Season 3 Episode 3

One of Us, One of Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • So back to Season 3, they had an alright first episode and then the 2nd episode wasn't that bad. The third episode I just felt was kind of poorly done. Just when Heroes tries to swim it begins to sink.

    Okay so where do I start? I don't want to describe anything other then I thought most of the first season was good (Hey it wasn't the Sopranos), the second season was terrible and the third season up to the second episode had been average. So in this episode the real highlight is that Sylar suddenly turns good and I honestly don't mind because his shtick as a villain was getting a little boring. So basically in the episode the highlight is that HRG and Sylar become partners despite their hatred from each other because Angela Petrelli assigns them to each other. It's like a 70's show, with a serial killer and a cop working together! Yeah! So basically they try to stop the Level 5 criminals and Peter in someone else's body (Jesse)trying to stop the Level 5 criminals and I can honestly I haven't seen as bland villains as the ones in Level 5. They lack personality, intelligence and the craftiness of a good villain. So Future Peter takes Present Peter out of the guy Jesse and takes him to the future. Really stupid isn't it? Well basically the Level 5 villains are easily taken care of. The special effects were kind of lame with the only interesting scene where Peter as Jesse screams. Then there's some stuff about Tracy finding her relationship with Nikki but I just find it ridiculous that they brought Ali Larter back in a different character. If the show hadn't jumped the shark in the second season, it certainly did now. Then there's Parkman and Native Painter who puts on headphones and paints the future. I don't think anything could look as dumb as that scene. Seriously having a character put on a walkman and paint the future to Middle Eastern Music is just plain ridiculous. Well overall I didn't like this episode (It shows doesn't it). The Sylar and HRG odd couple relationship could have been interesting but Sylar kind of shows a weird type of respect toward HRG so there is no real conflict because HRG is the aggressor always telling Sylar what to do. Even if Sylar is good why would he listen to HRG? He's more powerful by a long shot. The Tracy thing is just ridiculous, I couldn't stand Nikki and I can honestly say I can't stand Tracy. Hopefully her character is gone and doesn't come back as Nikki/Traci's cousin "Belle." The Parkman thing is a waste because he's put on an useless odyssey with an Isaac Mendez ripoff character although Isaac was interesting. The action was okay, but I expected more excitement from these Level 5 villains it just became honestly to goofy. Definitely not a season highlight.
  • Noah and Sylar form an unlikely partnership, Peter tries to save the hostages in a bank inside a villain's body, Matt is revealed some paintings made by Usutu that reveal his past and future and Claire comes forward about her feelings to Meredith.

    The third chapter is action packed indeed. Sylar is told by Angela that she is his biological mother. So, Angela sets up Sylar to be Noah's partner in capturing the escapees from Level 5. During this partnership, Noah asks Sylar to keep low profile. Meanwhile, four of the escapees (including Jesse Murphy in whose body present Peter is in) take over a bank. When they open the safe and take the money, Knox (one of the escapees) reveals to the rest of the team his true plan; to draw in the Company and take revenge. When Noah goes in the bank so that the hostages will be let free, things turn ugly and Noah is in danger. Future Peter appears out of nowhere and removes present Peter from Jesse's body and together they escape. Sylar appears at the right moment and saves Noah's life.But when capturing the escapees, Sylar's hunger kicks in and he kills Jesse and takes his ability. In the end, one of the escapees is dead (Jesse), one is returned to his cell (Flint), one was killed by Knox during a disagreement between them (The German) and Knox escapes. Sylar returns to his cell.
    Claire refuses to go back to school determined that her life as a normal girl is over and that she will be better off chasing the escaped villains instead of going to school. Sandra disagrees and is angered when Meredith tries to interfere. Meredith tries to make Claire understand her true feelings. After the hard incident Claire is put through by Meredith, Claire reveals that she is only interested in going after Sylar and taking revenge. In the end, Claire goes after one of the villains.
    Hiro and Ando are in Berlin trying to stop Daphne from retrieving the second part of the formula. There we meet the Haitian who is there to collect the formula for Angela's benefit (so we see that Daphne is not working for the Company but for someone else). After a series of events, Ando messes up and the formula ends up in Daphne's hands while Hiro and Ando are imprisoned by the Company (this is the first time that we see a fracture in Ando and Hiro's friendship which will be the main focus of Hiro's story this volume).
    Tracy tries to uncover the mysterious connection between her and Niki Sanders. So, she goes to New Orleans where she sees the dead body of Niki and meets with her son, Micah. There Micah realizes that Tracy is not his mother. So he helps her get some information about her past. We see that Niki and Tracy where born on the same day by the same doctor, Dr. Zimmerman, who Tracy visits next in Reseda, CA.
    Finally, Matt is in Africa with Usutu who reveals that he could paint the future since he was a little boy and that he has been painting Matt's life all along. Matt is surprised, especially when he is told that a painting showing him and a mysterious blonde with a child is no longer his future. When Usutu paints a new painting it is revealed that the same blonde will now die and Usutu offers to show him how to save his future.
    Overall a good episode that puts the foundations for the rest of the volume. The lady shown in this episode making the transfer with the Haitian is Sedhil Ramamurthy's (Mohinder) wife. Key facts: Sylar's new ability taken by Bridget is one awesome ability that will be used later on especially in volume 4. Enjoy!
  • 'One of Them, One of Us' is mostly good, although it is a far slower, more methodical episode than the rip-roaring season opener.

    All we need now from Heroes is for Mohinder to keep his pants, his trousers, his shirt and well, his everything on, thank you very much… which, thankfully, this week, he does. So much so, in fact, that he's not even in the episode. Which I can't say I'm complaining too much about. What is in 'One of Them, One of Us' is, for the most part, rather good however, although it is a far slower, more methodical episode than the rip-roaring season opener. It essentially lays the groundwork for future plot developments and moves important pieces into position, while providing enough intrigue of its own to keep the water cooler busy. Sylar is very much the main talking point here – from finding out that the even-more-evil than usual Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose is, as usual, simply devine, dahling) is his biological mother to teaming up with HRG, the world of the show's principle villain is turned decidedly on its head and Zachary Quinto rises admirably to the challenges that come along with it. The actor gets a chance to explore the world of the man behind the insanity, to three-dimensionalise Gabriel and offer him his own set of emotional conflicts rather than hanging on to a 'I hunger for powers' modus operandi. Partnering him up with Noah Bennet is inspired and, while slightly clunky in light of their history, it works very well, primarily because the two of them have oodles of delightfully mistrusting chemistry. The same can arguably be said of Claire and her biological mother, whose journey of 'self-discovery' culminates in a superbly written and directed sequence in which Meredith traps Claire in a burning building and attempts to suffocate her. You know, as moms do. Although the outcome is somewhat telegraphed (and as is Claire's subsequent rebellion), it is perfectly in keeping with young Bennet's character and, as a result, is the only logical, and satisfying, result. How logical Matt Parkman's trip to see African Isaac Mendez is remains up for debate, it must be conceded, but, in all honesty, I have absolutely no issue at all with this particular storyline. It seems to be bugging the hell out of the Heroes fans though, and the complaint generally seems to be that they don't like the writers repeating powers. Well, to that I say: deal with it. It happened last year with West and Kensei and you weren't complaining then, were ya? (Actually, they probably were). I don't feel the need to see an original power with every new hero and, in any case, this guy's is slightly different. He only sees Parkman's future, not everyone's. And in any case, it reintroduces the stunning season one artwork into the show; all the desert sequences are simply beautiful to observe. Oh and before the whiners start, Parkman is not necessarily going to paint the future. His eyes roll back yes, but he's on his 'spirit walk', his journey of discovery. It will probably affect Matt differently (it told the other dude to paint, it didn't make him paint)… Parkman did not touch a brush of any kind. Don't get worried yet.

