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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on NBC
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Peter falls in with Irish gangsters who know about his past. Hiro works to contain the damage caused by his journey into the past. Kensei's power will be revealed. Suresh locates and cures the Haitian. Matt investigates the murder of Mr. Nakamura. West comes to know of Claire's powers. Maya and Alejandro enter Mexico and find their powers more of a hindrance than a help.moreless

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  • Maya and Alehandro reach Guatemala and find help to reach Mexico. Hiro is still in ancient Japan trying to make Kensei the hero he is meant to become. Mohinder helps one of our Heroes who has the virus. And West becomes suspicious of Claire.moreless

    The second chapter expands the stories we have seen in the first chapter. Obviously this volume is all about generations but the virus that is spreading amongst our Heroes will also come at the center of attention.

    Mohinder gets his first assignment by the company and goes to Port au Prince to help someone who has been diagnosed with the virus. That someone turns out to be non-other than the Haitian from volume 1. The Haitian believes the virus on him is a sign from God but Mohinder tries to save him regardless and succeeds. However when the Haitian is healed he removes Mohinder's memory of what has happened after he realizes that Mohinder works for the Company. In the end it turns out it was all a trick to heal the Haitian and get him away from the Company's radar while helping him rejoice with his former friend, Noah Bennet.

    Meanwhile, Claire is having trouble hiding her ability something which makes West suspicious. Moreover, Claire realizes that her ability may be much more than she thought and she starts experimenting to find her limits. When West witnesses Claire cutting off her toe (which re-grows) he runs away. Maya and Alexandro are still trying to reach the American border. Getting in Guatemala they find a person known to them who will help them reach Mexico. On their way, the police finds them and in a moment of panic Maya releases her ability and almost kills the policemen as well as the nice woman who crossed them over. Almost, as Alexandro appears just in time to counter her ability (Alexandro's gift is discovered as he has the unique talent to help Maya relax and recover those that got hurt by her ability).

    Hiro is still in Japan and tries to help Takezo Kensei to find his heroic side, the one he is meant to have. When he realizes there is not much he can do in a short time he puts Takezo's armor himself and goes to help Yaeko (the princess Takezo is meant to fall in love with). After she is saved Yaeko believes that Takezo is a hero. When however, Takezo is shot by arrows Hiro discovers that Takezo is not only the hero he thought he was but that he has an ability of his own (Rapid cellular regeneration like Claire).

    Molly is still taunted by her nightmares and Matt uses his ability to help her. Meanwhile, Matt is also in the investigation of Kaito Nakamura's murder and the possible suspect is non other than Angela Petrelli. While interrogating her Matt discovers that Angela had shares in Kaito's industries and that someone is trying to get revenge from a group of people. And when Angela is attacked in the police department Matt's suspicions are removed from Angela. Peter still without a memory, tied and in Ireland discovers he has more in his hands than he thought when multiple abilities start to manifest. In Ricky's pub he meets Ricky's sister Caitlin. When McSorley's men attack Caitlin Peter seems to be the only one able to protect her by using his abilities. Afterwards, Ricky reveals that he knows more about Peter than he has told and a certain box might be the only way for Peter to recover his memory. But first he must help Ricky and his gang to a robbery.

    Overall it is a good episode. The story moves slowly in comparison to the first volume but it is just as good. Key facts: notice Claire's stolen car which we found its thief in the next chapter. Peter's blue light ability will find its owner in chapter 5 of this volume. Matt's story with the previous generation and their secrets is very exciting and you have seen nothing yet. Enjoy!moreless
  • Regeneration.

    We learn a whole lo about Claire in this episode when we find out she might live forever. Her car gets stolen & West gets closer to her when he finds out her power. Pretty crazy. I'm really starting to like Claire's plot. Matt still investigating Petrelli Family. Molly still having nightmares. I guess Maya & Alegandro weren't a one episode only thing. Their plot seems dry. Still no sign of Nikki. That Irish girl was pretty funny. Hiro continues in 1671. That dries the episode as well. Suresh finds the Haitian and heals him. I like where this is going. So far the only interesting plots are Clair e& Peter's. A good episode.moreless
  • Great episode. Everything is unravelling.

    The Irish criminals who found Peter shackled inside a cargo container are holding him captive. They violently interrogate him about the missing cargo. Caitlin, the sister of Ricky, the leader of the criminal gang, tends to Peter, who is still unable to remember even his name. Caitlin explains that Ricky's failure to deliver the missing iPods will have dire consequences for Ricky. Caitlin and Peter are then astonished to find that his wounds have disappeared. Peter later frees himself from his bonds by phasing his hands through rope. He starts to escape, but when thugs searching for Ricky attack Caitlin, he uses telekinesis, a bolt of energy, and super strength to protect her. Ricky returns, and offers to trade Peter information about his past − a box that he claims holds the possessions Peter carried when found in the cargo container−in exchange for help with a theft job.

