure. Quickly shrinking the image down when Claire comes in the room, he greets her briefly. After she leaves, the episode ends with Noah still contemplating the ominous painting on his computer screen.
  • Claire and West get more attached. Sylar's back.

    Peter tries to get his identity back. He needs to help those Irish people so he could get a box with his identity papers.
    Claire trusts her secret with West, who has a secret of his own. He can fly like Nathan does. They become more attached. Niki and Micah separate and move on with their lives. Micah stays at her cousins house. Maya does what is necessary to free Alejandro in their quest to go to America. Hiro sends a message to Ando in the future about his journey with Takezo Kensei. Sylar stumbles out of a shack in the middle of a jungle - he's back!
  • Sylarr..!!!

    D.L. is revealed to be dead. Niki leaves Micah under the care of his grandmother in New Orleans. Peter gains the trust of Ricky, the leader of the Irish gang, and becomes romantically involved with his sister Caitlin. After eight surgeries, Sylar wakes up in Mexico with Candice. He kills her but he is powerless. Hiro helps Kensei to become a hero. Average episode, again from "Heroes" but I have give it a 9 only because Sylar is back, I knew thta already but it is Sylar! My favourite character, well after Peter but come on! So yeah, we all know "Heroes" season two is nothign compared to season one, but it is "Heroes" and you can't really hate that show. I'm still looking forward to the next episode even though I th ink it will be another average episode.
  • "You can skydive without a parachute!" "You can skydive without a plane!" - West, Claire

    D.L. is revealed to be dead. Niki leaves Micah under the care of his grandmother in New Orleans. Peter gains the trust of Ricky, the leader of the Irish gang, and becomes romantically involved with his sister Caitlin. After eight surgeries, Sylar wakes up in Mexico with Candice. He kills her but he is powerless. Hiro helps Kensei to become a hero. This wasn't the best episode ever to be honest. Heroes season two as we all know is not as good as the first and although I'm enjoying the show its seems to have lost its edge. There are no major stories going on apart from the Mohinder and Mr Bennet's bringing down the company story. This is probably the main reason that the first few episodes feel off and hopefully something major will happen soon. This week I was happy to see two of the best characters to return Sylar and Nikki there absence in episode one and two was dissapointing and I'm happy to see them back, this has raised the score for the episode. The episode was better than " Lizards which I did not like.
  • The plot thickens...barely.

    I still don't care about the dominicans all that much. However, their powers finally came in useful, but for only their own benefit, and the nature of them is extreme.

    Clair has confided in the flying stalker. They seem to be getting along, but I wonder if he is going to lead her down a path that leans toward self-service rather than helping people. On another note, when it comes to established characters, is anyone else getting tired of the captions telling us who is who? We KNOW who Clair Bennett IS!

    We finally get an update on Niki & son. DL is dead, which is unfortunate, but they had to trim the fat somewhere to make room for the new characters. Niki looks to be getting 'cured' before we learn the TRUE nature of her abilities.

    I was wondering if Peter would ever smarten up and just take his ID back. It didn't come to that, but now it seems what he was striving for isn't all that important.

    I hate the premonition that Noah will be the 8th to die. If I'm not mistaken, we've seen every one of Isaac paintings come to fruition. Hopefully his death can be averted. Another question: who shoots him? Clair because she has been led astray, or the person she is with in the painting who's back is to us? I don't think we'll get that answer until the very end of the season.

    Sylar has nothing, except his pension for evil. He's lost all of his powers, apparently including his most essential: his ability to see how things work. However, we know that he'll play a big role in the events to come.

    I like the dynamic with Hiro and Kensei. I see it like this analogy: Hiro:Kensei::Ando:Hiro. I'm not sure I like the way Hiro communicated with Ando. Time travel just creates too many paradoxes to be satisfactorily explained. Speaking of which, it seems the green screen department time traveled to 1993 with their scenery in Japan. On another technical note, the flight was convincing enough, but not up to the standard of Smallville flight.

    I like how Peter used the Dark Side on the traitor with the "Force Choke."

    The season is consistently building nicely.
  • a slightly confusing episode that creates alot of questions that i'm sure will be answered in the future and of course SYLARS BACK!!!

