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  • Maya and Alehandro reach Guatemala and find help to reach Mexico. Hiro is still in ancient Japan trying to make Kensei the hero he is meant to become. Mohinder helps one of our Heroes who has the virus. And West becomes suspicious of Claire.

    The second chapter expands the stories we have seen in the first chapter. Obviously this volume is all about generations but the virus that is spreading amongst our Heroes will also come at the center of attention.
    Mohinder gets his first assignment by the company and goes to Port au Prince to help someone who has been diagnosed with the virus. That someone turns out to be non-other than the Haitian from volume 1. The Haitian believes the virus on him is a sign from God but Mohinder tries to save him regardless and succeeds. However when the Haitian is healed he removes Mohinder's memory of what has happened after he realizes that Mohinder works for the Company. In the end it turns out it was all a trick to heal the Haitian and get him away from the Company's radar while helping him rejoice with his former friend, Noah Bennet.
    Meanwhile, Claire is having trouble hiding her ability something which makes West suspicious. Moreover, Claire realizes that her ability may be much more than she thought and she starts experimenting to find her limits. When West witnesses Claire cutting off her toe (which re-grows) he runs away. Maya and Alexandro are still trying to reach the American border. Getting in Guatemala they find a person known to them who will help them reach Mexico. On their way, the police finds them and in a moment of panic Maya releases her ability and almost kills the policemen as well as the nice woman who crossed them over. Almost, as Alexandro appears just in time to counter her ability (Alexandro's gift is discovered as he has the unique talent to help Maya relax and recover those that got hurt by her ability).
    Hiro is still in Japan and tries to help Takezo Kensei to find his heroic side, the one he is meant to have. When he realizes there is not much he can do in a short time he puts Takezo's armor himself and goes to help Yaeko (the princess Takezo is meant to fall in love with). After she is saved Yaeko believes that Takezo is a hero. When however, Takezo is shot by arrows Hiro discovers that Takezo is not only the hero he thought he was but that he has an ability of his own (Rapid cellular regeneration like Claire).
    Molly is still taunted by her nightmares and Matt uses his ability to help her. Meanwhile, Matt is also in the investigation of Kaito Nakamura's murder and the possible suspect is non other than Angela Petrelli. While interrogating her Matt discovers that Angela had shares in Kaito's industries and that someone is trying to get revenge from a group of people. And when Angela is attacked in the police department Matt's suspicions are removed from Angela. Peter still without a memory, tied and in Ireland discovers he has more in his hands than he thought when multiple abilities start to manifest. In Ricky's pub he meets Ricky's sister Caitlin. When McSorley's men attack Caitlin Peter seems to be the only one able to protect her by using his abilities. Afterwards, Ricky reveals that he knows more about Peter than he has told and a certain box might be the only way for Peter to recover his memory. But first he must help Ricky and his gang to a robbery.
    Overall it is a good episode. The story moves slowly in comparison to the first volume but it is just as good. Key facts: notice Claire's stolen car which we found its thief in the next chapter. Peter's blue light ability will find its owner in chapter 5 of this volume. Matt's story with the previous generation and their secrets is very exciting and you have seen nothing yet. Enjoy!
  • Regeneration.

    We learn a whole lo about Claire in this episode when we find out she might live forever. Her car gets stolen & West gets closer to her when he finds out her power. Pretty crazy. I'm really starting to like Claire's plot. Matt still investigating Petrelli Family. Molly still having nightmares. I guess Maya & Alegandro weren't a one episode only thing. Their plot seems dry. Still no sign of Nikki. That Irish girl was pretty funny. Hiro continues in 1671. That dries the episode as well. Suresh finds the Haitian and heals him. I like where this is going. So far the only interesting plots are Clair e& Peter's. A good episode.
  • Great episode. Everything is unravelling.

    The Irish criminals who found Peter shackled inside a cargo container are holding him captive. They violently interrogate him about the missing cargo. Caitlin, the sister of Ricky, the leader of the criminal gang, tends to Peter, who is still unable to remember even his name. Caitlin explains that Ricky's failure to deliver the missing iPods will have dire consequences for Ricky. Caitlin and Peter are then astonished to find that his wounds have disappeared. Peter later frees himself from his bonds by phasing his hands through rope. He starts to escape, but when thugs searching for Ricky attack Caitlin, he uses telekinesis, a bolt of energy, and super strength to protect her. Ricky returns, and offers to trade Peter information about his past − a box that he claims holds the possessions Peter carried when found in the cargo container−in exchange for help with a theft job.

