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Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2007 on NBC
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Angela Petrelli is forced to play a bigger role in Nathan, Peter, and Claire's life. The truth about the death of Nathan and Peter's father is finally revealed along with his true identity. When Nathan finds out that he may have a chance to become more than a Congressman, he is confronted with a decision that he must make. As election day nears some try to leave NYC. HRG and Matt learn another surprising secret. Also, Sylar is eating another hero's brain. Hiro's dad returns.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes slyer is going to go through with his destny and peter must try to conivince his brother on what he is doing and they learn about there father and how he really died and how nathan may be more then just a congressmen and hiro sees his father again he maks a return and matt learns more information on somethings this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower and i thougth it was very intense and it had alot of excitement in itmoreless
  • Matt and Mr Bennet try to destroy the tracking system but it's not as easy as they thought. Nathan wins the elections and is asked to take great decisions, Jessica and DL find Linderman and Sylar kills Ted as the world's fate lies on our Heroes' hands.moreless

    The twenty first chapter is probably the most exciting so far. All of our Heroes stories lead to the grand finale of this volume.

    Matt and Bennet track down the tracking system, while Ted joins Peter and Claire in their attempt to flee New York city and go to Nebraska. Bennet takes out Thompson (the man who was between them and the tracking system) and moves forward in destroying this tracking system which turns out to be nothing else that a small girl, protected by Mohinder. Bennet reveals he has known that it was not a machine but a human being but didn't know it was a small girl. Before Matt gets a good look at the girl he is knock down by Mohinder. As Matt is on the floor, Bennet points the gun at the girl as Mohinder points the gun at him.

    Meanwhile, Peter hears Sylar's thoughts and realizes he's closer than they think. While they are trying to escape, Sylar calls the police and reports Ted which quickly appears and arrests Ted as a terrorist. When the police is transferring Ted to prison, Sylar makes his move and finally kills Ted acquiring his ability, thus leading to the finale.

    Niki and DL still looking for Micah, find Nathan who tells them to go to Linderman instead. Arriving there, they meet up with Matt and Bennet (Jessica's line towards Matt is heavenly). Finding Linderman, Jessica is made an offer by the mob boss which appearantly she can resist in exchange for Micah. At that point Niki takes control and refuses to take the money. Linderman is shocked by this revelation (that Niki actually loves DL and her family) and pulls out a gun. DL takes the shot but kills Linderman. Hiro goes to a blacksmith to repair the Kensei sword but there he finds his father. Hiro at first thinks he will try and stop him but instead he reveals to him that he wants to train him in sword fighting (the scene where we are told the story of Takezo Kensei and the dragon is amazing even though I don't enjoy samurai stories as much).

    Overall its a very exciting episode as I already said. Key facts: Linderman's revelation that Nathan's father was also special. We are told more of this in volume 3: villains. The role of the previous generation is seen both in this and the next chapter which is a prologue to volume 2 entitled ''Generations''. Also, Candice's revelation that she is not as good as she looks. She was rejected by the world for being ugly and fat (we see her real self in volume 2, chapter 3: Kindred). Enjoy!moreless
  • A big win.. big events

    Everything is coming together.. all pieces is set and this all is now only going to explode. Micah is used to win the election of Nathan and he is doing fine. So is also Hiro who has coming together with his father and finally learns to use the sword.

    But others.. Sylar is on his own mission, going after the exploding man and ofcourse, he gets his power.. Claire and Peter will try to stop him.

    And then the whole Niki, Claire's father storyline.. the last one specially, standing face to face with that little girl and Mohander..

    Anyway, amazing set for action is set.. What comes next.. comes..moreless
  • Fantastic

    Nathan is poised to become a member of Congress, but must consider those he loves and the advice of his mother and Linderman. Hiro prepares to face Sylar. Peter and Ted attempt to leave New York before the explosion. Matt and Mr. Bennet learn the truth behind the Company's tracking system. This is a great episode, "Landslide" had plenty of action and the storyline in the episode was very strong there where loads of deaths in the episode which where really unexpected, like Linderman, Tompson (thank god they killed him off he was annoying), Ted (who I felt really sorry for) and poor old D.L. This episode was brilliant one of the best of the series so far on the lines of "Five years gone", "Homecomming" and "Company man".moreless
  • Great episode... Very exciting.