    This episode tries to pack in so much infomation in one go its hard to take it all in at once. It features nearly all the characters in the show minus Nathan and his mother and a few others that i've probably forgotten. And with most of the characters the dramas in there lives develop dramatically in such a short space of time you have to pay attention or you might mist something vital. This makes it quite an interesting episode if a tad confusing. First of all theres another flying man, claires classroom buddy who now knows her secret and clearly has one of his own. It make you wonder if he's another off spring of nathan patrelli(its always possible.) The scene in which he carries claire into the sky clearly imitates superman and looks a little cheesy and fake. You can't help but have a small chuckle. She also starts to realsie that her father is still keeping secrets from her and starts to suspect. The brother and sisiter's powers are just plain weird, she kills people and then HE heels them, kind of strange. There clearly on the run from murdering people apparently by accident. Hiro is still in the pass and is basically playing out the part of his hero as a child, slightly ironic but a clever idea. How he sends a message to Ando i do not no unless he quickly telly ported back without showing us and slipped a note in the tip of the sword. Niki returns with Mika and they are still mourning the death of D.L, a shame as i feel he was a good character and its just more pain for poor Mika as he's been through a lot. Peter is with the Irish and helps them rob some money to get his identity back but decides to stay anyway mainly for the love interest .He's discovering his powers all over again and this can feel a little familiar at times. SYLAR is back but has no power another good twist but the women who saved him is never really explained. Suresh is still working with HRG to find the 8 paintings of issacs, shock shock horror and a great cliffhanger for an ending as always. so overall its a jam packed and character driven episode that leaves a lot of questions to be answered in the future. i'm sure they will be.
  • There was a lot o confusion on the episode they have to much character but is very good.

    I think peter is like very confused and he is not thinking rigth is like patetic to see him like this when we saw him very good and i don't like the reject he made for knowling who he is. Why does Hiro doesn't want to come back. It was a little confusing the edit for me there are so many people.

    Is Candy really dead and sylar still has the power to gain there abilities. And who would kill Noah Bennet is the new girldfriend of Clare or someone else and they simply put that part of the painting and why Niki is workig againg for them without knowing.
  • Another awesome episode that has some surprises in it.

    This was again a great episode, and it seems we have some new characters being shown as well. The one thing that really surprised me was when Peter decided to disregard his past and take up his new life as a criminal. We also see that West has found out about Claire's powers which seemed like very bad news to start, but when he reveals to her that he too has a power, this makes him seem a bit more trustworthy. It seems as if Claire and West are a couple, this might present a problem if West is not who he says he is, I mean you never know with this show who is on the good side sometimes, but I hope he is for Claire's sake. It also seems that the picture Suresh finds, tells of the death of a key character, which is bad news, but it is only the 8th painting in a series of 8 and we have only seen 2 of those so far. I am quite curious to find out who is painted in those other 6 paintings, because it could be vital to the story, but I have a feeling we might not find out which people are in all those paintings. A great episode once again, but also a bit of a shocker, because it once again brings in a lot of questions and possible story lines as some unexpected things happen during this episode that really beg to be answered/resolved.
  • A lot of things happened in this episode.

    A lot of things happened in this episode.

    Claire finds out that West can flies, and that gives her courage in sense that she knows she isn't alone in this new place. But she also finds out that his father kidnapped West when he was younger to do testing on him.

    Mohinder finds an Isaac's painting in which he sees Noah Bennett dead. It is the 8part of an eight-series set of paintings.

    Hiro is still in the past where he finally convinces Taseko Kensei to become the hero that he is supposed to be.

    Peter in Ireland is given the chance to know his past but he doesn't accept since he is happy there and thinks it is better not to know his past for now.

    Sylar returns but he lost his powers. He kills the woman who is helping him for her powers, but still nothing happens and he remains in the same. It seems that he is somewhere in a huge forest like the amazon.
  • Good!!

    Peter reads one of the Irish men's mind. He hears that he is going to take the money after they steal it. They don't believe Peter. West shows Claire that he can fly and tells her a story that involves her father. Mohinder finds a painting by Isaac that shows Mr. Bennet dying. Hiro convinces Kensai that he is a hero and intends to leave to his own time. He stays because he is in love with the woman that Kensai falls in love with. Alejandro and Maya get caught for trying to steal a car. Maya escapes, but Alejandro is captured. She rescues him and a fellow prisoner by using her power. Niki drops Micah off at a relative's house and goes to Mr. Bennet's old company, hoping to be cured of her power. Sylar wakes up and finds out that he has no powers. Candice or Michelle is taking care of him. He attempts to steal her power, but when he kills her, he still doesn't have it. Ando is reading notes from Hiro that Hiro stuck into the sword.

