Season 4 Episode 14

Let It Bleed

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

Eighty-six hours ago, Noah sets events into motion to explain Nathan Petrelli's mysterious death. He contacts Peter, who insists that he wants to be a part of it.

At the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Samuel is drawing an image of the beautiful woman, Vanessa, but his work is interrupted when Doyle is flung in his direction. Doyle says he's not able to control Sylar, and Samuel just tells him to get everyone else to safety, but keep them close enough to power him up. Sylar attempts to slice Samuel's head open, but he hesitates in confusion. Samuel calls up a sandstorm which flays Sylar to the bone before he finally collapses.

Claire isn't sure if she can trust her father, considering how Noah lied to her about Nathan's death. Meanwhile, Peter seems to be internalizing his grief for losing his brother, but Angela reminds him about Sylar and warns Peter that vengeance is seldom the best path. Claire arrives for Nathan's wake, and Peter takes her into the kitchen to talk. They relieve some of the caterers' duties, helping to chop up fruit for the wake. Claire tells Peter that she asked for Noah not to attend, because she's angry at him for not telling her the truth.

Claire cuts her finger, but the wound doesn't heal because of Peter's mimicry of the Haitian's ability. He says he can shut the power off so that she can heal, but she says that she wants to feel the pain. Claire wants to talk about Nathan, how he was so mad at her for dating a boy who could fly. West is now at NYU and she still keeps in touch with him on Facebook. She suggests that Peter come up with some Nathan memories, too, since talking about him seems to help with the grief. However, Peter prefers to say nothing.

Noah is in his apartment, and is ambushed by speedster Edgar. He takes the man down with a taser and calls up Lauren to help interrogate him with truth serum. Edgar is taken to the sushi restaurant's storage fridge, where the cold will slow him down.

Samuel tells Lydia to find out what's up with Sylar. Something appears to be preventing him from using the full extent of his powers. She tries to seduce him and uses her power to discover that Sylar is afraid of being alone, that he doesn't deserve love but that he wants it. Sylar uses his intuitive aptitude to mimic her power without killing her, boasting that he just likes killing and doesn't need to do it. He uses her power to learn her greatest desire: to take down Samuel. Lydia finally gets to the bottom of Sylar's problems: he's in essence impotent. The revelation causes Sylar to storm out of the trailer.

Claire notices Angela looking at a photo of Peter and Nathan together, and Angela says that she tried to look for pictures of Claire and Nathan but there weren't any. Claire understands that it was Angela who tried to bury the story that Nathan had a child out of wedlock in order to help further his political career. She notes that it's more proof that adults aren't meant to be trusted with anything. Angela tells Claire that Peter will have trouble grieving for Nathan and that she should seek him out on the roof, where he's listening to the police radio and looking for justice. Claire goes up there and finds that Peter has gone to deal with a hostage crisis.

Peter ends up in the middle of the crisis, where a man, Adam, was fired from his job and stormed his former office to shoot everyone. Peter uses the Haitian's power to knock a policeman out so he can sneak in, and then he tends to the wounded. Claire shows up and tries to tell Peter off for doing something so stupid, but instead Peter convinces her into helping too.

Noah is trying to get more information from Edgar, and he's about to use Edgar's own knives on him to do it. Lauren stops him before he gets too violent. Torture doesn't really work, she insists. They need to talk to Edgar first to get all the facts. Noah then realizes that Edgar doesn't have a compass.

Peter explains to Adam that he's had a rough day too. He's buried his brother and he doesn't really know what to do next. He wants to hurt the person who killed Nathan very badly, but he's trying to deny those feelings because Nathan wanted him to be a true hero. The shooter fires on Peter, who catches a bullet in his arm before he can subdue the man. Later, with Peter on a stretcher, Claire offers him her power so that he can heal. She tells him that Nathan would be very angry if he found out that Peter was acting like this, and Peter knows that as the truth. He finally opens up to the realization that he misses Nathan.

Edgar explains that he doesn't have a compass because he has been exiled from the carnival for Joseph's death, even though it was Samuel's fault. He was going to kidnap Noah and bring him to Samuel in the hopes of being welcomed back into the family. Noah says he's not sure why Edgar would want to go back to such a place, and Edgar says that he's afraid of what Samuel would end up doing to everyone. Noah and Edgar agree to work together to bring down Samuel.

Sylar tries to find some of Samuel's tattoo. When Samuel stops him, saying that they're much alike, Sylar wants to know about the woman in the drawing. Samuel explains that it's Vanessa, his one true love that he can't have. Samuel thinks that he doesn't deserve her love, which is exactly how Sylar feels. Sylar wants to get the tattoo to see what his true future holds.

Back in Noah's apartment, Lauren and Noah look over the map of the carnival that Edgar helped draw out, in order to infiltrate the family. Edgar wants to make sure that the only person that they'll take out is Samuel, and the rest of the people will remain. However, Noah and Lauren say that they should be taken out of the carnival altogether and brought back into the real world. Realizing that Noah would do anything to keep Claire safe, even destroy the carnival, Edgar takes the map and runs away.

Samuel draws the tattoo on Sylar, and when they see it, they both realize he isn't meant to be at the carnival. Meanwhile, Peter and Claire are on the rooftop and say goodbye to each other. Claire wants Peter to keep staying honest, and Peter asks Claire to get him in touch with West.

Worried for his daughter, Noah decides to call Claire.

Peter takes off in flight with West's power after looking at a photo of Nathan.

Samuel has finished his drawing of Vanessa and places it with others he's made and stored in a drawer.

In her dorm room, Claire gets a call from her father but she doesn't answer. Outside her window, she's unaware that Sylar is hovering. On his arm is a tattoo of Claire.