    Claire and Mr. Bennet's reunion is cut short by Peter who has reached a dangerous instability after absorbing Ted's ability. Peter tells Claire to be prepared for what she must do to stop him, but just as Claire draws the gun from her bag, Peter gains control over his new ability and prevents himself from exploding.

    As a dejected Hiro mourns his own lack of conviction and his broken sword, Ando continues to try to restore Hiro's spirits. Ando searches the Yellow Pages for a repairman for the sword. Hiro teases Ando about whom he expects to find in the directory to mend a centuries-old katana, but Ando chances upon a sword-smith advertising with the helix. With new-found hope, the pair sets off across the city to the shop of the mysterious sword-smith.

    Back on the street, Mr. Bennet and Claire finally get a chance to catch up. Mr. Bennet is surprised to discover the relationship between Peter and Claire. As Peter convinces Ted that the two of them need to leave New York City before either causes the explosion, Mr. Bennet and Parkman continue their search for the tracking system. Claire, believing that it may be her destiny, decides to accompany Peter and Ted. Around the corner however is an unexpected eavesdropper with superhuman hearing: Sylar, who learns of Peter's plans to leave the city, and sees an opportunity to further his own agenda.

    As Nathan Petrelli worries about his trailing poll numbers, he also struggles with what he is being asked to do by Linderman. Linderman reveals to Nathan that Nathan's father was once a part of Linderman's cabal, although "Dallas" Petrelli left after disagreements with the group. Linderman attempts to consolidate Nathan's conviction by imparting a surprising gift: he heals Heidi's paralysis.

    As Peter, Ted and Claire walk the streets of New York on their way out of the city, Peter hears Sylar's thought, and realizes that they are being tailed and that Sylar has learned of Ted's powers. But before they can formulate a plan on what to do, FBI agents, led by Audrey Hanson, arrive on scene and arrest Ted. Peter grabs Claire, turning them both invisible, and escapes. Audrey thanks Sylar, who identifies himself as Isaac Mendez, for the tip about Ted.

    As Hiro and Ando race across the city, Hiro runs into Nathan. Hiro tells Nathan that in the future, Nathan is a villain. Hiro, convinced that the present Nathan is still a good man, tries to tell Nathan that he must help them try to stop the bomb. Nathan disappoints Hiro, and Hiro realizes that Nathan is already on a possible dark path.

    Hiro and Ando continue to Jittetsu Arms, the shop of the sword-smith. There they meet a Mr. Claremont, who is amazed by Hiro's possession of the centuries-old Kensei sword. Hiro asks if the sword can be repaired, and the repairman replies that it depends on the decision of a third party who is also in the shop: Hiro's father Kaito, who steps out from the backroom of the shop. Hiro's father asks for a private word with his son, but Ando is wary that Mr. Nakamura may be trying to persuade Hiro to return home to Japan. Hiro tells Ando that he must hear what his father has to say out of respect, but Ando is unconvinced.

    Up in the Company facility at Kirby Plaza, Candice still holds Micah prisoner. When Candice gives Micah several rare comics, he admits she seems like a nice person. Micah asks why Candice doesn't use her powers to become a hero, but a jaded Candice dismisses Micah's youthful innocence. Mr. Linderman arrives and asks for Micah's help. He tells Micah he will ensure that Micah's family will be able to live happily ever after if Micah will help him "talk to machines".

    In the repair shop backroom, Kaito Nakamura reveals he had known of Hiro's powers all along, but had never been convinced that Hiro would have the right spirit to wield his abilities. Having observed Hiro's progress, he is now convinced that Hiro is of true Nakamura descent. Hiro reveals to his father that he may be wrong about him, recounting his failure to kill Sylar when he had the opportunity. But Hiro's father is not so easily disappointed, and reveals himself to be a master swordsman. He tells Hiro that he will teach him the ways of the sword, and turns Hiro into an able swordsman in only a short time. With renewed conviction of his abilities, Hiro sets off to defeat Sylar, only to find that Ando had already left the shop. Ando, believing that Hiro would be unable to continue his mission to kill Sylar, bought a nagamaki from Mr. Claremont and left to hunt down Sylar himself, to almost certain death.