    There are some minor problems with 'One of Us, One of Them', however, and they largely revolve around the villains and Peter. While the sequence in the bank was rather entertaining, with some nice use of powers (particularly Jesse's sound manipulation) the narrative was, ultimately, a bit of a damp squib, wasn't it? After building Jesse up last week, he gets two minutes to show his 'true force' and then he's dead at the hands of Sylar. Not the best decision, guys. The flamethrower's back in level 5 too, and God knows where Knox is. Really, not enough has been made of these guys, especially given that such gravitas was placed on their escape in the previous episode. Their level of threat was well sold in 'The Butterfly Effect'… but the ultimate execution leaves something to be desired. I do, however, have faith in the writers: they know what they do, and one imagines they have something else up their collective sleeves (a dozen escaped from Level 5… and Angela's premonition only included Knox in the line-up of no-gooders who murder our heroes). Hiro and Ando's narrative was a little lacking too; while it was nice to see the Haitian again, and Daphne continues to be brilliant, the Japanese duo's squabbling was completely predictable, and the speedster's taking advantage even more so. The feeling of disappointment at their story is probably a bi-product of slowing the pace of the plot down, allowing for considerable concentration on character development in some areas and downsizing the others to B or C storyline status. There's nothing essentially wrong with such a process: a more refined, and reflective, episode is produced as a result, but without the benefit of foresight to see where the building blocks being placed will ultimately fit, it can potentially come across as a little lacking. Still, on the whole, this is a well-written and executed hour of a show that continues to excite, intrigue and beguile.
  • A very packed episode with lots of action and info.

    We continue where we left off, with Sylar and mommy dearest. She gave him up for adoption so he's probably half brother to Peter and Nathan. Not to mention uncle to Claire whom he attacked. We meet Bridget who has a very cool power – to know the history of anything she touches. And just when we thought Angela couldn't get any worse – she FED Bridget to Sylar!

    Back to Tracy – why is her power manifesting so late? Everyone else's powers manifested around the same time (this generation anyway) but not Tracy's. What an awesome power, cryokinesis. When she doesn't show up for work, Nate goes looking for her. How did that reporter get that video?! Former congressman or not, I would still think it would be news yet no-one knows about it. "I still kinda think that's you."

    Nathan did get Peter's message and Future Peter confirms that Peter is missing. It's very well done, every time Peter looks in the mirror, he sees Jesse. The pyro he's with, that blue fire looks like the power Future Peter had when he fought Sylar in the future. Good news is: he's back in New York.

    Bennet goes back to the Company but with a clear mission: to recapture the prisoners. It's odd though, when Bennet first explained the purpose of the Company, he said they 'exterminated' the really dangerous ones – why on Earth did they not get rid of THESE ones?! Confirmation that Angela is truly insane – she pairs Bennet with SYLAR!! And like any loving mother, says that Gabriel is just misunderstood. Sylar craves motherly approval (look at when he was with his adopted mother, she rejected him, he killed her) so Angela may be able to control Sylar. Though to what extent only time will tell. He looks so cute in the suit, with his hair slicked back. I never thought I'd refer to Sylar as adorable but he look so sweet! Like a kid playing dress-up. Sylar always knew he was special, that's what started his murder spree but little did he know it went further than that, that his entire biological family is special too. And now he knows he's one of them. Will this alter his behavior with Peter next time they meet? The last three times they ran into each other, they tried (successfully) to kill each other. According to Angela, his power is a hunger for power, in his specific case, a hunger he satisfies by taking other people's powers.

    Daphne delivered the formula, buyer unknown and the second piece is in play. Who better than the Haitian to be the delivery boy? No-one with powers can get near him.

    Claire, typical teenager, is trying to assert her independence and naturally wants to use her powers to stop evil. Meredith points out the obvious: her powers are completely defensive, though critical should she be hurt, it doesn't work as a weapon. However, looks like Meredith is going to teach her.

    Who would have thought that Peter would rob a bank? Being Peter, he acts as the innocents' protector. But one of them deliberately called the police, wanting a confrontation with the Company's enforcers when they arrive. On an up-note, a falling out leaves us with one less psychopath to deal with.

    Matt's new friend is just like Isaac, painting the future and in doing so, learned Matt's name. Very sweet painting of Matt finding Molly. That's not the only one – for some reason, his powers seem to focus specifically on Matt's life… with one exception, showing Matt with his 'wife' and child, and the woman's blonde? Saying the future's changed, he repaints – could the blonde woman be Daphne? Same build, same hair. Cute with the tortoise walking of the 9th Wonder. Matt eats something and his eyes go white?!

    It's becoming obvious that the range of powers is limited, we're still seeing new kinds of powers but are now also seeing repetition in people with the same or at least, similar powers: prophetic painting; healing/immortality; pyrokinesis.

    The fugitives make the news and thankfully, Angela shares with Bennet that Peter is one of them. Bennet does seem to imply that Peter only has Jesse's power, this is backed up by Peter's complete non-use of his powers and since he doesn't know what Jesse's power is, can't use it either. But our main psycho, Knox, is smarter than he looks, figures out that Jesse isn't Jesse anymore. How did Bennet just waltz through the police blockade like that?! What was that badge?! Sylar has untold depths – he started snapping orders at a lieutenant who obeyed and did it with just attitude and tone! I'm impressed! Bennet intends going alone but orders Sylar to stay outside. On one hand, it's stupid, Bennet has no powers and no weapons (he seems to be relying on Peter being inside) but on the other – as he says, to Sylar it would be a buffet.

    Hiro and Ando are always a riot and this time is no exception. Ando bantering with Daphne in the theatre; "Hiro will never leave me…" only to turn around and Hiro is gone, Daphne snickers. They are adorable together as always. Ando really is the sidekick to the hero (no pun intended) and I sometimes think that Hiro is living out some superhero fantasy that's playing in his head, and Ando is critical to ground Hiro when he gets carried away. Ando actually gets the briefcase! And then Daphne steals it.

    While Kaito had one half of the formula, Angela has the other half. This is typical Angela, this could have been done so quietly no-one would even know the formula left the building, instead she resorts to theatrics and meetings in theatres – that's just begging someone to steal it! As punishment for attacking the Haitian, Hiro and Ando are taken to Level 5, as are the other prisoner. One escaped, one captured, one killed. Sylar is returned to his cage with Bennet vowing to find a way to kill him. Well, according to Angela's vision, Claire was killed by cutting off her head – would work on Sylar too.

    Apparently Niki is dead! Micah sees Tracy but it's be that strange, he was used to seeing Jessica too. He offers to help by finding info on Tracy and he's stronger now, he can do it without touching the machine. Looks like Tracy and Niki were twins. Tracy finds the presiding doctor who declares "I created you." Maybe it was more than Niki and DL's relationship that was artificially created, maybe Niki and Tracy are too.

    Peter finds his power and Future Peter shows up to fix his mess: releases Peter from Jesse's body. Face to face with himself. Future Peter wants to show Peter the future, leaving Jesse back in control and Bennet in serious trouble. Sylar really is the perfect partner, given how varied his powers are, he can take on any number of special people and one of his powers can stop them. What's scary is that Sylar and Bennet are starting to understand each other. Right up until Sylar decides he's hungry. So much for that theory.

    Claire begins to worry me. Meredith forces her to face that she wants revenge on Sylar and instead of being furious, she gets this creepy smile and acts like nothing happened. In fact, she reminds me of Future Claire. Sandra and Meredith tangle but strangely, Meredith did what she did to keep Claire here with her family. It failed, Claire took off.

