Season 4 Episode 14

Let It Bleed

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2010 on NBC

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  • Important episode...(SPOILER!!)

    What...Sylar's impotent! I thought he can heal.

    This episode is important because it clarifies most of our doubts. (1)How can Sylar transport himself from Danko's car to the rooftop in Season 3? How can Sylar actually fly since he's not Nathan and didn't devour his brain? Answer: He uses his power of empathy, taught by Peter's father, to absorb them so that he does not have to resort to kill. (2)The Haitian's (Rene's) power is on most the time. Only by turning it off, mentally, others will be able to use their powers. This explains why Matt could not acquire any thoughts from Rene even though he is not seen by him in Season 1.

    (3)(Previous episode) Emma's power seems more practical now. To bond feelings with music to create good happenings. But the world has yet to see the darker side of the power.

    (4)"West and I have become Facebook Friends." This answers West whereabouts.

    (5)Lydia has her own agenda? Of course, if not, why should she stay? "I have a daughter" doesn't sound convincing.

    The thing is since most of the mysteries are unveiled, the show could no longer offer astounding secrets or surprises. The dialogue is long and monotonous sometimes. If they can just talk less and put more of the Heroes into actions, making them use their powers in an interesting way like combining powers, the show may have a higher rating. Last but not least, the villain's love relationship in Heroes has never meant to work. Remember Danko's lover? Now, here comes Vanessa. Introduction of this superfluous characters seems like an old trick to keep the story going. However, the incoming Sylar-Claire relationship could not have been less interesting, especially when Sylar looks as if he is staring at a juicy, pink rabbit. Looking forward for more.
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