    Back amidst the frenzy of election day, Candice takes Micah to a polling place. She disguises herself as a voter and introduces Micah to a poll worker as her son. In the voting booth, she asks Micah to alter the votes electronically to give Nathan Petrelli a landslide victory. Micah completes his tasks and, exhausted, asks if he can finally go home.

    D.L. and Jessica track down Nathan in his office. Jessica confronts Nathan about not killing Mr. Linderman when he had the chance. The pair tells Nathan that Mr. Linderman will only seek to use Nathan as a puppet, and offers to kill Mr. Linderman when Nathan couldn't. Nathan eventually agrees to tell them where Mr. Linderman is, so long as they make sure that they finish the job.

    Mr. Bennet and Matt find the building housing the tracking system, and attempt to find a way to the top levels of the building. Encountering some difficulties despite Matt's use of his ability to get past the gate security, they meet D.L. and Jessica, who have also arrived in the building. Knowing they have common objectives in the same building, Mr. Bennet convinces D.L. to use his abilities to get them all through the security doors.

    Mr. Bennet and Matt reach the level housing the tracking system, but unknown to them, they are being watched on the security monitors by Thompson, who is waiting to ambush them. Matt reads Thompson's mind and uncovers the ambush, saving Mr. Bennet's life just in time. Mr. Bennet returns the favor by shooting Thompson in the head twice at point blank range. Having taken care of Thompson, they proceed to the room housing the tracking device, and discover that it is the little girl, Molly Walker. Even though he was aware that the tracking device was in fact a person, Mr. Bennet is surprised to learn that it is a young girl. Matt is shocked, unable to comprehend that they are possibly needing to kill a child. In his state of surprise, he is knocked unconscious by Mohinder, who ends up in a Mexican standoff with Mr. Bennet: Mohinder's gun on Bennet, Bennet's gun on Molly.

    Ted is being escorted out of the city in an armed police van. Sylar flips the van with his telekinesis, and opens the doors to find an upside-down Ted held in position by his harnesses. Ted screams that he is hurt, and Sylar cuts his head open as Ted screams in pain.

    Back in the high-rise, D.L. and Jessica pay Linderman a visit. Linderman confirms that he had arranged for D.L. and Jessica's meeting since the beginning, and had been watching them their whole lives. Then, after revealing the location of Micah, he offers Jessica a large amount of money to kill D.L. and give up Micah. Instead, Jessica realizes that this is not what her other half wants, and reverts to Niki. Disappointed with Jessica's lack of ruthlessness, Linderman pulls a gun to kill Niki, but D.L. jumps in the way and takes the bullet. Linderman moves to kill Niki, but D.L. phases his fist inside Linderman's skull, killing him. Niki collapses, holding an apparently dying D.L. in her arms.

    Nathan wins the election and in his official victory address, delivers a poignant speech; "A landslide, that's what they're calling it", he proudly announces. Heidi, hiding her miraculous cure from the public, sits on her wheelchair by his side, with Angela behind.

    Sylar stands upon a rooftop, looking down on the city. He tests his newly acquired ability by creating small radiation bursts within the palms of his hands. With a satisfied smile on his face, he mutters to himself: "Boom."moreless
Bart McCarthy

Bart McCarthy


Guest Star

Geno Monteiro

Geno Monteiro

Petrelli Aide

Guest Star

Garrett Masuda

Garrett Masuda

Young Hiro

Guest Star

Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

Angela Petrelli

Recurring Role

Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell

Mr. Linderman

Recurring Role

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Gabriel Gray/Sylar

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • During the training, Hiro and his father use a Bokuto or Bokken; a training wooden sword utilized to practice Kendo (the martial art of Japanese fencing).

    • When Micah Sanders touches the screen in the voting booth, we see the name Dena Allen, Current Occupation: Business Owner. Dena Allen is the series' Set Decorator.

    • Right after D.L. kills Linderman, the corpse is shown facedown and its right hand is holding the gun on the floor. Nevertheless, when the camera angle changes after D.L.'s last words, Linderman's head is turned to the right and its hand is now only barely touching the gun.

