Season 1 Episode 7

Nothing to Hide

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Peter Petrelli is reading the paper to Charles Devaux. They discuss the importance of love, and Charles says that Peter's strength is that he speaks his mind. Peter says he wants to show Charles something, and then opens a window and flies out. Peter then awakens from his bed to the sound of the doorbell to his apartment. Simone is there, and she tells him that her father passed away an hour ago.

Zach rings the doorbell to Claire's house. She opens the door, and he hands her the missing videotape of her abilities, saying that he found it under his bed. She's mad, but he explains he had looked there before, and it suddenly reappeared. Her mother arrives in the kitchen with Mr. Muggles the dog, and Zach and Claire help her out to the car. Claire's brother Lyle sees the videotape lying under her jacket on the counter, and takes it.

At her apartment, Niki wakes up to find D.L. and Micah gone. She looks in the mirror and asks her alter ego to help her. Tina arrives, and Niki tells her that her husband took her son, that she was unable to protect him.

Matt Parkman is getting ready for work and talking to his wife. He tells her that there is something they need to talk about, something that he recently discovered. He then hears her thoughts. "Oh God, I thought I'd been so careful." This keeps him from telling her about his newfound ability.

Peter and Simone arrive at Isaac's vacant apartment. The landlord said that he left, and he took all of his paintings with him. Simone tells Peter that her father woke from his coma long enough to tell her that he was flying, he was worried about all of the people in the world with their problems, but that Peter told him that it would all be ok, and that he would save the world. Peter denies ever having that conversation, but Simone says it sounds exactly like his message he left on her answering machine, asking for Isaac's painting, that he needed it so that he could save the world. She no longer has the painting; a man named Linderman from Las Vegas bought the painting.

Nathan's wife Heidi and his mother agree on a campaign flyer. Nathan's mother Angela has invited Oliver Dennison of the N.Y. Journal for family brunch to interview Nathan. He doesn't want to do it, but his wife insists that it's time they face the reporters and stop hiding. She wants Nathan to stop being afraid and confront the truth, that she is strong and ready to face the press, and that he doesn't need to fear that she'll make him look weak. He reluctantly agrees. Then we see that his wife is in a wheelchair.

While talking to his coworker Tim at the police station, Audrey Hanson arrives and tells Matt that she needs his help again. Sylar has killed again.

Back in Texas, Claire discovers her brother watching the videotape of her miraculous healing abilities. She tries to explain it as a video with special effects, but after he punches a staple gun into her hand, she removes the staple, and the blood clots and disappears and her wound is gone. Claire and Zach chase Lyle, but he runs th the family van and locks himself inside. Claire pleads with her brother, who wants to tell their parents. Claire begs him not to, fearing that they will regret adopting her and that they won't be a family anymore. Lyle rolls down the window and returns the video to Claire.

Audrey takes Matt to the FBI headquarters, where they see the remains of a severely burned corpse with high levels of radiation. A fingerprint seared into the corpse leads them to a Theodore Sprague, whom Audrey believes is Sylar.

D.L. and Micah are driving in the car. Micah wants to go back home to his mother, but D.L. says it's not safe there. Micah says that a hero doesn't run away, and that he must be a bad guy. They come across an accident, and see a woman trapped in a burning vehicle. D.L. runs to the car, but the door is locked and can't get her out. He uses his ability to reach through the window, unlock the door from the inside, and open the door. He frees the woman from his seatbelt, and tries to pull her from the car. Ando and Hiro arrive in another car, and Hiro freezes time, pushing D.L. and the woman to safety before the car explodes. Afterward, Hiro and Ando are talking to Micah. He asks how Hiro could have an issue of 9th Wonders comic book that hasn't been released yet. Hiro explains that he went forward in time, and shows Micah panels from the comic about himself. Micah then recognizes Ando as having come to see his mom. D.L. says that they need to get help for the woman, but Ando has already called the police. D.L. decides it is time that they leave, and he and Micah drive off just as the police arrive at the scene.

Peter shows up at Nathan's, as the reporter is eating brunch with the family. Nathan pulls him aside, saying it is not the time. Peter says that Nathan needs to call Linderman, that he has a painting that is very important and he must get back. Joining the family at the table, the reporter has already been asking questions about the car accident that left Heidi paralyzed, and about the fact that Nathan was driving. Mr. Dennison brings up Nathan's accepting campaign contributions from Mr. Linderman, a reputed mobster. Nathan says that he was a friend of his father's. He also brings up his trip to Las Vegas, his rendezvous with a mysterious blond, and his disappearance for several hours from the casino. Peter jumps in, and claims that the trip to Las Vegas was primarily to help him, and that the woman was his doctor, there to help him with his recent depression.

Matt and Audrey arrive at the Sprague home. Matt discovers pictures where all the faces have been burned off. They find a room that is burnt, and discover the radiation level is extremely high. Matt doesn't believe that Sprague is Sylar. He found medication for cancer in the room, prescribed to Karen Sprague, and the doctor who prescribed the medication was the man who was burnt to death, Robert Frescoe. They find Sprague in the hospital by his wife's bedside. He readily confesses to killing Dr. Frescoe, saying that it was an accident. They argued about his wife's cancer treatment, and he lost control and accidentally incinerated him. When they try to take him into custody, he grabs the nurse. Audrey pulls her gun, but

Ted warns her not to shoot, because he can't predict what will happen. Matt begins to hear the thoughts of Ted's wife Karen, and is able to calm Ted, who releases the nurse with burn marks where his hands were on his arm. His wife wants him to know that she doesn't blame him, and Matt is able to communicate her final thoughts before she dies.

Niki calls Nathan for help, and pleads for his assistance in getting her son back, but when Heidi enters the room, he hangs up on her. Heidi tells Nathan that she knows that the wheelchair has put distance between them, but that she is determined to walk again. All she needs is hope that their life can be like it was again, and asks if Peter's story was true. He insists that it was.

Tina confronts Niki, but realizes that it is Jessica who is there. She is terrified and leaves.

Nathan calls Linderman, and convinces him that his brother is emotionally attached to the painting, and he agrees to return the painting to the gallery. Nathan then goes to see Peter, but tells him that he can't get the painting back. Peter wants him to tell Heidi the truth, but he says that he can't, that she needs hope. Nathan also tells Peter about his kidnapping, and how he escaped by flying.

Matt calls his wife, and leaves her a message, telling her that he feels there is something that she's not telling him, and that he just wants them to be honest. Back at the station, his friend Tom tells him that the FBI agent put in a request to have Matt take the detective's exam. Matt then reads his thoughts--Tom is thinking about how he's banging Matt's wife. Matt decks him, and other officers have to pull him off.

Micah goes to a pay phone, but it is out of order. He touches the phone, and is able to fix it. He then calls his mom, but realizes that it really isn't her on the other end of the line. It's Jessica, who gets him to tell her where he is. D.L. discovers Micah on the phone, but he denies calling his mother. D.L. says it's time for them to drive. Meanwhile, Niki grabs a gun, and prepares to pursue them.

"You do not choose your destiny, it chooses you. And those who knew you before fate took you by the hand, cannot understand the depth of the changes inside. They cannot fathom how much you stand to lose in failure. But you are the instrument of a flawless design... and all of life may hang in the balance. A hero learns quickly who can comprehend... and who merely stands in your way. "