    Bob, the representative of the Company who hired Mohinder, sends Mohinder on an assignment, which turns out to be a mission to heal the Haitian. The Haitian believes the virus he's contracted is a punishment from God. Mohinder persuades him to try the antivirus, which succeeds. Mohinder then mentions that he is working for "a company," and the two share a look. The scene then shifts to Bob impatiently asking Mohinder where the Haitian is, and it appears as though Mohinder's memory of the entire incident has been erased. However, Mohinder later calls Noah, who asks if his trip was productive. Mohinder explains that Noah "should have the answer to that very shortly." While still on the phone at the copy shop, Noah is approached by the Haitian, and the two men greet each other, smiling.

    After hearing of Kaito Nakamura's death, Noah reveals to his wife that he is investigating a series of eight paintings that Isaac Mendez painted prior to his death, of which he was given only one. He unrolls the painting, which depicts Kaito's death. He explains that these paintings are the only ones that remain unfulfilled.

    Maya and Alejandro are struggling to get across the border, and are assisted by a woman named Nidia, a family friend. At her house, an unnamed healer tells her that no one can cure her disease, and that her curse is dark enough to kill the Devil himself. Later on at nighttime, Nidia helps them cross the border. With border guards on their trail, Alejandro lets his sister go ahead of him with Nidia, but Maya begins to panic after they separate. Apparently against her will, Maya's eyes become completely black and a viscous liquid streaks down her face. Nidia watches, horrified, and then chokes and falls to the ground; her eyes are blackened, and black streaks have appeared on her face, similar to those on Maya's. As Alejandro catches up, he comforts his sister and tells her everything will be all right. After he grasps her hands, his eyes glow white, and in moments, Maya's eyes turn normal again and Nidia is revived. Relieved at seeing Nidia alive, the two siblings embrace. However, Nidia believes both of the twins are cursed, and flees.

    Matt Parkman and Detective Fuller visit the roof of the Deveaux Building to investigate Kaito Nakamura's death, and learn that Angela Petrelli was present. Ando explains to Parkman that the helix symbol scrawled on the photograph of Kaito means "Godsend." Parkman and the detective interview Mrs. Petrelli, who alludes to a prior sexual relationship with Kaito. She then realizes that Parkman is reading her thoughts, and mentally demands that he get out of her head. Parkman greets Nathan Petrelli, who has arrived to post his mother's bail. As the two walk to the locked interrogation room to retrieve Angela, she is apparently attacked by an unseen force. Parkman breaks in, but she is alone in the room, with blood on her face. In her hand is the picture of her with the helix symbol scrawled across it.

    Molly Walker is still drawing reproductions of the helix symbol combined with a pair of menacing eyes.

    Hiro, still in Japan in 1671, impersonates his hero, Takezo Kensei, in order to correct history. He uses his power to stop time and disarms 11 bandits, rescuing the swordsmith's daughter. As they converse, she expresses her gratitude. Kensei, persuaded by Hiro's pleas - and the prospect of a relationship with the swordsmith's daughter - agrees to rescue the swordsmith, but is ambushed by the bandits Hiro earlier disarmed. Kensei appears to be killed by the bandits' arrows, but is somehow able to revive: his wounds heal while Hiro watches, amazed.

    Claire, meanwhile, struggles to fit in to her new high school and avoid being noticed. Inspired by her biology teacher's lecture on the regenerative powers of lizards, she asks questions in class regarding the possibility of humans evolving to have similar abilities. West later tells Claire that she should read a book he found by "some Indian guy". She argues with her father that she should be using her power to help people, for example by donating her blood, thinking that others might benefit from her regenerative powers. Curious about the limits of her abilities, she cuts off her little toe to see if it will grow back, which it does, but she discovers that West has seen the incident. She tries to pursue him, only to find him gone and Chandra Suresh's book lying on her driveway. The episode ends with her mother's dog, Mr. Muggles, barking at the sky.
  • ...and she cuts her toe off...

