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Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2007 on NBC

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes slyer is going to go through with his destny and peter must try to conivince his brother on what he is doing and they learn about there father and how he really died and how nathan may be more then just a congressmen and hiro sees his father again he maks a return and matt learns more information on somethings this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower and i thougth it was very intense and it had alot of excitement in it
  • Matt and Mr Bennet try to destroy the tracking system but it's not as easy as they thought. Nathan wins the elections and is asked to take great decisions, Jessica and DL find Linderman and Sylar kills Ted as the world's fate lies on our Heroes' hands.

    The twenty first chapter is probably the most exciting so far. All of our Heroes stories lead to the grand finale of this volume.
    Matt and Bennet track down the tracking system, while Ted joins Peter and Claire in their attempt to flee New York city and go to Nebraska. Bennet takes out Thompson (the man who was between them and the tracking system) and moves forward in destroying this tracking system which turns out to be nothing else that a small girl, protected by Mohinder. Bennet reveals he has known that it was not a machine but a human being but didn't know it was a small girl. Before Matt gets a good look at the girl he is knock down by Mohinder. As Matt is on the floor, Bennet points the gun at the girl as Mohinder points the gun at him.
    Meanwhile, Peter hears Sylar's thoughts and realizes he's closer than they think. While they are trying to escape, Sylar calls the police and reports Ted which quickly appears and arrests Ted as a terrorist. When the police is transferring Ted to prison, Sylar makes his move and finally kills Ted acquiring his ability, thus leading to the finale.
    Niki and DL still looking for Micah, find Nathan who tells them to go to Linderman instead. Arriving there, they meet up with Matt and Bennet (Jessica's line towards Matt is heavenly). Finding Linderman, Jessica is made an offer by the mob boss which appearantly she can resist in exchange for Micah. At that point Niki takes control and refuses to take the money. Linderman is shocked by this revelation (that Niki actually loves DL and her family) and pulls out a gun. DL takes the shot but kills Linderman. Hiro goes to a blacksmith to repair the Kensei sword but there he finds his father. Hiro at first thinks he will try and stop him but instead he reveals to him that he wants to train him in sword fighting (the scene where we are told the story of Takezo Kensei and the dragon is amazing even though I don't enjoy samurai stories as much).
    Overall its a very exciting episode as I already said. Key facts: Linderman's revelation that Nathan's father was also special. We are told more of this in volume 3: villains. The role of the previous generation is seen both in this and the next chapter which is a prologue to volume 2 entitled ''Generations''. Also, Candice's revelation that she is not as good as she looks. She was rejected by the world for being ugly and fat (we see her real self in volume 2, chapter 3: Kindred). Enjoy!
  • A big win.. big events

    Everything is coming together.. all pieces is set and this all is now only going to explode. Micah is used to win the election of Nathan and he is doing fine. So is also Hiro who has coming together with his father and finally learns to use the sword.

    But others.. Sylar is on his own mission, going after the exploding man and ofcourse, he gets his power.. Claire and Peter will try to stop him.

    And then the whole Niki, Claire's father storyline.. the last one specially, standing face to face with that little girl and Mohander..

    Anyway, amazing set for action is set.. What comes next.. comes..
  • Fantastic

    Nathan is poised to become a member of Congress, but must consider those he loves and the advice of his mother and Linderman. Hiro prepares to face Sylar. Peter and Ted attempt to leave New York before the explosion. Matt and Mr. Bennet learn the truth behind the Company's tracking system. This is a great episode, "Landslide" had plenty of action and the storyline in the episode was very strong there where loads of deaths in the episode which where really unexpected, like Linderman, Tompson (thank god they killed him off he was annoying), Ted (who I felt really sorry for) and poor old D.L. This episode was brilliant one of the best of the series so far on the lines of "Five years gone", "Homecomming" and "Company man".
  • Great episode... Very exciting.