    Bob, the representative of the Company who hired Mohinder, sends Mohinder on an assignment, which turns out to be a mission to heal the Haitian. The Haitian believes the virus he's contracted is a punishment from God. Mohinder persuades him to try the antivirus, which succeeds. Mohinder then mentions that he is working for "a company," and the two share a look. The scene then shifts to Bob impatiently asking Mohinder where the Haitian is, and it appears as though Mohinder's memory of the entire incident has been erased. However, Mohinder later calls Noah, who asks if his trip was productive. Mohinder explains that Noah "should have the answer to that very shortly." While still on the phone at the copy shop, Noah is approached by the Haitian, and the two men greet each other, smiling.

    After hearing of Kaito Nakamura's death, Noah reveals to his wife that he is investigating a series of eight paintings that Isaac Mendez painted prior to his death, of which he was given only one. He unrolls the painting, which depicts Kaito's death. He explains that these paintings are the only ones that remain unfulfilled.

    Maya and Alejandro are struggling to get across the border, and are assisted by a woman named Nidia, a family friend. At her house, an unnamed healer tells her that no one can cure her disease, and that her curse is dark enough to kill the Devil himself. Later on at nighttime, Nidia helps them cross the border. With border guards on their trail, Alejandro lets his sister go ahead of him with Nidia, but Maya begins to panic after they separate. Apparently against her will, Maya's eyes become completely black and a viscous liquid streaks down her face. Nidia watches, horrified, and then chokes and falls to the ground; her eyes are blackened, and black streaks have appeared on her face, similar to those on Maya's. As Alejandro catches up, he comforts his sister and tells her everything will be all right. After he grasps her hands, his eyes glow white, and in moments, Maya's eyes turn normal again and Nidia is revived. Relieved at seeing Nidia alive, the two siblings embrace. However, Nidia believes both of the twins are cursed, and flees.

    Matt Parkman and Detective Fuller visit the roof of the Deveaux Building to investigate Kaito Nakamura's death, and learn that Angela Petrelli was present. Ando explains to Parkman that the helix symbol scrawled on the photograph of Kaito means "Godsend." Parkman and the detective interview Mrs. Petrelli, who alludes to a prior sexual relationship with Kaito. She then realizes that Parkman is reading her thoughts, and mentally demands that he get out of her head. Parkman greets Nathan Petrelli, who has arrived to post his mother's bail. As the two walk to the locked interrogation room to retrieve Angela, she is apparently attacked by an unseen force. Parkman breaks in, but she is alone in the room, with blood on her face. In her hand is the picture of her with the helix symbol scrawled across it.

    Molly Walker is still drawing reproductions of the helix symbol combined with a pair of menacing eyes.

    Hiro, still in Japan in 1671, impersonates his hero, Takezo Kensei, in order to correct history. He uses his power to stop time and disarms 11 bandits, rescuing the swordsmith's daughter. As they converse, she expresses her gratitude. Kensei, persuaded by Hiro's pleas - and the prospect of a relationship with the swordsmith's daughter - agrees to rescue the swordsmith, but is ambushed by the bandits Hiro earlier disarmed. Kensei appears to be killed by the bandits' arrows, but is somehow able to revive: his wounds heal while Hiro watches, amazed.

    Claire, meanwhile, struggles to fit in to her new high school and avoid being noticed. Inspired by her biology teacher's lecture on the regenerative powers of lizards, she asks questions in class regarding the possibility of humans evolving to have similar abilities. West later tells Claire that she should read a book he found by "some Indian guy". She argues with her father that she should be using her power to help people, for example by donating her blood, thinking that others might benefit from her regenerative powers. Curious about the limits of her abilities, she cuts off her little toe to see if it will grow back, which it does, but she discovers that West has seen the incident. She tries to pursue him, only to find him gone and Chandra Suresh's book lying on her driveway. The episode ends with her mother's dog, Mr. Muggles, barking at the sky.moreless
  • ...and she cuts her toe off...

    Hiro is still stuck in the past where he met his hero Takezo Kensei, who turns out to be a greedy Englishman. He tries to help him get his honour back but Kensei is more interested in bottle of whiskey. Mohinder finds another victim of the deadly virus. It's Haitian. Claire becomes more friendly with West who seens to know Claire better than she thinks. At night when he comes to her house, bringing a book Mohinders father wrote, he sees Claire doing a little experiment. Cutting her own toe off. She realizes she can regenerate when her toe grows back. Hiro's father dies after recieving his photo with a strange symbol on it. Nathan's mom also recieves one. Great continuation of Heroes. Hope Claire and West fell in love :Pmoreless
  • Claire, lizards - what's the difference? :)