    Hiro is still stuck in the past where he met his hero Takezo Kensei, who turns out to be a greedy Englishman. He tries to help him get his honour back but Kensei is more interested in bottle of whiskey. Mohinder finds another victim of the deadly virus. It's Haitian. Claire becomes more friendly with West who seens to know Claire better than she thinks. At night when he comes to her house, bringing a book Mohinders father wrote, he sees Claire doing a little experiment. Cutting her own toe off. She realizes she can regenerate when her toe grows back. Hiro's father dies after recieving his photo with a strange symbol on it. Nathan's mom also recieves one. Great continuation of Heroes. Hope Claire and West fell in love :P
  • Claire, lizards - what's the difference? :)

    Peter tries to escape from captivity. Matt and Detective Fuller investigate the death of Kaito Nakamura. Hiro does what is necessary to restore the honor of Takezo Kensei but Kensei's not interested. Mohinder travels to try to treat another victim of the virus. Maya and Alejandro continue their journey to the US. Maya has an amazing ability. It's very powerful. Claire finds it increasingly difficult to keep her secret from West. At home, Claire takes a pair of scissors and cuts off her pinky toe. After a short time the toe grows back. Mr. Muggles starts barking and Claire realizes West was watching her from outside the window. She runs outside to catch him, but she doesn't see him. Claire goes outside to the driveway, and Mr. Muggles continues barking up at the sky. A copy of Activating Evolution is left on the ground.
  • Season Two Not So Good...

    Peter uses his powers and agrees to help the people who found him with their thefts. The Haitian reunites with Bennet. Maya kills people without touching them when under stress and then Alejandro revives them. Parkman interviews Angela about Kaito's death. Kensei is revealed to be regenerative. This season is not as good as season one at all. There is too many "Heroes". Yeah this episode was okay, but we all know that the writers just rushed this season. Oh and there is too many subtitles, I can't read it all, it goes off too quick and I'm a quick reader. The best part in this episode was Peter with no top on, please. He is so hot! Sexiest man alive I think. Anyway, I heard the next episode is meant to be so bad, hopefully it would be bad as what I have heard.
  • "You look like a fish when you talk." - Kensei, (to Hiro)

    Peter uses his powers and agrees to help the people who found him with their thefts. The Haitian reunites with Bennet. Maya kills people without touching them when under stress and then Alejandro revives them. Parkman interviews Angela about Kaito's death. Kensei is revealed to be regenerative. Characters stories are still dissapointing in my opinion, Claire story is average, Peter's is terrible they have reuned his character why is he in Dublin it is a silly idea his charcter was way better in season one now I think they have over done his power. No Niki at all in the first two episode hope I get to see her soon because her character is great. Hiro's story is ok I guess alot of fans didn't like it but I think there are worse ones at the moment. Mohinder and Noah have the best story going on, the whole bring down the company is cool plus we got to see the Haitian again. The episode Lizards was not as good as the first and that wasnt great at all.
  • An improvement

    This week's installment of Heroes was definitely better than last week. I thought the premiere was quite boring; however, this one began to show some signs of life.

    I like that we haven't seen the extent of Clair's abilities and that she's starting to figure it out. I always wondered if she could regrow something if it were to be severed, and we sure found out! Peter re-learns his name, and that he has a multitude of tricks up his sleeve.

    Hiro is starting to make good use of his gift, but I still feel he needs to work on his reaction-decision-making, because Kensei could have avoided being shot by arrows. Fortunately, Hiro is not alone in his powers in ancient Japan! Maybe Clair is of Kensei's lineage, which would mean that Peter and Nathan could be, as well?

    I still don't find myself caring about the dominicans and their weird "abilities." They're quite useless, and I'm a bit apathetic as to where this is leading. It appears the brother is only a help where his sister is a hindrance.

    Why haven't Niki and her family shown up yet? When will we find out what really happened to Peter and Nathan? I think it's going to be a tough sell to explain away Peter conducting nuclear fission and still being able to regenerate.

  • Brilliant!!! heroes doesn't get much better than this!!

    a lot of people have critisized the second series of heroes but i can't help but feel that it improves with every episode. second episode in the second series and i am loving every minute of it. the special effects are there all of our favourite characters and the plot twists and exciting cliffhangers just keep coming. i'm interested in the brother and sister it is unclear what her power actually is but i'm sure it shall be properly revealed in the future. the idea of hiro going back in time i was unsure of to start with but now it provides plenty of comedy and shows us how hiro is developing and becoming stronger as a character. there are early hints of the virus storyline already as i know it becomes a focal point in the latter episodes. again the writers seem able to constantly punch out unique and intereting story lines. another mystery is who is bumping off characters such as hiros dad and the petrllis mother (sorry the names don't spring to mind) i can't help but think its sylar... and as for peter well thats another mystery. all in all it makes you want to keep watching and thats the whole point!!! top notch entertainment!
  • A great episode that really picks up and makes up for the last episode.