    • While Hiro is with his father about to begin his training he asks "You are a business man what can you possibly know about killing? and his father answers "A few things".
      This are the exact same words Mr Linderman uses when Nathan asks him about what can he possibly know about healing in ".07%".
      They both make a demonstration of their "skills" while saying the words: Linderman heals a flower and Mr Nakamura shows his sword abilities.

    • In the scene when Hiro is being trained he has no glasses on throughout, however at the end he runs out to tell Ando still without glasses, but as soon as he runs out the door he's wearing them.

      Also Hiro can bend time and space, which includes the ability to teleport himself and others, as well as objects, meaning he could have teleported to the glasses to himself, this seems to be en editing error.

    • Peter and Claire are desperate to get out of New York, why doesn't Peter turn him and Claire invisible and fly away?

      POSSIBLE EXPLANATION: Peter might not be able to use more then one power at the same time, or he is afraid to do so.

    • At the end of last episode "The Hard Part", Peter just finishes saying, "It's funny, I felt the same thing when I met you." Peter wipes away Claire's tears and Claire turns her head and sees her dad and runs to him.
      At the beginning of this episode, Claire says to Peter, "I just miss my family. I hope I can make them proud". Glances to the left and sees her dad and runs to him.

    • At the scene of Kaito's training for Hiro, the story of "Kensei Takezo and the dragon" is mentioned. It says that the story occured in the Kiso mountain.

      First of all, there is no mountain named like that even though we have Kiso area at the center of Japan. It's where some mountains are gathered. Ontake would be correct, I mean, the actual name.

      Second, there's no ancient story even considering Takezo as a fictional character. Sword, Takezo, Princess, everything is perfectly original. It came from the creators' ideas, not from any Japanese stories.

    • When Nathan and Heidi Petrelli are about to make entry to the election victory celebration, Heidi says that she feels silly not to be walking around, and to pretend she still needs the wheelchair.

      Most appropriately, the opening chords to Free's "All Right Now" are played, of which the first verse is: "There she stood in the street; Smiling from her head to her feet"

    • Two of the comic books Candice buys for Micah are issues of the Marvel miniseries Hulk: Gray and Daredevil: Yellow, both of which were written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale.

  • QUOTES (39)

    • (translated from Japanese)
      Hiro: In great crisis every hero is tested, some fail. Like me. But I never thought Nathan would give up.
      Ando: Let's hope we can get more help here...(referring to Nathan) than from that jerk.

    • Niki: (looks at Matt) Didn't I throw you out of a window?

    • (translated from Japanese)
      Ando:We're almost there.
      Hiro:We don't have time for traffic today. (man bumps Hiro) Don't they know we have a sword to mend?

    • (Thompson comes up quietly behind him and points his gun at Matt's head.)
      Thompson: What am I thinking now, Parkman?
      (Mr. Bennet points his gun at Thompson's head.)
      Mr. Bennet: Your last thought.

    • (in Kirby Plaza, Claire and Mr. Bennet get a chance to catch up)
      Bennet: So Peter Petrelli's your uncle, huh?
      Claire: You didn't know that?
      Bennet: There's a lot of things that they haven't told me.
      Claire: I thought Peter was the only one who could protect me. (smiles) Now you're here.

    • (Linderman has poured out millions of dollars to entice Jessica into killing D.L. and forgetting Micah)
      Jessica: He's right, D.L. I want the money. I really do. I would even kill you for it. (tense pause) But Niki wouldn't...
      (Jessica inhales deeply and reverts back to Niki)
      Niki: D.L.! (runs up and hugs D.L. as Linderman turns a gun on her; D.L. jumps in front of Niki just as Linderman shoots; D.L. staggers)
      Linderman: (to a horrified Niki) You should've taken the money.
      (D.L. phases his fist inside Linderman's skull, killing Linderman; D.L. then collapses into a crying Niki's arms)