    This was a pretty good episode! I kind of like Mr. Bennet now and I hope he doesn't die. I hope Hiro gets the woman! My theory is that he is actually Kensai. I'm so glad to see Niki and Micah!!! I'm so sad that D.L. died though. I'm also glad that West and Claire have revealed their powers to each other. I still hate Sylar. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • It was another alright episode!!!

    Hiro is still stuck in the past… though he found a way to communicate with Ando, Claire found out that West has powers (I like West, but I miss Zach….), Micah and Niki are back, though I don't know what Niki is up too, I agree with Micah had to say. Mohinder found out that Issac is dead.

    This episode didn't have Nathan in it, and the actress acting as Candice is different from last year. I'm starting to dislike Takezo Kensei… don't know maybe to me he is just annoying, shows off lots… don't know….

    Any way hope Heroes will pick up soon, the first episode was great, but the last two episodes was k. Tania!!!
  • This episode was good but needed more good writing. Peter was great totally enjoying him rediscovering his powers. I feel this is getting better with Sylar losing his powers. HRG discovering a painting.

    This episode would have got a 10 if Claire wasn't in it. Her character is totally spoiling Heroes and same with West. It's so Yes like the other person put it OC. I know she's a teenager but teenagers aren't that annoying most of us should know. We don't complain about everything.
    Peter's part was excellent. Him getting each of his powers out one by one. Telepathy at the beginning. Then telekinesis. He sure is getting the hang of his powers now.
    Sylar kills Candice what a way to go. She deserved more than that. There should have been more of a fight.
    Hiro communicating with Ando is kind of cool too. I hope he doesn't stay in the past too long.
  • The 8th painting is revealed.

    The Irish mob force Peter into helping them rob an armoured vehicle if he wants the box with his belongings back. Maya and her brother try to get to the border. Sylar has lost his powers. He kills Candice / Michelle, the shape-shifter, and finds himself in the middle of a forrest. Hiro in the past communicates with Ando by putting scrolls in Kensei's sword. Hiro tries to fix the past and make it the way it was supposed to be. Kensei can regenerate. West shows Claire that he can fly. Niki leaves Micah with his grandma. Mohinder finds the last painting of the series showing HRG dead and Claire kissing a boy.
  • Goof: In the scene shared between Mohinder and Matt, Mohinder is drinking from a cup. The position of his hand changes continually between shots - theck=

    Goof: In the scene shared between Mohinder and Matt, Mohinder is drinking from a cup. The position of his hand changes continually between shots - the one shot he's taking a sip, the other the hand and cup aren't even in sight. (edit)
    When Caitlin is tattooing Peter and Ricky comes near to give him the box, Ricky's holding two glasses of scotch. Then, on Peter's very next shot, he is already holding the glass and when Ricky leaves just a few seconds later, both glasses are empty on top of the table, although they didn't stop talking one single moment between the shots. (edit)
    In Ireland the Police force, doesn't carry guns of any kind. So its very unlikely that the rent-a-cops in the betting shop would have handguns.

    Also the betting shop would not be called a "Sportsbook" but a Bookmakers. (edit)
    When Sylar takes Candice's power, he has blood on his hands, when he runs out of the house, his hands are clean. (edit)
    Dominic Keating (Lt. Reed of ST: Enterprise) also made an appearance in this episode. He is the third cast member of a Star Trek series to make an appearance. (edit)
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  • An embarrassing episode in which Maya and Alejandro are still trying to get to New York, Hiro is still in the past watching Kenzo's back, Sylar returns, and Claire and Peter make out (but not with each other).

    For me this was one of Heroes' worst episodes so far - if not the worst. Most of the scenes were plain silly, and the utter cheesiness was epitomized in Claire and West's flying-scene (of which even the special effects were below average). A few other examples: apparently the writers for some reason felt it appropriate for Hiro to recount everything that happened in the previous two episodes; Maya is still basically whining, running and occasionally bleeding from her eyes; and the part of Candice was recast for just one episode. Even Mohinder's acting seemed worse than before.

    All in all, 'Kindred' was painful to watch, to the point that it made me consider giving up on the show.
  • Disappointing

    On review there were too many negatives to this episode in comparison to positives to rate it higher than I have.

    Firstly what is it with the Surinder and Parkman relationship - that is just weird, and I feel for Molly she is going to grow up confused about a lot of pent up feelings. Then you have the gang, with actors quite clearly not Irish and really doing badly with the accent, slipping in and out of their natural accent. What adds to the pain of this is watching Peter's relationship with the gang generally and with that girl in particular. Those two have about much spark as two noble gases.

    We shouldn't forget Mika and family who are a pointless addition - they were last season and they remain so now. Sylar's non-death was obvious, but I think the show would do better to have focused on the new bad guy only.