    This episode was a lot better, and we see some expansion on Claire's character even though she is a bit caged and unable to explore her powers freely. This episode picked up from the last episode and expanded a bit on Peter's situation. Now he still doesn't know who he is, and we don't know how he lost him memory or where he got his new powers, but somehow all of this has happened within the 4 months that has passed. I quite liked the way this episode played out, it was very interesting to see Hiro make Kensei become the hero he is supposed to be. I found it quite interesting because Kensei was this big hero that Hiro looked up to, but it seems all along it was Hiro who made him so in the first place, which really makes the whole situation quite strange. We also find out that somehow Kensei has a power of his own, which is really surprising because that means that the powers go back a long time in history. What I think will be interesting is the future episodes where we might see some more expansion on the things we want to find out, and I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Great episode!

    Mohinder finds and cures the Haitian of the virus. Claire finds out that she can regenerate parts of her body. West sees it. Hiro acts as Kensai and saves Yaeko. Kensai can heal like Claire. Maya's power activates and she kills someone, but Alejandro reverses it. Matt investigates Nakamura's murder and questions Angela. Peter seems to remember his powers. An Irish guy has a box of things that might help Peter remember, but only if Peter does something for them.

    This was a great episode! I don't like the second season as much as the first season so far. Kensai seems like a joke and I'm starting to miss Niki, D.L. and Micah already. Peter's hair looks cool though! Lizards gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • It's was an alright episode…

    What I found interesting is the ending, lol, and I knew that the person knew about it, because I have read about it ages ago. Lol, USA is 4 episodes ahead of New Zealand, so I already sorta know what happens.

    I love peter!!! I thought he left and then he came back and save the girl. That is so cool of him!!! This Ricky the Irish dude, in the last episode, I don't think he sounds like an Irish, but this episode wow… I have seen him acting in CSI Miami.

    Maya… she is scary. Haitian is back yay!!! Next week… Niki and Micah are back next week!!! Yay!!! Can't wait!!! Till then, Tania from NZ
  • Nice

    Can't wait to see what's happening next! That plot with Hiro and the english samurai got me hooked in! I thought that would be it for the samourai but as I see is more to happen with him along Hiro. That's good news! Because I really like the samourai. I don't know why anyway. And it's pretty exciting that thing between Claire and the boy. Finally some romance is in or something (I hope it will develop in sentimental feelings) that just juices up the stuffs and develops new dramas besides the heroe ones. And Peter... wowww... can't wiat to see what's happening next with him! I love that irish accent from the girl. Reminds me of some friends I have in Britain and Ireland. Ayway, it was a good episode.
  • Its very exciting

    I think now peter become a hero and story is begginng to be more exciting with clare and his new classmate the fly man and hiro be more control of his ability , and sayler dont have any more powwers befor peter can control all his ability so we see at the end of season an exciting fight . but mohinder what he could do for father of clare , does he die . the series not complete with an big father for heros .
    and when ninki would surrunded for her ability i think shes need mohinder and what about the tow mixico brothers would she the next threaten for world of heroes
  • The plot thickens...

    While this episode is an improvement over the abysmal premiere, it still is not Heroes' best work.

    The best part of this episode in my opinion is the evolution of Claire's power since she barely even seems phased when she cuts off her toe, and we now know Claire is virtually indestructable, even if she's beheaded. I don't really like the subplot however with the little stalker boy who can fly but the plot may evolve well. Hiro's plot was quite good aswell where he convinces Takezo, and the fact that Claire's power was 400 years old and evolution wasn't just in the past century.

    Peter's plot is very good, however, as it shows from going from hero in season one to possible thug or criminal in the second so he can find out more about his identity.

    The hidden villain, obviously as this year's Sylar, but targeting the older generation and with more of a conspiracy and less brain eating is a fairly solid plot. Mohinder undercover was an okay plot, with the Haitian being tracked down, and being cured, perhaps a new ally against the company, however it wasn't terrific.

