Season 1 Episode 3

One Giant Leap

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on NBC
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Claire's romantic interlude with the football quarterback takes a tragic turn. Hiro convinces his friend, Ando, that it is their destiny to travel to America to save the world. Meanwhile, Nathan uses Peter's accident for his own political gain. Officer Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, and the FBI are all on the trail of the mysterious Sylar.moreless

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  • Great episode

    Here Claire almost gets killed, Parkman gets a job at FBI and we get the first sight of Sylar, although of course we dont get to see him till way later in this awsome show.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes matt parkmen is on the case of the mystrious slyer and so is mohinder sersh and hero finds out his destny and clair has trouble with the quaterback after having agood time he tries to rape her and he thinks he killed her and peter finds out the truth about his brother when his brother says he tried to killhimself this was good ep and it was very interesting everyone going on there own paths and that is why i gave this ep a 9 instead of anyting lower and why i think it deserves a 9moreless
  • Peter sees Nathan's true face during a speech, Hiro discovers his destiny, Matt tests his newfound ability while Claire tries as much as she can to remain normal which will have dire consequences.moreless

    The third part of the volume, more shocking than ever, puts Mohinder closer to discovering Sylar's identity when he finds his address. Peter is shocked to find out that Nathan will do everything he can to become a Congessman even betray his own brother when he states during a speech in front of the press that his brother committed suicide just like his father months ago. Matt tests his ability more and more until he finds one person whose thoughts he can't read.

    Claire, trying to blend in as much as possible, reveals her feelings to her classmate Brody which ends up in unexpected results (and to the most shocking and most cool scene you will ever see on TV with which this chapter ends and the next one begins). We meet with Micah's grandmother and Nikki's mother-in-law and we realise that she is not very fond of Nikki. Especially when Nikki confronts Paulette, her mother-in-law, about a ring she found while she was burying the two bodies and which belonged to one of the people DL, Nikki's husband, killed when he was leaving with Linderman's two million dollars. Paulette denies it and we find out that DL is somewhere out there and not imprisoned as he escaped. The problem with Heroes is that there are two many characters and stories to deal with but that has never been raised as a problem until Volume 3 (my personal opinion is that Volume 3 was awesome despite the bad reviews). There are many characters but as their stories intertwine it doesn't seem annoying. Nevertheless, the characters are still unfamiliar about each other, something which will change in the following episodes. Stay tuned!moreless
  • Mohinder finds the boogeyman and Claire's date comes to an abrupt conclusion.

    Hiro tries to convince Ando about his powers and not surprisingly, Ando thinks it is a joke until Hiro uses the comic then freezes time and save a schoolgirl from being hit by a truck.

    FBI agent Hansen starts to believe Matt when he reads her mind. Sylar goes after Molly while she is in protective custody and we find out that the mysterious Sylar has very varied powers which is an anomaly from the other special people we've met so far. Does it have something to do with why he removes people's brains?

    Mohinder turns out to be very resourceful, he manages to find Sylar's apartment. Seems Chandra helped Sylar find his abilities… whatever that means. At Sylar's place, Mohinder finds another map but far larger and more complex than Chandra's, seems Sylar is trying to find the special people too, but something tells me it's not for altruistic reasons.

    Everyone is raving about how Jackie saved the guy in the fire and Claire says nothing. We find out that Jackie did it to look good while she is running for class president. That's a very selfish reason to 'save' someone's life.

    Claire finally gets some time alone with the cute quarterback… and he tries to rape her! The only reason he didn't succeed is because he killed her! To top it all off, he strips off her clothes and throws her in the river! He should meet Sylar, they'd get along famously. Claire learned something valuable about her limits – an object (in this case a branch) inserted into her brain at the right spot shuts down her brain, but once it is removed she revives.

    Haven't been wild about Nathan since we met him and this was the cherry on top – to get ratings, he uses a teary story about his father's depression and suicide then follows it up with Peter's 'suicide attempt'!!! I still cannot believe Nathan did that! Peter walked out devastated and hurt. What a scumbag! Hard to believe Peter is even related to him!

    Lots of new information but my favourite storyline at the moment is the Peter/Nathan saga. Fascinating.moreless
  • And story continues

    There is really hard way to say anything summarizing about the episode as so much happens and in the end you won't even remember where it all started.

    I liked Hiro storyline - he following a comic book to get into the New York and trying to avoid the explosion.