    Claire and Mr. Bennet's reunion is cut short by Peter who has reached a dangerous instability after absorbing Ted's ability. Peter tells Claire to be prepared for what she must do to stop him, but just as Claire draws the gun from her bag, Peter gains control over his new ability and prevents himself from exploding.

    As a dejected Hiro mourns his own lack of conviction and his broken sword, Ando continues to try to restore Hiro's spirits. Ando searches the Yellow Pages for a repairman for the sword. Hiro teases Ando about whom he expects to find in the directory to mend a centuries-old katana, but Ando chances upon a sword-smith advertising with the helix. With new-found hope, the pair sets off across the city to the shop of the mysterious sword-smith.

    Back on the street, Mr. Bennet and Claire finally get a chance to catch up. Mr. Bennet is surprised to discover the relationship between Peter and Claire. As Peter convinces Ted that the two of them need to leave New York City before either causes the explosion, Mr. Bennet and Parkman continue their search for the tracking system. Claire, believing that it may be her destiny, decides to accompany Peter and Ted. Around the corner however is an unexpected eavesdropper with superhuman hearing: Sylar, who learns of Peter's plans to leave the city, and sees an opportunity to further his own agenda.

    As Nathan Petrelli worries about his trailing poll numbers, he also struggles with what he is being asked to do by Linderman. Linderman reveals to Nathan that Nathan's father was once a part of Linderman's cabal, although "Dallas" Petrelli left after disagreements with the group. Linderman attempts to consolidate Nathan's conviction by imparting a surprising gift: he heals Heidi's paralysis.

    As Peter, Ted and Claire walk the streets of New York on their way out of the city, Peter hears Sylar's thought, and realizes that they are being tailed and that Sylar has learned of Ted's powers. But before they can formulate a plan on what to do, FBI agents, led by Audrey Hanson, arrive on scene and arrest Ted. Peter grabs Claire, turning them both invisible, and escapes. Audrey thanks Sylar, who identifies himself as Isaac Mendez, for the tip about Ted.

    As Hiro and Ando race across the city, Hiro runs into Nathan. Hiro tells Nathan that in the future, Nathan is a villain. Hiro, convinced that the present Nathan is still a good man, tries to tell Nathan that he must help them try to stop the bomb. Nathan disappoints Hiro, and Hiro realizes that Nathan is already on a possible dark path.

    Hiro and Ando continue to Jittetsu Arms, the shop of the sword-smith. There they meet a Mr. Claremont, who is amazed by Hiro's possession of the centuries-old Kensei sword. Hiro asks if the sword can be repaired, and the repairman replies that it depends on the decision of a third party who is also in the shop: Hiro's father Kaito, who steps out from the backroom of the shop. Hiro's father asks for a private word with his son, but Ando is wary that Mr. Nakamura may be trying to persuade Hiro to return home to Japan. Hiro tells Ando that he must hear what his father has to say out of respect, but Ando is unconvinced.

    Up in the Company facility at Kirby Plaza, Candice still holds Micah prisoner. When Candice gives Micah several rare comics, he admits she seems like a nice person. Micah asks why Candice doesn't use her powers to become a hero, but a jaded Candice dismisses Micah's youthful innocence. Mr. Linderman arrives and asks for Micah's help. He tells Micah he will ensure that Micah's family will be able to live happily ever after if Micah will help him "talk to machines".

    In the repair shop backroom, Kaito Nakamura reveals he had known of Hiro's powers all along, but had never been convinced that Hiro would have the right spirit to wield his abilities. Having observed Hiro's progress, he is now convinced that Hiro is of true Nakamura descent. Hiro reveals to his father that he may be wrong about him, recounting his failure to kill Sylar when he had the opportunity. But Hiro's father is not so easily disappointed, and reveals himself to be a master swordsman. He tells Hiro that he will teach him the ways of the sword, and turns Hiro into an able swordsman in only a short time. With renewed conviction of his abilities, Hiro sets off to defeat Sylar, only to find that Ando had already left the shop. Ando, believing that Hiro would be unable to continue his mission to kill Sylar, bought a nagamaki from Mr. Claremont and left to hunt down Sylar himself, to almost certain death.