    The new heroes are intriguing but not as much so as the regulars, like Niki and DL who've yet to show up this season, though it's possible DL died and Jessica/Niki or Micah also died within the four months, but this is doubtful since they brought back the least likely to live, Nathan, whose character has gone a little too pitiful in comparison to his former self.

    Either way, season two is getting better, the best plot at the moment being Peter's situation followed by Hiro's which has a good concept but isn't as well written as it could be, along with the other plots.
  • A good installment I wouldn't say that it was great but still an effective Heroes episode.

    I don't know I really didn't like this episode. It seemed like such a filler, even NBC didn't promote this episode instead using the next episode. The Peter storyline is probably the most interesting because it has the most connections like, How did he survive? The Claire storyline was probably the main focus of this episode and was a little disappointing, you think that she went from saving the world to somehow getting her car lost. I like Claire but the high school scenario is getting a little irritating, but the closest part is of course when she gets her toe cut off and West sees it. Other then that the Suresh storyline was okay, the Nathan storyline became interesting toward the end, the Maya and Alexandro was alright and Hiro became a little repetitive.
  • Claire experiments further with her powers, Peter tries to reconnect with his powers, and Hiro aids an ancient hero.

    This episode was a great follow-up to a disappointing premiere episode, and really started to establish some of the ideas and stories that are going to be shown this season.

    The storyline in Ireland with Peter was very good, and the introduction of 'the box' added more depth to the mystery surrounding Peter's whereabouts and what had happened to him since the explosion.

    Claire's experimenting with her abilities was great and showed what I think is a huge leap for Season 2. The first season was the discovery of abilities, and now the heroes are startinng to test their limits, just as Claire did when she cut off her toe. To her amazement it grew back, and the episode ended at a high point with her looking for West, who was unbeknown to her, flying over her driveway.

    Hiro's story in feudal Japan was again, tiresome and predictable, which made it the low-point of the episode. The only interesting part of his story was the scene where Kensei regenerated. This again displayed another form of an ability that we have already seen. (similar to West)

    Maya and Alejandro's escape was very fast-paced and exciting this week, as their introduction last week was very dull. The scene where their powers were shown was amazing and I hope to see more development from these two characters in the future.

    Other great scenes in this episode included the attack on Angela Petrelli, and Mohinder's meeting with the Haitian. This episode was a big step for Season 2 and really gave us a taste of what the rest of the season would be like.
  • A more exciting episode as we learn more about the powers and each characters journey.

    After a great Season premier, this episode picks up exactly where it left off.

    Lets start with Hiro. His story was much better than when he arrived in the past. It was great to see the old Hiro return in terms of him not giving up, funny and stupid at the best of times, I like how his character developed into a more confident person when using his powers to fight off the samuri, that was very entertaining. Kensei is starting to grow on me, telling Hiro he looked like a fish when he talks made me laugh "Like a giant carp!" brillaint. However, as soon as he got shot by those arrows I knew he could regenerate so that was a little dissapointing as we have seen this power before

    Peter's story is getting better but I am not sure where this will go, the reason being that I think there is something more to the box with his identity in, like a photo of him with his name on the back or something silly like that, they seem the kind of men to just use peter because of his abilities. I hope I am wrong though, we need Peter back!

    I enjoyed The Bennett's story in terms of Noah wanting to fins the Issac paitings and Clare finding out how she can grow things back. Leaving it on a great ending (we all know west is up in the air)

    I have made my decision on Maya and Alejandro...I don't like them. Reason being, the power has been taking too long to explain, and it's pretty rubbsih anyway, like Nikki's was throughout most of Season 1

    One more thing, great twist with the Hatian as well!

    Roll on the next episode!
  • good episode..niki and micahs debut.hiro is making takenzo kensei a hero... thats y his father always read him those tales about him... claire finally has a friend wit powers.. and peter is irish thug..and peters mother gets scratched by new villian

    good episode... needs to go deeper in to who the new villian is... what peter's mother did so bad that the new villian wants revenge.... and is molly seeing the guy after peters mother... or is that another villian... and wat use will maya and her brother have except for being a villian... her powers are only to kill... and the lady micah just moved in with, already looks like she is gonna play a big part in his development as a hero... and hiro doesnt look or act like the future hero peter saw on the train.. i guess cause thats the future ... if the bomb had exploded.. but i liked the episode and the writers are doing a good job... just need better action
  • New characters with even more twists and turns