    And Claire.. that end was really disturbing and it does look like her life is not going to be easy. And her words.. the thoughts she shared with her father and friend - just wanting to be normal.. Maybe we never got it before it is too late.

    And the whole thing.. getting after Sylar.. that's exciting too.moreless
Tina Lifford

Tina Lifford

Paulette Hawkins

Guest Star

Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd

Campaign Manager

Guest Star

Ashlee Gillespie

Ashlee Gillespie

Lori Trammel

Guest Star

Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall

FBI Agent Audrey Hanson

Recurring Role

Nora Zehetner

Nora Zehetner

Eden McCain

Recurring Role

Cristine Rose

Cristine Rose

Angela Petrelli

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Isaac is going through his sketchbook he goes over the same page in different shots.

    • The mysterious symbol turned up multiple times in this episode:
      1. On the cover of Chandra Suresh's book.
      2. On the side of Claire's math book.
      3. On the picture of Nathan on Sylar's map.
      4. Within Chandra's program as a repeating gap making the symbol.
      5. In the pool using floating toys.
      6. On the necklace of the man in the bar, whose thoughts can't be read by Matt.
      7. On the cover of the comic book Hiro has, drawn by Isaac.

    • In this episode we see the first picture of Erick Avari as Chandra Suresh, Mohinder's father. The picture in the previous episode showed a different man who was not used.

    • When Mohinder finds the key in his father's book, the length of scotch tape on the key varies between shots.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Mr. Bennett: So is that the quarterback?
      Claire: Who?
      Mr. Bennett: The boy that you like over there.
      Claire: I don't "like" him. I mean he's a very nice boy, but... yes, he's the quarterback.
      Mr. Bennett: You really wanted to make me happy, you'd only date nerds. Well it worked out very well for your mother.

    • Brody: Jackie told me you wanna meet your real mom and dad.
      Claire: I told Jackie that in confidence.
      Brody: You do realize you were talking to Jackie, right? Is that why you're bummed? The whole adoption thing? You didn't just find out, did you?
      Claire: Oh, no. They told me when I was really little. Why would you think I'm bummed?
      Brody: You don't seem like yourself. Thought maybe somethin was wrong.
      Claire: You don't know me well enough to know when I'm not being myself.
      Brody: You never drink plain milk. It's always chocolate. You draw mermaids in the margins of your notebook, you put chips in a sandwich to make them crunch, and you're the first person to laugh at a joke. But I haven't heard you laugh in a while... lately you've seemed sort of sad.
      Claire: Have you been spying on me?
      Brody: My goal tonight is to make you laugh. (Claire's dummy explodes)
      Claire: Did you put firecrackers in his head just for me?

    • Jackie: I love your glasses, Mr. Bennet!
      Mr. Bennet: Well thank you, Jackie. Rumor has it you're a local hero. Pulled a man out of a burning train car.
      Jackie: You heard about that? OMG, does everybody know?
      Claire: It was on the news. You told half the school to set their Tivo's.
      Jackie: It's gonna be the cornerstone for my campaign for class president. I'm running on a campaign of moral, mental, and social advancement through good deeds. What do you think? (walks away)
      Claire: I think I need to get something out of my locker.

    • (Eden and Mohinder are at Sylar's apartment)
      Mohinder: Mr. Sylar? Hello? (knocks on door)
      Eden: Sssh. What are you actually going to do if Sylar's in there? (Mohinder takes key out)
      Mohinder: If Sylar killed my father, I need to know why. (puts key in lock, doesn't work) I suppose that would've been too easy.
      Eden: Let's go.
      Mohinder: Not if all the answers could be behind this door. (tries to open door)
      Eden: It's locked. And I'm kinda trying not to freak out now, so could we just- (Mohinder gets door open) Or we could just break in.
      (Mohinder starts taking pictures,Eden finds a grotesque book) A little light reading before bed? (Mohinder sees map)
      Mohinder: Oh my god.
      Eden: That map, those strings. It's exactly like your father's.
      Mohinder: Not exactly. There are more of them. Dozens more.
      Eden: I know that guy. (Nathan Petrelli) He's running for Congress.
      Mohinder: Then his life may be in danger.
      Eden: Okay, can we please go now?
      Mohinder: Not yet. (pulls back curtain)
      Eden: Mohinder- (Mohinder sees "Forgive Me" wall)
      Mohinder: Dear God. What was my father involved with?

    • Niki: You have no idea what I'm capable of.

    • Hiro: Maybe, I should keep my identity a secret.

    • Nathan: As many of you might have read, my brother Peter had an accident. But what I've kept from the press thus far is that, Peter barely survived a suicide attempt. My first instinct was to keep his illness hidden but no one should suffer alone because we are all connected somehow.

    • (Opening Voice Over)
      Mohinder: This force, evolution, is not sentimental. Like the earth itself, it knows only the hard facts of life's struggle with death. All you can do is hope and trust that when you have served its needs faithfully, there may still remain some glimmer of the life you once knew.

    • Ando: So, where to?
      Hiro: Las Vegas.
      Ando: It is our destiny.

    • Peter: To destiny.
      Simone: Mmm.
      Peter: May we recognize it when we see it.
      Simone: To love. May we stay away from it when it's no good for us. You know earlier today, when you were telling me how you'd changed?
      Peter: Yeah.
      Simone: I noticed it. There's just something different. It's like a look in your eye. A confidence.
      Peter: There's something I should tell you. Something, uh...I didn't think was right to say when I still worked for your father. Something I wouldn't have even said to you two days ago. I've been in love with you since the minute I first laid eyes on you.

    • Peter: Look, the truth is, I've been trying to save the world, one person at a time, but, I'm meant for something bigger. Something important. I know it now.

    • Eden: Well, this is macaroni and cheese. It's what Americans eat when they want to commit suicide slowly.

    • Ando: I'm confused. You said you called me when you went in the future.
      Hiro: Yeah. So?
      Ando: So, shouldn't I be at home waiting for your call?
      Hiro: We're changing the future. By taking action, we've changed something.
      Ando: What if we make it worse? And if there's going to be a nuclear explosion, shouldn't we be flying away from the bomb?
      Hiro: A hero doesn't run away from his destiny. My only concern is whether I need to hide my true identity. Perhaps a costume?
      Ando: You even mention tights and a cape, I'm going home.

    • Simone: I found all your junk. The drugs, all of it. I flushed everything.
      Isaac: How am I supposed to paint the future?
      Simone: Nobody can paint the future. That's the drugs talking.

    • Ando: (About a car) How do you even know if there is going to be one left?
      Saleswoman: You're just in luck; we have one left.
      Hiro: (Holds up keys to car) It's our destiny.

    • Peter: Son of a B-!
      Nathan: Easy there, that's our mother you're talking about.

    • Matt: You want to tell me why I'm still here, or am I just gonna follow you around?
      Audrey: We need you to talk to her. Find out what she knows.
      Matt: Talk to who?
      Audrey: Molly Walker. The little girl you found. We're keeping her here where it's safe until we can figure out what to do with her. She's been through a severe trauma. Both parents murdered right in front of her. She hasn't said a word since we brought her here.
      Matt: What makes you think she's gonna talk to me?
      Audrey: Well, if you're really a mind reader, she won't need to.

    • Ando: Who are you calling?
      Hiro: The comic book author. To warn him about the future. He keeps hanging up on me.
      Ando: That's because you're crazy. I'd hang up on you too. If I could.

    • Zach: Claire. What are you doing running off to an away game? That tape with all your attempts at bodily harm is still missing.
      Claire: Yeah, well, if someone finds it, we'll just tell 'em you're some visual effects geek who did it with his computer. Now, can I get back to my life, please?
      Zach: So-So that's it? You're-You're just gonna go pump your pom-poms and pretend you're no different than any other girl on the squad?
      Claire: Yes, actually.
      Zach: But you are, Claire. You are different. Don't you see that? Don't you see that none of this matters? School spirit doesn't matter. Being-Being a pretty blonde cheerleader doesn't matter. That's not who you are anymore.
      Claire: Who am I? So what, I can crawl through a wood chipper and live to tell about it. That narrows my choices in life to freak or guinea pig. In most cases, both. What's wrong with wanting to be normal? You should try it.

    • Issac: I don't want to lose you, Simone. But if you don't believe in me, then you shouldn't be here.
      Simone: Fine. You can paint the future. Paint one without me in it.

    • Peter: Listen, I-I tried it again.
      Nathan: Tried what?
      Peter: What do you mean what? What do you think that I mean? I-I tried to fly.
      Nathan: Would you keep your voice down?
      Peter: You were there. Last night I could fly. This morning, nothing. I nearly broke my neck trying.
      Nathan: Well, that would have solved one of our problems.

    • (Nathan is picking out a tie)
      Nathan: What do you think? Red or blue?
      Peter: I don't know. Blue?
      Nathan: I'm gonna go red. The president wears red.