    Back amidst the frenzy of election day, Candice takes Micah to a polling place. She disguises herself as a voter and introduces Micah to a poll worker as her son. In the voting booth, she asks Micah to alter the votes electronically to give Nathan Petrelli a landslide victory. Micah completes his tasks and, exhausted, asks if he can finally go home.

    D.L. and Jessica track down Nathan in his office. Jessica confronts Nathan about not killing Mr. Linderman when he had the chance. The pair tells Nathan that Mr. Linderman will only seek to use Nathan as a puppet, and offers to kill Mr. Linderman when Nathan couldn't. Nathan eventually agrees to tell them where Mr. Linderman is, so long as they make sure that they finish the job.

    Mr. Bennet and Matt find the building housing the tracking system, and attempt to find a way to the top levels of the building. Encountering some difficulties despite Matt's use of his ability to get past the gate security, they meet D.L. and Jessica, who have also arrived in the building. Knowing they have common objectives in the same building, Mr. Bennet convinces D.L. to use his abilities to get them all through the security doors.

    Mr. Bennet and Matt reach the level housing the tracking system, but unknown to them, they are being watched on the security monitors by Thompson, who is waiting to ambush them. Matt reads Thompson's mind and uncovers the ambush, saving Mr. Bennet's life just in time. Mr. Bennet returns the favor by shooting Thompson in the head twice at point blank range. Having taken care of Thompson, they proceed to the room housing the tracking device, and discover that it is the little girl, Molly Walker. Even though he was aware that the tracking device was in fact a person, Mr. Bennet is surprised to learn that it is a young girl. Matt is shocked, unable to comprehend that they are possibly needing to kill a child. In his state of surprise, he is knocked unconscious by Mohinder, who ends up in a Mexican standoff with Mr. Bennet: Mohinder's gun on Bennet, Bennet's gun on Molly.

    Ted is being escorted out of the city in an armed police van. Sylar flips the van with his telekinesis, and opens the doors to find an upside-down Ted held in position by his harnesses. Ted screams that he is hurt, and Sylar cuts his head open as Ted screams in pain.

    Back in the high-rise, D.L. and Jessica pay Linderman a visit. Linderman confirms that he had arranged for D.L. and Jessica's meeting since the beginning, and had been watching them their whole lives. Then, after revealing the location of Micah, he offers Jessica a large amount of money to kill D.L. and give up Micah. Instead, Jessica realizes that this is not what her other half wants, and reverts to Niki. Disappointed with Jessica's lack of ruthlessness, Linderman pulls a gun to kill Niki, but D.L. jumps in the way and takes the bullet. Linderman moves to kill Niki, but D.L. phases his fist inside Linderman's skull, killing him. Niki collapses, holding an apparently dying D.L. in her arms.

    Nathan wins the election and in his official victory address, delivers a poignant speech; "A landslide, that's what they're calling it", he proudly announces. Heidi, hiding her miraculous cure from the public, sits on her wheelchair by his side, with Angela behind.

    Sylar stands upon a rooftop, looking down on the city. He tests his newly acquired ability by creating small radiation bursts within the palms of his hands. With a satisfied smile on his face, he mutters to himself: "Boom."
  • A great episode, like always!

    So, Hiro and Ando try to get the sword fixed, and meet someone unexpected - Hiro's father. Peter tries to leave New York City with Ted and Claire. The people of New York City turn out to vote - Nathan wins the elections. D.L. and Jessica continue the search for Micah. Matt and Mr. Bennet find the tracking system - it's actually the girl Molly with a special ability to find whoever she wants. Sylar kills again. This time the victim is Ted. On a rooftop overlooking New York, Sylar, testing his newly acquired ability, mutters to himself "Boom!" It's a great episode!!!!!!!!
  • Sometimes the right path is the hardest one, met with road blocks along the way that try to prevent us from reaching the end.