    A very nice episode with new characters and old ones showing up again. We are shown that Tenski is a hero with the powers of healing. The biggie is that Siler is back and in some pain... There is also his captor that can change how we view things. We are shown siler in a tropical place but when he pushes to see where he is really, he is locked up with several stiches and wounds on his stomach. Also the cheerleader and her "nemisis" is getting closer to revealing his superpowers. Overall this was a character developement show that introduced several new questions. This was a great episode overall.
  • great episode

    Matt finds a job at the NYPD as a detective. Claire start doing stuff in school that might make her stand out, something she shouldn't be doing since she's supposed to lay low and not make waves. Maya and Alejandro go to Mexico so they can find a way to get to America, but things get in their way. Suresh finds the Haitian and he gets to do something that the company wants him to do. Peter gets involved with Irish gangsters. Hiro continue to live his life in the past. So much happens in this episode, it's really exciting, even though it's to be continued as always, I'm still happy, I had a good time watching it. It's an excellent story.
  • Good Episode

    I think that this episode of Heroes was good. I liked it a little more than I liked the season premire. Some scenes that I liked were with Peter when he was using his powers to fight the Irish men, including his new blue lighting power or something like that. I also liked when Hiro fought the men in Japan, pretending to be Keisei. I also thought the parts with Claire were good, but so far I don't like the kid in her class who can fly. To me he's very weird and was even weirder in this episode when he was spying on Claire outside of her house. The parts with the new characters Maya and Alejandro were good too. Overall I thought that this episode was good and I can't wait until next weeks episode.
  • THis season of Heroes hasn't gotten exciting yet, but what is it with people talking about the Five Years Later episode. Did you forget they changed the future when New York wasn't blown up.

    First of all, with Five Years Later last season, that was a look into the future if the sequence of events had happened the way they would have. But in the finale last year they were able to stop New York from being blown up, so that future never happened.

    Now that I have that said, I must concur with some that nothing has really happened yet. The story is plodding along so far, and what about the other characters? What's going on with them? I hope we get to see them soon. We did discover what Kensei's power was, and we have a vague idea about the two twins, but it all still feels a little foggy. I just hope things pick up soon.

    This episode wasn't one of my favorites. but it wasn't bottom of the barrel either. There are two sub plots. One involving the guy that the little girl is dreaming about, and another that has to do with some of the past heroes that includes the Petrelli's mother and an S like symbol which seems to have her marked for death. We'll see where this all goes I'm sure, but right now Heroes is kind of boring.
  • Hiro is learning what his hero is really like.

    I thought that this episode of Heroes was really good i enjoyed watching every second of it. I liked learning more about Maya and Alejandro and their abilities. I feel bad for Maya because she was told that she is evil. I was surprised with Claire that she was geting into a debate with her teacher about regeneration drawing attention to herself. I was completely shocked that Claire cut off her toe and it grew back and that West seen it. I was happy to see that Peter is ok but was disappointed that he does not remember anything about himself. I am glad to see that The Haitian is back.
  • This season is making up to be as good as the last one.

    We find out that kensei has a similar power to Claire and also that Alejandro can sort of neutralie Mayas power when they are close. We also learn that Claire can regrow limbs (or at least a pinky toe) after it has been removed (Awesome!) Suresh finds the haitain. Also Matt talks to Angela Petrelli and she tells him to get out of her head. I liked this episode due to the fact we saw a bit of Claires powers like the burning her hand in the boiling water in the pot and cutting off her toe. this season of heroes looks good and can't wait for the next episode.

    (Claire and Mr. Muggles are watching a dog show on TV when Sandra enters carrying a basket of laundry)
    Sandra: (sternly) Turn that off. That is salt in the wound for poor Mr. Muggles.
    Claire: (sarcastically) I'm sorry. That was very inconsiderate of me. (she turns off the TV, but turns it right back on when Sandra leaves the room)
  • Actually getting better

    What a relief, this show is getting better. I wonder if it is a rule that for the first half of every season of Heroes, the episodes have to be extra bad, just so they can end with a bang, but I don't remember last season being this bad. Ah, the curse of the second seasons.

    A certain character wakes up and finds himself being tortured, he also meets a new girl. Claire is starting to hate having to hide who she is at home and at school. Matt is questioning Angela and things get weird. Suresh goes and finds the Haitian, but he doesn't remember. Maya and Alejandro try to cross the border, but they take down people along the way.