    Talk about a packed episode. I am far happier with this episode, feels like everything's back on track. The storylines which bothered me resolved themselves and are happily over.
  • Lots more questions, and few answers, this routine is starting to make me mad. Despite that fact, this episode is pretty good overall, the season just needs to conclude some of it's older stories and kill off some of the useless characters.

    By this time around I have to admit, the show is starting to get on my nerves a bit. As much as I enjoy it, the constant bombardment of questions every episode, with little to know answers is drowning the characters. I almost don't care anymore, I need a lot of answers, before the questions pile up so much that I don't care about the show anymore. The other problem now is the repeating things. The show almost recycles itself, events keep happing in the same way they did before. Hiro for example keeps using his time travel to go back and save things, but it always feels the same, even though it's different situations. Sylar just won't die, he keeps coming back and I am getting sick of seeing him around. Warning spoilers ahead.

    So my problems with the series aside, one of the things I never saw coming in this episode, was Noah and Sylar working together. All this time Sylar has been bad, but now that he finds out his real mother, all of a sudden he is good? Well he might not really be "good" but it seems as if he is now working for the "good" side. And what's with the writers bringing back another future painter! Seriously, it should have died when it did, there is no use to bring it back again. I liked that they put the question of Niki coming back to rest, as Tracy is not Niki, she was born on the same day however, which kind of makes me wonder if she is a twin or something. Later in this episode, Sylar's "hunger" gets the better of him, which was obvious to me from the get go, I just wonder why he started to act like he was good in the first place? Maybe he saw an opportunity to get easy powers, like an all you can eat buffet handed to him? So we see some new character named Dr. Zimmerman, who supposedly created Tracy, and probably Niki as well. It just bugs me that there is more now to the story when I thought at least Niki and Tracy's story was somewhat answered. I liked this episode, it was exiting and interesting to watch, but like I have said before, and on numerous accounts, I just hope that the show starts providing some answers and finishing some old stories.
  • Noah and Sylar attempt to stop the Villains from robbing a bank. Tracy searches for answers concerning her striking resemblance to Nikki. Following Daphne, Hiro and Ando come across the Haitian, while Meredith teaches Claire to fight.

    Angela sends the unlikely partners, rivals Sylar and Noah, straight to the danger zone. The fantastic five super powered humans (Sylar, Peter, Knox, Flint and Jesse) all clash in the small space of the bank (an opportunity for great action, special effects and excitement). Flint gets to show of his amazing power, pyrokinisis, Knox demonstrates his for the first time, absorbing The German's fear (whose ability is magnetism), he gains amazing strength and punches a hole straight through him. Meanwhile Peter is helplessly stuck within Jesse (placed inside by his future self). Accessing Jesse's ability (sonic scream) he literally blows everything out of proportion. This scene was incredibly hard to follow, but the concentration was worth it. I was quite relived when future peter pushed his present day self out of Jesse's body and teleported both of them to the future…are you following me?

    Freezing time makes it possible to freeze certain abilities in motion, in this episode the sound waves are frozen along with the objects and people thrown about in its wake. In the first episode, 'The Second Coming', this effect was also used to freeze Daphne's trail of speed. This is highly effective and offers us, as viewers, to look at some of the heroes abilities in detail. These effects are incredible and this is what often makes Heroes such a treat. Hiro's story was very fun and easy to follow as usual.

    Claire has a hell of a time trying to get on with Meredith when she locks her within a container and sucks all the oxygen out of it. This was a very dramatic scene in which Meredith forces Claire to tell the truth. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Claire admits that she want to hurt Sylar for what he did to her. My favourite storyline was yet again Tracy's. I really wanted to find out where she came from and who she actually was for definite.

    Upon arriving in New Orleans we finally find out what has happened to Nikki Sanders, unfortunately she was killed in the explosion after she saved Monica. I was devastated! Nikki was such a great character in season 1 and 2, Larter displayed such great talent, making the character her very own. I was sorely disappointed with the amount of screen time that she received in season 2 (not to mention Ando's rare appearances), but killing her really takes the biscuit. However Tracy is an interesting character and at least the brilliant Larter still remains on the show.

    There were more questions than answers raised however, which is just the way that Heroes works, such as 'why does this woman look exactly like the deceased Nikki?' I'm desperate to know. Hopefully we will find out in the very next episode. Ali Larter has played so many characters now; it is getting quite ridiculous. I know that she is a good actress, but please, one character is enough for anyone. Lets just calm things down a bit and stick with the mysterious Tracy.

    In New Orleans she bumps into Micah. Mistaking her for his Mum, he apparently seems to just know that this identical replica of Nikki is not his mother, which is quite ridiculous, how can you just know? In a conversation between the two, Tracy says 'Gosh, I'm sorry this must be so strange for you' (what with me being a living, breathing clone of your mother and all) to which he replies in a surprisingly normal voice, apparently lacking any emotion, 'a little!' He might as well say 'it's no biggy dude'. This is incredibly unrealistic, where's the emotion? If any normal human being were in this situation, they'd be crying and blurting things out like 'God, you look just like my mum, why?' and 'you say my name in the exact same way that my mother used to'. Instead Micah sits on the end of his bed, his eyes glazed over, looking dumb and lifeless.

    This is the problem with heroes, there are so many multiple storylines, and in Season threes case, so much action squeezed into a space of less than an hour, that the creators of Heroes tend to skip over the moments in which they can truly inject some real emotion, the result, a completely shoddy scene like this. However Micah does hug a shocked Tracy at the end of the scene (after using his powers to help her find her connection with Nikki, a birth certificate stating that she was born on the same day in the same hospital, delivered by the same man, Dr. Zimmerman ), revealing that Micah and isn't as dumb as he makes out to be. This leads her to California, where Dr. Zimmerman lives. There, she learns that not only does he know her, but he created her…Finally it looks like we are about to get some answers.
  • Tracy arrives in California and visits Zimmerman at his home, where he mistakenly calls her "Barbara". Tracy corrects him, then asks if he knew her. Zimmerman replies "Know you? I created you." Oooh Interesting!!!