    Sometimes the right path is the hardest one, met with road blocks along the way that try to prevent us from reaching the end. We see the Hiro's dad is back, and it seems he knows more then he lead on about Hiro's power and his journey. We also see old enemy's Matt and Niki unite to try and get what they want along with Claire's dad and Niki's husband. Nathan also wins the election because of Niki's son and his power which he used because Linderman forced him to. Later on in the show Linderman is killed, and that Sylar has taken Ted's power and plans to blow up New York with it, despite his earlier thoughts of regret for what he was going to do. A great episode as always, but in this one we start to really see that things are coming to a close, for this season at least. The day's are numbered and the time for action is just arriving, in the next episode the future will be made, whether or not it will be a bomb going off, or Sylar being stopped, we can only wonder, and whilst I wonder, I wait ever so enthusiastically for the next episode.
  • Great episode!!!!!

    This episode was great!!! Our least favorite politican (Nathan) won the election due to Candice Wilmer Daniel Linderman and an unwilling Micah. Also DL and Jessica went after Linderman and Niki seemed to have some influence on Jessica, convincing her to do so. She seemed to be gaining more and more control over Jessica even causing Jessica to defer to what she would wish to be done in response to Linderman's deal. I'm glad Linderman is finally dead: he deserved that and at least Jessica willingly gave up control to Niki indicating there's some hope that Jessica will leave for good or at the very least not try to hold onto control for so long anymore. I liked how DL killed Linderman and that tracking system proved to be a true shock. I'm also glad Thompson's dead. Bennet was funny when he killed him.
  • Amazing

    I watch this Episode right before "How To Stop An Exploding Man" and it was amazing! Syalr is awesome in this episode. I love the way he is following Peter, Claire and Ted. Its just amazing. I also loved the bit where Sylar kills Ted. I feel abit sly on Ted but I just love Sylar. Oh and who can forget the best line every?? BOOM! - I think this line is the best line in the whole episode maybe even the whole show. After I have watched this episode Syalr is now my joint first favourite charactor in this show. I know I have only talked about sylar in this show, but he was jus the best. this is one of my favourite episode in season one. Brillant!
  • "What am I thinking now, Parkman?" "Your last thought." - Thompson (to Matt), Mr. Bennet (to Thompson)

    Nathan is poised to become a member of Congress, but must consider those he loves and the advice of his mother and Linderman. Hiro prepares to face Sylar. Peter and Ted attempt to leave New York before the explosion. Matt and Mr. Bennet learn the truth behind the Company's tracking system. This is a great episode, "Landslide" had plenty of action and the storyline in the episode was very strong there where loads of deaths in the episode which where really unexpected, like Linderman, Tompson (thank god they killed him off he was annoying), Ted (who I felt really sorry for) and poor old D.L. This episode was brilliant one of the best of the series so far on the lines of "Five years gone", "Homecomming" and "Company man".
  • So THAT'S how Bush won the election!

    Finally- back to the action! Lots of good stuff happens in this episode, but I have questions: Why didn't Linderman just heal himself? Why couldn't D.L. have just let the bullet just pass through him and kill the supremely annoying Niki? How exactly is Ando supposed to find Sylar? And finally- Hiro learns to be a Bushido master in 20 minutes? Gimme a break! Seems like folks are dropping like flies- bye bye, Ted. Thompson won't be missed, and D.L. was just boring, but Linderman was an interesting chatacter. Ok, the waiting is just about over- on to the finale. Let's hope it is worth all of this buildup.
  • For the second-to-last episode of a season, that was severely lacking in action.

    Yeah, yeah. Everything that's been predicted from the very beginning of the series has happened. I'm ready for the actual conclusion to come. What's going to happen regarding the bomb? How will the world react? Who will it be? There's only so long an audience will remain entertained when they're fed the same regurgitation again and again. We need fresh meat.

    And I still want to know what Mrs. Petrelli can do.

