Season 3 Episode 3

One of Us, One of Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • So back to Season 3, they had an alright first episode and then the 2nd episode wasn't that bad. The third episode I just felt was kind of poorly done. Just when Heroes tries to swim it begins to sink.

    Okay so where do I start? I don't want to describe anything other then I thought most of the first season was good (Hey it wasn't the Sopranos), the second season was terrible and the third season up to the second episode had been average. So in this episode the real highlight is that Sylar suddenly turns good and I honestly don't mind because his shtick as a villain was getting a little boring. So basically in the episode the highlight is that HRG and Sylar become partners despite their hatred from each other because Angela Petrelli assigns them to each other. It's like a 70's show, with a serial killer and a cop working together! Yeah! So basically they try to stop the Level 5 criminals and Peter in someone else's body (Jesse)trying to stop the Level 5 criminals and I can honestly I haven't seen as bland villains as the ones in Level 5. They lack personality, intelligence and the craftiness of a good villain. So Future Peter takes Present Peter out of the guy Jesse and takes him to the future. Really stupid isn't it? Well basically the Level 5 villains are easily taken care of. The special effects were kind of lame with the only interesting scene where Peter as Jesse screams. Then there's some stuff about Tracy finding her relationship with Nikki but I just find it ridiculous that they brought Ali Larter back in a different character. If the show hadn't jumped the shark in the second season, it certainly did now. Then there's Parkman and Native Painter who puts on headphones and paints the future. I don't think anything could look as dumb as that scene. Seriously having a character put on a walkman and paint the future to Middle Eastern Music is just plain ridiculous. Well overall I didn't like this episode (It shows doesn't it). The Sylar and HRG odd couple relationship could have been interesting but Sylar kind of shows a weird type of respect toward HRG so there is no real conflict because HRG is the aggressor always telling Sylar what to do. Even if Sylar is good why would he listen to HRG? He's more powerful by a long shot. The Tracy thing is just ridiculous, I couldn't stand Nikki and I can honestly say I can't stand Tracy. Hopefully her character is gone and doesn't come back as Nikki/Traci's cousin "Belle." The Parkman thing is a waste because he's put on an useless odyssey with an Isaac Mendez ripoff character although Isaac was interesting. The action was okay, but I expected more excitement from these Level 5 villains it just became honestly to goofy. Definitely not a season highlight.