    The episode opens with Angela speaking with Sylar. She tells him that he is her son, stating that he knew all along he wasn't the son of a watchmaker. She tells him she gave him up for adoption, then calls in a woman named Bridget, who has the power to view the history and past of any object she touches, including who has touched it in the past. Sylar asks what she is going to do to him, and Angela tells him that she is going to feed him. The scene ends with Angela walking away down a corridor, and the familiar sound of Sylar splitting a skull open along with screaming.
    Nathan waits impatiently for Tracy's arrival. Future Peter teleports into the room. Nathan asks him where his brother is, and Future Peter says he's looking for him. Nathan tells him about a phone message he received from Peter, with someone else's voice, warning him to be on the lookout for Future Peter.
    Tracy travels to New Orleans to learn more about Niki Sanders, and there the funeral is about to begin. Tracy discovers Niki lying in a coffin and is startled at their resemblance. She closes the coffin and turns to leave, only to find Niki's now-orphaned son Micah standing behind her. Bewildered, Micah mistakes Tracy for Niki at first, but quickly realizes Tracy isn't his mother and, after they have a talk, he decides to help her. He uses his powers on a laptop and discovers that Tracy and Niki were born on the same day, in the same hospital and with the same doctor: a man named Zimmerman. Tracy then leaves to meet Zimmerman in California, so she can find out more about her past and origin.
    Knox, Flint, The German, and Jesse's body, which Present Peter is still inside. They walk into a bank, and begin robbing it. Flint scares the innocents inside with his flame throwing ability, giving Knox strength. The German works on the combination to the safe, and Peter does his best to keep peace.
    On Level 5, Angela and Noah discuss his terms. He says he is back to re-imprison Knox, Flint, Jesse and the German. When Noah asks for his old partner, The Haitian, Angela says he is unavailable, and pairs him with Sylar instead. She sends Noah and Sylar to defuse the hostage situation at the bank.
    When the situation at the bank escalates, Bennet and Sylar arrive at the bank. The villains want to start killing people, but Peter, in Jesse's body, tries to stop them. Bennet enters the bank alone, making Sylar wait outside. Bennet prepares to apprehend Knox and Flint. The two get the upper hand on Bennet until Peter learns to control Jesse's power and pushes the two away with a loud scream. Suddenly time gets frozen by Future Peter. He releases the current Peter out of Jesse's body and invites Peter to come along with him to witness the future, and Peter agrees and they leave. When time returns back to normal, Bennet thanks Peter, but the real Jesse says "Peter isn't here right now" and proceeds to attack Bennet. Sylar enters and uses his telekinesis to stop Knox from punching Bennet and to choke Jesse so he couldn't use his sound. Bennet arrests Flint and walks out of the bank. Sylar, however, is too tempted by the criminals' powers, and ultimately gives in to his "hunger," locking all the doors so he can kill Jesse. With Sylar focused on Jesse, Knox takes the opportunity to escape.
    Hiro and Ando have a run-in with the Haitian while following Daphne. Hiro and Ando have a discussion with Daphne, who attempts to drive Hiro and Ando apart. Hiro and Daphne discover they can't use their powers anymore when the Haitian arrives. Hiro and Ando follow the Haitian, who gets the other half of the formula that could destroy the world from an unknown English-sounding woman. It is mentioned that the Haitian is now working for Angela, who wanted the formula closer to home. Hiro and Ando knock the Haitian out and get the formula, but Daphne manages to steal it from them. Hiro and Ando are unable to escape before the Haitian wakes up again. They are arrested and taken to Level 2 in the Company.
    Claire later discovers a box with files on super-powered people from her father and sneaks away to track them down.
    In Africa, Matt continues his spirit walk with the strange native who has precognitive painting powers, similar to those of Isaac Mendez. The native reveals that he has painted Matt's life ever since he was a boy. They reach the native's house, and Matt is shown numerous paintings of himself, mostly beginning from when he discovered his powers. The native tells him that one painting has to change. The native had painted Matt's future with a new wife and child, but that life will not come to pass for an unknown reason. The native paints over this image, replacing it with a scene where Matt grieves over a dead woman he holds in his arms. Matt later wants to know what this all means, and the native invites Matt into his house, where Matt takes a seat and he is seen eating something that the native has given him. Matt tells the native that he does not feel anything. The native gives Matt his Walkman and says this will help. Matt's eyes then turn white and his pupils vanish, as when the native and Isaac Mendez use their power. Matt then begins to learn about the future.
    Tracy arrives in California and visits Zimmerman at his home, where he mistakenly calls her "Barbara". Tracy corrects him, then asks if he knew her. Zimmerman replies "Know you? I created you."

    Great episode. Kept me hanging at the end with Tracy and Doctor Zimmerman. Loved Syalr also in this with his country accent :) So funny! All in all another great installment but to my dismay Matt is still in Africa with Usutu.
  • a average Heroes episode

    This is the only episode of Season Three that didn't extremely capture my interest, one reason being that I thought it was a little too predictable. Because it came to the reveal future episode, I guess it does make sense in a way. But being Heroes, there's so much going on and forty minutes is not enough to fit it all in. The stunner of the week before comes back in good time: Sylar is a Petrelli! After a couple of weeks of mulling it over, I've decided I like this development. It's an interesting take on Sylar who's always been this outsider. A psychopathic outsider, yes, but an outsider, a guy grappling with his powers, dismissed as a monster by the heroes, while jealously coveting others' powers. Being a Petrelli, he has a sense of belonging. And it gives an extra shade of gray for Nathan and Peter, most noticeably Peter, since he has a similar power as Sylar and he's had issues grappling with good and evil himself. Future weeks have proved that Sylar being a psychopath is not entirely under his control because his power is destructive. He can read other powers and convert it to being his power but the ability makes the user crave more abilities and the fact that his real father is a major evil. Sylar being a Petrelli doesn't erase the event with the woman he thought was his mother, it even gives it a bit of a new dimension. Angela is proud of finding her lost son and admits that it was a mistake that she gave him up. Why she did will be found out later. She tries to make it up to him in the way Angela can, killing a person and sending her son off to do her bidding, dragging Noah in during the process. Noah is understandably upset with Sylar as a partner, due to the past and what he did to Claire, but since Noah wants to help The Company, that's what he's forced to do, and now he and Sylar go off to capture a few Sector Five villains. Future Peter is still wandering the present, looking for Real Peter, and Nathan finally asks where his real brother is. Tracey looks for answers to Nikki and her connection to her and she takes a trip to New Orleans, meeting up with Micah. Tracey is not Nikki, as Nikki lies in a coffin, as that means Tracey is not a split-personality. It also means that since Nikki's gone, Micah will no longer be around. I will miss him. Matt is still stuck in Africa with Utusu, the quirky sage, and Matt is confused as to why there's so many visions of him painted, especially a picture with him holding Daphne. Hiro and Ando meet up with Daphne in a cineplex and try to reason with her. However, Daphne tries to split Hiro and Ando further apart by calling Ando the sidekick. And she is moderately successful. Ando's split-decision, and when he makes the decisions, usually falls apart pretty bad, knocking out the Haitian, who has been noticeable absent this season and only shows when it's convienent, and a mad Haitian bringing the two back to the company. Real Peter is trapped in Jesse's body and has to watch while Jesse's friends hold up a bank (got to say, bit of a cliche), pretending to be Jesse while it lasts. Meredith tries to get Claire back after Sylar attacked her by showing her real daughter she's not all powerful and should be aware of it. Claire shrugs it off and instead of the event changing her mind about going after villains, which was Meredith's plan, goes on her own to find one. Sylar and Noah meet Real Peter/Jesse and the villains at the bank and Sylar begins to show a softer side to him not previously seen before, during and after a nifty deceit to the police. Noah and Sylar break in the bank and confront the villains who have turned on Real Peter/Jesse, knowing he isn't Jesse. The three work together to take Knox and crew down. Future Peter shows up, freezes time, and gets Real Peter out of Jesse's body. How he did it in the first place, I have no idea. Real Peter asks what his future self was doing and to help explain, Future Peter takes Real Peter to the future. Sylar and Noah are left with Jesse but soon stop him. The German dies and two leave, captured. As for Jesse, Sylar isn't ready to give up being a bad guy quite yet. He locks Noah out of the bank and slices Jesse's head open. Noah has more reason to hate him. The episode ends with Utusu showing Matt to read the future and Matt slipping into a prophetic coma, Hiro and Ando trapped in the Company's walls, Noah promising his old friend the Haitian Sylar won't replace him and Noah will find a way to kill his nemesis, Claire out for blood, Tracey finding the doctor who delivered her as a baby, and Real Peter along with Future Peter seeing what destruction the future will wreak. And that's only the beginning as more revelations, surprises, and adventure, comes in this season.
  • Brilliant!

    Awesome episode in my opinion.

    It really got the story going again this season, whereas the two previous ones have been slowly pulling us back in.

    Its good to see Claires character with a good storyline also.

    Loved the ending, showing Noah's (HRG) real side and also building on the story.

    Also its such a great idea from the writers of putting Sylar right beside Noah and working as a team, I love it. Its great to see Sylar more often since weve missed him over season 2.

    Cant wait to watch the next episode. This one gets a very easy 10/10 from me.
  • Heroes is back on form with another great episode...