    I give this episode a 9/10, just because it's exciting despite the lack of important action. The only storyline I'm entertained with is the Mr. Bennet/Matt one at the moment. I was glad to see Matt's old partner; her character amuses me. We'll have to see how this season ends...
  • An amazing episode!

    Micah finds out why he's needed: to make Nathan win by a landslide. Jessica and D.L. try to get Micah back. Claire, Ted, and Peter try to run away. Ted gets caught by the FBI and Sylar kills him. Mr. Bennet and Matt try to stop the tracking system, Molly, although they are unaware that she is it. Mohinder tries to stop them. Bennet kills Thompson. Hiro and Ando go to fix the sword. Hiro sees his father and trains to get tough enough to kill Sylar. Ando buys a sword and goes out on his own to kill Sylar. D.L. gets shot by Linderman after Jessica turns back to Niki and refuses the money Linderman offered to kill D.L. D.L. kills Linderman. Sylar now can explode.

    This was a great episode! I loved it! I'm sad that D.L. got shot and I don't think he's going to make it. This episode gets a 10!
  • Events start to unfold...

    This episode is fantastic, with all of the pieces falling into place, Nathan's landslide explained, Sylar vs Peter in possibilities of an exploding man, and the tracking device revealed as Molly.

    The fact that both Sylar and Peter are backups for each other in plot, i.e. if Peter stops himself exploding, Sylar clearly has the intent to do so, and if Hiro achieves his destiny by killing Sylar, Peter may explode as seen in the future, is quite a good development to keep people guessing.

    Deaths seemed to be overdone in this episode and may have been better spread out, with three "billains" being killed off, though Ted was more an accidental terrorist, though it does leave Sylar as the last one left which would be less complex.

    Anyway, this was a great episode, and sets things up well for whatever the finale may bring.
  • Ted gets the Sylar treatment. Hiro becomes Samurai and DL does something cool with his power!!

    Ted gets the Sylar treatment. Hiro becomes Samurai and DL does something cool with his power!! Finally we start to see more. Shame about Ted I liked him. Hiro and his dad were superb together. Excellent work Mr Sulu! Matt Parkman is becoming one of my favorite characters and Peter finally starts to grow a pair! Claire needs to stop whining though... Nathan is becoming a true politician. (Boo Hiss!!) The plotting and things happening is non stop. Don't think I breathed through the whole episode. Still bet the next one tops it. Just when I think this series can't get any better it does.
  • Landslide victory.

    Fantastic episode setting everything up for an amazing Season finale. Mycah's ability is finally used and it is used to make sure that Nathan wins the election. Nikki and D.L. Hawkins make their way to Linderman and it ends with a shocking death. Molly is finally revieled and she is the searching system as she just imagines anyone and she can find them. Syler has a showdown with Ted and he has his power now and he may be the bomb. Peter and Claire are running away from town while Nathan has to make a hard choice.
    An amazing set up for the finale.
  • Why is every episode a wonderful cliffhanger?

    Heroes has taken its viewers for quite a ride the entire season, and this episode does just what the series has done the best, tease us before the best information comes. Really, when it comes down to it, the entire season is defined by the closing image of Sylar, as isn't that what we've been waiting for since the first episode. Throw in some amazing characters like Linderman, and there is no way that you're going to pull away from the screen. The ultimate cliffhanger of the season ends this episode and if that's not great writing, then I don't know what is.
  • The “heroes” fatefully arrive in New York City

    Poised to become a member of Congress and maybe more, Nathan considers the cost to those he loves, along with his mother’s advice and Linderman’s prophecy. As he prepares to face Sylar to the death, Hiro learns of his lineage from his father, who show him what he is capable off. While various “heroes” fatefully arrive in New York City, Peter and Ted attempt to leave the city before the foretold explosion. H.R.G. and Matt learn the surprising truth behind the tracking system used on people with special abilities, Molly the little girl that Matt had saved early in the series.
  • What defines a real hero

