Season 4 Episode 14

Let It Bleed

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2010 on NBC

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  • Very good way of dealing with Nathan's death.

    Peter truly is a Petrelli – helping fake Nathan's plane crash. I'm a little disappointed in him for that.

    Sylar's powers are on the fritz – that makes sense, his soul only just got back into his body, might take some time to adjust. I've always liked the Peter/Sylar twisted relationship and I like that the memories Lydia taps into are all the family-related ones of Peter. Sylar's after Claire again, the question is why?

    The writers are so erratic – Claire hasn't spoken to Nathan this season and now they try to fix it in one episode. I like the Petrelli bonding so I enjoyed the Claire/Peter bonding. Loved that photo of Nathan and Peter, it's one that's never been used before and it's gorgeous. Losing Nathan's pushing Peter back into his 'must rescue everyone' mentality. He's letting revenge drive him so he doesn't think about Nathan – I'm not sure Peter can live without Nathan. They've been each other's world all their lives, now one half of the equation is gone.

    It was so sweet that Peter took West's powers so he could fly again. It will let him feel close to Nathan. I'm going to really miss Nathan.

    Milo and Adrian are very close in real life, it's obvious how miserable Milo is – he doesn't even need to act! I'm not sure Heroes will even be bearable without Nathan and the dynamite Nathan/Peter combo.