    The third episode of the third season of Heroes doesnt dissappoint after the crazy but exciting series premiere the next episode doesn't tone the action and excitement down it cranks it up a notch. Hiro and Ando where so funny in this episode I loved it when Ando knocked out the . Sylar and HRG where great together in this episode and those bank scenes where impressive I loved it. I was happy to see two of the escapees die and the two better ones survived. I'm intrested in Mohinder's story the most at the moment and I was sad to not see him in the episode.
  • Uppity, Dojo, Quirky

    This was a crazy interesting episode. I am really enjoying the twist in the plot that puts HRG with Sylar. I think it's very interesting. I wasn't all that pleased with Claire's uppity behavior though. It just seems that she would brood a bit before deciding that living a 'normal' life isn't for her. In addition, I'm getting tired of her whining that she needs to learn how to fight. Girl, get ya butt to a DOJO already.I really love some of the new characters too. Daphne is so much fun, quirky and likable.I know a lot of people aren't very happy with the storylines this season. However, I have no problem with them. Obviously the 'Heroes' are going to have to keep saving the world, simply because everytime they do, they change the future. And let's face it folks, our world CURRENTLY needs saving. Anyway, it was an interesting episode, getting things moving along at a better pace than the first eppies. Can't wait till next week!!!
  • Mmmm... good.

    I have read a few of the negative reviews on here and couldn't disagree more. They fault the episode and for gaps in logic. Well, guess what... this is a science-FICTION show, with people who have superpowers. What do you expect? Not to mention, I believe the writers are doing a pretty good job of setting up character motivations. Yes, Hiro can go back in time and potentially alter the past. But Hiro tried that and it didn't go as planned. Instead, he has opted to work in the present, in search of his great quest. He doesn't want to change the past, he wants to work to change the future. Same with Future Peter. Yes he could go back in time and alter everything. But if you haven't noticed that IS what he is doing! He already has messed up the past, and now his only concern is changing the ultimate future, which at the moment is certain destruction. He doesn't want to micromanage the past because as he learned from his mother the butterfly effect can be a real pain in the ass. Enough with justifications... time to explain why I thought this episode was the best since the amazing Season 1. Characters are finally developing. Tracy is tracing her routes (pun? haha hell yeah) and in the process we are discovering new connections between the heroes. Sylar is now being humanized... we are able to see his inner-conflict. Mrs. Petrelli may be ruthless, but it seems that she is just doing what it takes to fix a messed up future. Her character's code of ethics is being revealed, and it is a very interesting one. Hiro and Ando continue to have their relationship deteriorate, while dealing with the incredibly hot Daphne. HRG is back, and his character continues to be strong and consistent. Claire clearly sees her future is similar to that of Kristen Bells, to use her powers for the company (which at the moment seems to be good). This episode was filled with action, character development, and plot development. Even the Haitian is back! I thought the first 2 episodes were horribly paced, to the point where I thought the writers were still feeling the rush from the writers strike that shortened season 2. Now the show is back to a good pace, where things are slowly being revealed all the while we are getting to see action in multiple storylines. After the season premiere, I almost stopped watching Heroes because it seemed rushed and confusing. But now the pieces are falling together. The only thing that I am sad about is the lack of Kristen Bell, who as I understand may not be in this season much. I freaking love her so much, to the point where I am starting to watch Veronica Mars. But Daphne is pretty freaking hot, so thats cool. Also, the absence of Suresh was much needed. His character is going down a horrible path that I didn't anticipate, and I hate it. It seems so unlike his character. I hope he dies soon.

    Now the big question mark for me: What is going on with Parkman and the "new Isaac" in Africa? I am not sure if I like how that storyline is developing. But the "new Isaac" at least seems pretty cool, and I am very curious to see where it is going.

    So to sum it up... amazing episode, best since season 1. Cant wait to see how all these characters continue to develop. Hate Suresh, glad he wasnt in this.
  • Sliding away in to nowhere is no superpower.

    What has happened to this fantastic series?
    After a first season topper and an excusable weak second series (that strike...), this episode and the previous two hit rock bottom. Auch, this hurts, 'caus is ain't a superpower. Many things have gone wrong (may we call them evil?) :
    - The producers promised us action. OK. But action is all we get. There's no character development, not even a story line worth mentioning. The all too numerous heroes (there really should be a limit) never get more than a handfull of sentences in each mini scene. This hectic cut-up approach leaves the viewer as an orphaned uncaring outsider, never able to get involved with 'his' heroes.
    - Some characters are getting much to powerful. What are all the special gifts Sylar posseses now? Can anyone keep track? Like Superman in the 70's he's so powerfull it's becoming rediculous. The same goes for Peter Petrelli. This family has gotten so bombastic that the fact they are three brother has the effect of a waterdrop on a hot plate. What a waste. (The soapish adoption debacle has me lose all respect for my once loved Mama)
  • Slow and quick all at the same time

    With Daphne the Speedster not being able to use her super speed while the Haitian is around, its sort of an Analogy for this episode which is slower than the first 2 but still goes at a quicker pace than pretty much anything in the previous season.

    I kinda liked this speed as well although its cracks become more obvious because of it. For example Tracey Strauss visiting Micah was more used for plot progression than anything else. Basically, 'Hey you look like my Mom but you're not, lets hack the computer to find your birth certificates - oooh would you look at that'. On the opposite end of the scale you also have the far too broad comedy of Hiro, Ando, Daphne and The Haitian. It's enjoyable and I'm glad Hiro is back to what he was in Season 1 but this is almost filler ironically moving at the slowest pace of all the plot strands this week. The level of dumbness of Ando and Hiro has gone a little too far as well when the Haitian is knocked out. Duhh

    So now onto Claire and her little sub-plot with her biological mother. I don't know about anyone else but for a while now I haven't really cared much for Claire's character or storylines. They bore me basically, and although this is an improvement on last week I still can't see the point. She needs a powerless sidekick like in the first Season. I'm glad they didn't bring back her Peter Pan boyfriend for this reason. Although its nice to know she can be suffocated - she surely felt that pain.

    Which leads us to the biggest plotline of the episode with Sylar teaming up with Noah to capture the escaped Level 5's. I understood the need to have a familiar face in the bank robbing group so we could identify, but wouldn't it have been better if we were teased with Peter's visage rather than Jessie's, just a thought. As for Sylar, he'd make a good company man if only he could control those urges to kill. Noah literally let him have Jessie's soundwave power which is a hell of a defensive power in all honesty. Angela Petrelli as his mother I am still not convinced by (although feeding Sylar was a nice touch) but I am intrigued by her and Noah's plan for Sylar.

    Lastly is small plot points like Matt in dazed white eye mode which insinuates that abilities can be learned with use of herbs, and the most interesting part being that Nicky and Tracey were created. Dr Zimmerman the evil genius he must be, given the powers they both have. I'm interested in seeing how both progress in particular the latter. Bring on next episode where we'll hopefully see what happened with Mohinder-fly.
  • As the introduction phase closes, several stories are beginning to head towards interesting developments.

    As this season is split into two halves, the thirteen episode "Villains" and the twelve episode fourth volume, the arcs are a little different than a full season arc. Instead of a 6-8 episode introduction, it's likely going to be four, five tops. Therefore the plotting feels a lot faster than last season, where they meandered. It feels like the introduction is winding down as the complication phase is set to start, and that's what the show needs now.

    The central piece of the episode involves the squad of villains with Peter holding up a bank, at first just to steal some money, but quickly the stakes escalate and soon they encounter both Sylar and Bennet. Knox is the leader of the gang, pulling strings even the rest of the squad aren't aware of. Unbeknownst to his associates, he alerted the police in hopes that it would draw Bennet out, which it did. He also takes care of NotMagneto, which is a more than welcome development. Clearly he's the one escapee with the other villains in Angela's dream for a reason.

    As expected, Peter's imprisonment in Jesse's body is somewhat explained. Jesse was still there, but Peter's personality took over. As for Peter's powers, it's unknown whether he go any of them when he was freed in frozen time, or if he was still able to take them in Jesse's body (if he uses The German's power we'll know for sure). We'll have to see if it's in the future Future Peter helped create by silencing Nathan.