    • Voting Official: Welcome, Ms...Baker.
      Ms. Baker/Candice: (passing Micah off as her son) Do you mind if I take my son into the voting booth with me? I'm trying to teach him about democracy in action.
      Voting official: Oh, what a lovely thought. Follow me.
      (The voting official leads Micah and "Ms. Baker" to one of the booths)
      Micah: (to Candice/Ms. Baker) I've been thinking about how you make yourself look like that. You must bend light or something.
      Ms. Baker/Candice: How do you know this isn't the real me?
      (she chuckles as the voting official leads them into the booths; when the official closes the curtain, "Ms. Baker" reverts back to Candice)
      Candice: Okay, Micah, it's time to boot up.
      Micah: What do you want me to do?
      Candice: You can tell computers what to do. So I want you to tell this one and all the others here to vote for Nathan Petrelli. (Micah places his hand on the monitor, which as a result displays the names of the candidates; as a result of Micah's powers, Nathan Petrelli receives numerous votes) After this, we do the same thing in 12 other precincts.
      Micah: (his hand is still on the monitor) We don't have to go anywhere else. It says that they're all networked, so from here, I can change every one in the city.
      Candice: It says that?
      Micah: Yeah. How many votes does your boss want him to win by?
      Candice: (smirks) Make it a landslide.
      (Micah concentrates even harder to give Nathan a landslide victory; after a short while, Micah removes his hand, out of breath)
      Micah: Can I go home now?

    • (FBI agents, led by Audrey Hanson, have jumped Ted and locked him up in an FBI van bound for Guantanamo Bay)
      Audrey: We got him, thanks to your tip, Mr...
      Sylar: Mendez. Isaac Mendez.

    • Nathan: Bad future?
      Ando: Yes. We went there. But I was already dead.

    • Ando: Wait. He will try to take you back to Japan. You are vulnerable, Hiro. What if he convinces you to abandon your mission? You have to stop Sylar. You must save the world! You have to save me!
      Hiro: He is my father and out of respect I must hear what he has to say.

    • Hiro: I know that you want me to return home, Father. But I will not. I’m on a mission and…
      Mr. Nakamura: You will save the world. I have waited a long time for a Nakamura to ascend. I never thought it would be you, Hiro. You have proven yourself worthy of our legacy. And your power.

    • Hiro: With all due respect, you are a CEO of a big company. You work in an office. What can you possibly know of killing?
      Mr. Nakamura: (a few fancy sword moves and the blade is at Hiro’s throat) A few things.

    • Hiro: (voice over) Takezo Kensai longed to unite Japan. He went to the dragon of Kiso Mountain and asked the dragon to teach him the secrets of the sword. The dragon taught him to become the Kensai, the sword saint. He fought his enemies and won, saving his people. Then the dragon came to his palace demanding the life of the princess. Kensai drew his sword and plunged it into his own heart. He handed it to the dragon and said, "My love is in here. Take it." And then he died.

    • Sprague: I'm hurt! I'm bleeding bad!
      Sylar: Here, let me help. (begins cutting Sprague's scalp)

    • Hiro: You have taught me well, Father. Now that I can stop Sylar, Ando doesn't have to die. He will be so relieved.

    • Jessica: (about Linderman) He's right, D.L. I wanna take the money. I really do. I would even kill you for it. But Niki wouldn't. (closes her eyes and…)
      Niki: D.L.! (throws herself into his arms)
      Linderman: You don't love him.
      Niki: Everything I've done I did for them.

    • D.L.: (to Niki) Jessica wasn't the strong one. It was you.

    • Nathan: (giving a speech) I'm sorry my brother couldn't be here tonight, but I know Peter cares about this city more than anyone. Our father always said that we had a responsibility to use what God gave us to help people, to make a real difference. Pop always made the hard choices for the greater good; he believed in that and so do I. Our children deserve that, they deserve a better future, a future where they don't have to face their fears alone, but can look into the darkness and find hope. I challenge everyone in here to inspire by example, to fight the battle, no matter the cost. Because the world is sick, it's spinning out of control. But we can help. With our help it can heal. With our love, with our compassion and with our strength we can heal. Let's put aside our differences, let's embrace our common goals, let's do it for our children. Let's show them all exactly what we're capable of.

    • Hiro (to the blacksmith about the sword): Can you fix it?
      Blacksmith: Depends... On him
      (Kaito Nakamura opens the door)

    • (Mr. Bennet is pointing his gun at Molly while Mohinder points his own gun at Bennet)
      Mr. Bennet: (about Molly) As long as she's alive, my daughter is never safe!

    • Peter: Sylar got him, he killed Ted!
      Claire: Does that mean Sylar can do what Ted can do?
      Peter: He's the one...he's gonna wipe out the entire city!
      Claire: You got to stop him!
      Peter: I don't think I can...last time I fought Sylar, he killed me.