    There’s no hero without an enemy ...The god have to fight the evil…the ultimate battle …the true nemesis. But all villains appears in function with their actions of there antagonist future..
    A hero doesn't always have to be someone who achieves redemption. Usually redemption requires some pretty heroic acts, though, so it's almost a consequence. To become a hero, they've got to have internal/ external struggles that they must overcome. They must have perseverance to the bitter end, and decide never to give up no matter what it takes.
    They have to muster up every drop of energy and strength they have to face whatever evil is threatening them…. A hero fight to defended the future, And the future is still to be writhen
  • Review

    Miles better then the episode that came before it and I think it sets up for what should be an amazing finale, though from what I have heard the finale is everthing but amazing. Couple of things in this episode - what Linderman wond up using micah for was actually really cool, I actually didnt see that coming even though it was pretty obvious it was the only way Nathan was ever going to win via a landslide. LH dying was a surprise considering we have seen him in the flashes and dreams as the world is about to explode, perhaps he is like Mohinder several episodes back and is not really dead. Bennet going after the girl that can locate anyone at anytime is an interesting and complex storyline. If Sylar gets to her his daughter will never be safe, however she could possible be the one that puts an end to Sylar in the first place. Hiros storyline was the only one that went on more then it needed to, even though it still had its high moments. Overall, the writers set the stage for the finale, time to watch what everyone has been calling "one of the biggest dissapointments in television history."
  • Not what I was coming

    The last show was a great addition to the rest of Volume !. I loved the new begining of Volume 2. I hope the move further into what happened and I also want to see how the try to out do the last volume it might be a little tough. The custumes and the commrtery of the Heros is well felt in the cast and to have such great sucess in their seires. I hope the unviel a cuople new characters and new powers to explore. This fun looks forward to a new level of entertianment. After all everyone is a hero in some way.
  • Kind of a sad episode!!!

    I found this episode as a very good one...from the point of view of the unpredictability, it was great...but i did found it also a little sad...this is because in this episode 3 main characters are killed...I'll begin with the first one: TED, i can't say I'm sorry he died, due to the fact that this character hasn't the qualities to become loved...i am surprised he was kept for this long, because he himself said that after his wife died he had no reason to live...The second character was Thompson portrayed by Eric Roberts...i didn't got particularly fond of this character, but i must say I'm disappointed he was killed so soon...I think he would have become fascinating later on...The third and the most interesting character was Linderman...this i found was more than a fascinating character...even if he was present in only a couple of episodes, his behaviour showed me he was a great man...to bad he was killed so soon...but who knows, in these shows any character can return to life when one least expects it.
  • best episode to now

    this is the most exiting episode till now...i cant wait whats going to happen in the last episode. this is an episode i loved and it was so good.

    but the thing i dont understand is that why does peter think he is the one thats the bomb.. when i think its zyler. any one got another theory??

    well this is all i have to say on this episode, and i am exited to watch the next one after school today.

    from a loving heroes fan. hope there will come another season.. and if when will it come out? :) :) :)
  • The forces are starting to gather...

    I wanted to know more about Nathan and Peter's father. The show didn't even touch on that.

    If they never fired Parkman, they would have known Sylar was nearby. Ted didn't have to die. With his power, he could have took him out right there.

    Bennett cares about his daughter and goes as far as taking out his former boss only to have Mohinder try and take him out. There's a battle brewing over Molly. She's the only one capable of stopping Sylar next to maybe Hiro if he can learn how to control the time-space continuum.

    When Linderman said he had a gift for the Petrilli's I instantly knew that he would let her walk again. My hunch was correct.

    I don't know yet if DL is going to die but I hope he doesn't. Nikki showed that she was stronger than Jessica.

    I don't think any of the main cast will go away next week. It's a hunch.

    I love this show and tonight was just another reason why.
  • A misstep right at the end of the season...