    Angela is clearly playing Sylar, and the game is definitely twisted: moments after telling him she's his real mother she gets away with bringing in a fresh victim to "feed" him (after confirming he didn't eat the brain they pile on a whole lot of hunger/feeding metaphors). Also, why exactly was Bridget on board to have her head sliced open at the beginning of this episode? Angela is playing with some dangerous toys here, giving Sylar a justification to kill as many people as he wants. There isn't much keeping Sylar from taking her precognitive dreaming for himself.

    Her endgame is simple enough: to control Sylar, possibly motivated by that image of Tracy, Maury, Adam and Knox where Sylar's her last line of defense. Peter's gone in the vision (and just forget Future Peter), and her attempt to manipulate Nathan failed miserably in the past. Assuming she is telling the truth, he's the last son for her to control.

    Bennet and Sylar working together was fun with the two butting heads as Sylar, up until the scalping, turned out to be a pretty good agent. It's no surprise why Bennet doesn't want to work with him, but Sylar, at behest of Angela, is cooperative, helpful and even saves Bennet from what was likely going to be a fatal punch from Knox. However, Angela's mixed messages come into play when Sylar, instead of transporting the three, decides to take Jesse's power while Knox escapes. Too bad we'll never get a real scene between former Veronica Mars' co-stars Francis Capra and Kristen Bell.

    With Sylar, they are at a crossroads: he probably shouldn't have survived the showdown at the end of the first season and was kept along because Quinto worked so well with the character. Now, Sylar's future could go either of two ways: he's killed off (unlikely) or he switches sides. They seem to be building up to one of them, as he dismisses chances at redemption (which only happens when a character is going to redeem himself), since Sylar as is can only be viable for so long.

    Bennet has shown himself to be the guy who if his daughter is threatened will kill anyone in his way to keep her safe. With Sylar, he can't just shoot him. He has to be patient and cunning. Clearly, the Adam loophole will be brought up as Bennet figures out how to kill a man who can spontaneously heal and stop bullets or projectiles with his mind. Of course, he could have The Haitian block said powers and use that weakness against him, but Bennet may want to have responsibility rest solely on him, since this time it really is personal. Also he can be useful with eight escapees still on the loose, even if that means giving Sylar a little more power.

    As Bennet deals with working alongside his daughter's attacker, so does Claire learn a bit from herself courtesy of her biological mom. Claire was ready to get involved in the fight despite her father's wish for her to stay at home. Considering she can heal from almost every injury and now doesn't feel pain, she has some formidable assets in a fight. However, her motivation doesn't stem from nobility so much as it's her way of dealing with her attack. This is certainly telling of not only Claire's mindset, but Meredith's history.

    Tracy's pursuit of who she really is leads her to New Orleans and the reveal that Niki was killed in the explosion from the season finale. While it is a bit of a cop out to kill off the character only to have the actress play another (unless established in the mythology like on Battlestar Galactica), the avenue they're going has potential with all the talk of genetic experiments this season. At the funeral she runs into Micah, who uses his technopathy to uncover that they were born at the same hospital on the same day, although he conveniently can't find any more information (seriously, he doesn't even try with no hint of a road block).

    Dr. Zimmerman hints at experiments done on Tracy and Niki by calling Tracy "Barbara" when they meet and says that he "created" her. While many people are going to take that and assume that this means only cloning, it could also be connected to test tube babies. Those experiments were performed back in the 70s, and the first successful one happened a few years after Niki's birth. It wouldn't be too hard to believe that there were secret experiments, possibly Company funded, to instill powers on ordinary embryos, and may be connected to the formula.

    Hiro and Ando's comic adventures with Daphne are beginning to wear a little thin. Unlike a lot of other elements so far, there isn't much to it. The formula is really the interesting piece of the subplot. It's been basically the same thing in each hour so far. She's mean to Hiro and always gets the upper hand, which feels more like the relationship of two people who are bound to get together romantically.

    Also, why is Hiro so quick to call Daphne her nemesis? Wouldn't that be more appropriate title for Adam? She's an annoyance and clearly what's going to happen is partially her fault, but with Adam there was a more personal dynamic that would make the nemesis title appropriate.

    Daphne continues to exploit the growing rift between Hiro and Ando, and it works on Ando. Clearly lacking power, Ando wants to prove himself and that's increasingly hard when your best friend can bend space and time and you're not the smartest when it comes to strategy. This would be the likely motivation for him to use Mohinder's serum and possibly pointing to his villainy, of which I'm still skeptical.

    While Hiro and Ando are now held captive in Level 5 next door to Sylar, there's no danger of Hiro having his ability stolen, which would certainly be a game changing ability. It wouldn't be surprising for him to show up and try to scorch them with Flint's blue flame though. It's an interesting set up, especially with the unclear rules over use of powers in these cells. Flint can scorch his cell, but why couldn't Hiro and Ando teleport away?

    Usutu has to have one of the lamest powers in the history of the show, somewhere between liquefying stuff and negating only one person's power. Only seeing visions of some guy from LA (when you're in Africa) lacks any practicality until Future Peter sent him there. The interesting catch though, is how he induces it with music, a feat that works on Matt towards the end of the episode. Hopefully there's more to that that will be explored in future episodes.

    There is more hinting at the dramatic altering of the future, as Usutu covers up a painting of Matt, a woman and a baby with one of Matt holding the limp body of the woman. Considering the hairstyle, it's likely that that woman is Daphne, setting up for a meeting down the road. Matt in Africa risks being another orphaned subplot, but at least there is an idea for them meeting up with the main story.

    So far the season is shaping up well. The stories are all moving at a brisk pace with a lot of entertaining reveals and developments. While many were crying the end of Heroes last year, I'm cautiously optimistic this is the start of an uptrend.
  • Dog Day Afternoon.

    this week's "Heroes," isn't a 10 like in the previous weeks. I didn't like Claire being tortured by her mother. That why this episode didn't get a 10. The highlight of the episode is that Matt has aquired another super power. He can paint the future. Hiro and Ando is at a German movie theatre which runs silent movies. I can see them on Turner Classic Movies. Another highlight is the super power villains taking over a bank. Just like the movie "Dog Day Afternoon, except the people who's robbing the bankl had superpowers. At the end Hiro and ando are at the hands of the company.
  • Part good, part silly, I have no other word to describe this episode except "average". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching, but some red flags were raised.

    So Syler is to become a dark hero. That is a plus. If they continue on this line, they will be able to pull some interesting plot twists later on, which I hope they do.

    The first batch of escapees from level 5 at captured/killed. Which points toward some more action on that line for the future. After all, there was mention of 12 escapees, and only 4 are accounted for so far. Or is it 5 ? I'm not sure Bennett is not counted among the 12. In any case, we still have 7 or 8 on the loose.

    The desert guy provides some interesting questions. Not only does he paint the future, just like Issac Mendez did (including with the blank eyes), but he seems to be able to "teach" others to do the same.

    If you add that fact, the Mohinder injecting himself with that serum, and Dr. Zimmerman saying he "created" Tracy, one has to wonder how much all those powers were a factor of evolution, and how much was tinkering. Of course, one would have to disregard Adam from Season 2. But then again, disregarding Season 2 is always a pleasure.

    There are some negative sides on this episode too. I, for one, I'm sick of Daphne. A poor role for a bad actress is the only way I can describe it. Perhaps I can hope and they will kill her soon, or maybe she will just fade. She reminds me too much of the whole "Hiro in the part" arc from Season 2.