    On the positives I can only think of that moment where we saw a potentially darker Peter, and the ending of Claire and her father saying goodnight after he has seen Isaac's final picture.

    Quite clearly many more negatives then positives, and so in conclusion disappointing.

    This is by far the best episode if the season yet. The return of my second fav character, Sylar. Peter, my fav character, finally using his powers. That was awesome when he used his telekinesis to strngle that guy against the wall. Sylar was awesome too. I was glad that he killed Candice (I never liked her as a character) and the whole Sylar losing his powers storyline will definitely be an interesting one. I also liked how they cleveryly plotted how Hiro is able to communicate with Ando through Takezo Kensei's sword. The thing that stood out to me the most was the discovery of Isaac's eighth painting of Mr. Bennet dying. I think that will defintiely play a huge part in this years main plot.
  • Good Episode

    I thought that this was a average, good episode. It was cool to see Sylar again and the storylines with Peter and Hiro were good. With the Sylar story line I liked the fact that he was paired with Candance, but I knew that he would probably try to kill her, which he ended up doing. But he can't use her power yet. With the Peter storyline I liked it when he used his powers to help the smugglers get money so that he could get the box that is supposed to have his identity. But he didn't open it so we don't know whats in it yet. I also liked Hiro helping Kensei and it looks like he will be staying in feudal Japan for a little bit longer. Overall I thought that the episode was good, and it will be cool to see what happens with Micah in New Orleans.
  • There's something wrong with Sylar... he's alive.

    While the season is off to a rocky start, this episode was pretty good, the most intriguing story being Peter's, though I expected after they saw his powers to blackmail him further, though not wanting to know was a good plot choice aswell.

    Hiro's plot is okay, but not much more is coming out of it, though it was a good follow up for the Kensei has powers plot.

    Niki and Micah getting their story back is good, and at least one of the characters that were fatally wounded last season died, which works well for the story.

    Claire's plot is fairly dull, a love story that really doesn't fit into the themes of the show, but the end was pretty good, with a distance between Claire and her father coming back up again, especially when we see Claire may be involved in his death.

    As for Sylar, it's a bit of a tossup. Sylar clearly died at the end of the first season, though then again Matt was close to death aswell as Nathan and Peter, but the plot of him being brought back for reasons unknown and his brain eating not working anymore is alright, and does bring back the threat of him, but it seems like a stretch, and it would have worked better had Sylar stayed dead.

    Overall, the second season is still not as entertaining as it should be, but there is a little promise for some plots, though others have a chance of getting old fast.
  • Nothing happening, and the few things happening are awful (spoilers inside)

    That's it, probably the last episode I will see. I feel like the authors are insulting me by airing something so bad...
    Besides the boreness that is everywhere in this episode, and I have to say in the whole season, the return of sylar is the worst thing that could have happened. Come on guys don't you know the meaning of the words "closure" and "moving on"? The show now seems to be headed to total flatness and unoriginality. The opposite of what Heroes used to be about. But hey maybe some of you like that turn of events and the writers have to keep the most happy, not necessarily me.
    A brief addon: in this episode they bored off even the best character, Claire, the one that, more than anyone else, lives out the problems of having the powers. I gave 1 to the episode since 1 is the scene I liked: the ending.
  • the show is what it is, you either like it or you dont!!..i think this was like any other episodes of heroes!.. pretty good..although they're just getting started..

    the cons about this EPISODE : well honestly the two new character maya and her spanish brother not only have strange powers but dont seem very relatable or even likeable..i say CUT em off!...kill...kill...kill... get someone better with something interesting to offer to the show, a show this good atleast deserves that....

    í'm also getting tired of all the freaken sub titles i mean japanese and now the spanish how much is a person suppose to READ while watching tv, i mean you cant even get a can of soda while missing something out. ahhh

    the show is going on a slow pace but thats just how heroes was last season too, it likes to take its time. develop characters and go on its own timing and this also happens cause the series is following so many characters and the more characters they're gonna add especially crappy ones like ms maya its just gonna get longer and more tiresome.