    Peter tries to escape from captivity. Matt and Detective Fuller investigate the death of Kaito Nakamura. Hiro does what is necessary to restore the honor of Takezo Kensei but Kensei's not interested. Mohinder travels to try to treat another victim of the virus. Maya and Alejandro continue their journey to the US. Maya has an amazing ability. It's very powerful. Claire finds it increasingly difficult to keep her secret from West. At home, Claire takes a pair of scissors and cuts off her pinky toe. After a short time the toe grows back. Mr. Muggles starts barking and Claire realizes West was watching her from outside the window. She runs outside to catch him, but she doesn't see him. Claire goes outside to the driveway, and Mr. Muggles continues barking up at the sky. A copy of Activating Evolution is left on the ground.moreless
Barry Shabaka Henley

Barry Shabaka Henley

Detective Bryan Fuller

Guest Star

Dominic Keating

Dominic Keating


Guest Star

Holt McCallany

Holt McCallany


Guest Star

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy Jean-Louis

The Haitian

Recurring Role

David Anders

David Anders

Takezo Kensei

Recurring Role

Ashley Crow

Ashley Crow

Sandra Bennet

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • In the previous episode, after Kaito is pushed off the roof of the building, we are shown his body, and his face is looking almost directly at the ground. In this episode, his face is looking a lot more to his right than it was in the previous episode.

    • Dialogue in this episode occurs in four languages: English, Spanish (subtitled), Japanese (subtitled) and French (subtitled).

    • The blood from Takezo Kensei wounds appears to flow around both sides of his neck in some shots but only on one side in other shots.

    • Goof: When Alejandro takes Maya's hands to cancel out her power, you can see in the closeup of Maya's face the black tears disappearing. In the following shot of the twins, the tears are still on her face.

    • According to Greg Beeman on his blog, Claire's toe was not supposed to grow back until she held it to the stump. It was cut because it took too long and the episode was already over time.

    • Goof: How could Angela Petrelli get a fingerprint on the photo if she was clearly wearing gloves in "Four Months Later"?

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Claire: (to West) You know, you make a lot of assumptions. Is my hair really that blonde?

    • Hiro: (in Japanese, disguised as Kensei) Because Takezo Kensei is the greatest swordsman Japan has ever seen.
      Bandit: Why does he keep saying his own name?

    • Bob: Where is he? Where is the Haitian?
      Mohinder: The Haitian? Isn't he in Haiti?
      Bob: We're in Haiti!

    • Claire: Dad, if I told you something would you promise not to freak out. (Mr. Bennet looks scared) My car kinda got stolen.
      Mr. Bennet: (relieved sigh) My god, Claire. My heart just about stopped.
      Claire: I know. What's a stolen car when you're running for your life? Not that... look, I loved that car, and if you ever got me another one, I promise I will never leave it unlocked ever again.
      Mr. Bennet: You left it unlocked?

    • Mr. Bennet: (to Claire) I have kept you out of danger your entire life so you wouldn't have to find your limits. Because if they find you that's what they'll do. They'll cut you, they'll test you. They'll push you so far past your capacity for pain that you'll wish you could die. Believe me, you may feel confined here, but this is far freer a cage than the one they'd put you in.

    • Peter: I'm not a thief.
      Ricky: No, but you sure handled those two like a pro, and that makes you something.
      Peter: What's to say I don't just do the same thing to you and walk out of here?
      Ricky: I thought common courtesy would do it. No? Then maybe this. (Pulls out an ornate box)
      Ricky: You might be wanting this, Peter.
      Peter: My name's Peter?
      Ricky: Sounds about right, doesn't it?

    • Ricky: You had to knock the piss out of him, didn't you? The fella you put through a wall was McSorley's son. A sadistic bastard but his old man loves him. And you just made him even uglier.
      Peter: Fine, next time I'll leave him alone with your sister.
      Ricky: Don't you mouth off to me. You turned a fixable monetary problem into a blood feud.

    • Caitlin: Thing is, this job's bigger than you and a couple of quid. They pulled it for a man named McSorely. Promised delivery today.
      Peter: What happens if the guy doesn't get what he wants?
      Caitlin: You have to remember something, a name, a face, anything.
      Peter: The first thing I remember is your brother and his gang finding me. Then the big guy came at me and...
      Caitlin: (interrupting) And then an electrical short blew Tuko on his arse. I heard the story.
      Peter: The spark, I think it came from me, my hand. I know it sounds...
      Caitlin: (interrupting) It's impossible. I've just wrung out a lot of your blood. You don't have a mark on you.

    • (Peter is beaten, bloody and tied to a chair.)
      Caitlin: Bet you were prettier yesterday. I like your necklace. What does it mean?
      Peter: I wish I knew.
      Caitlin: Let's try an easier one. What's your name?
      Peter: I don't know.
      Caitlin: It's not your day, is it? I'm Caitlin. You know that much now.