    As for Meredith, I will hold commenting for the time being. The character definitively has potential. I don't know if it is due to the actress, or the story itself, but so far, it failed to impress. Lets hope for the best here.
  • So Sylar tought he killed Peter(his brother). Jack understood on time that wasn't the case. But the next scene they returned to Angela(Sylar's & Peter's mom) in full acceptance. This wasn't worked out properly I think.

    Angela has a pretty sinister side, i think she loves power, the future and her family.
    She sents Sylar, who is a bit jealous I think on Peter's power, to get the 4 criminals with Peter in 1 of them. Knowing that Peter only has a lame power now, is asking for trouble.
    Doesn't she care for Peter anymore?
    Ok she can see the future so she probally knows nothing bad will happen yet!?!
    And it feels like she has a nice plan for Sylar, ofcourse she will not say goodbye to her 2 boys, so she has to use an unusual tactic to introduce the 2 boys to Sylar. I am curious how this will work out.
  • Awesome

    I don't know what to say, Heroes still delivers week after week. Last week I was thinking that I started to get a bit fed up with Sylar and his whole stealing peoples powers - thing, but this week we got to see a new side of him, and finally got to see some more of Zachary Quintos great acting. I just loved that story line, and I hope to see more of suit-Sylar. There are so many other possible villains out there to pull out, it's time for Sylar to become this anti-hero, he can still have his relapses, but this is definitely the best way to keep his character interesting.
  • An unlikely pair team up...

    Noah and Sylar (Yes you heard it right) are paired up to bring in some of the escaped villians which they do sucessfully. Sylar is convinced that he's not all that bad, but can't keep his mind off getting other people's powers.

    Tracy starts to unravel her past, Claire doesn't want to be a normal teenager anymore (Who doesn't) She doesn't want to be saved anymore, She wants to save others. So her biological mum gives her what she can't handle. Mark is still stuck in Africa on his "Spirit Walk" to find himself. The Comedy duel of Ando and Hiro are still going after the piece of paper that could destroy the world and once again run into speedster Daphne. Present Peter is still trapped in the body of one of the escaped villains and tries to stop a robbery heist designed to smoke out Bennet and destroy him. Future Peter pops back up and pulls Present Peter out of the villain's body.
  • Sylar! Sylar! Sylar!...

    ... Sylar! Sylar! Sylar!

    What better way to mess with us than to partner him with HRG and then revert him to his old ways? And his "mamma" feeding him powers?

    One wonders whether she really knows what she is doing. Given that she has survived so long, it is safe to say that the writers will write in a witty loophole to explain how she had it planned all along.

    The "villains" holding up the bank were pathetic. Peter trapped inside the body was also pretty lame. Pyro man was not animated so well, and all the other powers seemed weak.

    One thing's for sure – Sylar was damn cool in his suit, black tie and slicked back hair. Him taking that power in the bank was the icing on the cake. The little smile he had as he did it was priceless.

    Claire is beginning to become one huge whine-fest. Please, please give the power of inspiration to all writers for the Claire storyline. Or find a way to kill her off. Please.

    Ice queen was annoying and bringing back the "son" was again pretty boring. I don't *care* how/if she was copied. I simply don't.

    Parkman's Africa trip is also grating on the nerves. The future has changed. We get it.

    Well done on keeping Mo(re)hinder out of this episode, but I fear that it is going to be temporary at best.

    Future Peter remains uber-cool, and all-powerful but with the twist of not being able to predict the future as he changes it. What he does with his old self better be interesting.

    This show started off with so much promise, but I am now only watching it for everything that Sylar does. I would happily watch him burn the world down just to satisfy the "urge" and become some kind of indestructible demi-god in the process. How awesome would that be?
  • Sylar and Bennet's fantastic adventure.

    Ever since first season's "Company man" the audience is aware that Primatech operatives – much like Molly's fathers - act in pairs: one of us, one of them. And yet at the unholy alliance made by one Noah Bennett and Gabriel Gray the audience already knows this partnership would end up in tears, especially for the people they must capture are the very prisoners of level 5 among which Peter is hiding, as the hostage situation reaches its peak Matt Parkman reaches sanctuary with a new character with a familiar power he uses to prove Parkman that a happy ending may be within reach for him even if he has already lost one family – and the other one is in no better shape albeit unbeknown to him – funny thing how the potential mother of Parkman's children has an uncanny resemblance to the woman that stole the formula from Hiro and quickly outsmarts both him & Ando during an intense encounter with the Haitian long before Matt himself comes back from the vision of what could be their future together.

    However, for one Micah Sanders it's not a future but rather the past what new character Tracy seeks as she finds him in New Orleans, though it allows this 11 year old orphan to say goodbye to the living image of his mother to whom Tracy resembles, their heartbreaking encounter is the beginning of her journey as well as the end of Micah's family and so they end just like Noah & Syar's partnership: in tears; for not only Tracy finds out she was "created" but Sylar proves Noah right as "Agent Hanson" himself takes the brains of the prisoners they both captured before the episode is over.
  • I must be seeing double with this whole Peter thing.

    "One of Us, One of Them" is a very weird episode in general. Matt finds paintings of his future (think Isaac from season 1), Claire reunites with her birth mother and decides to fight evil, Mohinder finds out there are consequences to his discovery, Tracy meets a person, and Hiro and Ando try to get the rest of the document.

    This season is definitely the best season yet. The nonstop action and surprisingly interesting new characters are great. The show has taken a turn for the better and stay this way.

    If you were bored in season 2 and lost interest, it's time to start watching again. This has just become the best returning sci-fi show on TV.
  • Hmm..

    Sylar working with Noah? Well, that was unexpected..

    So far, Sylar got 3 new powers. Bobs gold touch thing, that girl's object reading and Jesse's sound bursting wave.

    Claire wanting to travel alone, to get revenge for what Sylar did to her isn't that interesting. She doesn't have any offensive powers. Just some undestructible kid trying to "get the bad" guys. The typical vigilante behavious.. at least she doesnt have to worry about getting hurt.. lol

    Peter, Peter.. well, he spends 90% of this time doing his own stuff, getting trapped, sent to the future.. I can't see a major plot in the future that will get our attention for an outstanding season finale.

    Sylar is getting too powerful. Can't be killed, and more 3 new powers. Peter will probably get some more powers along the way too, but thing is, if they too powerful, writers will have hard time fitting them in any plot, since they have considerable fire power to get out of any situation. The mystery, the danger will be totally lost. Unless someone losed his power, gets trapped.. but we've all seen that before, haven't we?

    Nonetheless, Heroes is still one of my favorites and I'll keep watching it.. for sure!
  • Powers are starting to repeat a lot.

    -Meredith and the arsonist

    -Isaac, the African and Angela Petrelli

    -Jessie and Eko(webisode guy)

    I think they are repeating the powers too much. I like the idea of Sylar working for the Company that was something I never imagined would happen. I think the villians were neutralized too early all of the sudden the only one left is Knox. It was about time Claire gets a touch of mortality that might jump start her to start a quest to find her destiny and fight villians.

    It's interesting the whole "Know you ? I created you ?" thing that happened with Tracy . It looks like some kind of cloning happened when Nikki was borned or is she a clone too ? We 'll see .

    Hiro and Ando didn't do anything but make Daphne's work easier.In this 3 episodes we didn't see much of Hiro as a hero.

    The pace went a little bit down comparing to the premiere episodes but that's something that usually happens so I am waiting for next episode to be as great as Heroes has always been.
  • Just like Clair is about to loose her humanity... so does this show. I feel like there is no heart, no sweet and absolutly no vision in the writers, directors & co.