    • Cop#1: This is the sickest thing I've ever seen. Did this happen in the accident?
      Cop#2:: The top of the guy's head came off! How ELSE does that happen?
      Agent Hanson: You don't wanna know.

    • Matt:You sure there isn't another way?
      Bennet: The reason I brought you here, Parkman, was so that you could get us to those elevators without raising a ruckus. Now, if you can't do that you might as well give up on your wife and unborn child right now. Because no matter how far you run they will find you.
      Matt: Okay. A simple "no" would have done the trick.

    • (Nathan is pushing Heidi in her wheelchair)
      Heidi: I feel so stupid sitting here. I want to jump out of this damn chair.
      Nathan: People don't believe in miracles. When the time is right, we'll tell them.

    • Ted: So this guy Sylar kills people like us?
      Peter: Yeah, to take what we can do.
      Ted: How does he do that?
      Claire: He rips your head open.
      Ted: I say we stick to the plan and get out of this city.

    • Micah: I have a cousin who eats like you. He's huge.
      Candice: So am I. Here. You said you liked comic books, so I brought you a stack.
      Anything good?
      Micah: The Original Silver Surfer number one! This must've cost you a fortune! You're nice. Even when you're scary. (Candice chuckles) I just don't understand why you're working for such a bad guy. You could use your power to be a hero.
      Candice: Okay. You're just too young to see how much the world sucks. How people can be so mean to each other just because of where they were born or what they look like. (pause) Mr. Linderman's gonna change all that. He's gonna heal the world.
      Micah: I didn't know it was sick.

    • Ted: I just drove twenty-six hours from Texas to take down the evil bastards that want me dead and you're saying I should turn around and go back just because of a painting that you saw?
      Peter: Yeah. That and a dream.
      Matt: He might be nuts, Ted, but he's not lying. He believes every word of it.
      Peter: Take out the tracking system, then you're gonna be free.
      Ted: Free? I killed people with my power. I didn't mean to, but it happened, and now the FBI thinks I'm a terrorist.
      Peter: But you're not a terrorist! You need to get out of town before you become one!
      Bennet: (to Claire) Windy Forks. It's a town in Nebraska. Population fifteen. I want you to go there and wait for me to contact you.
      Claire: He gave me directions.
      Matt: You're sending your daughter with them?
      Bennet: Claire tells me she has a destiny. She stopped Ted from melting down once before and saved our lives, she could do it again. (looks at Peter) She could stop both of you.
      Peter: (to Ted) You coming?
      Ted: Yeah, I'm in.
      Sylar: (listening from around the corner) Me too.

    • Hiro:(holding broken sword) I had a chance to kill Sylar and I failed. My mission is over.
      Ando: It's still sharp.
      Hiro: Even if the sword were whole, I am not fit to wield it.
      Ando: We began in a cubicle in Tokyo. No life, no adventure. You wanted to be special, and you are! Destiny picked you, Hiro!
      Hiro: Destiny made a mistake. Sylar is too powerful. Look what he did to the sword.
      Ando: We can get it fixed. (crosses over, picks up Yellow Pages)
      Hiro: Fix a five-hundred-year old samurai sword? (Ando flips through phone book, muttering) What makes you think some handyman can fix it?
      Ando:(oh phone, in English) Hello? Do you fix ancient samurai swords? (hands phone to Hiro)
      Hiro:(in English) My name is Hiro Nakamura. The fate of the world is in your hands.

    • Claire: You know, I've been thinking, after we save the world I may go on patrol. You know, jumping in front of bullets and dragging people from burning buildings...
      Peter: You're not gonna catch me wearing a cape. Zipping around with my underwear outside my pants...
      Claire: Why do we have to rent a car? Can't we just fly to Nebraska? (Peter looks at her) In a plane?
      Ted: The FBI's got my face all over wanted posters. We wouldn't get very far...
      Sylar: (Peter's overhearing his thoughts) Ted's a fugitive. I can use that to get his power.
      Claire: What is it?
      Peter: Sylar. He's here, he's watching us. He knows what Ted can do. We need to get off the streets. (pulls Claire into a store)
      Ted: Who's Sylar?