    THE PROS NOW : I'm kinda glad to see sylar and more glad that season one did not contain the finale fight between peter and sylar, cause that wasnt very awesome and they're final combat is suppose to be just that. it was great to see peter back and even more great to see him shirtless.
    suggestions to the show : hiro needs to come back to the present and the producers need to put the main characters close by so we dont have to go following each one of them in some different time zone or area, it really is distracting and that would make the story always MOVEEEEE faster. Oh and they need a BIG mission something deadly. they should also find a somewhat known actor/actress to replace maya and her brother, i would sugguest Eliza Dushku/ faith from buffy or from true calling. i think she would be excellent for a show of this sort.!!! and theyyy dare not hook peter up with the new chick with the strange accent, they better find someone eles for him...!!!
  • The Parkman-Suresh family reunion

    As Peter keeps dealing with his long term memory loss, Claire with her long awaited first boyfriend and her dad with Isaac's long lost paintings the Parkman-Suresh have a lovely family reunion as Mohinder takes time from his busy schedule spying on the Company to visit Molly and her other daddy back home. I've got to admit one of the best parts of the episode is to watch Matt and Mohinder argue in their kitchen like a regular married couple about their issues, Molly's nightmares and the very real possibility to lose one of them due to Mohinder's undercover work. Back in ancient Japan, Hiro does his best not to covet thou Hero's love interest but part of him can't help to be jealous of Kensei while still unaware that his own journey is about to become a lot harder once he comes back to the future only to learn that his father just passed.

    However, you can't blame Sylar on this one as the villain in question is held captive by Candance – the last task she'll ever perform – on a location as far away from the Company as possible. So who is killing these people? Will Sylar ever recover his powers? Will Peter recover his memory? Will the Big Bad ever reveal himself to someone other than Molly?
  • As with the first season great look, great characters but hurry the hell up with the plot, PLEASE!!!!

    Don't get me wrong I'm not really criticising this season (yet), I'm just hoping the writers don't make the same mistakes they did with the first season and have a fantastic, suspense filled opening 5 to 10 episodes, then loose the plot in the middle and only manage save face with a super finale. So far i find myself continually saying 'get on with it.' None more so than in this episode. Why didn't Hiro just teleport back when he'd finished re-defining Kenzo's destiny? Why doesn't Claire just tell her dad there's another guy in her school who can fly? And why the hell doesn't Peter Petrelli just knock the stuffing out of his captors and get on with re-discovering his memory? Also, this drip feeding of characters and their story lines may mean we might not even know who's actually in the show till early next year, let alone what on earth's going on! You may be asking why I haven't really given a review of this episode. Well the answer is because nothing much really happened. Ok, i lie, this happened. Maya and her brother are STILL trying to get to the US. We get our first glimpse of Sylar and he appears to have lost his powers. We also see Micha and Niki for the first time and right at the end we see the final Mendez panting which appears to shows Claire's dad (err, Mr Bennet) with a bullet in his head. Oh yeah and Claire kissed the flying boy who seems to think Mr Bennet was the one that kidnapped him before he could fly. And, bar some extra flab, that really was it. Now, as you read that you might think that was quite a lot to happen, but i assure it wasn't. Despite this, I still love the show and will watch it till it's death, i just hope they keep the plot moving at a bearable pace.
  • Lose Your Illusion!

    As you probaby notice, Syler had survived the attaack by Hiro and he is stuck somewhere with a girl with powwers of Illusion. Guess What? He kills her and takes her power. But he stillo weak, so he's got a long way to go. Meanwhile, down to Mexico (that's where Ugly betty's dad is holding out) Maya and Alejaudro escape from jail with help from a third person. I wouldn't be surprise if that person has some superhero powers. Well know later. and at the end, someone will get wracked, judging from the picture by issac. More next time on "Heroes." One of the best shows on Monday night.
  • Not bad but not the best but I do belive theres a pay off read on.

    Mohinder returns and we have no clue who the bad guy is. Nikki is a utterly wast of story. Slyar is back but on the back burner. Peters box is not opened and a main chacter is about to die.

    So why have I gave this EP a nine because most people won't agree but this is heroes. You like me watch this for the slow bulit not the whole plot reveled in one sitting.

    People call themslefs fans yet when theres drag they jump ship. In the first season it was choppy and slow but then picked up. So what if the final was a let down they where wanting a show to last the long term. So I watch cause I have faith in the writers and I think the bang is coming.
  • I'm just loving Peter.

    Right now, Peter is the most exciting character on Heroes. I do really enjoy Hiro doing his Kensai warrior stuff, but to see Peter's powers starting to work, you know he's cool. Because really, he has absorbed everybody's powers that he was near, and that means alot. Sylar being alive was cool. I just hoped he wasn't going to be evil, oh well, I guess he still is. I love his character, but he needs to calm down and be quiet for awhile. I'm not sure about West, he looks like he's hiding something, and it sure doesn't look good for her father.
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