    In my opinion this episode has too many flaws, like Hiro practicing sword techniques with his father, the killing spree at the end of the episode (in which we lose all at once Linderman, D.L., Ted and Thompson), the opening scene in which Peter changes his mind too fast (just a sorry excuse for a tense moment at the end of the previous chapter), Nathan's behaviour when Hiro tells him the after-explosion future is going to be bad, the absence of any indication how Sylar was at Kirby Plaza at the same time the others were and a minor delay with Hiro and Ando's subtitles in their first scene.

    Of course the episode has many great moments, like Peter and Claire's dialogue about wearing "yellow spandicks", the character deepness Candice now has (making her not only more believeable, but kind of an unlucky person who hates everyone because of her life story of prejudice), the homage to Chris Claremont, writer for the X-Men comics for more than two decades.

    But all in all, the episode still feels like if it was made in a hurry and crosses the line that separate a killing spree from a storyline that shows the dangers of the situation the heroes face with the death of one of them. I hate the kind of story that tries to imprint on the audience the idea the characters can die anytime, but fails miserably. But to kill too many characters at once and doing so without the proper purpose... Just ludicrous.

    I was hoping for more, but I'm still really confident about the season finale and I can't wait to watch it.
  • Avengers Assemble!

    Well now we're doen to the final two epiosdes of the season. Can you fell the heat? I'm on the enge of my seat, hoping not to fall off. This is the next to the final season. When they gort together at the end of last week's epiosde, theings are going to get out of control. well they're together for a few mninutes until the cops showed up to arrest one of the "Heroes." Meanwhile, Syler kills another her. Nothing shocking here. I wopn't give you the ending, but be prepare for the final one hour of the season. I'll be there. Will you?
  • Nathan won the election!! Yay for him Ted got killed by sylar who now has the powers to set uff da bomb!!

    This was a fairly well written episode, i especially liked the plot surrounding Micah.Damn this **** was fine i enjoyed every second of it me and my bud were like wow that **** is hot i cant wait til next week to see the last 2 episodes that **** is gonna rock my nizzel u know what im chatting homeboy
    This was a fairly well written episode, i especially liked the plot surrounding Micah.Damn this **** was fine i enjoyed every second of it me and my bud were like wow that **** is hot i cant wait til next week to see the last 2 episodes that **** is gonna rock my nizzel u know what im chatting homeboy
  • The players have gathered, now its time to end the game.

    What is amazing about this show, is they have literally taken so much art from comics, and i'm not talking about the ink. With comics, stories can be told over a long time. With so much character development, twists, comics have a unique way of telling stories, and Heroes takes the very best story telling tools of comics. This episode sets the stage for the finale which if you have watched from beginning to end, you are just as excited about the finale as I. What also makes the show exciting is creating "heroes" and "villains" that we have never seen before, and that we care about what happens to these characters. The writers have created a mythos that is not only believable, but sparks imagination and intrigue. Needless to say this show is a smash hit! I hope season 2 is just as good!
  • We are on for the season finale!

    Another episode that kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. If there is one thing I have learned about this show is that you had better be paying attention at all time or you might miss an important clue or even yet a death.

    I want to believe in Nathan that he is a good guy but he has made some wrong decisions. I am happy that his wife can walk again, but at what cost.

    Hiro and Peter have such pure hearts to do whatever they have to do, that I cannot wait to see what happens next.

    Sylar has again taken another hero's life. But why did Ted not free himself as soon as he was captured; his power could have broke the handcuffs and chains. Now Sylar has Ted's power and we are on for the season finale.
  • great episode

    Nathan Petrelli learns that there's a chance that he may become more than just a congressman, he faces tough decisions whether he needs to go along with Linderman or his conscience. Sylar claims a life of another hero, he becomes one step closer in controlling the future. Hiro learns something new that will help him stop Sylar. It's a really interesting episode. The pace is taking us to a climactic ending, it's really exciting, I can't wait for the next episode. Each character played a really good part, their roles were fleshed out, the story is engaging and not confusing. It's a great episode.
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