    • Heidi: Nathan, I thought you were going to see the boys before they went to school. They wanted to wish you luck- (sees Linderman) Sorry, I didn't know you were here.
      Linderman: Sorry, I was just on my way out. Mrs. Petrelli, your husband is about to become a very powerful man. I would like to give you both a gift to honor his for coming victory. (Clasps Heidi's hand) Here's something to make the days ahead a little easier. (leaves)
      Heidi:(wheeling over to Nathan) What is he talking about?
      Nathan: I don't know.
      Heidi: I can't believe you let that man into our house.
      Nathan: Honey, he's my largest campaign contributor.
      Heidi: He's a thief and a liar and God knows what else.
      Nathan: And if I win this election, he'll be the reason.
      Heidi: Why? Because he gave you money? Nathan, don't forget who you are.
      Nathan: I know exactly who I am. I'm a man who's being asked to make a hard choice for the greater good.
      Heidi: And you will. And you'll do great things, but you don't have to sell your soul. (Nathan looks down, Heidi's foot starts moving) What? What is it?
      Nathan: Your foot. It's moving.
      Heidi: What? Nathan- oh my god- (Nathan stands up, Heidi stands up also, hugs Nathan) Oh my god!
      Nathan: It's a miracle.

    • Sylar:...Boom....

    • Jessica: (To Linderman) Where's Micah? (Throws Linderman against the wall)
      DL: She asked you a question.

    • Matt: (To Jessica) Good luck finding your son. (No response as the elevator closes) Right, nice to see you too.

    • Hiro: I understand now Father. To save what is most important. I must cut out my own heart.

    • DL: (About Linderman) The man took my son. He's going to pay for that in full.

    • Claire: Why did you come here? With them?
      Mr. Bennet: The people I used to work for have a tracking system. They can find anybody anywhere in the world. We came here to destroy it. That's the only way we can ever start over. And build a normal life.
      Claire: Is that even possible? I mean, I'm not normal, and they're not normal. Everything that's been happening to us has been so monumentally un-normal. I mean, maybe Peter's right. Maybe we all have a destiny. To save the world...together.

    • Mr. Linderman: Be ready, Nathan. Today you will become a Congressman. In time, you will lead the country.
      Nathan: As long I let this city become a nuclear wasteland. And let my brother explode.
      Mr. Linderman: You can't stop that. No one can. But it's what comes next. And that...that is entirely up to us. Your father would be very proud.
      Nathan: Pop would have me committed for ever considering this nonsense.
      Mr. Linderman: Clearly, your mother didn't tell you.
      Nathan: Tell me what?
      Mr. Linderman: Your father was one of us, someone with great power. He tried to make a difference in the world. He did all he could, wasn't enough...he just gave up. Your father was weak.
      Nathan: My father was my hero.

    • Hiro: (to Nathan) You already bad guy. You are billain! Billain!

    • Mr. Bennet: Mr. Hawkins, Ms. Sanders. My friend here can hear your thoughts. He says we have similar goals.
      Jessica: (looks at Matt) Didn't I throw you out a window?

  • NOTES (4)

    • New Heroes:
      There were no new heroes introduced in this episode.

    • The Symbol:
      As a logo in the swordmaker's ad that Ando finds in the phone book.

    • International Air Dates:
      Sweden: January 2nd, 2008 on TV4
      Germany: March 5, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: March 12, 2008 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: May 29, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: September 8, 2008 on Markiza

    • Power Developments:
      Sylar: gained the ability to generate radiation and explode like a nuclear bomb. He can also produce EMPs, but it is unclear if he is aware of the full extent of his new ability.


    • Peter: You're not gonna catch me wearing a cape, zipping around with my underwear outside my pants.
      This is an allusion to Superman, a super hero who, like Peter, can fly. Superman's costume includes a cape and a pair of red shorts, which look not unlike men's briefs, worn over blue tights.

    • The swordmaker is named Mr. Claremont. Chris Claremont is a writer of American comic books, best known for his 16-year (1976-1991) stint on Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men, during which the series became one of the comic book industry's most successful properties.

    • The name of the episode is Landslide, which is also the title for a song covered by the Dixie Chicks (written by Stevie Nicks). The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines, is married to Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli).