Season 3 Episode 3

One of Us, One of Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC
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HRG and his new partner go to a local bank heist with four villains; including Peter being trapped in one of them. Hiro and Ando track Daphne to Germany, and meet the Haitian. Tracy Strauss goes to New Orleans to find out more information about Niki. Meredith teaches Claire a lesson about fighting. Usutu shows Matt a series of paintings about him.moreless

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  • So back to Season 3, they had an alright first episode and then the 2nd episode wasn't that bad. The third episode I just felt was kind of poorly done. Just when Heroes tries to swim it begins to sink.moreless

    Okay so where do I start? I don't want to describe anything other then I thought most of the first season was good (Hey it wasn't the Sopranos), the second season was terrible and the third season up to the second episode had been average. So in this episode the real highlight is that Sylar suddenly turns good and I honestly don't mind because his shtick as a villain was getting a little boring. So basically in the episode the highlight is that HRG and Sylar become partners despite their hatred from each other because Angela Petrelli assigns them to each other. It's like a 70's show, with a serial killer and a cop working together! Yeah! So basically they try to stop the Level 5 criminals and Peter in someone else's body (Jesse)trying to stop the Level 5 criminals and I can honestly I haven't seen as bland villains as the ones in Level 5. They lack personality, intelligence and the craftiness of a good villain. So Future Peter takes Present Peter out of the guy Jesse and takes him to the future. Really stupid isn't it? Well basically the Level 5 villains are easily taken care of. The special effects were kind of lame with the only interesting scene where Peter as Jesse screams. Then there's some stuff about Tracy finding her relationship with Nikki but I just find it ridiculous that they brought Ali Larter back in a different character. If the show hadn't jumped the shark in the second season, it certainly did now. Then there's Parkman and Native Painter who puts on headphones and paints the future. I don't think anything could look as dumb as that scene. Seriously having a character put on a walkman and paint the future to Middle Eastern Music is just plain ridiculous. Well overall I didn't like this episode (It shows doesn't it). The Sylar and HRG odd couple relationship could have been interesting but Sylar kind of shows a weird type of respect toward HRG so there is no real conflict because HRG is the aggressor always telling Sylar what to do. Even if Sylar is good why would he listen to HRG? He's more powerful by a long shot. The Tracy thing is just ridiculous, I couldn't stand Nikki and I can honestly say I can't stand Tracy. Hopefully her character is gone and doesn't come back as Nikki/Traci's cousin "Belle." The Parkman thing is a waste because he's put on an useless odyssey with an Isaac Mendez ripoff character although Isaac was interesting. The action was okay, but I expected more excitement from these Level 5 villains it just became honestly to goofy. Definitely not a season highlight.moreless
  • Noah and Sylar form an unlikely partnership, Peter tries to save the hostages in a bank inside a villain's body, Matt is revealed some paintings made by Usutu that reveal his past and future and Claire comes forward about her feelings to Meredith.moreless

    The third chapter is action packed indeed. Sylar is told by Angela that she is his biological mother. So, Angela sets up Sylar to be Noah's partner in capturing the escapees from Level 5. During this partnership, Noah asks Sylar to keep low profile. Meanwhile, four of the escapees (including Jesse Murphy in whose body present Peter is in) take over a bank. When they open the safe and take the money, Knox (one of the escapees) reveals to the rest of the team his true plan; to draw in the Company and take revenge. When Noah goes in the bank so that the hostages will be let free, things turn ugly and Noah is in danger. Future Peter appears out of nowhere and removes present Peter from Jesse's body and together they escape. Sylar appears at the right moment and saves Noah's life.But when capturing the escapees, Sylar's hunger kicks in and he kills Jesse and takes his ability. In the end, one of the escapees is dead (Jesse), one is returned to his cell (Flint), one was killed by Knox during a disagreement between them (The German) and Knox escapes. Sylar returns to his cell.

    Claire refuses to go back to school determined that her life as a normal girl is over and that she will be better off chasing the escaped villains instead of going to school. Sandra disagrees and is angered when Meredith tries to interfere. Meredith tries to make Claire understand her true feelings. After the hard incident Claire is put through by Meredith, Claire reveals that she is only interested in going after Sylar and taking revenge. In the end, Claire goes after one of the villains.

    Hiro and Ando are in Berlin trying to stop Daphne from retrieving the second part of the formula. There we meet the Haitian who is there to collect the formula for Angela's benefit (so we see that Daphne is not working for the Company but for someone else). After a series of events, Ando messes up and the formula ends up in Daphne's hands while Hiro and Ando are imprisoned by the Company (this is the first time that we see a fracture in Ando and Hiro's friendship which will be the main focus of Hiro's story this volume).

    Tracy tries to uncover the mysterious connection between her and Niki Sanders. So, she goes to New Orleans where she sees the dead body of Niki and meets with her son, Micah. There Micah realizes that Tracy is not his mother. So he helps her get some information about her past. We see that Niki and Tracy where born on the same day by the same doctor, Dr. Zimmerman, who Tracy visits next in Reseda, CA.

    Finally, Matt is in Africa with Usutu who reveals that he could paint the future since he was a little boy and that he has been painting Matt's life all along. Matt is surprised, especially when he is told that a painting showing him and a mysterious blonde with a child is no longer his future. When Usutu paints a new painting it is revealed that the same blonde will now die and Usutu offers to show him how to save his future.

    Overall a good episode that puts the foundations for the rest of the volume. The lady shown in this episode making the transfer with the Haitian is Sedhil Ramamurthy's (Mohinder) wife. Key facts: Sylar's new ability taken by Bridget is one awesome ability that will be used later on especially in volume 4. Enjoy!moreless
  • 'One of Them, One of Us' is mostly good, although it is a far slower, more methodical episode than the rip-roaring season opener.

    All we need now from Heroes is for Mohinder to keep his pants, his trousers, his shirt and well, his everything on, thank you very much… which, thankfully, this week, he does. So much so, in fact, that he's not even in the episode. Which I can't say I'm complaining too much about. What is in 'One of Them, One of Us' is, for the most part, rather good however, although it is a far slower, more methodical episode than the rip-roaring season opener. It essentially lays the groundwork for future plot developments and moves important pieces into position, while providing enough intrigue of its own to keep the water cooler busy. Sylar is very much the main talking point here – from finding out that the even-more-evil than usual Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose is, as usual, simply devine, dahling) is his biological mother to teaming up with HRG, the world of the show's principle villain is turned decidedly on its head and Zachary Quinto rises admirably to the challenges that come along with it. The actor gets a chance to explore the world of the man behind the insanity, to three-dimensionalise Gabriel and offer him his own set of emotional conflicts rather than hanging on to a 'I hunger for powers' modus operandi. Partnering him up with Noah Bennet is inspired and, while slightly clunky in light of their history, it works very well, primarily because the two of them have oodles of delightfully mistrusting chemistry. The same can arguably be said of Claire and her biological mother, whose journey of 'self-discovery' culminates in a superbly written and directed sequence in which Meredith traps Claire in a burning building and attempts to suffocate her. You know, as moms do. Although the outcome is somewhat telegraphed (and as is Claire's subsequent rebellion), it is perfectly in keeping with young Bennet's character and, as a result, is the only logical, and satisfying, result. How logical Matt Parkman's trip to see African Isaac Mendez is remains up for debate, it must be conceded, but, in all honesty, I have absolutely no issue at all with this particular storyline. It seems to be bugging the hell out of the Heroes fans though, and the complaint generally seems to be that they don't like the writers repeating powers. Well, to that I say: deal with it. It happened last year with West and Kensei and you weren't complaining then, were ya? (Actually, they probably were). I don't feel the need to see an original power with every new hero and, in any case, this guy's is slightly different. He only sees Parkman's future, not everyone's. And in any case, it reintroduces the stunning season one artwork into the show; all the desert sequences are simply beautiful to observe. Oh and before the whiners start, Parkman is not necessarily going to paint the future. His eyes roll back yes, but he's on his 'spirit walk', his journey of discovery. It will probably affect Matt differently (it told the other dude to paint, it didn't make him paint)… Parkman did not touch a brush of any kind. Don't get worried yet.

    There are some minor problems with 'One of Us, One of Them', however, and they largely revolve around the villains and Peter. While the sequence in the bank was rather entertaining, with some nice use of powers (particularly Jesse's sound manipulation) the narrative was, ultimately, a bit of a damp squib, wasn't it? After building Jesse up last week, he gets two minutes to show his 'true force' and then he's dead at the hands of Sylar. Not the best decision, guys. The flamethrower's back in level 5 too, and God knows where Knox is. Really, not enough has been made of these guys, especially given that such gravitas was placed on their escape in the previous episode. Their level of threat was well sold in 'The Butterfly Effect'… but the ultimate execution leaves something to be desired. I do, however, have faith in the writers: they know what they do, and one imagines they have something else up their collective sleeves (a dozen escaped from Level 5… and Angela's premonition only included Knox in the line-up of no-gooders who murder our heroes). Hiro and Ando's narrative was a little lacking too; while it was nice to see the Haitian again, and Daphne continues to be brilliant, the Japanese duo's squabbling was completely predictable, and the speedster's taking advantage even more so. The feeling of disappointment at their story is probably a bi-product of slowing the pace of the plot down, allowing for considerable concentration on character development in some areas and downsizing the others to B or C storyline status. There's nothing essentially wrong with such a process: a more refined, and reflective, episode is produced as a result, but without the benefit of foresight to see where the building blocks being placed will ultimately fit, it can potentially come across as a little lacking. Still, on the whole, this is a well-written and executed hour of a show that continues to excite, intrigue and beguile.moreless
  • A very packed episode with lots of action and info.

    We continue where we left off, with Sylar and mommy dearest. She gave him up for adoption so he's probably half brother to Peter and Nathan. Not to mention uncle to Claire whom he attacked. We meet Bridget who has a very cool power – to know the history of anything she touches. And just when we thought Angela couldn't get any worse – she FED Bridget to Sylar!

    Back to Tracy – why is her power manifesting so late? Everyone else's powers manifested around the same time (this generation anyway) but not Tracy's. What an awesome power, cryokinesis. When she doesn't show up for work, Nate goes looking for her. How did that reporter get that video?! Former congressman or not, I would still think it would be news yet no-one knows about it. "I still kinda think that's you."

    Nathan did get Peter's message and Future Peter confirms that Peter is missing. It's very well done, every time Peter looks in the mirror, he sees Jesse. The pyro he's with, that blue fire looks like the power Future Peter had when he fought Sylar in the future. Good news is: he's back in New York.

    Bennet goes back to the Company but with a clear mission: to recapture the prisoners. It's odd though, when Bennet first explained the purpose of the Company, he said they 'exterminated' the really dangerous ones – why on Earth did they not get rid of THESE ones?! Confirmation that Angela is truly insane – she pairs Bennet with SYLAR!! And like any loving mother, says that Gabriel is just misunderstood. Sylar craves motherly approval (look at when he was with his adopted mother, she rejected him, he killed her) so Angela may be able to control Sylar. Though to what extent only time will tell. He looks so cute in the suit, with his hair slicked back. I never thought I'd refer to Sylar as adorable but he look so sweet! Like a kid playing dress-up. Sylar always knew he was special, that's what started his murder spree but little did he know it went further than that, that his entire biological family is special too. And now he knows he's one of them. Will this alter his behavior with Peter next time they meet? The last three times they ran into each other, they tried (successfully) to kill each other. According to Angela, his power is a hunger for power, in his specific case, a hunger he satisfies by taking other people's powers.

    Daphne delivered the formula, buyer unknown and the second piece is in play. Who better than the Haitian to be the delivery boy? No-one with powers can get near him.

    Claire, typical teenager, is trying to assert her independence and naturally wants to use her powers to stop evil. Meredith points out the obvious: her powers are completely defensive, though critical should she be hurt, it doesn't work as a weapon. However, looks like Meredith is going to teach her.

    Who would have thought that Peter would rob a bank? Being Peter, he acts as the innocents' protector. But one of them deliberately called the police, wanting a confrontation with the Company's enforcers when they arrive. On an up-note, a falling out leaves us with one less psychopath to deal with.

    Matt's new friend is just like Isaac, painting the future and in doing so, learned Matt's name. Very sweet painting of Matt finding Molly. That's not the only one – for some reason, his powers seem to focus specifically on Matt's life… with one exception, showing Matt with his 'wife' and child, and the woman's blonde? Saying the future's changed, he repaints – could the blonde woman be Daphne? Same build, same hair. Cute with the tortoise walking of the 9th Wonder. Matt eats something and his eyes go white?!

    It's becoming obvious that the range of powers is limited, we're still seeing new kinds of powers but are now also seeing repetition in people with the same or at least, similar powers: prophetic painting; healing/immortality; pyrokinesis.

    The fugitives make the news and thankfully, Angela shares with Bennet that Peter is one of them. Bennet does seem to imply that Peter only has Jesse's power, this is backed up by Peter's complete non-use of his powers and since he doesn't know what Jesse's power is, can't use it either. But our main psycho, Knox, is smarter than he looks, figures out that Jesse isn't Jesse anymore. How did Bennet just waltz through the police blockade like that?! What was that badge?! Sylar has untold depths – he started snapping orders at a lieutenant who obeyed and did it with just attitude and tone! I'm impressed! Bennet intends going alone but orders Sylar to stay outside. On one hand, it's stupid, Bennet has no powers and no weapons (he seems to be relying on Peter being inside) but on the other – as he says, to Sylar it would be a buffet.

    Hiro and Ando are always a riot and this time is no exception. Ando bantering with Daphne in the theatre; "Hiro will never leave me…" only to turn around and Hiro is gone, Daphne snickers. They are adorable together as always. Ando really is the sidekick to the hero (no pun intended) and I sometimes think that Hiro is living out some superhero fantasy that's playing in his head, and Ando is critical to ground Hiro when he gets carried away. Ando actually gets the briefcase! And then Daphne steals it.

    While Kaito had one half of the formula, Angela has the other half. This is typical Angela, this could have been done so quietly no-one would even know the formula left the building, instead she resorts to theatrics and meetings in theatres – that's just begging someone to steal it! As punishment for attacking the Haitian, Hiro and Ando are taken to Level 5, as are the other prisoner. One escaped, one captured, one killed. Sylar is returned to his cage with Bennet vowing to find a way to kill him. Well, according to Angela's vision, Claire was killed by cutting off her head – would work on Sylar too.

    Apparently Niki is dead! Micah sees Tracy but it's be that strange, he was used to seeing Jessica too. He offers to help by finding info on Tracy and he's stronger now, he can do it without touching the machine. Looks like Tracy and Niki were twins. Tracy finds the presiding doctor who declares "I created you." Maybe it was more than Niki and DL's relationship that was artificially created, maybe Niki and Tracy are too.

    Peter finds his power and Future Peter shows up to fix his mess: releases Peter from Jesse's body. Face to face with himself. Future Peter wants to show Peter the future, leaving Jesse back in control and Bennet in serious trouble. Sylar really is the perfect partner, given how varied his powers are, he can take on any number of special people and one of his powers can stop them. What's scary is that Sylar and Bennet are starting to understand each other. Right up until Sylar decides he's hungry. So much for that theory.

    Claire begins to worry me. Meredith forces her to face that she wants revenge on Sylar and instead of being furious, she gets this creepy smile and acts like nothing happened. In fact, she reminds me of Future Claire. Sandra and Meredith tangle but strangely, Meredith did what she did to keep Claire here with her family. It failed, Claire took off.

    Talk about a packed episode. I am far happier with this episode, feels like everything's back on track. The storylines which bothered me resolved themselves and are happily over.moreless
  • Lots more questions, and few answers, this routine is starting to make me mad. Despite that fact, this episode is pretty good overall, the season just needs to conclude some of it's older stories and kill off some of the useless characters.moreless

    By this time around I have to admit, the show is starting to get on my nerves a bit. As much as I enjoy it, the constant bombardment of questions every episode, with little to know answers is drowning the characters. I almost don't care anymore, I need a lot of answers, before the questions pile up so much that I don't care about the show anymore. The other problem now is the repeating things. The show almost recycles itself, events keep happing in the same way they did before. Hiro for example keeps using his time travel to go back and save things, but it always feels the same, even though it's different situations. Sylar just won't die, he keeps coming back and I am getting sick of seeing him around. Warning spoilers ahead.

    So my problems with the series aside, one of the things I never saw coming in this episode, was Noah and Sylar working together. All this time Sylar has been bad, but now that he finds out his real mother, all of a sudden he is good? Well he might not really be "good" but it seems as if he is now working for the "good" side. And what's with the writers bringing back another future painter! Seriously, it should have died when it did, there is no use to bring it back again. I liked that they put the question of Niki coming back to rest, as Tracy is not Niki, she was born on the same day however, which kind of makes me wonder if she is a twin or something. Later in this episode, Sylar's "hunger" gets the better of him, which was obvious to me from the get go, I just wonder why he started to act like he was good in the first place? Maybe he saw an opportunity to get easy powers, like an all you can eat buffet handed to him? So we see some new character named Dr. Zimmerman, who supposedly created Tracy, and probably Niki as well. It just bugs me that there is more now to the story when I thought at least Niki and Tracy's story was somewhat answered. I liked this episode, it was exiting and interesting to watch, but like I have said before, and on numerous accounts, I just hope that the show starts providing some answers and finishing some old stories.moreless
Janel Parrish

Janel Parrish


Guest Star

Olga Sosnovska

Olga Sosnovska

Angela's Aide

Guest Star

Ken Lally

Ken Lally

The German

Guest Star

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Meredith Gordon

Recurring Role

Ashley Crow

Ashley Crow

Sandra Bennet

Recurring Role

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy Jean-Louis

The Haitian

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Mrs. Petrelli tells Sylar that he is not really the son of a woman who collects Hummel figurines. But in fact, Sylar's mother collected snow globes, as seen in the episode The Hard Part (1x21).

    • German cinema-guest: "Sei still! Halt die Klappe!"

      This is translated with "Be quiet!", but as a matter of fact the German says "Be quiet! Shut up (your mouth!)". ~ Normally Germans would pause at least till another disturbing before using the harsh "Halt die Klappe!". The guest seems to be very annoyed anyway, since he is using the fratanizing German Du-form instead of Sie-form.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Knox: You took away my life.
      Noah: You're a criminal, Knox.
      Knox: Criminals get trials and lawyers. Me, I got stuck in Super-Guantanamo.
      Noah: You got a bum rap. Is that it?
      Knox: I think you get off being judge, jury and executioner. Now it's my turn.

    • Mr. Bennet: (about Angela) You do realize she's playing us, don't you? This is all one big game to her.
      Sylar: Maybe. But aren't you curious to see how it all plays out?

    • Sandra: You're a seventeen year old girl!
      Claire: Who can't get hurt! Can't die, can't even feel pain… You just don't understand.

    • Mr. Bennet: He's a murderer!
      Angela: Then you and Gabriel have more in common than you care to admit. He's been misunderstood. He just needs structure. And you're the perfect person to give it to him.

    • Hiro: You're telling us your plan? What kind of overconfident nemesis are you?
      Daphne: You're 0 for 2 against me, Pikachu. That's just regular confidence.

    • Hiro: Go away! We were here first.
      Daphne: You can't call dibs.
      Hiro: Can too. Dibs!

    • Peter: I told you; somebody put me in his body against my will. I swear.
      Knox: Then why'd you come along with us? You had plenty of chance to bail.
      Peter: You said you were gonna hurt people. I couldn't let that happen.
      Knox: Now I know you're full of it. Nobody's that heroic.

    • (in Japanese)
      Ando: (after hitting Haitian) Holy crap! It worked!
      Hiro: What are you doing?
      Ando: I'm being awesome.

    • Meredith: All right, we'll start at the beginning; survival.
      Claire: I've already mastered survival. I need to learn how to fight.
      Meredith: There's some things you can't fight, Claire.

    • Meredith: (to Claire) You gotta learn to save yourself before you can save the world. There ain't nothing wrong with just being a seventeen year old girl for a while. You got that?

    • Mohinder: (voiceover) And as the search for self continues we look for answers everywhere, in nature, in God, in tiny tragedies that may never be understood but still, we are driven to it, single-minded on one goal, to find our purpose on this earth, no matter what the ramification, the friendships that may be hurt or the deals with the devil we need to make.

    • Mohinder: (voiceover) In the ongoing search for self, there are days when we learn something genuinely new, something uncovered, hidden, that we never knew was there, something that surprises us and, on that day of self discovery, a question remains. What kind of person are we? Does the hero or the villain inside us win the day?

  • NOTES (5)

    • Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah) is billed as a Special Guest Star.

    • Though he contributes narration and is credited, Sendhil Ramamurthy does not appear in this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 16, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      New Zealand: November 19, 2008 on TV 3
      Latin America: November 28, 2008 on Universal Channel
      India: January 6, 2009 on Star World
      Belgium: March 19, 2009 on VT4
      Germany: September 16, 2009 on RTL II
      Finland: February 20, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: June 18, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: July 12, 2012 on Markiza

    • Powers Developments:
      Sylar: Sylar acquires an object reading ability.
      Jesse Murphy: Sound manipulation. Can emit a loud sound burst from his mouth.

    • The Symbol:
      The helix can be seen on the "9th Wonder" issue in the desert.


    • Dr. Zimmerman
      Dr. Zimmerman is a recurring character in the Star Trek universe, played by Robert Picardo. He is a scientist, specializing in hologram technology, and is best known for creating the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH), also played by Robert Picardo, that was used on the ship Voyager.

    • During the scene where Claire's biological mother attempts to smoke a cigarette in the Bennett household, it's clearly shown that she is smoking 'Morley' brand cigarettes, a nod to the brand the Cigarette Smoking Man smoked throughout the X-Files.

    • Daphne: You're 0 for 2 against me, Pikachu. That's just regular confidence.
      Hiro: Pikachu?

      Pikachu is one of the most recognizable Pocket Monsters (renamed as Pokémon outside Japan), which take part in an eponymous series of video games for Nintendo platforms, as well as in an eponymous animated series, where the main character Ash owns a Pikachu.