    • Hiro: Ando!
      Ando: Where have you been the last two days?
      Hiro: I teleported myself into the future!
      Ando: Haven't we been over all this?
      Hiro: Then explain this. (shows Ando the comic book) It tells the whole story of my heroic journey.
      Ando: Is this how you spend your time?
      Hiro: Read it! I'm on the subway in Japan. Suddenly, I'm in New York! Five weeks in the future!
      Ando: Been hitting the sake?
      Hiro: I found the books author, but he was dead. Then, there's a nuclear explosion. Ka-Boom! It all happens in five weeks and you and I have to stop it.
      Ando: Definitely the sake.

    • (Closing Voice Over)
      Mohinder: When evolution selects its agents, it does so at a cost. It makes demands in exchange for singularity. And you may be asked to do something against your very nature. Suddenly, the change in your life that should have been wonderful, comes as a betrayal. It may seem cruel, but the goal is nothing short of self-preservation. Survival.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The Symbol:
      The symbol is on the cover of the book by Chandra Suresh. On Claire's geometry book which she takes out of her locker.
      It is also on all the pictures on Sylar's map in the hidden room.

    • New Heroes:
      Mysterious Man/The Haitian: We know nothing about this silent, shadowy figure except that he works with Mr. Bennet/Horn-Rimmed Glasses, and he wears the ubiquitous "S" symbol around his neck. Age: unknown. Gender: Male. Hometown: Unknown, appears to be from Haiti originally.

    • When Ando is watching the video of Niki, you can see the URL www.lasvegasniki.com. If you visit it, it redirects you to www.9thwonders.com.

    • International Air Dates:
      Sweden: February 21, 2007 on Canal Plus
      Turkey: March 18, 2007 on CNBC-e
      Latin America: March 23, 2007 on Universal Channel Latin America
      South Africa: June 6, 2007 on SABC 3
      The Netherlands: July 5, 2007 on RTL 5
      Germany: October 17, 2007 on RTL2
      Finland: October 31, 2007 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: January 17, 2008 on Prima
      Croatia: March 10, 2008 on NOVA TV
      Slovakia: July 7, 2008 on Markiza

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "Eyes" by Rogue Wave
      "Glosi" by Sigur Ros
      "Where the Blacktop Ends" by Keith Urban

    • Powers Developments:
      Claire Bennet: Claire is apparently unable to come back to life after a deadly injury if a foreign object is lodged into the base of her skull. She heals only after the medical examiner removes a branch from the back of her head.

      Mysterious Man/The Haitian: He seems to be able to block telepathy in some way. As Matt is telepathically "scanning" everyone at the bar, he happens to look at The Haitian, and suddenly he can hear no thoughts at all. Either The Haitian himself caused this, or else the timing is very coincidental.

      Hiro Nakamura: Hiro is able to use his space-time manipulation powers to stop time. He is able to push a schoolgirl out of the way of an oncoming truck while everything else is frozen. He seems able to keep time frozen for a few subjective seconds only, though.

      Peter Petrelli: Peter tests his powers in a playground, jumping from the monkey bars, trying to fly, but failing. Further confirmation that he possibly can only fly while in Nathan's presence.

      Sylar: Sylar exhibits telekinetic powers, forcing Audrey's arm to point her gun at her own head. He also rises to his feet apparently unharmed after Matt shoots him several times (possibly having repelled the bullets telekinetically), and also suddenly disappears when Matt's back is turned (possibly using telekinesis or some other ability to fly or move away at high speed).


    • Superman

      When Peter is jumping off the monkey bars, a young boy wearing a red cape watches. Capes are often associated with superheroes, red being just as associated with Superman.

    • FBI Agent Audrey: Tell me what I'm thinking, Karnack.

      Karnack The Magnificent was a character performed by Johnny Carson in a segment on the Tonight Show. Johnny would dress as a fortune teller and hold an envelope up to his forehead and "read" the answer sealed in the envelope. He would then open the envelope and reveal the "question". A sample would be: Karnack (holding envelope to his head) "Shogun". Ed McMahon (repeating) "Shogun". Karnack (opening envelope) "What's the first thing you do when you hold up a liquor store?"

    • Episode title: "One Giant Leap"

      Astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous words when he first set foot on the moon were recorded as, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." A parallel meaning of the phrase may be that mankind has taken one giant leap into evolution with the arrival of our Heroes.