    • Kensei: All right, Carp, I'm in.
      Hiro: Really?
      Kensei: I don't know what brand of fool you truly are, but it appears listening to you will grant me more reward, and more of her.
      Hiro: It will.
      Kensei: You can make me the hero she sees in me.
      Hiro: As long as you stop drinking.
      Kensei: No promises.
      Hiro: (Japanese) I can work with that.

    • (In biology class, the topic is regeneration; the teacher is showing a video of the newt's regeneration ability)
      Teacher: This video demonstrates the newt's amazing ability to regrow a completely working limb. But newts are not the only creatures with this talent. Thanks to millions of years of combined mutation, lizards are capable of cellular regeneration.
      Claire: You mean like people who can heal themselves?
      Teacher: Not people, Claire, lizards. And raise your hand, please.
      (Claire does just that, and the teacher picks her)
      Claire: But it's possible, right? For people to be able to do that, too? I mean, theoretically?
      Teacher: Well, there's a lot of controversial, though promising, work with stem cells.
      Claire: So we might be able to culture whole organs and limbs for people who need them.
      Teacher: I guess the next step is phasing out the extra parts. We're not using our appendix anymore, or grinding bone with our wisdom teeth. We don't even really need a pinky toe for balance. It's all just in our DNA.
      Claire: I've read that some people might have evolved a different code already. Is that possible?
      Teacher: I'm afraid you are gonna need an advanced degree in genetics to get at those answers. And I hope you thank me in your dissertation.
      (Claire looks around and sees everyone staring at her, including West, who is surveying her with astonishment)

    • (after Claire uses her powers to get Sandra's wedding ring out of boiling water)
      Claire: It's no big deal.
      Sandra: It isn't until it gets you noticed.
      Claire: I can't even be myself at home? It's bad enough that I have to be all fake at school.

    • (Claire and Mr. Muggles are watching a dog show on TV when Sandra enters carrying a basket of laundry)
      Sandra: (sternly) Turn that off. That is salt in the wound for poor Mr. Muggles.
      Claire: (sarcastically) I'm sorry. That was very inconsiderate of me. (she turns off the TV,Mr. muggles turns to her and starts barking)
      Claire: You're right. Doesn't have to avoid

    • Bob: (to Mohinder) Oh, and doctor. As of now your blood is the only cure for that virus. Try not to get yourself killed.

    • (Parkman is reading Angela's mind; Angela catches on)
      Angela: (thinking) Get out of my head!

    • Claire: You lay low and you get noticed more than anyone. They have metal detectors for people who lay too low.

    • Matt: You ever seen this symbol before?
      Ando: Yes. It is a kanji. It means, "great ability, godsend."

    • Sandra: Ahh, dang it all. My wedding ring fell in with the eggs.
      (Claire reaches into the boiling water and pulls out her mom's wedding ring, her fingers get burned and heal)
      Sandra: We do have a colander, dear. No need to be flashy.

    • Takezo Kensei: (to Hiro) You look like a fish when you talk. Like a giant carp.

    • Haitian: I do not want your cure.
      Mohinder: Without it, you could die.
      Haitian: God gave me a power. I abused his gift, so he took it away. Now I suffer his judgment.
      Mohinder: Then perhaps we should leave it to God to decide.

    • Healer: (to Maya) What you carry inside you is black. Enough to kill the devil.

  • NOTES (4)

    • New Heroes:
      There were no new heroes introduced in this episode.

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 11, 2007 on Channel 7
      Latin America: January 25, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: January 29, 2008 on Star World
      Malaysia: January 29, 2008 on Star World
      Ireland: February 11, 2008 on Channel 6
      Belgium: March 10, 2008 on VT4
      United Kingdom: April 24, 2008 on BBC3
      Sweden: September 4, 2008 on TV4
      Norway: September 14, 2008 on NRK3
      Germany: September 24, 2008 on RTL2
      Finland: April 12, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: September 18, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 12, 2010 on Markiza

    • Power Developments:
      Takezo Kensei: After being fatally wounded from the arrows, Kensei heals his wounds just like Claire Bennet. Healing is also the second power -after flight- to be found as a native power to another person. However, it is unknown if the extent of Kensei's healing is equal to Claire's.

      Claire Bennet: Claire finds she can regrow appendages as well, as seen when she cuts off her pinky toe with a pair of scissors, only to have it grow right back a few seconds later.

      Maya & Alejandro Herrera: It appears that Alejandro has the ability to cancel out Maya's powers when they are close together.


    • Wandering Rocks
      The name of the pub, "The Wandering Rocks," is an allusion to James Joyce's novel Ulysses. That novel's chapter "The Wandering Rocks," (itself an allusion to an episode in Homer's Odyssey is a series of scenes in which the characters cross paths and interact with other Dublin residents.