    The show was simply great, when it was more about human emotions, more about the question: What are we afraid of? Shall we conquer our feers? Should we pursue our destiny... BLA BLA BLA
    No its just how to partner up the most absurd heroes together, while putting the best friends against each other...
    This has been done already a thousand times, but now when I see the "unexpected" team-up or break-up, I couldn't be less surprised or more bored.
    The plot seems to be not so bad, but the execution lacks the thrill and excitement of the 1st and EVEN the 2nd season! It all feels so washed out of feelings... And while the overall storyline is quit interesting (but boring executed) here are my major week points:

    The Level 5 Villians: They were to be so super dangerous, yet they did not even manage to bring down one bank, their powers were all lame and repetetive and their characters were just forgetable! I know it is harder to create a cool villian, than a cool heroe... but a cool villian stays cool for years (check Darth Vader or Hanibal)... well these villians were just fillers...

    Peter again "lost" - I am bored of Peter getting/beeing lost at some point of every season, the man should start to shape his talent... and not trying AGAIN to become himself... lame repetetive storytelling.

    Sylar & Peter = brothers?!? No coment on that... again Star Wars copycat... Han should kiss Gabriel now :P
    No, wait... make Chewbacca kiss Gabriel!

    Repetetive powers - seems to me as if there is no one to think of new cool superpowers... Season 2 new powers were lame... Season 3 superpowers? Gues what: Lame or non-exsistant!

    Hiro still freaky dork - This is now THE Jar Jar Binks! The guy was funny in season one, there was hope for some major character development in season two... now we are back in season one... but anoyed!

    The show came to a place, were I know no one will ever die... and if, they gonna come back as clones, be resurected or whatever... I completly lost the feeling of danger in the show... the feeling that some things lost, are lost forever...

    What is truly lost forever, now it seems, is the spirit of the Heroes I loved... even throughout Season 2! The show jumped the shark and nuked the fridge. I will continue watching in hope... hope - the mother of stupids!
  • I can't wait to see how this plays out.

    Sylar as a good guy, or as much of a good guy that he can be. This is going to be funny. I love how they showed him digesting the new information about his parentage as well as grappling with why he is the way he is and unfortunately Mama Petrelli maybe right, he just lacks structure. I think he's done plenty of damage without having a path to follow. Now Hiro and Ando, seemingly have their hands full trying to get their hands on the formula. Our dynamtic duo is starting to show some cracks. Claire having some one on one time with dear ol' mum maybe not be such a good thing. It going to be interesting to see how much of Sylar is going to rub off on his niece. Parkman is starting to see glimpses of the not so pretty future, but can he do anything to stop it, he's going to need help from his new friend to give him a starting point. Tracy Strauss seems to have more in common with Nikki Saunders that she ever thought possible.
  • Best episode of the series so far.

    Hiro and Ando's plotline is alright, but needed.
    Sylar and HRG's plotline is amazing. I love to see them working together and I love how Sylar is slowly becoming a hero.
    F-Peter and P-Hero's plotline is great. I enjoyed seeing them together in the concluding sequence.
    Claire and her Mom's plotine was my favorite among the whole episode. I never expected her mom to push her as much as she did and I'm guessing this is how she becomes a villain. I'm disapointed in this for I want Claire to become a hero, but I guess this is the way the plot is going...
    Matt and the African's plotline is alright. It symbolizes powers around the globe, and it's needed.
    Tracy and Mika's plotline was AMAZING. It was sad to see that Nikki is almost confirmed dead, but you never know. It is heros...
    I'm also glad to see Molhinder and Maya's plot gone for the episode. It's dull.
  • Errors in logic mar another episode

    It's easy to forget how odd the pace of "Heroes" can be. Every time I think I know how the writers will progress with a plot thread, they surprise me by speeding things up or slowing things down. The surprises aren't the problem; it's the end effect. Sometimes, playing for the big moments too quickly can divest a situation of all its impact. It also doesn't help when the script is full of logical errors.

    The problem with introducing characters with time-travel abilities, particularly those with control like Hiro and Future Peter, is that bad decisions and troublesome events can easily be remedied. Villains have been released from Level 5 thanks to Elle? Future Peter should be able to jump right back to the moments before the circumstances of the escape, or even better, attack Sylar before he ever gets his hands on Claire. By the same logic, Hiro should be able to jump back in time to the moments before he opened the safe and tell himself that it's a pretty stupid idea.

    Of course, if either of those things happened, a lot of the drama would disappear. Angela Petrelli wouldn't show her true dark side (which, at least, was previously displayed, though not quite to such a degree), and other characters wouldn't struggle with ways to solve the problems without using the most obvious powers. Hiro imposes restrictions upon himself, which is hard to reconcile but at least is addressed, but Future Peter (and now Present Peter) both have no reason to hold back.

    So where does that leave the story? The villains that were released turn on each other and force a confrontation with Mr. Bennett, and do so publicly despite the inevitable private opportunities that would have presented themselves in short order. (Oh, and Future Peter? I think the public display of powers by the villains might have wiped out the benefit of trying to kill your brother.) Why set up these released villains as a powerful nuisance if they were going to be killed or recaptured an episode later?

    The answer seems to be: Sylar. Angela may be ruthless and cunning, but she's incredibly stupid. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Angela believes that Sylar can be tamed and controlled. Sylar, on the other hand, continues his endless quest for more and more power, and now Angela (and indirectly, Noah) has become his enabler. If Future Peter and Present Peter were smart, the two pseudo-Supermen would team up before Sylar gets even more powerful and hand him back to Angela in a bucket.

    Speaking of how to deal with invulnerability powers, besides employing a blender, cutting off their oxygen supply is the way to go. It may not kill Claire, but it will render her useless. Of course, that's if the laws of physics still apply, which is a big question on "Heroes". Claire's biological mother delivers an odd lesson. Apparently she's not affected when her flames remove oxygen from a confined space, and when she extinguishes her flame, oxygen magically reappears. (Oh, and as lessons go, teaching Claire to beat the crap out of anyone trying to stop her from breathing might be more effective. Just a thought.)

    A couple of other plot threads continue to percolate. Matt Parkman's magical mystery tour with the Magical Minority Isaac Clone feels like one big continuity mess. Did the writers decide they needed someone just like Isaac, and couldn't think of a way to pull off the same exposition using another method? It feels like pure repetition, and badly managed at that.

    Tracy's plot thread finally intersects with Ali Larter's previous appearances, and it turns out that there is a connection between Tracy, Niki, and the rest of her kind. Dr. Zimmerman may have been working for Linderman on further experiments on metahuman powers. Tracy looks like she might have been a clone of some kind (perhaps the result of fertility treatment modifications). I'm still not sold on the need to bring Ali Larter back, since it continues the trend of robbing death of any meaning on "Heroes", but it could be interesting if handled correctly.

    And that's the question: can the writers handle it correctly? This episode exposed a number of the weaknesses still plaguing the series, and while some installments are always weaker than others, I'm not sure this is a minor issue that will shake itself out. It may be a desire to hew too closely to comic book logic, or worse, a focus on style over substance. Combined with the inability to focus on its main cast instead of constantly introducing new players, the logical gaps are keeping this series from meeting its early potential.
  • The pace slows down significantly from last week.

    After an awesome finale this episode slows down the third volume quite significantly.

    Sylar and Noah working together was awesome. Both actors managed to show great chemistry and still be in character. Noah deciding he was going to kill Sylar was upsetting but 100% in character. A great twist although quite upsetting to a Sylar and Noah fan such as myself.

    WAY to many Villains died in this episode. For a volume titled "Villains" this episode kind to many of them. Claire's mom has proven to be a terrible mother. And Claire has proven that she can be more annoying then any other character.

    Matt painting the future was quite stupid. Eat some weird substance and listen to music and bam! Your eyes turn white and you paint the future! Yeah...I don't think so.

    No Mutant Mohinder is probably the top part of the episode. He's just getting really annoying. Not a bad episode. But a bit of a downer from last weeks explosive finale.
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