    Please save this show, it is doing so horribly, they seriously need a better plot.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Sandra): Turn that off. That is salt in the wound for poor Mr. Muggles.
  • New characters are interesting.

    So a few new 'heroes' are being introduced, which makes me wonder which way they will go. Good or bad. Hopefully for the good. I'm glad Peter is realizing who he is and what he can do. And the new hairdo is better for him too. Claire cutting off her toe was gross, what happened to the toe that she cut off? It's nice to know she can grow back stuff if it gets lost. What about her new friend, what can he do. I'm finding the show a little hard to grasp lately. I think I know what is happening, but it seems to be heading in different directions, which I'm sure in every episode it will be a bit more revealing.
  • This is a great episode and we are learning more interesting things about the Heroes on the show.

    I love how we are getting to know the new characters as well as learning more on the old ones. Claire is in school and the teacher is talking about lizards and how they can grow back their parts if cut off. She asks him several questions about it and if people can regenerate as well. This gets her noticed by the whole class including West. This was cool scene and I liked how Claire is finding more about her power and abilities. West wants to give her a book that talks about regeneration but Claire doesn't seem interested and walks away. Later when she is at home watching TV and painting her toe nails, she sees the scissors and cuts off her picky toe. It freaked me out that she can do that to herself. When her toe grows back it was amazing and I loved the expression on her face that it worked. How would she explain a missing toe if it did not grow back? West ability to fly is cool to watch. It looks like Claire will have a new friend to talk to and confide in.

    Matt finally is a detective and is investigating the murder of Hiro's father. When he is interviewing mother Petrelli and she says revenge in her head and Matt reads her thoughts and asks her about it. She catches on and screams "Get out of my head". That was great and I wonder if she has ability as well. When Nathan comes to get her he believes she doesn't want him around. That is sad to hear but maybe Nathan is better off without her help. Angela starts screaming and Matt and Nathan run to her rescue which was great to watch. We don't see the person who was trying to kill her but we believe it is the same man who sent her the death card. There are 7 more deaths and we will see who the other people are soon. Isaac painted a series of deaths and one of them has come true. Noah wants to find the other paintings and the Haitian man will be his ally.

    Peter is starting to learn that he has abilities and wants to know who he is. When the woman was cleaning his wounds, Peter started to regenerate. The scene was cool and Peter looked awesome with his shirt off. Later Peter is trying to get his hands free and he phases out of the bond. The look on his face was great. When he heard the woman was in trouble, instead of leaving her there, he decides to help her out. He uses the lightning on one guy and telekinesis on the other. Then the super strength kicked in and he sends the man flying against the wall. Peter looks terrific and he is learning his abilities all over again. I can't wait for Monday to see Peter in action and hopefully getting the mysteries box to explain who and where he comes from.
  • Some steps in the right direction here.

    While the premiere may have tried too hard to cram as much as possible into the episode, there was a "wait and see" feel to it. With serialized shows, it's often best to hold out harsh judgments until things have played out, unless a storyline is poorly executed. About a half dozen storylines were introduced in the premiere involving over a dozen different characters, so they can catch a break. This episode capitalizes on some of the threads introduced in the previous episode, developing the stories further and offering more intrigue.

    Before his death, Isaac managed to paint eight pieces presumably depicting the deaths of the remaining founding members. With this, it could be easy to have him be as posthumously prolific as Tupac, bringing up artwork here and there through the history of the show (even if they have Peter or Sylar, who absorbed that power) to create suspense, so hopefully they make good on their promise that these are the only paintings not yet fulfilled. The painting plot device was effective in the first season, so it makes sense to bring it back for this one. Collecting clues from the missing paintings, along with the return of The Haitian, gives Bennet more story possibilities since he is sitting on the sidelines with Mohinder's infiltration.

    As double agent, Mohinder catches a break with The Haitian, whose abilities give him a perfect alibi to allow escape (Mohinder's new and The Haitian can control and remove memories). Mohinder's ability to protect those with abilities will likely get harder as the season progresses until he's exposed or his phase in the plan is complete. Regardless, it sets up a lot of potential for his story.

    There is some hint of Mrs. Petrelli's power as Matt tries to read her mind. Unlike other people, she is aware that he is trying to get answers from telepathy. She could be this supposed male figure taunting Molly, considering the being is aware of Molly trying to track it. She may have used her own powers, none of which have been defined, to attack herself and therefore remove suspicion from herself. However, what would her motivation be to remove the other founding members? The likely answer is power, but does that entail her wanting to do something?

    Niki's brief intervention in Peter & Sylar's showdown gave Peter super human strength. It can be safely assumed that Peter was close enough to DL to absorb his phasing power as well. By proxy, he must've also gotten Micah and Molly's abilities as well. While Micah's may serve more as a plot device whenever Peter may need to use a defective electronic device, the ability to locate anyone will be helpful when the time comes for him to join the fight in the unknown man who has been taunting Molly.

    Assuming the premiere episode theory is correct, whoever placed Peter in the canister wanted to use his abilities for this heist. That would imply that there is something besides money to steal. Perhaps they are Isaac's remaining paintings and whoever's orchestrating this is one of the founders trying to save his or her life. Does it involve the mysterious Irish mob boss McSorely? One thing worth considering is that the necklace could be the Haitian's, as he isn't seen wearing it in the episode. Is he involved?

    Apparently there is something to Mohinder's threat of a virus as it nearly killed the Haitian. Among the other battles occurring at the end of the season, Molly's sickness didn't resonate as well. Perhaps this plot serves to confirm it is a real problem and may be faced later in the season or beyond that.

    It's confirmed that Maya has some deadly power that manifests itself when separated from her brother Alejandro, and that he can not only control it, but reverse it before it's reached an unknown point. This power combo is a little bizarre, as it doesn't offer much practically. However, reading through the tie-in graphic novels it appears that it would make sense that evolution would produce harmful powers as well as good, but giving the impression that such "bad" powers could eventually be harnessed for good. It's not clear whether her powers are related to the virus, but it is a distinct possibility. Their meeting with Mohinder should be interesting.

    As seen in the last episode, Hiro motivating Kensei to perform what would become his legendary acts of heroism wouldn't be easy. To correct his presumed error, he performs one of the deeds Kensei would be credited for: disarming a group of bandits in one of the more amusing scenes ("Why does he keep saying his name?"). Kensei's love for the rewards of heroism, regardless of how much he orchestrated the act, will likely prove to be one of the things that'll make him a real hero. Eventually the desire for reward will subside for the satisfaction of heroism, if common storytelling will prevail.

    Hiro's adventures in Japan prove to illuminate more on the history of the stage in evolution that gave superpowers to many of the characters. Evolution is gradual, so it makes sense that there would be instances of heroes going centuries before the present day action. Kensei shares Claire's ability to regenerate, which is a relief since killing off David Anders that quickly would've been disappointing. It's also a great attribute to have for a warrior.

    This episode answers a major question to Claire's power: her ability to regrow a severed body part. The extent of her power is one of major speculation. Could she cut herself in half and duplicate herself, or throw herself in a blender and make an army? She starts small with the pinky toe, which her science class taught her isn't a necessary part of the body and it turns out to work. With that information, she could try larger parts, even vital organs for those in need. While Bennet wants her to keep a low profile, it's unlikely she'll want to stay quiet if she can help others.

    It isn't easier with West following her around. Now that he has confirmed that she has powers as well, it would be fitting for him to tell her she isn't alone. He wants to share it, as he now has someone like him. However, this goes against Bennet's wishes that Claire go unnoticed in school. Obviously, for a girl to be as pretty as Claire and to have a guy continually prodding her, this should be near impossible. In school, like prison, the ones who don't want to make waves end up being the center of attention.

    Overall this episode is another good step in the season: the reveals add on to the set up from the season premiere. While it may be all over the place, it's still intriguing. While I'm a little impatient to see Hiro back in the present or more hero interactions, it's still a good episode.
  • Without the one major goal like last season (stop the bomb) this season has felt a little clumsy compaired to the last, but it still shows signs of picking up.

    There really isn't that much wrong with this season, I think that the writters will soon get deeper into what this season's main goal will be and then the real exciting stories will begin. One thing that I am still loving about this season is Hiro's adventure, I was a bit scepticle when Hero went to the past, but it seems like it will lead to some funny situations. I hope that some more old characters will come back soon (DL, Niki, Claude etc.) and hopefully contribute to some sort of long term goal for the season that should hopefully put the show back to it's original high standard.
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